“Bridal Guide” Article “All That Glitters – In The Pink” Illustrates Rose Gold Trends With Sylvie’s Emerald Cut Engagement Ring!

The popularity of rose gold engagement rings continues as illustrated in the March/April 2016 issue of “Bridal Guide,” showing as an example Sylvie’s stunning two tone engagement ring featuring a dazzling emerald cut diamond center surrounded by a halo of diamonds in a white gold setting. Extending down each side is a continuous cascade of sparkling diamonds on a band of rose gold (SY999-EM-RG-TT).


“Instore” Magazine Selects Our Awe-Inspiring Morganite And Diamond Pendant From The Sylvie Collection!

“Instore” Magazine, February 2016 issue, selects Sylvie’s awe-inspiring fashion pendant in rose gold with a trillion cut morganite center surrounded with a double row of sparkling diamonds (PF400C-MORG) as a glamorous sample in their article entitled “Pink Persuasion.”


Molly Sims, Actress, Enhances Her Classic Glamour With Diamond Teardrop Earrings From The Sylvie Collection!

Molly Sims, actress and model, reflects classic glamour in her black gown and enhances her look with Sylvie’s breathtaking white gold, micro pave diamond teardrop earrings (ER701).


Jennifer Lopez of “American Idol” Glamorizes With A Stunning White Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet From The Sylvie Collection!

Jennifer Lopez, talented singer, actress, and judge of “American Idol,” glamorizes her look with Sylvie’s elegant white gold bangle bracelet designed with open marquise shaped halos surrounding round diamonds and shimmering edges of pave diamonds. (BG501)


“Bridal Guide” Magazine Highlights Sylvie’s Intricate Floral Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring!

The January/February 2016 magazine issue of “Bridal Guide” features Sylvie’s delicate floral engagement ring designed with a round center diamond inside a beautiful halo of diamond petals in their article of “Fancy Florals.” (S1150)


Krysten Ritter, Actress of “Jessica Jones,” Looks Radiant Wearing Sylvie’s Beautifully Designed Diamond Fashion Ring!

Krysen Ritter, actress of “Jessica Jones,” looks sensational while attending “Netflix After Party” in January 2016. She chose few, yet dazzling jewelry, including Sylvie’s uniquely designed fashion ring featuring fourteen ribbons of pave diamonds weaving around and under each other in a flowing pattern (FR554).


Brooke Burns Sparkles In Sylvie’s Unique Designed Fashion Diamond Earrings!

Brooke Burns looks glamorous while atteniding the Qatar Airways Gala in January, 2016. She complements her sparkling two piece gown with Sylvie’s unique fashion earrings designed with a mixture of shapes embellished with shimmering pave diamonds (ER136).


“JCK Marketplace” Highlights Sylvie’s Earrings With Garnet Centers In Halo Settings!

“JCK Marketplace” showcases a gorgeous pair of stud earrings with garnet centers and diamond halos from the Sylvie Collection – a perfect design for January’s birthstone! (ER199-GAR)


“Engagement 101” Anniversary 2016 Issue Features Sylvie Levine, Designer Of The Sylvie Collection!

“Engagement 101 – 10th Anniversary” 2016 issue, asks Sylvie Levine, designer of the Sylvie Collection, to describe her favorites: styles, engagement rings, fashion, and her secret to successful relationships. Read her answers to learn about the woman behind her exquisite creations.

Engagement101-Sylvie7-10th _Anniversary_2016

Julia Stiles Chooses Bezel Setting for Stunning Diamond Sparkler

Julia Styles EngagedIt seems the classic diamond solitaire is all the rage of 2016, as yet another beloved celebrity flashes her engagement ring in announcement. Julia Stiles, the award-winning actress who starred in such films as “Save the Last Dance” and “The Bourne Ultimatum,” recently informed fans via Instagram of her happy engagement to camera assistant, Preston J. Cook. The two reportedly met last year on the set of the thriller, “Go With Me” — where Stiles starred opposite movie veteran, Anthony Hopkins.

Stiles’s Instagram photo shows the romantic intertwining of fingers set against an ocean backdrop and showcases a conservative diamond solitaire snuggled securely inside a simple bezel setting. And while it’s an unexpected change from the more traditional prong setting offered up by most diamond solitaire engagement rings, Stiles’s ring is a gorgeous combination of bold and brilliant.

If 2016 marks the year you’ll search for your own diamond engagement ring, you’d be wise to keep a contemporary bezel setting in mind. This setting is one of most secure of all offerings, and comes with its own distinct set of advantages over more elaborate styles:

  • A bezel setting wraps around the entire perimeter of the diamond, providing superior safety from loss.
  • This type of setting protects the girdle edge of the diamond from chipping.
  • There are no prongs or protrusions to scratch children, catch on clothing, or snag nylons.

The bezel setting is a good choice for the active-bride-to-be because of the advantages listed above. If this describes you, then you might want to consider opting for a bezel setting when it’s time to choose your own diamond engagement ring. See our comprehensive collection of styles that feature this popular setting.

“The Knot” Magazine Features Sylvie’s Romantic Rose And White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring!

In the December issue of “The Knot” magazine, a ring with just a touch of rose gold, such as Sylvie’s exquisite engagement ring with graceful swirls of rose and white gold, diamond accented ribbons encircling a round diamond center, is the perfect choice for a romantic upgrade. (S1121TT)


“The Knot” Magazine Features Designer’s Unique Marquise Shaped Halo With Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring From The Sylvie Collection!

In December’s issue of “The Knot,” hot, new trends include engagement rings with east-west settings. Shown as an example, Sylvie’s unique ring has the illusion of a marquise diamond center, yet it features an exquisite cushion cut diamond center with a round brilliant diamond on each side and set inside a marquise shaped, pave diamond halo. The complete crown is set in an east to west position and perched on a beautiful shiny shank, giving a romantic, yet modern look. (S1380)


“Engagement 101” 10th Anniversary Chooses Sylvie’s Unique Oval Halo, Vintage Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring As A “Style Pick!”

“Engagement 101” magazine celebrates their 10th anniversary in a special edition, and in the article, “Style Picks,” Sylvie’s vintage inspired white gold engagement ring (S1454) with an oval diamond center set in a west to east position is shown as a “elegant” choice.


“Engagement 101” 10th Anniversary Chooses Sylvie’s Unique Square Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring As A Practical Chic Style!

“Engagement 101” magazine celebrates their 10th anniversary in a special edition, and in the article, “The New Buying Guide – The Practical Chic Style,” Sylvie’s unique and modern white gold engagement ring (SY911) with a bezel set princess center is one choice of engagement rings for the girl who’ likes to be stylish but needs to feel comfortable.


“Engagement 101” 10th Anniversary Chooses Sylvie’s Unique Floral Engagement Ring As A Girly Girl Style!

“Engagement 101” magazine celebrates their 10th anniversary in a special edition, and in the article, “The New Buying Guide – The Girly Girl Style” Sylvie’s unique and floral inspired white gold engagement ring (S1192) with a vintage design is one choice of engagement rings for the girl who likes color prints and flowers.


“Engagement 101” 10th Anniversary Chooses Sylvie’s Floral Engagement Ring As An Alternative Style!

“Engagement 101” magazine celebrates their 10th anniversary in a special edition, and in the article, “The New Buying Guide – The Alternative Style” Sylvie’s unique and stunning floral inspired white gold engagement ring (S1089) is one choice of engagement rings for the girl who’s offbeat, artsy, and unique.


Amethyst: The Color Purple for February Babies

Amethyst February BirthstoneAmethyst — that beautiful form of purple quartz — is the official birthstone for the month of February. Found the world over, this delightful gem ranges in color from deepest indigo to the palest shade of gray. It was once as valued as rubies and emeralds, but recent large deposits of the gem in Brazil and other areas around the world now make it exceedingly affordable for contemporary jewelry pieces.

Ancient lore touts the lovely amethyst as a safeguard against inebriation, protecting the person wearing it from becoming drunk. The ancient Greeks associated this stone and its deep-purple hue with the god of wine, which, perhaps, explains the connection. Amethyst has also been associated with the ability to remain smart and clear-headed during battle. A similar correlation today might tout amethyst as a power gem — one that’s beneficial for wearing to the office on those days when you most need to be on your toes.

But ancient mysteries aside, it’s amethyst’s pleasing color palette that makes it such a popular gem. Though it can be quite unspectacular in its natural state, once an amethyst gem has been professionally cut and polished to reflect light correctly, it becomes a stunning stone. So stunning, in fact, that it’s long been a favorite among royalty. Perhaps one of the most famous amethyst pieces belonged to Wallis Simpson — the Duchess of Windsor — who commissioned it from Cartier in 1947. The necklace was so ornate and so heavily hung with amethysts that it sold for over $600,000 at auction after her death in 1986.

So if you’re one of the fortunate few to be born in the month of February, embrace the fun past and interesting lore of your birthstone, the alluring amethyst. See our exciting collection of diamond engagement and gemstone rings today.

Paulina Slagter’s Diamond Solitaire

Paulina Slagter Engagement RingRyan Phillippe, star of the 2015 television series “Secrets and Lies” and ex-husband of actress Reese Witherspoon, recently offered up a romantic Christmas proposal to longtime girlfriend, Paulina Slagter, and the ring is surprisingly classic.

Overachiever Slagter, a law student at Stanford University, is a former actress who enjoyed brief celebrity back in 2006 on the series, “Entourage.” The couple announced their engagement on New Year’s Eve with the appearance of a stunning, large-carat diamond solitaire ring that’s as understated as the couple itself.

While details about Slagter’s ring are few and far between, she flashed it briefly at a New Year’s Eve event in Miami. Close-ups show that it is, indeed, a classic solitaire of formidable proportions, which seems fitting for a bride-to-be who’s as smart and sophisticated as Slagter.

The diamond solitaire ring was first introduced in 1886 by Tiffany, who elevated the single, elegant stone so that light could pass through it in ways previously unheard of. Until the invention of Tiffany’s solitaire setting, diamonds had mostly been relegated to clunky, more intricate designs that emphasized the setting more than the stone. This is evident in the heavy scrollwork and flowery designs of Victorian Era rings. The late 1800s, however, brought with them a sleeker, lighter style of engagement ring that was met with great ardor. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the diamond solitaire is still one of the most popular styles of engagement ring on the market because of the way in which it highlights a single, perfectly cut diamond. A solitaire has dazzling, stand-alone staying power — just like the smart and savvy woman who wears it.

If you’re in the market for the classic beauty of a diamond solitaire engagement ring, visit our comprehensive collection today.

“People” Features Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum At The CMA Awards Wearing Diamond And Emerald Earrings From The Sylvie Collection!

“People” related the news of beautiful Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum who dazzled at the CMA Awards and enhanced her ensemble with one of Sylvie’s newest designs: a pair of intricate diamond earrings with vivid green emerald accents (ER677).

People Com-Sylvie_Hillary_Scott_Nov_2015_Press_Sheet_ER677_Fashion

Gwen Stefani of “The Voice” Is Captivated With Sylvie’s Fashion Rings!

Once again, Gwen Stefani of “The Voice” selects one of Sylvie’s unique and contemporary fashion rings. This time, her choice an exquisite design showcasing the magnificent marquise diamond center by creating six open halos of sparkling pave diamonds in a graduated pattern (FR700).


Sylvie’s Rose Gold And Amethyst Earrings Are Recommended As A Holiday Gift In “Engagement 101” Online Blog!

“Engagement 101” recommends Sylvie’s stunning rose gold earrings featuring cushion shaped amethyst centers in modern checkerboard cuts surrounded by halos of round diamonds as a gift for the holidays. (ER199-AM-RG)