Answers to Your Questions: Engagement Ring Edition

As a first-time buyer, it’s understandable that you have countless questions you want to ask before committing to an engagement ring: What’s the right size? How do I make the most of my money? We’ve taken a few of the questions we hear over and over again and answered them for you here:

Can My Diamond Fall Out?

Unless your engagement ring suffers a serious blow, there’s very little chance that your diamond will fall out. While settings are designed to be stylish, their main purpose is to hold onto your precious gem or gems. Some settings are a bit more secure than others, however. And if you’re the worrying sort, you might want to consider a setting such as bezel or channel that uses more metal to help protect and secure the stone.

I Want Something Different. How Do I Choose a Ring That’s Unique?

If you yearn for a one-of-a-kind design, you can have your engagement ring customized specifically for you. This option tends to be a bit costly, however. It also takes longer to craft. As a happy medium, choose a preset ring that offers unusual features such as an east-west setting, split-shank band, or vintage-inspired design. Some contemporary engagement rings offer multiple unique personalizations like these that make them stand out from the crowd.

How Many Carats Should I Request?

This one is easy to answer. Your carats should fit your budget. If you’re counting dollars, choose a more modest stone and then use the cut and setting to maximize its appearance. Encircle your smaller diamond with a halo of semi-precious gems or choose a more economical cut such as emerald.

We understand your need to ask questions before you make a major commitment like purchasing an engagement ring, and we’re here to help guide you through the process from beginning to end.


Find A Flattering Ring for Every Finger

There are many factors to consider when you’re shopping for that one perfect engagement ring. After all, you plan to wear this ring for the rest of your life; make sure it’s designed to flatter the shape of your hand.

The length, width, and shape of your fingers play huge roles in how a ring sets on your hand. Every bride-to-be has uniquely shaped fingers, meaning there is no one ring to please them all. Fingers can be long and slender, slim and petite, or short and wide, and the style of ring you choose determines whether it flatters or fails. Fortunately, we carry a comprehensive selection of stunning possibilities. Consider the following:

The Width of the Band

A wide band makes slender fingers appear more substantial. Similarly, a too-dainty band on a wider finger may look too small. For the best fit, Pick your band with the width of your finger in mind.

The Size of the Stone

Larger stones complement long fingers, smaller stones petite fingers. If your fingers lean to the slender side, consider a wide band with a small- to medium-sized stone. Wider fingers look best dressed in a stone that’s fairly substantial, or that’s made to look that way by the band, setting, or accompanying stones.

The Cut of the Gem

Round- and princess-cut gems work well on most fingers, but especially so on fingers that are long and slender. If your fingers are shorter, opt for an elongated cut such as a marquise, oval, or teardrop to help lend the illusion of length.

The Type of Setting

If you’re looking to beef up your ring to make it appear more substantial, opt for a setting that includes a halo of smaller gems, or a floral or vintage design. This setting is perfect for a wider finger, If your finger is petite and slim, a simple channel-cut band is complementary.

If you keep these factors in mind while engagement-ring shopping, you’ll find the right fit — a ring that’s the perfect size, shape, and cut to perfectly flatter your hand.

Jennifer Lopez Always in Style With Sylvie!

Jennifer Lopez wears her favorite Sylvie diamond fashion ring to the American Idol Finalist Party on March 2015. Not the first time she has chosen this particular style, we believe she complements it beautifully with her fashion ensemble.


JCK Magazine Reveals One of Sylvie’s Newest Design!

Sylvie’s newest style is highlighted in JCK Magazine, March 2015 edition. The mixture of using colored stones in a double halo around the amethyst center creates both a modern and regal effect (FR706).

JCK_Magazine_Mar_2015_FR706_Sylvie_featured CROPPED

2015 Love Issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Features Sylvie!

Sylvie’s split shank, halo diamond engagement ring with an oval center (SY509) is featured in the 2015 Love issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England, March 2015.


National Jeweler Quotes Sylvie and Highlights New Style

National Jeweler quotes Sylvie on her insight of vintage inspired designs with a modern twist. Highlighted is her use of baguette diamonds set in an east-west position down the shank (S1055), March, 2015.


Jennifer Lopez Loves Sylvie!

JLo_American Idol 2_Press_Sheet_March_2015_FR556

Vogue Italy Features Sylvie’s Amethyst Fashion Ring!

Vogue Italia features Sylvie’s rose gold diamond and pair-shaped amethyst fashion ring (SS018) in the February 2015 article “Great Purple.”


JCK Looks Ahead To Autumn With Sylvie!

JCK looks forward to Fall fashions and highlights Sylvie’s pink tourmaline oval diamond fashion ring (SS012), February 2015.


Brooke Burns Looks Glamorous Wearing Sylvie!

Glamorous Brooke Burns attends Global Green Event wearing Sylvie’s white gold with rhodium diamond earrings from her newest designs (ER675), February 2015.


Sylvie Rates High on Bridal Guide’s List!

Bridal Guide has placed four of Sylvie’s diamond engagement rings (S1211, S1116-TT, S1333, and S1352) on their list of “Prettiest Engagement Rings Right Now, ” February 2015.


Jessica Barth, actress in “Ted 2″, Shines In Sylvie!

At the Vanity Fair and Fiat Toast to ‘Young Hollywood,’ actress Jessica Barth looks stunning in Sylvie’s diamond fashion bracelet (BR711) and earrings (ER671), February 2015.


Taryn Manning, Actress, Wears Sylvie!

Stunning Taryn Manning, actress in “Orange is the New Black,” chooses Sylvie’s fashion ring featuring a round quartz center with a halo of black diamonds in rose gold (FR601) to wear to InStyle Oscar Party, February 2015.


JCK Magazine Highlights Sylvie’s Tanzanite Diamond Ring!

Sylvie’s exquisite tanzanite and diamond ring (SS025) is highlighted in their article “Mood Indigo,” February, 2015.


JCK Magazine Features Sylvie’s East-West Engagement Ring

JCK Magazine features Sylvie’s East-West rose gold diamond engagement ring (SY908) in the article “Bridal Smarts,” February, 2015.


AnnaLynne McCord, Actress, Wears Sylvie!

AnnaLynne McCord, actress, wears Sylvie’s diamond bangle (BG501) to the 3rd Annual Noble Awards, February, 2015.


The Centurion Shares Photo of Janelle Monae Wearing Sylvie!

The Centurion Newsletter shares a photo of Janelle Monae at the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch fashioned in Sylvie’s stackable bands (B0009 and B0011) and diamond fashion ring (FR576) and earrings (ER6089), February 2015.


The Knot Chooses Sylvie’s Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring As A Favorite!

The Spring edition of The Knot magazine showcases Sylvie’s stunning pear-shape engagement ring with a channel of baguettes tapering down the shank (SY202) in “Our Favorite…Pear-Shaped Rings.”


Sylvie’s East-West Diamond Set Engagement Ring Highlighted in InStore Magazine

InStore Magazine highlights Sylvie’s modern style east-west set diamond engagement ring (S1154), February, 2015.


Sylvie’s Sapphire Accents Featured in New Jersey Bride Magazine

New Jersey Bride Magazine highlights Sylvie’s sapphire and diamond engagement rings (S4108 and S4109S) in “The Top Engagement Ring Styles for 2015,” January, 2015.


Modern Bezel Style Engagement Rings Featured in New Jersey Bride!

Add a modern flair to your engagement ring with a bezel style engagement ring as featured in New Jersey Bride Magazine, “The Top Engagement Ring Styles for 2015″. Sylvie’s vintage inspired and her two tone rings add a contemporary touch with a bezel setting (S1214 and SY436).