“Vogue Gioiello” Showcases Sylvie’s White Gold and Black Onyx Earrings!

June’s issue of “Vogue Gioiello” showcases Sylvie’s ultramodern earrings of black onyx surrounded with diamonds and set in white gold (ER607) in their article, “The Trend News – Deep Black.”


Tamara Taylor, Star of “Bones,” Completes Her Look With Sylvie’s Unique Rose Gold and Black Diamond Fashion Ring!

Stunning Tamara Taylor, star of “Bones,” looks fabulous in her contemporary jumpsuit and accessorizes with Sylvie’s unique fashion ring with a rose quartz center stone surrounded with a halo of black diamonds, all set in rose gold (FR601).


Allison Holker, Star of “So You Think You Can Dance” Dazzles In Crystal And Diamond Fashion Earrings From The Sylvie Collection!

With movie star glamour, Allison Holker, star of “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars,” appeared at the premiere of “Magic Mike XXL” in June, 2015, and simply dazzled wearing crystal and diamond fashion earrings from The Sylvie Collection (ER613).

Sylvie_ Allison_Holker_Press_Sheet_June_2015_ER613

JCK Magazine Features Sylvie’s Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring!

“JCK Magazine,” June 2015 issue, features Sylvie’s dazzling diamond ring with intricate double rows of pave diamonds on the split shank and halo (SY087). The vivid purple and pear shaped amethyst center creates not only a magnificent engagement ring with a unique colored center stone, but also an awe-inspiring fashion or birthstone ring.


Amanda Schull, star of “Suits,” Shines In Sylvie’s Vintage Diamond Fashion Ring!

Lovely Amanda Schull, actress and star of “Suits,” looks amazing in her choice of attire at the Satellite Awards in June, 2015. Her accessories includes Sylvie’s yellow gold and diamond fashion ring (FR100) with a vintage flair and completes her impeccable fashion look.


Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) honors Sylvie Collection’s CEO, Sylvie Levine

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own CEO and Designer, Sylvie Levine, on her WJA Awards for Excellence nomination in the category of “Excellence in Manufacturing”!   


The Gala will take place in New York at the Chelsea Piers on July 27, 2015.


WJA is known in the industry as the premier business networking organization dedicated to enriching and advancing the professional lives of the women in the jewelry and watch industries.


The WJA mission is to assist women in the jewelry and watch industries in advancing and developing professionally through networking with like-minded industry professionals, educational growth opportunities, leadership development and invaluable member-services


Will you be there to help honor Sylvie in her nomination?


Please click HERE to purchase tickets to attend the WJA Awards for Excellence Gala in New York at the Chelsea Piers on July 27, 2015.

Meet the Sunrise Ruby: Overachieving Birthstone for the Month of July

rubyDiamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to color, it’s July’s humble birthstone that’s out in front by a few million dollars. The Sunrise Ruby — a sparkling creation mounted by Cartier — is dominated by a stunning 25.6-carat pigeon’s-blood Burmese ruby and bordered on both sides by diamonds. The ring sold for a record $30.3 million last month at Sotheby’s in Geneva to a lucky anonymous bidder who is now the proud owner of the most expensive colored gemstone in the world.

What makes this ring so special is it’s sought-after hue that occurs entirely from nature. The Sunrise Ruby has not been treated to enhance its color in any way. Pigeon’s blood red is the highest quality of color classification for rubies, making it the most expensive and most highly regarded hue — hence the high cost of the Sunrise Ruby.

Initially, the value of this delicious ruby-and-diamond ring was estimated at about $16 million, according to Forbes. But its performance at auction shocked jewelry connoisseurs around the globe.

So if you’re a bride-to-be who enjoys the vivacious red ruby, but you’re hesitant to break that timeless diamond tradition — step into the light. The sale of the Sunrise Ruby just validated colored gemstones everywhere. And with the contemporary movement toward gemstone wedding bands, the ruby makes a bold and fitting choice of modern band.

Ruby is the official birthstone of those born in the sultry month of July, and while you may not be in the bidding for the Sunrise edition, we offer a vast and glorious collection of this pink-red gem to please even the most finicky of fans.


Fourth of July Wedding Tips for the Modern Bride: Beyond the Red, White, and Blue

Small hints of color mean the difference between a classically designed Fourth of July wedding and one that bombards guests with haphazardly executed red, white, and blue accessories. Use these tips to keep your patriotic wedding reigned in and under control instead of assaulting everyone’s sense of sight.

Break Tradition

There is no law, written or unwritten, that says a Fourth of July wedding must incorporate a patriotic theme. Maybe you chose the date for another reason entirely. And even if you didn’t, you should still feel free to implement the color scheme that’s nearest and dearest to your heart. It’s not disrespectful to celebrate the most important day of your life in the way you’ve always envisioned. And if you’re having trouble reconciling your fourth of July wedding to a different theme, just refer to it as a summer wedding instead. Doing so may help you break free of the powerful draw that is a patriotic color scheme.

Be Subtle

If you do wish to incorporate Independence Day into your wedding decor, try choosing a single color from the pallet along with a neutral, instead of all three. Navy and white or red and ivory are both beautiful, stately color combinations that any wedding would be proud to flaunt. If you feel you simply must incorporate that third color, carry a single-hued bouquet or wear a single piece of sapphire or ruby jewelry.

Go Muted

Muted colors are those that have a black base — barn red, burgundy, maroon, blue-gray, navy — all of these are variations on a red and blue theme. You might even quiet your neutral color by making it more tan than ivory or white. It’s a nice, modern way to tone down bright, primary colors, and your guests won’t be expecting it.

Keep your Fourth of July wedding your own by choosing colors that speak to you, not to the thousands of brides who came before you.

Sylvie’s Vintage Inspired Fashion Rings Makes The Top 10 Lists!!!

“The National Jeweler” posted this Instagram photo of Sylvie’s romantic vintage inspired fashion rings of rose and yellow gold with black rhodium and diamond accents. This post made the Top 10 list of “likes!” (FR103, FR102, FR101, and FR102)

SylvieCollection_NJBlog_Press_Sheet_June_2015_ FR103_FR102_FR101_FR102

Country Singer, Taelyn Dye of Maddie & Tae, Glamorizes With Sylvie’s Rose Gold Floral Fashion Ring!

Stylish and trendsetting Taelyn Dye, country singer of Maddie & Tae, glamorizes her look with Sylvie’s gorgeous rose gold fashion ring with an stunning open floral design and a shimmering border of pave diamonds (FR168). June, 2015.


The Knot.com Asks: Does The Band Need to Match The Engagement Ring?

Designer, Sylvie Levine, founder of the Sylvie Collection, answers the question: “What is the rule to mixing metals of different colors in a wedding set of rings?”


Taryn Manning, Actress of “Orange Is The New Black,” Wears Sylvie’s Unique Pave Diamond Fashion Ring!

Lovely Taryn Manning, actress of “Orange is the New Black,” accessorizes with Sylvie’s intricate and unique pave diamond fashion ring (FR554) with ribbons of dazzling channeled diamonds. June, 2015.


Seasonal Flower Guide for the July Wedding

While the wedding is usually all about the dress and the ring, your choice of flowers matters too. Bouquets crafted from seasonal flowers make beautiful and sensible choices for the summer bride. Flowers harvested in season are typically more affordable and more personal than those shipped in mass quantities to local florist shops. If you’re a July bride-to-be, consider the following choices to populate your wedding bouquets and decor:


The under-appreciated zinnia may not be your first choice of flora for your bridal bouquet, but that’s just because this brilliantly colored bloom has been flying under the radar for years. Zinnias hold up well in bridal arrangements because of their sturdy stems and cohesive petals. Toss in a nearly endless array of available colors, and you have the perfect choice of seasonal flower for your July nuptials.


The petite and dainty cornflower makes a lovely substitute for baby’s breath. Its small-but-sprawling blooms act as a first-class filler between more prominent blossoms such as carnations or lilies. Additionally, cornflower brings a delicate hint of sky-blue to your wedding day bliss.

Gerbera Daisy

Similar in appearance and color to zinnia, the Gerbera daisy makes a quaint addition to your July bridal bouquet. Sturdy, vivid, and jewel-toned, these daisies make a good medium-to-large blossom around which to create unique, customized arrangements.


It’s a fact — roses are cheaper in-season. And if your wedding takes place in July, these bridal standards make perfect, affordable sense. Available in nearly every color to match every scheme, the aromatic rose fits nicely with nearly all other seasonal options.

As a July bride, you have a huge assortment of flirty flora from which to choose when creating your wedding arrangement. And by choosing seasonal blooms over more traditional options, you’ll save both money and time — the two elements of which no bride can ever get enough.


Best Romantic Ideas for Your Outdoor Proposal

SY395-BP082114On a blanket under the stars, in a cabana at the beach — there’s no denying these wedding proposals are romantic, but for the contemporary groom who wants his outdoor proposal to be remembered forever, they can be a little … ho hum. If you’re hoping to pop the question in a remarkable way this summer, use these tips to pull off a proposal she’ll never, ever forget.

Customize It

Don’t whisk her off to the nearest beach if caving is her passion. Whether your significant other enjoys parachuting, hiking in the mountains, or geocaching — suiting your proposal to include her favorite pastime is a definite plus in your favor. Embark on a day out together, enjoying her favorite activity, and then wait until the moment is right to bring out the ring.

Make It a Day of Intrigue

Plan a day out together for the two of you, and make the whole day one big mystery. From the choice of restaurant to the midnight river cruise, do something unique and different that you’ve never before tried but that you know she’ll love. From a winery tour to a scuba diving adventure –nothing is off-the-table so long as it’s something she’s always dreamed of doing.

Schedule Something Outrageous

Arrange a tour of Spaceport America or take her up in a helicopter flight over local scenery. Whatever plans you make for the day, ensure that they’re way over the top and outrageous. She’ll remember the day for the excitement and the thrill, as well as for the romantic proposal that came at the beginning or at the end of this amazing day.

Finding new and more romantic ways of proposing to the one you love is easy as long as you make her the focal point of the whole project. Cater to her wildest dreams on this day. Bring her all the things she loves most in the world –including yourself — and you’ll be off to a lovely start as a future forever couple.

Sylvie’s Rose Gold Fashion Ring Is Revealed As “Best” in “Women’s Wear Daily”

“Women’s Wear Daily” has chosen Sylvie’s glamorous morganite and diamond fashion ring (FR709) in rose gold as their pick of the “Best of the JCK Jewelry Show,” May 2015.


“Women’s Wear Daily” Magazine Includes Sylvie’s Unique Diamond Pave Earrings As One Example of Modern Designs In Fashion Jewelry

Sylvie’s unique and stunning diamond pave fashion earrings (ER629) are selected as an illustration of modern designs of diamond jewelry in “Women’s Wear Daily” magazine, May 2015 issue.


Sylvie’s Rose and White Gold Engagement Rings Illustrate The Newest Trends For Future Brides!

Delicate touches of rose gold in a white gold diamond setting of an engagement ring is one of the newest trends for future brides, and Sylvie’s stunning display of elegant samples are illustrated at the JCK Show in Las Vegas in May, 2015. (S1211TT, S1194TT, S1192TT, and S1395TT are shown)


The Sylvie Collection’s Display For Retailers Is Featured in “The Daily Jewel”

The beautiful Sylvie Collection ring display certainly caught the eye of the writer for “The Daily Jewel” blog while walking through the exclusive Luxury Show in Las Vegas, May 2015.


JCK Las Vegas Highlights Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring From The Sylvie Collection!

JCK Marketplace reveals a preview of the upcoming jewelry show in May, 2015, and highlights Sylvie’s elegant and romantic, vintage inspired engagement (S1392) as an example of how the show will excite each guest.


JCK Features Sylvie’s Romantic Fashion Diamond Earrings!

JCK Marketplace features Sylvie’s stunning unique fashion diamond earrings designed with a glamorous flair of a mixture of lines and shapes embellished with shimmering pave diamonds. (ER136)


June Birthstone: A Primer on the Lustrous Pearl

June Birthstone Pearl 1To see a lustrous, beautiful pearl, you might never guess that it began life as a wayward piece of debris, but debris it once was. In order for this June birthstone to form inside an oyster, a foreign object such as a misplaced particle of food must lodge there. An oyster has no thumbs to pull the irritant out and toss it away, so it alleviates the discomfort in another way — by encasing the object in layer upon layer of an iridescent material known as nacre. Some call this substance mother-of-pearl, for obvious reasons.

Over time, the insulating layers build up to form the perfect and oh-so-lovely pearl. When the oyster is harvested, the pearl is extracted and begins its journey to the jewelry store shelf. Although pearls occur naturally over time in oysters located in some parts of the world, many of the ones you see today are cultured pearls — meaning farmers helped the process along a bit by implanting the irritant inside the oyster and then carefully caring for it over time.

Surprisingly, pearls occur in various shades. Because they’re a product of nature, a pearl’s color depends on the type of oyster that acted as its host and the environment surrounding the crustacean. It’s not unusual to see natural pearls in shades ranging from white to black with hues of gold and purple thrown in for good measure. The most sought-after pearls are those that score high on the grading scale for color, clarity, luster, shape, size and iridescence. Genuine pearls are rarely discovered to be perfectly round — the very process that forms them precludes this probability.

Purchasing gleaming pearl jewelry is much more affordable today than it once was, thanks to the cultured pearl industry. If you’re looking to surprise a special woman who boasts a June birthday with the ring of her dreams, the shimmering pearl is an affordable and impressive option.