Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Are you thinking of proposing to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?

You’re obviously looking for ideas and we’ve got some lined up for you.

Let Her Choose Her Ring!

So how many of you have watched Sweet Home Alabama? Sometimes it’s the movies that give us great ideas for real life experiences. This one is straight out of the movie, when Andrew Hennings takes his girlfriend Melanie Smooter to the jeweler where he asks her to pick her own diamond engagement ring! Well Andrew was a reigning millionaire in the movie so he was open to any ring Melanie picked.

You can pick out a few rings that you feel are suitable for your soon-to-be fiancée’s choice and fit your budget too. Take her to the jewelers casually on your way back home after a dinner date and make her pick a ring out of your selection!

The Cute Photobooth

This one’s for those of you who’d like to keep the proposal cute and spontaneous. Go out for a casual date on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a meal at your favorite place. Take a walk back home. Stop by at a mall for a last minute purchase you just remembered. Pull her into a photo-booth for some quirky pictures and pop the question while the camera clicks away. You’ll not only have a cute proposal but great candid caught-in-the-moment pictures of your fiancée’s reaction. Priceless!

A Vacation Maybe

If you plan to propose your girl anytime soon, might as well just postpone your vacations plan until Valentine’s Day. A romantic getaway to somewhere you’ve both wanted to go for so long is the perfect time to ask her to be your wife.  Make the trip a celebration. An ideal time to propose would be when your flight to the destination takes off, or ask her when you land at the destination, or maybe on your first morning after reaching the destination while together enjoying a hearty breakfast in bed.

This idea will work well especially when you’re never too enthusiastic about planning romantic getaways. You can disguise the plan as a short business trip or a destination wedding you’re invited to.

The Memory Lane

Spare a weekend and take your girl on a trip down the memory lane. Visit the places where you have memories together, with the most recent ones coming first and the place where you met for the very first time saved till the very end – that’s where you propose her.

To spice things up a bit, try incorporating a little bit of scavenger hunt into the process. Don’t accompany her to all the places. Leave her hints that lead her to the places you want her to visit. Involve a few friends and family to help you with the idea. Make sure each place she visits has the most cherished memory of you two in that very place. Also, she’ll need a hint to the next place she’s got to visit. Lead her to the place you both first met – tell her what makes her so special for you and that you’d like to make more memories with her in your life together – then you propose!

Simple and Intimate

You don’t always have to go overboard with planning the perfect proposal. Sometimes things work best when kept simple. If you want to keep the proposal effortless yet meaningful, strike off fancy restaurants from the list. Hire a chef for the night and have a three course meal cooked at home. Don’t forget to get the flowers! Treat your woman to a fantastic meal and a romantic date night at home and round it up with a diamond engagement ring and your ultimate question “Will you marry me?”

Also, it might be a great idea not to wait till the Valentine’s Day to propose. Do it a day earlier – that will never have them suspecting a marriage proposal. Don’t forget to get the diamond engagement ring you want to propose her with!

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January Birthstone – The Garnet

Garnet is believed to bring much success both in life and in business! It is said that placing at least three garnet stones on your desk can bring you success and prosperity. Garnet’s can even be placed under your pillow to help overcome depression. Wearing Garnet jewelry is said to also bring popularity and increase one’s self-esteem. For those of you struggling with relationships, the garnet protects you and brings dependability in friendships.

Garnets come in varying hues. The group of minerals includes the almandine and pyrope – more commonly known as the red garnets. Also part of the group is the grossular, and the andradite. The most valuable garnet type is believed to be the demantoid – an emerald green garnet belonging to the andradite group.

Although the Garnet stone is found in a number of different colors, the word ‘garnet’ is associated with the red Garnet alone. For years, the Garnet stone has been associated with the spleen and thyroid. It is said to help purify and cleanse both the organ and the gland when placed over the respective areas. The garnet is especially useful for meditating or searching for past lives. For the purpose the stone is placed on the head to reveal the important information pertaining to past lives for the searcher.

Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing.  Garnet can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. Garnet is also believed to help out people by increasing their spiritual awareness and security level as it stabilizes both internal and external emotional.

The Garnet stone is popularly believed to symbolize love and compassion. It is also thought to be a stone of truth and purity. In addition to these properties, the stone is also said to increase the human sex drive.

The largest reserves of garnet to date are found in Africa. Back in December 1996, an Australian student discovered what is believed to be the largest garnet ever found. This garnet from Central Australia measures about 100 feet across in length! Garnets are also found in abundance in the Soviet Union, the United States, India, and Brazil.

The spectacular garnet stone is widely used in both contemporary and traditional diamond jewelry across the world. This stone makes a stunning center stone for diamond earrings and diamond engagement rings.
Check out these stunning Garnet and Diamond Earrings by Sylvie. Set in rose gold, these earrings can work well in both casual and formal settings. The garnet center stone surrounded by shimmering diamonds can glam up a simple look for a date night as well as an elaborate evening affair look to bring out the best in you.

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Sylvie Bride Ambassador: Megan



Meet Sylvie Bride Ambassador Megan and her fiance Zachary and hear her story about Sylvie pulling off what they thought was impossible!

Story via

How they met:

It’s a simple story. Although Zach and I had numerous play dates when we were little, I don’t remember “officially” meeting until middle school. It didn’t take long for Zach and I to become best friends after that. Zach quickly became my go to for everything, and my rock. Our junior year of high school we began dating, and have be inseparable ever since. Six years later and I still can’t believe he picked me. His first and only girlfriend, and now I get to be his wife. Forever can’t start fast enough.

How He Asked:

It has always been a dream of mine to visit NYC during Christmas time. But as my mom always tells me, I have champagne taste on a root beer budget. So NYC has always seemed far-fetched and out of reach.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and sister surprised me with airline tickets to NYC. I was told that it was going to be the three of us, and that we would be going December 13th through the 16th. I was ecstatic! The next few weeks were filled with preparation and shopping trips (you can’t go to NYC with a TX winter wardrobe). Our flight was set to leave from Dallas by 7am Tuesday (December 13th) morning. About three and a half hours after boarding we had arrived in New York City, and hit the ground running (literally).

Our “to-do” list was huge, and had more activities than our time in the city allotted for. The first day in NYC we ended up walking a total of 14 miles. We visited the original Macys (which was an astonishing 8 stories high), saw time square, and even stumbled upon the famous Kleinfeld bridal boutique.

The morning of the 14th my sister suggested we walk through Central Park. After about 30 minutes of walking and a thousand pictures later we reached our final destination, Gapstow Bridge.

My sister handed me the Go-Pro and asked if I could manage recording a decent video of us walking through the park. I thought that was a strange question but accepted the challenge and kept on. I rounded the corner, did a double take and there Zach was, waiting for me in front of Gapstow Bridge. I immediately handed my mom the camera and ran down the hill. With tears in my eyes I hugged Zach, and asked what he was doing here in NYC. I couldn’t believe that he flew 1400 miles to surprise me. He smiled, looked at me and asked me to marry him (of course I said yes). Zach and my family had managed to pull off the proposal of a lifetime. Zach woke up at 2am, flew out of Austin around 5am, and dragged his luggage all through Central Park just to propose to me. I have never felt so special in my life.

After it was all said and done I got to hear the backstory. New York was never meant to be a girl’s trip, but a proposal of epic proportions. My sister brought her camera’s and go-pro specifically to capture the special moment. Getting the ring ready in time for the trip was no easy venture either. It takes 6-8 weeks’ minimum to get a ring made and ready to be taken home, and Zach needed mine in two. The salesman at Diamonds Direct (Fernando) ended up talking with the designer herself (Sylvie Collection), and managed to pull off the impossible. The ring was ready for Zach to pick-up around 5pm on the 13th. Less than 12 hours from the time his flight was scheduled to leave. To say that this is the best Christmas I’ve ever had would be an understatement.

A HUGE thank you to Fernando at Diamonds Direct, Sylvie, and my mom and sister. Because of y’all I get to marry my best friend, and high school sweetheart of six years. Life is perfect!

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New Year’s Eve Looks – Top Trends

The New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we thought it might be the perfect time to update you with the top trends for pulling off an ultra classy look for it. There’s a lot left to personal choices to be honest but you will definitely find the following trends dominating.

1. Sequins Galore

Sequins GaloreSequins are topping the list with all the shimmer and glamour they bring to the look. Go for a complete sequin ensemble, similar to this one or stick to a one piece sequin. Pair a plain top with sequined skirts or sequined leggings and let them work their magic. Make sure the color you pick is something that goes well with your skin tone. Black is always a winner and so is gold!

To spice things up a notch, think diamond jewelry. Something like this Unique Diamond Bracelet by Sylvie.

2. Golden is Trending

Golden is TrendingJust like we mentioned sequins are ruling the trends, this is a classic example of how you can bling up a casual outfit using a sequin blazer for a low-key dinner night out.

That said, golden is topping the charts when it comes to metallic hues. Whether you choose to glam up your casual denim jeans and with a pair of golden heels or go for a complete sparkling gold oversized dress – don’t forget to add a pop of color with your accessories.

Think of something like the Glamorous Emerald Lemon Quartz Halo Diamond Engagement Ring or pick the Bold Marquis Cut Pink Tourmaline Diamond Ring if you’re looking to mix and match a little silver with the gold.

3. The Coated Jeans

The Coated JeansThe third look that will be trending this New Year’s Eve is one that never goes out of style. Pairing a coat with a pair of denims and pulling off a semi-casual yet sophisticated look. These coats are available in a myriad of colors, so you’re obviously not pressed with limited choice. However, since it’s the holiday season, we say you go with something bright and cheerful like reds and cobalts.

The look works equally great for a cozy night in with your girlfriends or getting proposed with a diamond ring at Times Square. In case you’re looking to add a hint of glamour to this look, pair it with these Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings. You can even add this matching Modern Diamond Pendant to complete the look.

It’s amazing how diamond jewelry always becomes our life saver when we’re looking for that extra bit of oomph and sparkle for our looks.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Engagements

It’s officially the holiday season and also the season when many of you lovebirds will get engaged. If you have the idea of a holiday proposal overpowering your brain, maybe it’s time to look beyond the diamond jewelry and find the perfect diamond engagement ring for her.

Once you’re done picking the ring, it’s time to plan the proposal. But the holiday season and its parties often make it difficult to find the right time on your calendar. Things can get tough and so we have these dos and don’ts that can help you keep on track with the planning of your holiday proposal.

Do Know What She Likes!

Check out this Marquise Halo Engagement Ring by Sylvie!

Do Know What She Likes!

This is the very basic requirement. You need to know what your lady likes. Her favorite flowers, the type of jewelry she prefers, whether she’d prefer a public proposal in front of the whole family at a Christmas party or would like a quiet comfortable proposal while relaxing with you alone on a sofa in front of the fire. It is important that you keep the little details in mind and align your plans to her preferences so you can come up with a proposal that is just right for both of you.

Do Take Time Out for a Private Moment

Expect to be bombarded with congratulations from friends and family if you’re planning a public proposal. And while it is the holiday season and your engagement only adds a reason to celebrate more, make sure you and your partner have the time and privacy to live and appreciate the moment. Step away from the festivities for a while or enjoy a private moment holding hands on the thanksgiving dinner. Allow it to soak in. Also, make sure you revel in your moment.

Do Spare a Thought for “What Happens After”

You might want to stretch your plans until after you’ve proposed because the day will surely continue even after you’ve proposed and she said yes. This is where you plan how to celebrate your engagement. Spend a cozy afternoon together, go for a long-awaited vacation, drink and dance the night away or celebrate with the whole family enjoying the customary family traditions for holidays. Make sure you plan plenty to do together for the whole day before retiring for the night.

Do Spare a Thought for “What Happens After”This Glamorous Criss-Cross Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Sylvie is gorgeous – Don’t you think?

Don’t Be Tacky

It’s the holiday season and hence, it’s easier to get carried away with the fervor. Don’t go too overboard with the holiday spirit. It is okay to work in some celebrations – after all it’s the holidays and you’re getting engaged but it is not a good idea to theme everything accordingly, especially the proposal. Keep it elegant and simple. Maybe a quiet night on the rooftop with champagne under the fireworks or a quiet dinner cooked by you before you pop the question to her. No rented Santa Claus suits or cheesy family Christmas sweaters please!

Don’t Hesitate in Asking for Help

Rope in a few tight supporters to make sure you have things running nice and smooth on the big day. Her best friend would know how to get her where you want her to be for the proposal. Her sister can help you pick out the right flowers and engagement ring! The mother might be able to come up with the perfect place to hide the engagement ring in case you want to make your girl look for her Christmas present. Make sure you don’t “announce” it before you actually propose. Keep the people who can help you in the loop but don’t make them too many.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Calm

It is extremely important that you don’t panic. So make sure you have a backup plan in case things don’t go according to plan. This is especially necessary if you’re planning an outdoor proposal. You might want to keep a check on the weather and of course a back up venue for the proposal – you never know what the weather might be up to that day. Go easy on the wine and relax. It’s always better to choose a private moment for the proposal and keep your nerves intact throughout the holiday dinner.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Calm This Classic Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a definite winner!

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2017 Marketing Trends and What They Mean for Jewelers


2017 is here and it’s not just the date that is changing! Marketers can expect some huge changes in the new year. We’ve taken some of the key trends and predictions for 2017 and shown you what to avoid as well as what you can use to your advantage as jewelers in this competitive market.

Ad Blocking Is Officially “A Thing”

Millenials have figured out just about everything, especially ad blocking, and now their teaching others how to do it too. According to eMarketer, in 2016, 69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker, a jump of 34% over last year. By 2017, that figure will grow another 24% to 86.6 million people.

That means that in 2017, one in three US internet users will have installed an ad blocker on their desktop or smartphone.

What this means for jewelers: This means that native advertising and engaging social media or blog content will be more important than ever in 2017. And because there is SO MUCH noise out there, make sure your marketing team is thinking out of the box when it comes to content. Original thoughts and ideas can come from anywhere, so include the whole team when brainstorming for ideas.

Smartphone Shopping Will Skyrocket

2017 is said to be the first year where over half of the US population will make their first mobile purchase. eMarketer projects, in 2017, the share of US mobile commerce sales that come from smartphones will grow to 65%—up from 58% this year. And that’s not all, Google and Facebook will both be making mobile commerce much more local by populating online ads from national retailers with inventory from local stores. Mobile wallets and “order ahead” applications are also predicted to expand making checking out a much faster and enjoyable experience.

What this means for jewelers: Jewelers with brick and mortar stores will be expected to keep up with the same amount of mobile efficiency as smart phones! Customers want to get out as quickly as they came in so you should be prepared to accept all mobile payment types in store and online. For jewelers with e-commerce, focus very heavily on mobile checkout functionality as well as your sites speed in 2017.

Social Networking Ad Spend Will Increase

According to a recent poll from Vistaprint Digital, more than half of small business owners in the US said social media is their primary digital marketing tactic, far more than those who cited websites or online advertisements. While spending more on social may seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to keep in mind that shifting your budget from one media to another takes careful time and planning. Testing which social media platforms work best for your company and how to properly target your consumers on each platform will be more important than ever. Retailers should start testing immediately in an effort to keep up with the competitive spend that will come throughout the year. 


What this means for Jewelers: Simply put, you won’t get as much bank for your buck! When the number of advertisers goes up, so does the price, so you’ll need to prepared for the cost per ad click and the cost of specific keywords to skyrocket across all platforms. Most importantly, you’ll need to hyper targeted with your ads so that your dollar stretches farther and you’re able to capture more qualified leads by casting as smaller net.

Radio is back! But it’s not the same…

Not only is 2017 projected to be the year of the complete digital radio switch over but it could also be the year for increasing digital radio advertising spend. According to SoCast Digital, audio streaming listening hours is expected for grow more than 40%, from 30 billion in 2014 to 43 billion in 2017. With podcasting, beacon location based marketing, and streaming on the rise, the possibilities are endless! Sites like Pandora and Spotify are allowing big brands to test new marketing strategies such as custom playlists and sponsored video content.

What this means for jewelers: Jewelers should not discount the power of radio. Radio can still be a valuable component within your marketing mix, however, jewelers need to begin exploring advertising through online radio ads as well.


Video is King

Marketers said the same thing in 2016 and they will say it again! Now is the time to cultivate a video-centric marketing plan for all facets of your business. Not only is quality video production key, but properly integrating videos into your content plan by using engaging and captivating tactics is now even more important. Find new ways to incorporate interviews, product reviews, and even user generated content such as testimonials and stories as well as your every-day promotional video content.

What this means for jewelers: With Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all going “LIVE” it’s important to keep the momentum going in real time almost daily! In 2017 it will be important to make “filming videos” a part of your company’s culture if you want to be seen online. Jewelers should also explore utilizing in-serp video advertising to capture audiences searching for specific products.

Now that you have heard a few trends to look forward to in 2017 you can begin planning for a record year!



Pop Star Becky G Shined in the Sylvie Collection at the Latin Grammy Awards!

Singer Becky G completed both her looks for the Latin Grammy Awards show and after party with this stunning vintage inspired Sylvie Fashion Ring!

Becky G is an up and coming singer, songwriter, rapper, actress and model. Gomez first gained recognition in 2011 when she began posting videos of herself covering popular songs online. One of her videos caught the attention of producer Dr. Luke, who offered her a joint record deal with Kemosabe Records and RCA Records.




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Blue Topaz – The December Birthstone

 Blue Topaz - The December BirthstoneDid you know that the word ‘topaz’ originates from ‘topazian’ – a Greek word, the origins of which are unknown?

This exquisite stone is one of the most popular and eye-pleasing stones today. It evokes metaphors of the water and sky owing to its spectacular blue color. This stone has been part of ancient cultures since the very first time it was discovered. The meanings and powers of this stone find their origins in ancient cultures that discovered them. However, the same meanings have found their way to make sense in the modern world as well.

Traditionally, the blue topaz is found in three unique hues – the cool Swiss Blue, the pale sky blue, and the deep London blue.

Over the years, the Blue Topaz has been repeatedly associated with better understanding, learning, communication, and creative inspiration. But that’s not all.  Wearing a blue topaz in your diamond engagement ring or your pendant vitalizes your body. It transforms the water you drink, which makes it more hydrating for your body and skin.

Symbolizes Peace and Calm

The blue topaz is believed to promote relaxation and harmony in the surroundings and have a calming effect on the person wearing it. The stone is said to be especially helpful in healing a hurt heart and overcoming upsetting feelings.

The Writer’s Stone

Often known as the writer’s stone, the Blue Topaz improves your ability to communicate. It promotes better expression of thoughts and feelings both while writing and/or speaking. The stone has been found helpful in overcoming the fear of public speaking. It is also believed to improve concentration and allows you to focus better on the job at hand.

The Blue Topaz has plenty of vibration. Experts believe, these vibrations assist in clearing the mind and providing you a set mind frame that is more tuned to taking clear decisions. This trait of the stone is especially dominant in the process of deciding a career direction in life.

In case you’re wondering how the Topaz brings clarity of mind for you, allow us to enlighten you. The blue topaz opens channels of communication for you that help you openly discuss your future and life path with your loved ones. It brings out the hopes and aspirations that shape your decision making process with the added advantage of healthy discussions.

The gorgeous blue topaz is commonly used in modern diamond jewelry. The stone also makes a gorgeous center stone for diamond engagement rings. The Blue Topaz is found in abundance in several different countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Australia, Japan, the USA, and Mexico.

Check out this exciting Blue Topaz ring collection in the exclusive diamond jewelry collection by Sylvie.



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New Year, New Bands

You found the perfect engagement ring for her and she said “yes”. But that’s just one phase that you’ve successfully managed to pull through. With a wedding date drawing near, you’ll obviously need more than just the engagement ring to tie the knot.

You need something unique. Something that is symbolic of the bond you share and of course valuable enough to vow your love for her – we’re talking about the perfect wedding band of course. Here’s a list of what we at Sylvie have in store for our 2017 wedding band collection:

Vintage Hand-Engraved Diamond Wedding Band

Vintage Hand-Engraved Diamond Wedding Band This gorgeous hand-engraved wedding band by Sylvie is the best on vintage-inspired diamond jewelry you’ll find anywhere. The unique diamond ring boasts a brilliantly engraved shank that adds volumes to its beauty and makes it a dazzler your lady would definitely appreciate.Pick this ring if you want to highlight the gorgeous rock set in the classic vintageinspired engagement ring that you proposed your girl with.

Unique Style Diamond Wedding Band

Unique Style Diamond Wedding BandFor the stylish girl, this wedding band is something that she can make a fashion statement with whether she is in a sober work environment or hosting a glitzy holiday party at your home. With shimmering diamonds snugly fit into hexagon and roundshaped frames, this delightful gold band does equal justice to style and delicacy. Plus it’s elegant too!

Sapphire Wedding Band

Sapphire Wedding BandColored stones were all the hype for diamond jewelry and engagement ring in the year 2016 and we believe the trend will very well continue into 2017 as well. Sylvie brings you a beautiful collection of colored stone wedding bands similar to this Sapphire wedding band shown here. These bands can be ideally worn alone or in combination with an engagement ring it compliments well. These bands are versatile and work great in both casual and formal settings.

Classic Curved Milgrain Detail Wedding Band

Classic Curved Milgrain Detail Wedding BandThis wedding band is ideally designed to help you create a beautiful wedding set with a matching engagement ring to add that extra oomph and sparkle on your girl’s finger. The curved design brings a hint of chic and style perfect for the girl who balances fashion and elegance just right! In case you’re looking for ideas, try pairing it with something like the Designer Antique Inspired Halo Diamond Engagement Ring or the Classic Round Brilliant Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Wedding Band

Designer Diamond Wedding BandIn case you’re looking for something that is simple yet elegant, this stunning wedding band with double row round pave diamonds makes a captivating choice. Pair it with an engagement ring or wear it alone, this ring carries enough sparkle to dazzle everyone around. If you look closely, it’s quite like the wedding band that adorns Christina Hendricks’ ring finger. Definitely something that can make her feel special!

Mix, Match & Stack

If it’s not the wedding that’s on your mind, instead you want to lavish your lovely wife with a stunning anniversary gift, think of stackable rings. Our wedding bands can be mixed and matched together in different designs and varying hues of metal that come together to create a sparkling style statement your wife will love you for. Invest in a 4 to five gorgeous stackable bands that go along with her wedding band or her engagement ring to create a gift that is unique and dazzling – something like the sparklers on Rebecca Romijn’s finger.

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Top 10 Engagement Rings for a Holiday Proposal

The holiday season is just round the corner and it is officially the best time to get down on your knee and pop the question. The time is great for celebration with champagne, sparkling lights, and decorations all around. Of course you’ll need a ring to seal the deal, so this December, pick a ring – the perfect one to get engaged. Here are our top 10 engagement ring suggestions for a holiday proposal.

1.Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1Featuring a 2 carat emerald cut diamond in the center with a halo to match this ring is great for someone who appreciates a hint of vintage in their jewelry. With two strategically placed baguette diamonds and a tapered shank, the ring is a winner!

2. Vintage Inspired Designer Engagement Ring

2If she loves the outdoors, make sure you propose them in a romantic setting amidst nature. Compliment the surroundings and their love for nature with this intricately designed vintage inspired engagement ring. It spells out romance, elegance, andglamour.

3. Classic Criss-Cross Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

3A split criss-cross shank tapered with tiny diamonds holding a halo that surrounds a spectacular 1 carat round-cut diamond, the Classic Criss-Cross Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is gorgeous. An absolute stunner, this ring has everything going right for it.

4. Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

4Keep it simple. Nothing ever beats that. Plus a solitaire ring never goes out of style. This Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ringboasts a brilliant 1 carat round diamond held in a prong setting with a cascading diamond shank completing the look.

5. Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone Accent

5If there was just one word we could use to describe this Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring in two tone accents, it would be – exquisite. Take her on a romantic cruise or propose her on an isolated rooftop beneath the New Year’s Eve fireworks, this ring will still sparkle enough to win her.

6. Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

6Pair the elegance of a solitaire with the glamour of a dazzling shank with cascading diamonds. This ring is great for a woman who knows how to balance simplicity and sophistication well!

7. Vintage Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

7If she has a thing for vintage rings, this Vintage Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring would work great for her. With an intricately engraved shank and the sparkling center diamond in a bezel setting, this ring has been designed paying great attention to detail.

8. Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Cushion Halo

8This stunning engagement ring has all the shimmer and sparkle to make heads turn. If your lady is someone who appreciates the glitz and glamour, this is something that she would absolutely love!

9. Unique Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

9When we talk about something simple it’s the solitaire ring that pops up in our minds. However, if you want something simple and different, you should get the Unique Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. This sparkler is a definite showstopper!

10. Diamond Morganite Ring

10Don’t want to go with the conventional platinum white rings? Try something in rose gold like this Diamond Morganite Ring. The oval center stone can be replaced with one that you choose. This ring is classy and feminine, plus it’s unique just like your partner.

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Hottest Diamond Engagement Ring Trends of 2016

Being in the jewelry business for years, we come across hundreds of people out to buy the perfect engagement rings for their significant others.  This allows us to notice and keep track of the trends that are popular during a certain epoch. The year 2016 has been no different. With diamond engagement rings clearly trumping all others, here are the hottest trends for engagement rings that we’ve noticed this year.

Trend 1 – Bring in Some Color

1Probably the most widely known public figure that sports a gorgeous engagement ring with a colored stone in it is Kate Middleton – the Duchess of Cambridge. But she’s not the only one. Take the opportunity to have a look at Carrie Mulligan’s sapphire or the fancy yellow stone on Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring. Colored stones are trending! However, if you’re not a fan of a colored center stone, use them for accents. This elaborate three stone engagement ring by Sylvie boasts a diamond center stone accentuated by gorgeously cut pear shaped sapphires to create a brilliant engagement ring worth considering.

Trend 2Oval Is the New Round

2Throughout the year, oval engagement rings have faced a surging demand from customers everywhere in the world. They’re classic, they’re elegant, but most of all, they’re unique. Check out this modern east-west oval cut diamond engagement ring with a two row halo surrounding the center diamond and diamonds cascading half way down the shank of the ring. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Trend 3 – Make it Rose Gold

3If you’re looking for something chic and uniquely feminine, a rose gold engagement ring is definitely something you should consider. The use of rose gold for engagement rings adds an ultimate feminine charm to a classic design. It’s trending, and it can be mixed with other metals like platinum or gold to create something absolutely unique. Or you could consider something like this rose gold diamond morganite ring – a colored center stone accented with smaller diamonds in a rose gold setting – now that’s classy!

Trend 4 – Vintage-Inspired

4A lot of people would confuse vintage-inspired rings with vintage rings. There’s a clear difference though, vintage rings belong to a different era, while the vintage inspired rings are modern rings style to include a subtle vintage element to them. Something like this engraved solitaire diamond engagement ring that boasts a 1 carat solitaire with a vintage-inspired shank. These rings combine the best of both worlds and are absolute hot sellers this year.

Trend 5 – The Solitaire


Absolute winner! Always on the charts, the simplicity and elegance of a solitaire engagement ring is irreplaceable. These timeless diamond engagement rings never go out of style. This makes them a popular choice among customers and even in their simplicity these stunners have the ability to stand out!

Trend 6 – Stackable Engagement Ring Sets


2016 was all about mixing and matching stackable fashion bands with your engagement ring! You can wear your band plus other fun bands in rose gold, yellow gold or even black. Sylvie has designed an entire collection of stackable engagement rings to do just that! How would you mix and match your bands?

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, fiancée, girlfriend, daughter, mother or a girl you have a crush on, here are our top picks that will beat the boring flower and card combo. With these foolproof Christmas gifts for her, we assure you that you will hit the mark and receive gushing appreciation and a lot of love in return.

Diamond Fashion Jewelry

Regardless of their age or their relation to you, this is a gift that will pay off. Believe that the second you buy a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry, you have secured your place as a person who gives good presents on Christmas. Our stylist at the Sylvie collection loves the festive Chic Angular Diamond Ear Climbers and the eye-catching Heart-Shaped Yellow Gold
 Diamond Ring
as  wonderful Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, wife or mother. Trying to find something for your annoying, but adorable little sister or cousin? We suggest a stylish or a trendy Free Form Diamond Fashion Ring.


Makeup Geek

Finding a Christmas gift for her when she loves makeup can sound deceptively simple, but whenever you go online or even enter a Sephora outlet you are presented with so many choices that you either get confused or give up entirely and settle on gift cards. However, for a personalized special gift to a makeup lover, choose one of the makeup sets that almost all brands launch near Christmas. Try to find if she loves nail paints more or lipsticks or another makeup item more than anything else, and buy a makeup collection featuring her favorite product.

A Warm Gesture

One the best-cherished Christmas gifts are the warm and soft sweaters, gloves, coats or beanies that can help her remain warm throughout the winter. It is a useful present that will pay off in the cold weather. Choose something in a festive color, such as red with high-quality fabric, such as cashmere.

A Carry On

For a woman, who has a whole closet in her home dedicated to bags, this is probably the best Christmas gift for her. Choose a leather bucket bag that is all the rage nowadays or choose a funkier more edgy drawstring pouches or graffiti featured bags. If you are looking for a safer option, choose leather, monochromatic bag. If you want to buy a bag for someone who is adventurous and trendy, the sky is the limit, as there are countless options in the market!

A Pair of Sunglasses

For someone who doesn’t like to squint in the sun and who religiously slathers on sunscreen whenever they step out in the sun, this is the perfect gift for her. Being serious about sun protection is no joke and even during the cold months following Christmas, sunglasses offer a style statement that is unarguably a dominant part of your outfit. Choose an oversized pair of glasses for her in nude, dark, or a bright color like lime green or neon yellow.

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What is your bridal style? Glam? Vintage? Take this quiz and find out!

what is your bridal style_small

Thinking about getting engaged? Not only do you need the perfect engagement ring but you will also need to decide what kind of bride you will be! Take our quiz and find out if you’re a vintage, romantic, glamorous, classic, or modern bride!


Meet Sylvie Bridal Ambassador Ariana!


Here at the Sylvie Collection the one thing we love more than our engagement rings is the love story behind each piece. We sat down with Sylvie Bride Ambassador Ariana Lamb where she shared her love story (with now-husband Scott) and the role the Sylvie Collection played in her happily-ever-after.

How did you meet your fiancé/spouse?
Scott and I met on Fisher’s Island, New York (tiny island off New York/Connecticut). My best friend and roommate from college summers was there and brought me there for a weekend in 2007 and Scott and I met. We were friends for years and then in the fall of 2012 started to date after reconnecting at a wedding earlier that summer.

What is your favorite “courtship story”? The moment where you knew you would be together forever?
There are just too many to name. But I will always recall hearing him talking to his nana about our relationship. Everything he said was just so perfect and sweet, it was how I felt about our relationship and knew that he was who I wanted to be with forever after hearing that. He later told her, I didn’t know this, but he said I was the one he was going to marry.

How did he propose?
He proposed at home. We were going on a date night, which is very rare for us because he is in the Navy and it can be hard to have a night free. We were going to my favorite restaurant Salt in Manchester by the Sea, New Hampshire. I was getting ready and we were just talking about the night and our day. At one point, I turned around and he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I was shocked, started crying and said YES! He planned it out so we could go to dinner and celebrate! It was exactly how I would have wanted it. Private event for just the two of us.

Did you have honeymoon plans?
We were unable to have a honeymoon right away due to a deployment scheduled. We have since relocated to San Diego, California and bought our first house. He should be arriving here soon and we will plan a honeymoon/babymoon. We are expecting our first child in April 2017!

What made you decide to choose a Sylvie Collection ring?
About 3 years ago, soon after we started dating, Scott and I were walking down the street in Saratoga Springs, New York where he was stationed and he said let’s look in here. It was Fox Jewelers. We browsed and loved their collections. It became a thing for us to stop in every so often and where Scott had purchased some holiday gifts for me. One day he brought me over to the engagement rings and said look at these which ones do you like. I tried on all sorts. Sylvie was my favorite! I loved them. For a year, every time we went in I would try them on and I fell in love with one specific one. Scott knew the code for the ring and remembered it until the day he went to the Jewelers in Massachusetts and designed it with them.

Where did you buy your ring?
Descenza Diamonds – Peabody, Massachusetts

Would you recommend this store to your friends?

Which ring did you choose and why?
SY395 – I loved the style and that you could put a round diamond in the center of a cushion cut. It was just classic to me. Scott loved it too!


What do you love most about your Sylvie Collection ring?
It’s beautiful! The design is so intricate and they think of everything. I receive compliments all the time!

What is your favorite love quote of all time?
“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”
– Nicholas Sparks

From all of us at the Sylvie Collection, we want to congratulate Ariana and Scott on their marriage and on the up-coming birth of their child. Additionally, we would like to thank Mr. Lamb for his bravery and service. We wish you both all the happiness! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

To become a Sylvie Bride Ambassador and be featured on our website, please submit your story to [email protected]

5 Marketing Initiatives that will Set You Up for Success in 2017!

Black And White Christmas Chalkboard With Copy Space, Free Text. Red Christmas Decoration, Loop, Santa Hat, Christmas Ball, Christmas Tree, Snowflake. Wooden Background. Vintage Rustic Style.

1) The Contest To End All Contests

Whether you’ve had time to host an online contest this year or not, it’s never too late to go out with a bang! Use these last few weeks to get a fresh consumer marketing list by hosting a holiday themed online contest. If you’ve never built an online contest before, start with sites like or who will guide you step by step.

Your contest prize should always be larger than $500.00 in retail value and you should always allocate at least a $200 budget to promote your contest on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be sure to promote the contest on your website if you can by using a homepage banner, a blog, or even create a custom page if you have the budget for it. When promoting the contest online, use hashtags such as #Offers, #Contests, #Giveaway, #Sweepstakes and #EnterToWin for added exposure.

2) A Blast of Email Blasts

This is the one season of the year when consumers actually read their emails! THEY ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR DISCOUNTS SO DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! No matter how busy you are, it’s IMPERATIVE that you send email blasts out once a week if not more between the months of November and December. You may even want to plan to start in September or October next year as your building your 2017 marketing calendar.

For higher conversion rates, include coupons or exclusive offers within your email blasts that consumers can print off or take away coupon codes for. Give them advice on what gifts to purchase, where to get them, and ALWAYS include a call to action to get them back into your store!

Lastly, remember that “birds of a feather flock together,” so if you’re hosting a holiday event, you can email your existing customers about that too and encourage them to bring friends.

3) Update Your Website and Social Sites

All eyes are on you right now, so make sure your website and social media sites are buttoned up and ready to spread holiday cheer with warm and inviting colors that go with the season!

Most importantly, make sure that your conversion funnels are functioning properly. Do all your online forms work? Who is responding to them? Is your phone number correct on all search engines? Are you tracking your phone calls to find out what the busiest time of the day is that people are calling? As we mentioned in our last blog, you can use sites like to find out where your calls are coming from and when. Is your Google Analytics code set to track your website traffic? What about your Facebook pixel? These are all important things you should have set up before the season.

After all, what better time than the busiest time of the year is there to collect business intelligence that can help you in 2017?

4) A unique and exclusive end of the year offer

It goes without saying that now is the time to strike while the iron is hot! Give them an offer they can’t refuse. Not sure where to start? Do a competitive analysis of all the stores similar to yours within a 50-mile radius and see what they offered LAST YEAR or this year on their Facebook pages, websites, local radio stations, or even the local newspaper. Take it even further and look at the top performing stores in surrounding states to see what they’re doing. Once you’ve found an offer you like, put your own unique spin on it to make it yours!

Pro Tip ** If you plan to promote your offer only on Facebook or other online sites, try A/B testing with more than one offer and keep track of all your analytics so that you can make better decisions for next year.

5) Employee Appreciation Gifts

You may see this and think, “how am I supposed to focus on my employees when I can hardly find the time to focus on getting more customers this season?”

If that’s your response, then remember this… your employees can sometimes be your best customers! Show them you care and offer them limited time only discounts for themselves and their family members or give them free product to wear during store hours. After all, if your employees love the products, aren’t the more likely to brag about them?

Pro Tip **  Your top customers deserve gifts too! If you have repeat customers that spend a good chunk of cash with you throughout the year, then show them how much you care by sending a holiday greeting card with a PERSONALIZED offer or gift. They’ll be blown away by your giving spirit and more likely to repeat their purchase behaviors in the new year.

Teri Hatcher Sparkled in Yellow Gold and Diamond Rings from the Sylvie Collection!

Actress Teri Hatcher is the epitome of style and grace! So it’s no wonder she would choose two of our trendy yellow gold free-form diamond rings to wear to the Once Upon a Time Gala Event for the L.A. Children’s Hospital. (styles shown #FR733 and #FR731)


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Stars of “The Accountant” love the Sylvie Collection!

Hit movie, “The Accountant”, features Christian Wolff (played by Ben Affleck) who is a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Using a small-town CPA office as a cover, he makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations. With a Treasury agent (J.K. Simmons) hot on his heels, Christian takes on a state-of-the-art robotics company as a legitimate client. As Wolff gets closer to the truth about a discrepancy that involves millions of dollars, the body count starts to rise.

Co-starring with Ben Affleck is the gorgeous Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Cynthia wore her favorite Sylvie Collection ear climbers style #ER725 with yellow gold diamond fashion ring #FR722 to the U.S. Premiere of the movie.

To complete her look for the UK Premiere, Cynthia wore diamond fashion rings, FR732, FR721, and FR736.

To get Cynthia’s look or to find an authorized Sylvie Collection retail store near you click here.




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Make it a Season for Sylvie!

The holidays are here! There’s never a better time to show your love for your partner so right now we’re offering all of our fans a chance to win these beautiful diamond and ruby earrings from the Sylvie Collection during our Season for Sylvie Sweepstakes! It’s simple, all you have to do is click on the image below, fill out the simple form and enter to win!


The winner will be announced on December 12th so be sure to check your email to see if you’re the one! Remember to share the contest for bonus entry points.

Good luck and thank you for entering!


The Sylvie Collection Reveals First National Campaign

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 9.53.00 PMThe Sylvie Collection is pleased to announce their first national consumer ad campaign for Fall 2016. Making its debut in the October 2016 print issue of Harper’s Bazaar and running through Spring 2017 print issues, the campaign will also be featured in top bridal print publications such as The Knot, including appearing on digital platforms via key consumer and bridal websites.

Shot on-location at Chateau Des Grotteaux, a historical residence in Dallas, Texas by fashion and lifestyle photographer, Terri Glanger Raven, the 18th century European architectural design and allure of the property made it the perfect backdrop for The Sylvie Collection’s campaign. Featuring 1.5 acres of lush foliage, vibrant gardens, and flagstone walkways – the chateau was an ideal location for a romantic shoot. Through the images, a couple is seen sharing moments together before, during, and after the day of their wedding. The creative direction of the campaign was to capture an authentic connection between the engaged couple while appealing to the modern bride. In line with the values of the brand itself, the ads capture romance and femininity through the use of elements like white roses, lace, contemporary wedding apparel, and the collection’s vintage inspired jewelry.

The ring, style S1409, selected for the shoot by Sylvie Levine, CEO of The Sylvie Collection, was chosen as it encompasses the identity of the brand. “This ring is the perfect representation of the diverse assortment of engagement rings and style offerings of The Sylvie Collection. Like a majority of our designs, this ring is vintage-inspired with modern sensibilities featuring classic design elements like the diamond halo,” stated Levine. She also went on to describe her motivation for creating this campaign, “I wanted to build further brand awareness and showcase the beauty and timelessness of my brand in the national market. I thought what better way to achieve both of these goals than by producing an ad campaign that truly captures genuine passion and love.”

The Sylvie Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. From bridal to fashion pieces, The Sylvie Collection evokes prestigious and timeless jewelry designs that celebrate femininity and romance. The collections offer a new standard for affordable luxury and reflect beauty and passion within each piece. The Sylvie Collection uses only the finest materials, including 14K or 18K metals set in white, yellow, rose gold, black rhodium and platinum.

Want to see more from the Sylvie Collection? Click here to find a local retailer.

To read additional coverage on this campaign visit any of these news publications: CenturionINSTORE, JCK, and National Jeweler

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Jewelers

Christmas decorations and champagne flute on the table of businessman selective focus ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Tis’ the season for diamonds, parties and champagne!

The air becomes crisp, sweaters come out of closets, and jewelers ramp up for the busiest season of the year. After all, the reason we are all here is to be a part of that look on someone’s face when they receive the perfect luxury holiday gift or their dream engagement ring! It’s that one moment that keeps us all doing what we love to do.

So don’t wait until the last minute to wish you would had made that first impression! Now is the time to get buttoned up and strengthen your online and in store presence so that you can be sure it’s your store that comes to mind first this season.

With that said, we’ve put together a winning checklist to help you this season. Remember not to be overwhelmed! Just do one thing at a time and mark them off as you go.

First things first: Shoppers are almost always going to see you online before coming to your store so button up your web presence asap!

  • Set Aside Digital Ad Dollars – Now is the time to start Facebook Advertising! Users are 70% more likely to be posting on social media during the holiday season than any other time of the year. Facebook IS NOT A FREE PLATFORM so purchase ads now or else your posts will not be seen. For a quick guide on how to use Facebook’s Ads manager, click here.
    • Pro Tip: A successful advertising budget should range anywhere from $200 – $5,000 a month depending on the size of your company. If you plan to use a small budget, make sure your ads are very targeted using methods like exclusion targeting.
  • Update your Facebook cover photo to something holiday or winter themed – be creative and make sure it’s elegant not cartoon-ish – The dimensions should be at least 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall
  • Do you have Twitter and Google Plus too? You can update those graphic images as well.
    • Twitter Cover Photos Size – 1500px wide x 500px tall
    • Google + Cover Photo Size – 1080px wide x 608px tall
    • For all other social media sites click here.
  • Build a Holiday Content Calendar – Those days of posting summer photos of diamonds glittering in the sun are over. Start building a content calendar that focuses on fall and winter fashion, ski trips in snow-capped mountains, cuddling by the fire, hot cocoa and let’s not forget…pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!
  • Make sure your phone number, address, website and social media links are all accurate on every social media page AND on all major search engines! No one wants to search for your address and instead find directions to Tino’s pizzeria down the block. Just one mistake on your store listing could cost you tons of purchases this season.
    • Pro Tip: Track your phone calls using to make sure your customer service is up to stuff and that your phones are being monitored during the busy hours that you receive calls.
  • RESPOND RESPOND RESPOND: Make sure you have someone set up to monitor and respond to all questions on social media November – December. Believe me, you may think not responding to one or two requests is no big deal but during the holiday these will add up and it could cost you more than you think in missed $ sales!

J’adore Décor:
You may think decorating your store for the holidays is cheesy and but there are ways to do this without breaking the bank and looking like a bargain mart with broken hanging lights and blow up snow men.

  • Mix metallics with one pop of color – Use bold colors like deep reds and gold to add sophisticated holiday appeal, another popular combination is white and silver.
  • Candles are gold in wax form – Use decorative or scented candles like Votivo’s red currant to bring out the holiday spirit
  • Don’t overdue the scents! – You don’t need to splatter your cases by spraying a can of apple cinnamon scent spray across the showroom. Use a subtler method such as a holiday spiced reed diffuser.
  • Cookies keep them comin’ – lay out a tray of hot cookies November through December (this can create a powerful memory and will keep your store top of mind) – don’t have the budget? Try tiny candy canes or a bowl of expensive chocolate.
  • One wreath can go a long way. – Putting a wreath on the front door immediately evokes the first impression that you’ve decorated for the holidays even if it doesn’t carry all the way throughout the store.
  • Leave Santa at the North Pole – Even though he’s jolly and everyone loves him, you don’t need to go as far as to have Santa perched in your store for customers to take pictures with. Focus on selling and leave Santa at the mall down the street. Try a life size nutcracker statue instead for a touch of chic holiday cheer!

There you have it! Pair this holiday marketing checklist along with a powerful sales incentive plan for your staff and you’re in for a winning season!

Tourmaline: The Versatile Birthstone of October

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October. It comes in a variety of colors and its versatility in shades has granted it the label of “The Gemstone of the Rainbow”. According to an Egyptian legend, tourmaline passes through the rainbow when it comes up from the center of the earth. This is the reason it assumes each color of the rainbow spectrum. The word tourmaline is derived from Singhalese words ‘tura mali’, which means a stone mixed with different colors.

The wide color spectrum of this stone makes it stand out among all other precious gemstones. Tourmaline colors range from yellow, to black, to green to red. You name a color and you’ll probably find a tourmaline in that color. What is great about tourmaline is that they often exhibit two colors at a time. If you want to buy a jewelry piece for someone who is edgy, modern and unique, this stone will be perfect.

Some tourmalines have the ability to change color in different lighting conditions. They appear in different colors in artificial light and in daylight. Their ability to change color and have multiple appearances allows them to be suitable for each kind of personality. In ancient times, several legends 2were associated with tourmaline and it was called the gemstone of love and friendship. It was believed that the wearer of this stone would have everlasting and firm relationships with others.

Tourmaline has aluminum boron silicate in complex computations and even the slightest change can change the color of the stone. Tourmalines that have single color are very rare but often they exhibit more than one color, which is known as its marked dichroism. Tourmaline is rigid and quite durable due to which they are rated as 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale due to their hardness.

Tourmaline is mined in Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Russia, the United States and Sri Lanka. A number of African countries such as Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique 3have also become big exporters of tourmaline. Regardless of where they are mined, tourmalines have to undergo heat treatments to enhance the color and clarity of the stone.

Heating allows the greenish stones to become vivid green, pinkish stones to become red, and so on. The color of a lighter colored stone can be deepened and its hue can be darkened by this process. Tourmaline is available in various forms. The most coveted form is Elbaite, which is often referred to as the green tourmaline. The Rubellite is red or rink in color, Indicolite is blue and Watermelon tourmaline is a multicolor combination of green and red.

The variety of colors makes tourmaline a fairly inexpensive stone, but tourmalines that have a single 4color or a more exotic unique color can have a steep price. The most expensive type of tourmaline is a neon-blue tourmaline, known as Paraina Tourmaline, which was first discovered in Brazil in 1989. Other valuable and extremely coveted tourmalines are Chrome tourmaline, which is intense green in color, Rubellite, ranging from red to pink colors, and Indicolite, which has a rare blue hue.

Check out our collection of tourmaline centered diamond fashion jewelry pieces such as Glamorous Cushion Cut Pink Tourmaline Diamond Ring, Colored Fashion Ring With Diamonds or Classic Trillion Cut Green Tourmaline Ring.

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