We’re choked up over this season’s hottest fashion trend, the choker!

The classic choker necklace has made a huge come back that’s why triple threat singer, dancer, and model, Zendaya turned one of our gorgeous white gold and diamond bracelet (Style #BR711) into her own unique choker necklace while visiting Paris! The outcome? A complete showstopping look that sparkled from head to toe! Click here to get this look or to find more fashion jewelry from the Sylvie Collection.


Dancing with the Stars Host Erin Andrews sparkles from head to toe with the Sylvie Collection!

Stylist Alyssa Greene “edged up” her look with an architectural Dior pump and swirling diamond Sylvie Collection jewels. “Erin looked like she could have been out there twirling alongside the best of them,” Greene says. Source: Peoples Style Watch


Ariana Grande is stunning in the Sylvie Collection on Saturday Night Live!

Ariana Grande stunned audiences with her larger then life voice at Saturday Night Live in March! She completed her look with two of our favorite diamond fashion rings from the Sylvie Collection (Top: #FR524 Bottom: #FR565)


Sarah Wayne Callies is pretty in rose gold!

Actress, Sarah Wayne Callies rocks a rose gold diamond fashion ring from the Sylvie Collection in the March issue of Composure Magazine. This ring features criss cross diamond bands in rose gold. (Style #FR108)


Melissa McCarthy Shines in the Sylvie Collection while promoting her new movie, “The Boss”!

Not only did Melissa McCarthy look stunning at the ‎MTV Movie Awards‬ while accepting her award for comedic genius, but she was also spotted wearing one of our favorite fashion rings while promoting her new movie The Boss. (Style ‪#‎FR703‬)


May is all about moms! Win mom a pair of diamond earrings from the Sylvie Collection!

If there’s one thing we can all be sure of, it’s that mom always knows best! And when it comes to gifts for mom, mom wants what every woman wants… designer jewelry! If you can remember all the times your mother has been there for you, then I’m sure you agree; jewelry is exactly what she deserves! But not just any jewelry will suffice, the Sylvie Collection offers a wide variety of exquisitely designed and unique fashion jewelry gifts for mom like our Purple Amethyst and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings with a matching pendant.

This year we want to honor all moms by giving everyone a chance to win a pair of our stunning diamond earrings from the Sylvie Collection! Mother’s Day is May 8th so you have plenty of time to enter the contest and see if you’ve won. We’ll be announcing the winner on May 1st so be sure to check your email that day to see if you’re the winner.

How to Enter:

  1. Click here to go to the contest page.
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Click “Submit”
  4. Check Your Email on May 1st to see if you’ve won!
  5. So if you’re looking for gifts for mom start with browsing the Sylvie Collection and finding an authorized retailer near you.

To learn more about the Sylvie Collection or for fashion tips, trends and more follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Breast Milk Jewelry: Is It Right for You?

1411037538070_wps_4_PIC_BY_MOMMY_MILK_CREATIOEvery new mom has a collection of keepsakes to remind her of baby — a lock of hair, a first tooth, maybe a favorite book or binky. But some modern moms are taking things a bit farther by immortalizing their breast milk into keepsake jewelry pieces.

Since 2012, moms the world over have toyed with the logistics of preserving small amounts of breast milk inside attractive jewelry pieces such as beads, lockets, and pendants. Though many naysayers have been shocked and outraged by the idea, breast milk jewelry is actually quite understated and attractive, looking suspiciously just like mother-of-pearl or white onyx. Unless you know for certain that the cute cabochon your friend is wearing to play date is, indeed, breast milk jewelry, you’ll likely be none the wiser.

Online markets such as Etsy and eBay are filled with artisans offering to turn breast milk samples into keepsake pieces for somewhat hefty prices. Or for a few dollars less, you can order the supplies to create your own jewelry at home.

The idea of turning human breast milk into other usable forms has been around for awhile. Lotions, soaps and even art exhibits have made use of the bodily fluid, but it wasn’t until just recently that wearable breast milk came into play. So if you’re a new mom who’s not into scrapbooking, you can take comfort in knowing that there are now other, more functional methods of holding onto those precious first years. By turning your breast milk into what appears to be a pure, white stone, you can now wear it without anyone ever being any the wiser.

And while we don’t offer jewelry that celebrates breast milk, we do offer a lovely selection of more traditional pieces to offset your new pendant or bead. Visit our exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings today.

Sarah Wayne Collins, Actress, Enhances With Sylvie’s Unique Diamond Fashion Ring!

“Composure Magazine” features actress, Sarah Wayne Collins, in the March, 2016 issue. She is dramatically captivating wearing all black and chooses Sylvie’s intricately designed fashion ring with crisscrossing bands of dazzling diamonds to enhance her look. (FR569)


Ariana Grande, Singer, Shines In Sylvie’s Newest Diamond Fashion Earrings!

Ariana Grande, singer, perfectly accessorizes with one of Sylvie’s newest addition to her line of fashion earrings: scallop shaped, yellow gold earrings with each curve lined with shimmering diamonds of different sizes. (ER722 YG)


Sarah Wayne Callies Sparkles In Sylvie’s Diamond Fashion Ring!

Sarah Wayne Callies, actress, looks stunning in her photo shoots in the March, 2016 issue of “Composure Magazine.” She accessorizes with Sylvie’s breathtaking fashion ring designed with sparkling round diamonds in various sizes and strategically placed in a methodical pattern. (FR568)


Sylvie’s Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Featured in “Engagement 101!”

“Engagement 101 – YouTube Channel” features Sylvie’s elegant engagement ring in shiny platinum with a dazzling round diamond center and a stunning baguette on each side. (S3012)


Diamonds Are for April

S1014Those lucky enough to be born in the mild month of April lay claim to the glittering diamond as a birthstone. While today’s diamonds come in a variety of colors, it’s the clear stone that’s the traditional gemstone of April babies. Whether set as the main stone in a gorgeous engagement ring or used in smaller increments to accent a more colorful stone such as ruby or sapphire, there’s no denying the timeless appeal of the classic diamond.

The World’s Biggest Diamond

If you thought the 67 1/8-carat Hope Diamond was the biggest one in the world, you’re off by a few thousand carats. The world’s biggest diamond, to date, is the Cullinan diamond, discovered in the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa in 1905. Weighing in at a whopping 3,106 carats, the monster stone was eventually cut into 100 smaller diamonds, the largest of which is called the “Star of Africa.” It weighs 530 carats and is currently on display at the Tower of London.

Diamonds Take on Color

Colored diamonds have always been around, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that connoisseurs and collectors began to take notice, thanks in large part to the attractive names given them by the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. The Argyle mine didn’t market brown diamonds, instead they sold ones that were “Champagne” or “Cognac.” Once the trendy names brought them fame, diamonds of all colors became popular. Today, it’s nothing to see fancy pink or yellow diamonds fetching higher prices than their more traditional, clear counterparts.

If you’re looking to make an April baby happy, check out our fine selection of diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry. There’s no better way to celebrate an April birthday than by saying it with diamonds.

Jillian Michaels Makes Us Cry

jillian-michaels-600x800If you watched the emotionally charged marriage proposal that aired on the season finale of Just Jillian, then you cried.

Admit it.

Jillian used the opportunity to propose to long-time love Heidi Rhoades. The personal trainer and the talent manager are now officially engaged, although no wedding date has been released.

Jillian concluded her proposal by dropping to one knee in front of Rhoades and placing a ring on her own finger. And while both partners now have rings, the details of each are hard to come by. Heidi’s ring looks to be a large, emerald- or cushion-cut diamond encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds. Jillian’s ring appears more sedate, less showy and seems to feature smaller diamonds.

The two have been an item for years and have two children — one boy, one girl — whom they both love dearly, Jillian so much that she resigned from her popular television series, The Biggest Loser, to focus on being a mom.

Jillian says she now has a newfound respect for all the moms she used to coach on her television show, now that she finds less time herself to spend at the gym.

To the happy couple we say congratulations!

And if it’s time for you to begin shopping for the engagement ring to create your own happily ever after, we invite you to visit our astonishing collection of diamond beauties. Whether you’re old-fashioned, contemporary, a little vintage, or all about the flash and sparkle, we have a cut and a setting that’s perfectly suited to you. Visit our website today to find that one, perfect ring that exactly reflects your personality.

Dascha Polanco of “The Perfect Match” Shines in Sylvie’s Modern Diamond Fashion Ring!

Actress, Dascha Polanco, at the premiere of “The Perfect Match,” is so elegant in her strapless gown, and she accents her look wearing one of Sylvie’s newest style in her fashion line: a yellow gold, modern fashion ring with strands of dazzling diamonds in a unique arrangement. (FR733)


“The Centurion” Spotlights Keltie Knight In Sylvie’s Crystal and Diamond Fashion Earrings!

Looking fabulous, Keltie Knight is spotlighted in “The Centurion – Info Hub” wearing Sylvie’s eye-opening crystal and diamond dangle earrings in yellow gold. (ER616)


“JCK – On Your Market” Selects Sylvie’s Blushing Morganite and Diamond Studs!

“JCK – On Your Market” selects Sylvie’s beautiful stud earrings featuring morganite centers with diamond halos as a fashion piece that will never go out of style. (ER399-MG)


“The Centurion” Spotlights Nina Dobrev Wearing Sylvie’s Modern Yellow Gold Fashion Ring!

Nina Dobrev is stunning at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and is spotlighted online in “The Centurion” wearing Sylvie’s unique and modern, yellow gold fashion ring with swirls of dismond ribbons. (FR736)


“Engagement 101” Illustrates Past and Present Trends With Sylvie’s Diamond Engagement Rings!


Gwen Stefani, Singer, Enhances Her Look With Sylvie’s Unique Modern Fashion Ring!

Elegantly dressed in black lace, Gwen Stefani, enhances her look by wearing Sylvie’s unique and modern fashion ring with twisted ribbons of round diamonds, all set in white gold. (FR734)


“BridalPulse” Showcases Three Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings From The Sylvie Collection!

“BridalPulse” showcases Sylvie’s unique, vintage-inspired engagement rings online, highlighting three different styles of settings in white gold. (S1363, S1392, S1387)


“JCK” Features Sylvie’s Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring!

Sylvie’s gorgeous purple amethyst fashion ring highlights the center stone with a halo of diamonds, all set in yellow gold, and is featured in “JCK” magazine, online, as a sample of an “Amethyst at Its Best.” (SY787C)