Diamond Earrings: Making Occasions Extra Special

Be it any occasion, earrings go well with everything you wear. That sparkling and at times, noisy little pieces, whether they’re kissing your neck or securely embedded to your ear, become the centre of attention. The ease of availability of different shapes, sizes and colors makes them even more ideal to suit any dress, look or occasion. But like with every other thing, preferences change over time and you may not like or get bored of the jewelry you bought a few years back.

But this rarely happens when talking about timeless elegance that diamond jewelry brings with it. Even when worn alone, without any other accessory to complement it, diamond pieces bring a charm of their own to everything you wear, no matter how simple they are. Same is the case with diamond earrings.  Nothing shouts out class, elegance and beauty as the right diamond earrings, be it any occasion you plan to go to.

What Occasions Can They Be Worn to?

Think about it, aren’t they the most convenient accessory to wear, other than, of course, your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band? They aren’t flashy, perfect for when you wish to stand out and not too shady either. In fact, if one thinks about it, an occasion isn’t even required to accessorize oneself with diamond earrings. You can wear them to work, to casual lunches with friends, to kitty parties or a literary group get together, with your evening wear, at engagements, weddings or funerals, to date nights, at charity gala/balls or award shows etc.

All one needs is to find the right pair.  Lucky for you, we have an impressive range of diamond earrings collection along with other diamond jewelry such as diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond bracelets etc. that we can guarantee, will make you fall in love at first sight.

The Different Types of Diamond Earrings Available At Sylvie Collection

The best thing about diamond earrings is that because of their transparency, they go perfectly well with all colors and outfits you wish to pair them up with. At Sylvie, we have:

  1. Chandelier diamond earrings
  2. Diamond studs
  3. Ear climbers

Our Top 5 Pick

Since you have asked, we are listing five of ours and our clients’ most favorite diamond earrings below.

1.      White and Rose Gold Fashion Earrings


A little on the fancier side, these are perfect to pair with stylish outfits when going to a wedding, engagement party or award show. These feature a pear shaped morganite centre that comes framed with milgrain details in shade of rose. The centre stone is encapsulated by two outer halos, creating the perfect frame. You can also request for a different colored diamond to have them customized.

2.      Elegant Wave-Shaped Ear Climbers


Perfect for every formal, casual or informal occasion, these look best on slightly less dressy occasions like a high school reunion, proms or a lunch with a group of friends. The elegant yet simple design is what makes them perfect to go with all your outfits. Can’t think of a gift for a close friend or sibling? Let your love shine through these.

3.      Unique Round Brilliant Pear Shape Diamond Earrings


This dangling chandelier diamond earring should be your first pick when going to a fancy or grand event. These are instant attention-grabbers. Featuring two diamond studded halos that beautifully encase the centre pear-shaped diamond, this is an addition to your jewelry that you simply can’t miss having. If that wasn’t enough, the band itself has a strip of small cut diamonds for an added sparkle.

4.      Chic Angular Diamond Ear Climbers


These promise to be a modern addition to everyday wear ear jewelry. Like wave shape ear climbers, these too, compliment all less formal events and can even be worn as an everyday accessory.

5.      Purple Amethyst and Diamond White Gold Earrings


With the choice of multiple colored stones as the centre stone, these cushioned diamond stud earrings in a checkerboard cut are again a pair every woman should have. With a band of shimmering diamonds surrounding the centre stone, these make the ears pop out whether you have your hair down or secured in a bun.  Pair them up with a gorgeous short dress when going out on a romantic date night and we promise your man won’t be able to take his eyes off your face.


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Beyond Floral, Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends


Spring is quickly approaching and there’s so much more to look forward to rather than just a bouquet of gorgeous floral inspired engagement rings. This Spring we can expect to set new standards when it comes to designer diamond and bridal jewelry.

Asymmetry & Bold Colored Stones

This spring is the season of asymmetrical pieces and bright bold stones. The market has seen a huge rise in the demand of colored stones with consumers seeing both the value and the beauty in less-traditional stones. These fun bright pieces can be worn as special occasion jewelry, or even as every day pieces depending on the individual style of the person. For spring, we are loving peridot and rose combinations. To see more check out JCK’s 2017: The Year of Peridot.



Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage inspired engagement rings have been popular year-round and it’s no secret that this trend will continue to evolve into so much more. As seen on the runway by high end designers such as Alexander Mcqueen, Chanel, and Dior the vintage trend has only been on the rise and continues to grow this Spring. Expect to see lots of details on engagement ring wish lists this year, such as milgrain, bezel settings, leafy filigree, and oval shape diamonds.



Diamond Hair Pieces

Another trend we’re seeing is the use of bold diamond hair pieces. Diamond hair pieces are perfect for outfits that have many details, or for a simple outfit looking to be taken up a notch. Nina Dobrev was spotted at the red-carpet premiere for her new movie “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” wearing a stunning diamond hair piece and a Sylvie Collection free-form diamond ring to compliment her look.


Hand Chains

As seen in several collections at New York fashion week, hand chains, both bulky and delicate have official made their mark. From designers such as Lavin, Ashish, Alexander McQueen and more, this trend is well on its way to being one of the boldest and most playful accessories we’ve seen in years.



Delicate Nature Inspired Bands

Nothing pairs better with a classic laid back Spring look than a delicate leafy diamond statement band. This season we can expect to see nature inspired accents across the board.




A few more trends we can expect to see this season are:

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Photos and content found via the Sylvie Collection, Robb Report, Vogue, Elle


See the latest trends in celebrity bridal jewelry on Hollywood Today Live!


Styling guru, Michael O’Connor and other fashion experts at Hollywood Today Live featured Sylvie Collection’s latest vintage collection to showcase the hottest trends in celebrity bridal jewelry!

How to Look Chic for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Congratulations, you just got engaged! So, your man finally gathered the guts to get down on one knee and pop the “Will you marry me?” question. We are positive you must have already phoned/texted your family and close friends, put up pictures of the heart-warming proposal and received a lot of congratulatory messages. We are also positive that the bride-to-be must have already started looking at bridal gowns.But we feel she shouldn’t be looking at one –at least not before she decides what she is going to wear for her engagement photoshoot.

For many, thinking about what to wear for your engagement photo shoot is a lot trickier than picking a white dress. As compared to the wedding, one has very little time to think about an outfit, the right accessories to go with it, get a wedding photographer on board, pick a location, send out invitation cards, and more for everyone to gloat at! If you are one of those which are on the fence regarding what to wear and what tips to take note of to make your engagement photoshoot a classier one, here are some piece of advice from the experts.

Make Your Engagement Ring Your Photo Shoot’s Focus:


We totally understand that you must be feeling over the moon after being recently engaged. Why let anything overshadow the reason? Ensure that your diamond engagement ring is the center of attention. It must be shown off prominently in all the pictures you plan to keep. After all, it is the reason that brought you two lovebirds together, isn’t it? (photo via Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry, ring by The Sylvie Collection)

Wear Something You Both Feel Comfortable In:c565813366daa9835139b715e6fedcc8

Talking about your dress, be sure to wear something you feel most comfortable in. Why? It’s because the photo shoot will involve a lot of awkward posing that might require you to stand, sit or move around in difficult poses. Too heavy a dress and it will make chafing poses difficult, to light and it will keep flowing with the wind, ruining all your engagement photos if it is a windy day.

Inject Your Own Personality:f944b3c02ca6ecdd0e6b4823505adb27

You don’t have to come off as very theatrical with your poses just because they are going to be sent to everyone and will be posted on all your social networking platforms. Your engagement photo shoot must focus on you two, the real you who people know about. Try infusing your own personality in your engagement photos so that all those who know you can actually relate to them. If you two are outgoing and social, make sure your photos project the same image.

Dress Alike –Not Same, But On A Similar Scale:

Whether you accept it or not, it is going to look awkward if your husband-to-be comes wearing a casual shirt with sneakers and you come all dolled up in a glittery cocktail dress with high heels. Have a detailed conversation about your outfits with your partner and take suggestions from your photographer if you both can’t reach a consensus.

Your Dress Should Accentuate Your Body Type:

And also your skin tone! It shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight that it looks like you are gasping for air. Also, don’t opt for colors that don’t look good on you as photos can just only be edited, not completed altered.

Show Off Your Best Features:

It is important that your engagement photo shoot focuses on your best assets. If you have a smile that melts hearts, let it be the star in the photo.If good hair is your best feature, ensure that the photo shows that off perfectly. Have toned arms? Go with a strapless dress. You get the idea, right?


Don’t Go Too High Or Low On Makeup:


Consistency should be the key. Neither do you want to look too dolled up nor like you just woke up and washed your face before coming for your engagement shoot. A little makeup that doesn’t really show and only conceals your flaws would be ideal.


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Photos via: Pinterest.com

Hosting Your Own Engagement Party

When one gets engaged, it is a natural reaction to tell the whole world about it. You want to flaunt your diamond engagement ring and tell your proposal story over and over again. Growing up watching Disney fairy tales further strengthen our belief in the existence of a prince charming.When he does get down on one knee and pulls out a diamond engagement ring from his pocket, the joy is out of this world. Suddenly, we feel valued and loved. But there lies another task that would need their immediate attention once they are back from cloud 9…the engagement party.

Engagement Parties in the Olden Times…

The earliest concept of an engagement party revolved around the bride’s parents who wanted to announce the forthcoming wedding of their daughter to everyone in town.Once all the guests arrived, they would break the news to them and everyone would rejoice and congratulate the girl and her parents.

Over time, the tradition changed. Nowadays, engagement parties are held after an engagement has been announced. All those who are invited come with a gift and rehearsed toasts to congratulate the couple.These parties offer the perfect opportunity to get together and share the details of the grand proposal and flaunt your diamond engagement ring!

Party Preparations

Listed below are some essentials you must take care of when hosting your engagement party. These include picking a theme, sending out invitations, renting a place, catering and making thank you notes to be sent to your guests for coming to celebrate your forthcoming marriage. What Choices Do You Have?

1.      Formal Lunch/Brunch414ae6ba16222762e528a9bd259129d3

If you are planning a strictly formal wedding, everything from start till end must go together. This calls for a formal brunch or lunch with your closest family members and friends. To do that, you can have a dining hall/banquet reserved in your favorite restaurant.

2.      Afternoon Tea1edb80412590b81cba7d86b6c7daf3ba

Afternoon tea parties are also ideal to have on a weekend where heavenly delights can be displayed on tables as guests help themselves. You can arrange a selection of sandwiches, pies, pastries and quiches along with brewed tea and coffee served in vintage china. You can also book a veranda or an outdoor patio in a restaurant to avoid the extra hassle of decorating the place.

3.      Cocktail Party

You can also host your engagement party in a cocktail bar if you only wish to celebrate your upcoming event with a bunch of friends of the same age. You can have the same party at home by hiring a bartender to mix some delectable drinks for your guests.

4.      Casual Barbecue9eb294e75ca9cce95c4a3993cf621406

Another great place to host your engagement party is in the backyard while barbecuing out in the sun. This will help your guests relax and will allow them to dress casual. When the sun goes down, you can pop some fairy lights on the branches and light some scented candles on the tables to keep the party going.

Once a theme has been decided, it is time to draft an engagement invitation so that they can be sent out to your guest list. If you aren’t inviting a lot of people, you can simply choose to opt for online engagement invitations by personalizing an already designed template with your details. However, if you choose to do it the traditional way, ensure that the engagement invitations are sent out at the earliest.

During the Party

  1. It is understandable that you have so much to do on your hands, but don’t forget that this is your party. Not only are you the host, you are also the star of the engagement party. YOU of all the people deserve to feel the most gorgeous, happiest and the most important. It is a time to celebrate YOU! So, don’t let anything overshadow your happiness or importance. Make sure that you enjoy every single second of your own engagement party gathered around by your loved ones.
  2. Dress the best. Wear a stylish piece that is slightly glittery and heavier than what everyone else in the room is wearing. You must stand out and everyone coming to your engagement party must instantly know who the bride-to-be is. It is time for you to shine. Don’t forget to flaunt your diamond engagement ring In front of everyone.
  3. Take out some time to meet each guest in person and thank them for their presence and the gift they bought along.

After the Party

Personal notes go a long way. Ensure that after the party, you send everyone a personalized thank you note. This little gesture will leave a long-lasting impression on all your guests and make them feel an important part of your big celebration. You can also send along a token of love by choosing something from our special diamond jewelry collection for some close loved ones to make them feel truly special.


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Diamond Jewelry to Glam Up Your Little Black Dress

Be it Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner (or any Hollywood-A-lister) all have worn a gorgeous little black dress. However, celebrities aren’t the only ones who look so elegant when wearing one, we all do! It is like a blank canvas waiting to be sketched on with the right accessories that give it meaning. It can make even your kitschy of pieces look timeless and suits all body types. They also look great on all occasions, be it weddings,a night out with friends, cocktail parties and formal office events. The LBD never goes out of style, which is one reason every womenin her early teens has one in her wardrobe.

Although its versatility is well-recognized, there is one thing that completes the look –diamond jewelry. In this blog, we are going to list some combinations to pair them with your little black dress and rule the world!

Some Details to Work with…

The Occasion

What occasion you plan to dress up for will determine the kind of accessories you wear. Even though diamonds are the only stones that go perfectly well with causal dresses, there is some etiquette to follow when it comes to what pieces to wear to what occasion. Diamond jewelry and a black dress are itself a combination that will get you noticed, but it will only get you noticed the right way if you wear them according to the occasion you are attending.

Casual occasion

ER147 Sylvie Collection

When going to a casual event, keep things on a lighter note by wearing delicate diamond jewelry pieces,such as one of our bangles, earrings or simply, a stunning diamond engagement ring if you were recently proposed to.

Formal occasion

You can style your little black dress with either a long-chained diamond pendant, a statement piece or leave it out completely by opting for our shimmering earring pieces. You can have the earring stones customized with colored stones to make them look more exquisite.

The Dress Cut

Another important factor to take into account is the cut of the dress. Does it have a plunging neckline, a scoop or square bodice cut or is it strapless? All these will determine the size and shape of the diamond jewelry to wear. We have listed a few jewelry combinations for different dress cuts.Rest assured as they aren’t carved in stone.You can always add more personality to your dresses by extending your own creativity to it.

A strapless dress

A strapless dress entirely hangs off the shoulder. They hang around the arm where one’s shoulder ends and have a bandeau look about them. The word originates from the French language which means a cloth wrapped around one’s body. When jeweling up, you can accentuate your neck with a statement necklace that leaves a little space between the neckline and the necklace. You can also completely ditch the necklace and go with longer, chandelier diamond earrings to complete the look.

V-neck or a deep necklinepd520

LBDs with a plunging neckline allow you to display some additional cleavage as compared to other necklines. This one feature makes them ideal to go with pendants with a slightly longer chain that sits right above the bosom. If the dress is sleeveless, you can also wear choose something from our stunning diamond bangles collection. If your dress has sleeves, leave out the bangles and let your diamond engagement ring shine the brightest.

For a halter-top dress

This dress features a strap of fabric that goes around your neck to hold the dress in place. This leaves the wearer with a sleeveless and backless look. As most of the neck is already claimed by the garment, there is no point in accentuating it with a statement piece. You can, however, add a chic pair of chandelier earrings and a diamond bracelet to complete your dazzling transformation.

A scoop or square neckline

A scoop or square neckline allows you to show off your cleavage and gorgeous color bones. To keep things neat, always pair your dress with either a shorter or a longer pendant. You can wear a choker, a statement necklace or a rope chain pendant with beaded pearls or shimmering diamonds. If you are going with a well-defined necklace, let it be the only thing that stands out. Don’t crowd your outfit with too much glitter by wearing bangles or chunky rings.

The One-Shoulder Necklinebr711

This offers a more formal and striking look thanks to the asymmetrical shape of the one-shoulder neckline. The feature draws attention to the wearer’s unwrapped shoulder and the neck. One can go with statement necklaces, but not one that settles too low on the neck. If a necklace isn’t something you want to go for, wear a chunky diamond bracelet, such as the one we have in our collection, on your naked arm to create an impact.


There isn’t much that can wrong with a black dress with our range of diamond jewelry at Sylvie Collection. We have the finest and most exquisite pieces to make you stand out from the crowd. Black or no black, we have specialty times that go with everything you have in your wardrobe. If you are going to wear anything more, let it be your confidence! We will take care of the rest.


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Casual Styling with Diamond Jewelry

The best thing about diamond fashion jewelry is the fact that it is extremely easy to pair. These baubles work with almost any outfit or style. You can use them to add a hint of glamour to something that looks plain or tone down a flashy ensemble with subtle pieces of diamond jewelry that bring out the best in your look.

When it comes to pairing diamond jewelry with a casual look, the options are infinite. This sometimes makes it difficult to pick the right diamond accessories to wear with the outfit of your choice. The key here is to keep it simple – so if you have a big diamond engagement ring flashing on your ring finger, you might not need anything other than a small pair of diamond stud earrings to complete the look – look to create a balance.

To give you an idea of how you can make this work, here are 4 casual looks that you can easily pull off with diamond jewelry.

Warm and Wonderful

warm-and-wonderfulSince it is the winter season, sweaters and scarves are in full-swing. Whether you’re going out for a casual coffee date with your girlfriends or simply heading to a concert – a little bit of sparkle with this look wouldn’t harm anyone at all.

For this look we suggest you pick the stunning Heart-Shaped Yellow Gold Diamond Pendantwith a long chain the makes it visible even with the scarf wrapped around your neck.

If you can ditch the beanie, pop a pair of stud earrings similar to our Diamond Star Earrings in Yellow Gold. These sparklers are just the right amount of shimmer you need with this ensemble.

In case you want to keep the beanie on, ditch the stud earrings and slide a sleek Modern Designed Diamond Fashion Ring on one of your fingers. Any two accessories of your choice and you’re good to go with this casual chic winter look.

Carefree and Feminine

carefree-and-feminineWear a pair of Glamorous White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings. These not-too-big, not-too-small, earrings are just the right size to bling up a casual outfit without making it look overdone.

Just in case you’re not a fan of earrings, try our Brilliant Round Diamond Pendant with a short chain around your neck. Most sun dress come with wide-open necklines and this charmer has more than enough sparkle to make people notice it.

Don’t leave the fingers empty. Think of something simple yet elegant, like our Unique Double Band Diamond Ring. It is feminine and definitely a stunner, plus it is light and easy-to-carry – checking all the boxes for an ideal summer accessory!

Go with the Flow

go-with-the-flowFor our last suggestion we have picked up a look that you can flaunt both in summers or any season you want.

If you can pull this look off all throughout the year, we’re guessing you’re someone that does not compromise on their comfort – and we think that’s awesome. So, we’ve got something here for you as well.

For the statement piece with an outfit like this, look for something like this Fashion Ring with Diamonds. It’s bold and glamorous, but can remain understated and subtle unless flaunted.

You can also choose to wear something like our Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings. We suggest rose gold because it is not too flashy and offers just the right amount of glitz for a casual outfit like this. If you’re wearing an inner layer with a deep neckline, make sure you don a simple yet elegant Designer Diamond Rose Gold Pendant to enhance it further.

Usually, we’d suggest fashionistas to stick to just one accessory for this look. However, if you feel you can make two accessories work without making the overall look seem too gaudy – go for it! There is nothing better than a girl who knows her style and has the confidence to pull it off with grace!

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The Best Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Did he just put a ring on it? Well, congratulations! But before you get caught up with planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding band, and picking out the diamond jewelry for your big day – there is one extremely important thing that you need to take care of – announce the engagement to your loved ones!

Most people wouldn’t pay much attention to it and might just resort to a simple phone call to break the news. That does not mean you have to follow suit. Think of something different and meaningful. We’ve got five ways of announcing an engagement that we feel, make the cut and are probably the best ones around.


Your immediate family deserves to be the first people to know about your engagement. Parents top the list, and for that matter, you need to make sure you break the news in a respectful and intimate manner. They’d want to hug you and might just become too overwhelmed with happiness – you need a setting that can be cherished. So make the announcement in person. Bake something sweet or buy it from a nearby coffee house on your way to your parents’ homes. Don’t forget the flowers!

Wait and see if they can notice that new piece of your jewelry before letting them in on the wonderful news. For the siblings, invite them over to hangout for the evening. Nothing beats a personal announcement.

For those whom you cannot reach out to on a one-on-one basis, try sending the snail mail with an engagement picture and a possible save the date card. They’ll love it!

Let the Ring Talk

If you’re someone who likes to stay low-key about the developments in your life, a subtle announcement would work well for you. We loved how Jason Statham and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley announced their engagement at the 2016 Golden Globes. The couple walked the Red Carpet arm and arm, with Rosie’s ring flashing the announcement. Let the folks notice it while you hang on your fiancé’s arm. You can tell them once they see it!

An Engagement Party Might Be Great!

Hosting a party to announce your engagement might just be the best way to announce the occasion to everyone close to you at the same time. You can choose to keep the occasion a secret or just go all out and mention it on the invitations. If you’re letting in your parents and/or siblings on the news earlier than the others, rope in their help with hosting the event.

In case you want to keep the whole deal a secret until you make the announcement over a toast at the party, make sure you choose a date that doesn’t make the party timings suspicious. During the holiday season, at the Thanksgiving dinner, or on your birthday would be great opportunities.

Your Dads Need a Special Moment Ladies!

If you’ve always been a daddy’s little girl, this announcement would be a big moment for your dad. Make sure it is just as special for him. Think of ways you can reveal the information to him without being too blunt about it.

There’s the old school way of doing it where your groom-to-be can ask for your father’s blessings to marry you (well, back then they asked for permission; but since you’re already engaged, it’s not as suitable for the situation). If you want to do it yourself, ask him to take that long-awaited ‘important walk’ with you down the aisle. It’ll sure bring tears to your dad’s eyes – tears of joy!

Share It – On the Social Media

Everyone does it these days – so you might ask what’s so unique about it? When we say ‘share it’, we obviously don’t mean posting just a picture boasting your diamond engagement ringtoo cliché! Think of something out of the box like a car selfie together – announcing the engagement, just like Skylar Astin and Anna Camp; or keep it simple with a classic kiss selfie – Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston did it in the middle of a desert – and it turned out amazing!

Keep in mind that announcements on social media may be great for informing casual acquaintances about this milestone in your life, but when it comes to your loved ones, it’s always better to keep it up close and personal. They’ll prefer it that way – trust us!

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Your Personal Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Want to make this Valentine’s Day special for your girl? You need the perfect gift to make the day extra special for her. While nothing beats your presence, some quality time together, and a bunch of her favorite flowers – a little extra always acts as he cherry on top. Plus it’ll bring that smile on her face that melts your heart.

Here are 5 interesting Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her:

Feed Her Style

If you’ve planned a romantic evening out for her, make sure you complete the setting with the perfect outfit for her. While the date theme and venue might be a surprise for her, it’s not for you. So whether you’ve planned a date at the most posh restaurant in town or a picnic at your favorite lonely spot in a National Park, get her an outfit to suit the occasion. She’ll know just what to wear and she’ll love you for making her life easier!

Red might be the ideal color for the occasion, but don’t hesitate in picking a color that will suit her more or bring out the green in her eyes better! Put a little thought in the process and you’ll know just what to buy.

An Unconventional Date

A restaurant might be the first idea that pops up into your mind for the idea of the perfect date, but that’s not the only place you can consider. Plus restaurants are usually too packed for a romantic date. So, think of something unconventional.

You could set up for a movie night in your backyard (that is subject to the weather condition of course). Take the time to decorate the place or make and make it look cozy and comfortable. Another interesting idea could be booking a couple’s spa date. Pamper yourself and your girl to relaxing massages, facials, and body treatments. You might want to keep an eye out for Valentine’s Day special promotions to get a good bargain.

Something Sweet

Chocolates are cliché. Think of something different. Like customized macaroons or something you’ve baked yourself. Cookies are the easiest thing you can make yourself. Pitch in a little help from a family member or a friend if you’d like. At the end of the day it’s all about making her feel special, and baking something sweet for her would definitely do that.

Diamond Jewelry Always Wins

If you feel it is too early to propose her with a diamond engagement ring, you might want to consider other elegant options available at the jewelry store. Diamond jewelry is probably the easiest way to impress a girl. The only thing you need to consider is you girl’s potential taste in jewelry.

Here at Sylvie’s you can find a fantastic range of diamond jewelry that includes rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The collection well balanced contains a mix of vintage inspired and contemporary designs that make it easier for you to shop jewelry according to your preferences.

Don’t forget to check out our stackable rings collection – these rings are all the rage in fashion world these days!

A Valentine’s Getaway

Take a break from your regular routine and go out somewhere for a Valentine weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. You could camp the night away at a nearby national park by a serene lake or a mighty waterfall and enjoy s’mores together.  Take her to your hometown and show her where you grew up and the school you went to. Book a flight to Hawaii and spend the weekend soaking in the sun at the beach. This is completely up to you. Just make sure you’re opting for something you both enjoy doing!

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Interesting Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, when love is in the air. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been a few years into the relationship, this holiday is all about making the day special for your love and your significant other. We bet you’ve got a whole bunch of ideas muddled up inside your head and there’s a fair chance you’re trying to pick out the best one out of those – hold all that right there!

Settling on the best idea for a Valentine’s Day is rather simple. You need to consider three simple things:

  • The budget
  • The intimacy
  • The enjoyment

If you’ve already purchased an expensive gift like diamond jewelry or a branded wristwatch for your partner, you would obviously be considering cutting down a little on the date budget. Since it’s the day to celebrate love, you clearly want it to be romantic and intimate. But the most important thing to consider is whether your idea of the ideal date is something both you and your significant other would enjoy or not – this is the factor that decides the level of fun in your date – and there is no point to a V-day date if you both don’t enjoy it.

With that settled, let’s have a look at some interesting and unique date ideas in case you’re looking for some. We have effectively categorized these ideas into budget dates, intimate dates, and fun dates to simplify this post for you.

Budget Dates

Most couples don’t mind spending a little extra on their V-day dates, but the tables turn when you’ve already purchased a diamond engagement ring to propose your girlfriend. For times like these, you may want to stick to a low-cost cozy date that is still special and romantic.

The Grecian Paradise

For this one, you only need some of white sheets, some plastic vines for décor, some comfortable cushions, and lots of wine and grapes. Deck the living room with white sheets. Place bowls of grapes around. Toss some comfortable blue cushions on the white-sheet covered floor and/or couch. Use plastic vines to decorate the place and complete he feel. Enjoy a cozy date night with wine, cheese, and lots of romance. Don’t forget to dress the part and get some foreplay going to make the night memorable.

Row Out

If you want some active outdoor options, try renting a kayak or a row boat. You can head out to a nearby lake or the sea. Row boat and kayak rentals generally do not cost much, which makes them an ideal choice for budget dates. Spend the afternoon rowing around, sip on some wine while you take in the glorious natural surroundings. You can even take your hook and bait along to catch some fish or have a bubble blowing competition to keep things interesting. If you’re at a national park, consider camping the night there to make things extra special.

For Lovers – Wine Lovers

If you both enjoy fine wines, maybe it’s a good idea to head to a winery. Most local wineries offer free entrance and wine tasting activities. Spend the day tasting great wine and learning interesting facts about vineyards, different wines, and the wine making processes. You can wrap up the day with a cozy dinner at home that you cook together. It’s ok to splurge a little on the dessert though – order something you both love for the perfect end to the day.

Intimate Dates

With no diamond engagement rings or diamond jewelry in the equation, you can afford to go on a lavish retreat for two. Check out these ideas to help you plan better.

Pack Your Travel Bags

If you both love globetrotting, don’t let go off this opportunity to explore new destinations together. There are plenty of romantic getaways across the globe that can prove to be an extended Valentine’s Day date experience for the two of you. If you’re looking for rich culture, history, and cocktails book a flight to Prague. Love to indulge in culinary adventures? San Sebastian on Spain’s north coast is where you should be headed. Tuscany and Dorset make ideal places for long romantic walks and isolated natural surroundings to make your days extra special.

Suite Life

Book a hotel suite for the Valentine’s weekend. Spend it together in complete luxury. Get some massages, take swims together in the pools, enjoy breakfasts in bed, and romantic dinners for two with complete room service. Imagine a weekend to yourself – where you don’t have to worry about anything except for making each other happy. If you’re leaving town, you can even go out and explore the vicinity.  Also, don’t forget to turn off your phones.

Dinner for Two

Everyone does restaurants, think of perhaps something different. Like a renowned chef cooking a delicious meal for two in the comfort of your home, or maybe a dinner by the lake where you can deck the surrounding with fairy lights and flowers to add a romantic spin to it. You could also recreate your very first date together – a reminiscent of your initial days together.

Fun Dates

This part is absolutely subjective. The idea is to have fun together. So the ideas can be unlimited. Think:

  • A paintball play together
  • Some range shooting for the gun enthusiast couple
  • Bungee jumping
  • A day of driving around town exploring the lesser known wonders
  • A shopping spree
  • Some pretend play
  • Ice skating
  • Karaoke
  • A hot air balloon ride

There is so much you can do to create the perfect Valentine’s Day date with your partner. You don’t always need diamond jewelry to make your girl feel special. Just remember to have fun and savor each moment together.

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Sylvie Looks Back, 2016 in Review!

Sylvie Looks Back at 2016!

2016 was a year of firsts for the Sylvie Collection. We introduced our first full line of stackable engagement bands, expanded to new territories, and successfully delivered our first ever national advertising campaign.


While in the midst of achieving new and exciting milestones, the Sylvie Collection was able to stay true to who we are as a brand by consistently offering fashionable and timeless pieces to all our beautiful brides across the country.   


There was rarely a red carpet that went untouched by one of The Sylvie Collection’s fashion pieces. A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Nina Dobrev, Melissa McCarthy, and Gwen Stefani were among the few that brought the collection to life in 2016! Sylvie Collection also expanded its reach through many print publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, JCK Magazine, and on the cover of Billboard Magazine with Ariana Grande.

 Sylvie’s bridal line remained to be the heart and soul of the company in 2016 and saw many accolades of its own. With the introduction of stackable engagement ring sets, it was no surprise that The Sylvie Collection was able to take home multiple awards such as Engagement 101’s “Ring Set of the Year” and many other honorable mentions from trade magazines such as JCK and Centurion.

To keep up with the trends of 2016 such as rose gold, vintage and oval pieces, the Sylvie Collection released several new engagement rings that instantly climbed the best sellers list such as the S1523 and S1530, to name a few. bestsellerscapture

Aside from introducing a few new best sellers, 2016 also brought us some new retail partners! We were thrilled to be able to add over 25 new authorized retailers for customers in new locations all across America.

2017 will be a year of celebration for The Sylvie Collection, as we mark on our 10-year anniversary! In typical Sylvie fashion, we’ll be launching over 100 new bridal pieces and a collection of day of bridal fashion jewelry. The new collection showcases extensive detail and is a true culmination of Sylvie’s life work. You can expect to see new stackable bands, two-tone combinations, expanded line of oval and three stone rings as well as some unique new twists on old-favorites.

“2016 was such a huge year for us, we significantly expanded our marketing efforts, opened new doors, and built some of the most exciting custom pieces we’ve ever seen, which paved the way for our new 2017 collection.” – Sylvie Levine

In 2017 we plan celebrate 10 years of Sylvie, but more importantly, we will be celebrating love! Stay tuned for what’s next!

How to Understand Her Pinterest Board

Most men find it most difficult to understand women. To be fair to them, the women pretty much know understanding them is close to being impossible. We say close, not entirely impossible. That is because, If men observe closely, there is always a way they can get a glimpse of their mind.

As you spend more time with a woman, there are a number of things that unfold in front of you regarding her thoughts, interests, likes, and dislikes. But what do you do when you’ve just started seeing someone you really like and would like to be with for a long term.

The thing with women is that they might verbally tell you a few things, but they’ll demonstrate a lot more with their emotions, actions, and of course, social media platforms. This makes Pinterest an excellent insight into the world of the girl you wish to pursue.pinterestboardengagement

Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can organize and share the things of your interest – it’s more like pin your interests – people use this platform to save and share gift ideas, recipes, quotes, and even things they want or they’d like to buy. If your girl has a Pinterest account, this might be your chance to get to know her better, to understand what they want.

So if you don’t already have a Pinterest account, it might be a smart idea to create one today. To join Pinterest, visit pinterest.com, and click the “Join Pinterest” button. You can connect using your Twitter or Facebook account; or sign up with your email address.

Once you sign up lookup for boards that might be of interest to you. Follow some interesting boards and include her boards in their too. This way, you will be updated with everything she posts on those boards. It might take a little while getting used to the workings of this platform but once you get a hang of it, the rest is pretty simple.sylviepinterest

Here’s how this will help you:

  • Her interests can help you come up with excellent date ideas. If she’s the adventurous sort, you could take her hiking. If she loves to cook and try out new food, a date at the newly inaugurated sushi place nearby could be great. If she is into art and drama, you don’t want to miss out on that Broadway play happening at the end of this month.
  • Girls love to pin things they’d like to own someday. It may be a DIY night lamp that they want to work on, that red cashmere sweater they want for the holidays, or that gorgeous piece of diamond jewelry she’s always wanted. If she loves makeup, there has to be a clue of what make up item she’s saving for lately. You just have to keep your eyes open and you’d never have to think too much on deciding a Christmas or birthday gift for her.
  • Her Pinterest board can also tell you about their dream vacation, their ideal proposal, the type of diamond engagement rings they like, the wedding themes they like, the flowers they love; even the type of shoes they’d like to wear on their wedding day! Yes, girls do think about all that. Could come in really handy when you’re actually thinking of popping the question to her.

Basically, you can pretty much count on Pinterest to help you understand the things about her that she would never say out loud to you. It’s a great tool – and it just might help you click better with her!

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5 Best Locations in the US for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

The mere thought of spending your entire life with someone can be nerve racking, but when you actually find that one person without whom your life is pretty much upside down – you know it’s the right time to propose. While most people choose to pop the question during the holiday season, others wait two months longer for the Valentine’s Day to propose the love of their life.

However, things get complicated when it’s time to decide the location for this proposal. Should you pick a dramatic cityscape, head to the wild forests, plan a surprise on the secluded beaches, or hike to the hill top to go down on your knees? The options are never ending. What you’ve got to find out is what works best for you and your lady love. You don’t want your dainty, girly girl climbing mountains for a proposal!

We’ve compiled a list of places – some common; others, not so much, to help you get an idea of the places you can consider for your Valentine’s Day proposal this year. Also, do check out our corresponding diamond engagement ring suggestions for each!

New York City, NY

If it weren’t for “An Affair to Remember” or “Sleepless in Seattle”, not many of us would’ve considered the bustling New York City to be a romantic place. Replicate the dreamy love scenes in these iconic movies shot on the observation deck of the Empire State Building with mesmerizing views and her favorite music playing in the background. Take her on a romantic boat ride on the Hudson River and pop the question with some chilled champagne and flowers. The Statue of Liberty, the Central Park – there are just so many romantic locations in the city that make for ideal locations for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

1For the big city girl, check out our Classic Emerald Shiny Shank Engagement Ring

Jackson Hole, WY

Want an isolated location to spend time with and propose the love of your life? The Jackson Hole in Wyoming is an ideal place to ignite the love and passion you both share. Spend an evening in front of a fire on an outdoor lounge and as the sun goes down, take the opportunity to ask her to marry you. Head over to the Granite Hot Springs and enjoy the natural thermal pools and pop the question when she least expects it. Strap on the snowshoes and head over to one of the secluded spots at the Spring Creek Ranch trails. Propose her in a teepee while you camp under the stars or by the lakeside on a romantic walk outdoors.

2Surprise her with this Unique Floral Diamond Engagement Ring

Aspen, CO

What’s the point of a winter proposal when you can’t experience it together! Aspen, Colorado brings the best of winters with plenty of snowcapped mountains, ski hills, and round the year stunning resorts. Hike all the way to the Hanging Lake and propose your lady love amid the breathtaking natural surroundings. The Denver Botanic Gardens are yet another romantic nature pocket to make the most of. For a dramatic proposal, head to the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

3This Unique Two Tone Criss-Cross Solitaire Diamond Engagement will definitely warm up her heart!

Waipi’o Valley, HI

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hawaii is the gorgeous beaches the islands have to offer. Waipi’o Valley has a lot more than just sunny beaches. This island boasts a verdant landscape spotted by lotus ponds, cliffs with waterfalls, and the purple fields. With several island resorts, streams, hills, and valleys, this place is a complete romantic retreat for nature lovers. Propose her at the Po’ipu Beach or on a Kalalau Trail hike. There is plenty to explore, don’t hesitate to spontaneously pop the question when the place and surroundings feels perfect.

4Our Solitaire Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring will compliment the natural surroundings perfectly!

San Francisco, CA

Famed for the Golden Gate Bridge and rolling hills, San Francisco has a vast variety of landmarks and scenic views that make for great proposal locations. Pop the question at the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts or take her to the Ghirardelli Square to add the vintage charm of the vicinity to your proposal. If you’re looking for an unconventional place to propose, the Exploratorium is where the fun is!

5Your girl will love our Designer Accented Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

So what place is it going to be?

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Win a diamond pendant from the Sylvie Collection!



Valentine’s Day is almost here! Don’t just settle for roses and a card when you can enter to win a beautiful heart shaped diamond pendant from the Sylvie Collection! All you have to do is click on the button below to complete the form and enter to win! The winner will be announced on February 9th, 2017! Be sure to check your email to see if you’ve won! Good luck!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Are you thinking of proposing to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?

You’re obviously looking for ideas and we’ve got some lined up for you.

Let Her Choose Her Ring!

So how many of you have watched Sweet Home Alabama? Sometimes it’s the movies that give us great ideas for real life experiences. This one is straight out of the movie, when Andrew Hennings takes his girlfriend Melanie Smooter to the jeweler where he asks her to pick her own diamond engagement ring! Well Andrew was a reigning millionaire in the movie so he was open to any ring Melanie picked.

You can pick out a few rings that you feel are suitable for your soon-to-be fiancée’s choice and fit your budget too. Take her to the jewelers casually on your way back home after a dinner date and make her pick a ring out of your selection!

The Cute Photobooth

This one’s for those of you who’d like to keep the proposal cute and spontaneous. Go out for a casual date on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a meal at your favorite place. Take a walk back home. Stop by at a mall for a last minute purchase you just remembered. Pull her into a photo-booth for some quirky pictures and pop the question while the camera clicks away. You’ll not only have a cute proposal but great candid caught-in-the-moment pictures of your fiancée’s reaction. Priceless!

A Vacation Maybe

If you plan to propose your girl anytime soon, might as well just postpone your vacations plan until Valentine’s Day. A romantic getaway to somewhere you’ve both wanted to go for so long is the perfect time to ask her to be your wife.  Make the trip a celebration. An ideal time to propose would be when your flight to the destination takes off, or ask her when you land at the destination, or maybe on your first morning after reaching the destination while together enjoying a hearty breakfast in bed.

This idea will work well especially when you’re never too enthusiastic about planning romantic getaways. You can disguise the plan as a short business trip or a destination wedding you’re invited to.

The Memory Lane

Spare a weekend and take your girl on a trip down the memory lane. Visit the places where you have memories together, with the most recent ones coming first and the place where you met for the very first time saved till the very end – that’s where you propose her.

To spice things up a bit, try incorporating a little bit of scavenger hunt into the process. Don’t accompany her to all the places. Leave her hints that lead her to the places you want her to visit. Involve a few friends and family to help you with the idea. Make sure each place she visits has the most cherished memory of you two in that very place. Also, she’ll need a hint to the next place she’s got to visit. Lead her to the place you both first met – tell her what makes her so special for you and that you’d like to make more memories with her in your life together – then you propose!

Simple and Intimate

You don’t always have to go overboard with planning the perfect proposal. Sometimes things work best when kept simple. If you want to keep the proposal effortless yet meaningful, strike off fancy restaurants from the list. Hire a chef for the night and have a three course meal cooked at home. Don’t forget to get the flowers! Treat your woman to a fantastic meal and a romantic date night at home and round it up with a diamond engagement ring and your ultimate question “Will you marry me?”

Also, it might be a great idea not to wait till the Valentine’s Day to propose. Do it a day earlier – that will never have them suspecting a marriage proposal. Don’t forget to get the diamond engagement ring you want to propose her with!

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January Birthstone – The Garnet

Garnet is believed to bring much success both in life and in business! It is said that placing at least three garnet stones on your desk can bring you success and prosperity. Garnet’s can even be placed under your pillow to help overcome depression. Wearing Garnet jewelry is said to also bring popularity and increase one’s self-esteem. For those of you struggling with relationships, the garnet protects you and brings dependability in friendships.

Garnets come in varying hues. The group of minerals includes the almandine and pyrope – more commonly known as the red garnets. Also part of the group is the grossular, and the andradite. The most valuable garnet type is believed to be the demantoid – an emerald green garnet belonging to the andradite group.

Although the Garnet stone is found in a number of different colors, the word ‘garnet’ is associated with the red Garnet alone. For years, the Garnet stone has been associated with the spleen and thyroid. It is said to help purify and cleanse both the organ and the gland when placed over the respective areas. The garnet is especially useful for meditating or searching for past lives. For the purpose the stone is placed on the head to reveal the important information pertaining to past lives for the searcher.

Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing.  Garnet can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. Garnet is also believed to help out people by increasing their spiritual awareness and security level as it stabilizes both internal and external emotional.

The Garnet stone is popularly believed to symbolize love and compassion. It is also thought to be a stone of truth and purity. In addition to these properties, the stone is also said to increase the human sex drive.

The largest reserves of garnet to date are found in Africa. Back in December 1996, an Australian student discovered what is believed to be the largest garnet ever found. This garnet from Central Australia measures about 100 feet across in length! Garnets are also found in abundance in the Soviet Union, the United States, India, and Brazil.

The spectacular garnet stone is widely used in both contemporary and traditional diamond jewelry across the world. This stone makes a stunning center stone for diamond earrings and diamond engagement rings.
Check out these stunning Garnet and Diamond Earrings by Sylvie. Set in rose gold, these earrings can work well in both casual and formal settings. The garnet center stone surrounded by shimmering diamonds can glam up a simple look for a date night as well as an elaborate evening affair look to bring out the best in you.

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Sylvie Bride Ambassador: Megan



Meet Sylvie Bride Ambassador Megan and her fiance Zachary and hear her story about Sylvie pulling off what they thought was impossible!

Story via howheasked.com

How they met:

It’s a simple story. Although Zach and I had numerous play dates when we were little, I don’t remember “officially” meeting until middle school. It didn’t take long for Zach and I to become best friends after that. Zach quickly became my go to for everything, and my rock. Our junior year of high school we began dating, and have be inseparable ever since. Six years later and I still can’t believe he picked me. His first and only girlfriend, and now I get to be his wife. Forever can’t start fast enough.

How He Asked:

It has always been a dream of mine to visit NYC during Christmas time. But as my mom always tells me, I have champagne taste on a root beer budget. So NYC has always seemed far-fetched and out of reach.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and sister surprised me with airline tickets to NYC. I was told that it was going to be the three of us, and that we would be going December 13th through the 16th. I was ecstatic! The next few weeks were filled with preparation and shopping trips (you can’t go to NYC with a TX winter wardrobe). Our flight was set to leave from Dallas by 7am Tuesday (December 13th) morning. About three and a half hours after boarding we had arrived in New York City, and hit the ground running (literally).

Our “to-do” list was huge, and had more activities than our time in the city allotted for. The first day in NYC we ended up walking a total of 14 miles. We visited the original Macys (which was an astonishing 8 stories high), saw time square, and even stumbled upon the famous Kleinfeld bridal boutique.

The morning of the 14th my sister suggested we walk through Central Park. After about 30 minutes of walking and a thousand pictures later we reached our final destination, Gapstow Bridge.

My sister handed me the Go-Pro and asked if I could manage recording a decent video of us walking through the park. I thought that was a strange question but accepted the challenge and kept on. I rounded the corner, did a double take and there Zach was, waiting for me in front of Gapstow Bridge. I immediately handed my mom the camera and ran down the hill. With tears in my eyes I hugged Zach, and asked what he was doing here in NYC. I couldn’t believe that he flew 1400 miles to surprise me. He smiled, looked at me and asked me to marry him (of course I said yes). Zach and my family had managed to pull off the proposal of a lifetime. Zach woke up at 2am, flew out of Austin around 5am, and dragged his luggage all through Central Park just to propose to me. I have never felt so special in my life.

After it was all said and done I got to hear the backstory. New York was never meant to be a girl’s trip, but a proposal of epic proportions. My sister brought her camera’s and go-pro specifically to capture the special moment. Getting the ring ready in time for the trip was no easy venture either. It takes 6-8 weeks’ minimum to get a ring made and ready to be taken home, and Zach needed mine in two. The salesman at Diamonds Direct (Fernando) ended up talking with the designer herself (Sylvie Collection), and managed to pull off the impossible. The ring was ready for Zach to pick-up around 5pm on the 13th. Less than 12 hours from the time his flight was scheduled to leave. To say that this is the best Christmas I’ve ever had would be an understatement.

A HUGE thank you to Fernando at Diamonds Direct, Sylvie, and my mom and sister. Because of y’all I get to marry my best friend, and high school sweetheart of six years. Life is perfect!

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New Year’s Eve Looks – Top Trends

The New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we thought it might be the perfect time to update you with the top trends for pulling off an ultra classy look for it. There’s a lot left to personal choices to be honest but you will definitely find the following trends dominating.

1. Sequins Galore

Sequins GaloreSequins are topping the list with all the shimmer and glamour they bring to the look. Go for a complete sequin ensemble, similar to this one or stick to a one piece sequin. Pair a plain top with sequined skirts or sequined leggings and let them work their magic. Make sure the color you pick is something that goes well with your skin tone. Black is always a winner and so is gold!

To spice things up a notch, think diamond jewelry. Something like this Unique Diamond Bracelet by Sylvie.

2. Golden is Trending

Golden is TrendingJust like we mentioned sequins are ruling the trends, this is a classic example of how you can bling up a casual outfit using a sequin blazer for a low-key dinner night out.

That said, golden is topping the charts when it comes to metallic hues. Whether you choose to glam up your casual denim jeans and with a pair of golden heels or go for a complete sparkling gold oversized dress – don’t forget to add a pop of color with your accessories.

Think of something like the Glamorous Emerald Lemon Quartz Halo Diamond Engagement Ring or pick the Bold Marquis Cut Pink Tourmaline Diamond Ring if you’re looking to mix and match a little silver with the gold.

3. The Coated Jeans

The Coated JeansThe third look that will be trending this New Year’s Eve is one that never goes out of style. Pairing a coat with a pair of denims and pulling off a semi-casual yet sophisticated look. These coats are available in a myriad of colors, so you’re obviously not pressed with limited choice. However, since it’s the holiday season, we say you go with something bright and cheerful like reds and cobalts.

The look works equally great for a cozy night in with your girlfriends or getting proposed with a diamond ring at Times Square. In case you’re looking to add a hint of glamour to this look, pair it with these Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings. You can even add this matching Modern Diamond Pendant to complete the look.

It’s amazing how diamond jewelry always becomes our life saver when we’re looking for that extra bit of oomph and sparkle for our looks.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Engagements

It’s officially the holiday season and also the season when many of you lovebirds will get engaged. If you have the idea of a holiday proposal overpowering your brain, maybe it’s time to look beyond the diamond jewelry and find the perfect diamond engagement ring for her.

Once you’re done picking the ring, it’s time to plan the proposal. But the holiday season and its parties often make it difficult to find the right time on your calendar. Things can get tough and so we have these dos and don’ts that can help you keep on track with the planning of your holiday proposal.

Do Know What She Likes!

Check out this Marquise Halo Engagement Ring by Sylvie!

Do Know What She Likes!

This is the very basic requirement. You need to know what your lady likes. Her favorite flowers, the type of jewelry she prefers, whether she’d prefer a public proposal in front of the whole family at a Christmas party or would like a quiet comfortable proposal while relaxing with you alone on a sofa in front of the fire. It is important that you keep the little details in mind and align your plans to her preferences so you can come up with a proposal that is just right for both of you.

Do Take Time Out for a Private Moment

Expect to be bombarded with congratulations from friends and family if you’re planning a public proposal. And while it is the holiday season and your engagement only adds a reason to celebrate more, make sure you and your partner have the time and privacy to live and appreciate the moment. Step away from the festivities for a while or enjoy a private moment holding hands on the thanksgiving dinner. Allow it to soak in. Also, make sure you revel in your moment.

Do Spare a Thought for “What Happens After”

You might want to stretch your plans until after you’ve proposed because the day will surely continue even after you’ve proposed and she said yes. This is where you plan how to celebrate your engagement. Spend a cozy afternoon together, go for a long-awaited vacation, drink and dance the night away or celebrate with the whole family enjoying the customary family traditions for holidays. Make sure you plan plenty to do together for the whole day before retiring for the night.

Do Spare a Thought for “What Happens After”This Glamorous Criss-Cross Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Sylvie is gorgeous – Don’t you think?

Don’t Be Tacky

It’s the holiday season and hence, it’s easier to get carried away with the fervor. Don’t go too overboard with the holiday spirit. It is okay to work in some celebrations – after all it’s the holidays and you’re getting engaged but it is not a good idea to theme everything accordingly, especially the proposal. Keep it elegant and simple. Maybe a quiet night on the rooftop with champagne under the fireworks or a quiet dinner cooked by you before you pop the question to her. No rented Santa Claus suits or cheesy family Christmas sweaters please!

Don’t Hesitate in Asking for Help

Rope in a few tight supporters to make sure you have things running nice and smooth on the big day. Her best friend would know how to get her where you want her to be for the proposal. Her sister can help you pick out the right flowers and engagement ring! The mother might be able to come up with the perfect place to hide the engagement ring in case you want to make your girl look for her Christmas present. Make sure you don’t “announce” it before you actually propose. Keep the people who can help you in the loop but don’t make them too many.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Calm

It is extremely important that you don’t panic. So make sure you have a backup plan in case things don’t go according to plan. This is especially necessary if you’re planning an outdoor proposal. You might want to keep a check on the weather and of course a back up venue for the proposal – you never know what the weather might be up to that day. Go easy on the wine and relax. It’s always better to choose a private moment for the proposal and keep your nerves intact throughout the holiday dinner.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Calm This Classic Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a definite winner!

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2017 Marketing Trends and What They Mean for Jewelers


2017 is here and it’s not just the date that is changing! Marketers can expect some huge changes in the new year. We’ve taken some of the key trends and predictions for 2017 and shown you what to avoid as well as what you can use to your advantage as jewelers in this competitive market.

Ad Blocking Is Officially “A Thing”

Millenials have figured out just about everything, especially ad blocking, and now their teaching others how to do it too. According to eMarketer, in 2016, 69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker, a jump of 34% over last year. By 2017, that figure will grow another 24% to 86.6 million people.

That means that in 2017, one in three US internet users will have installed an ad blocker on their desktop or smartphone.

What this means for jewelers: This means that native advertising and engaging social media or blog content will be more important than ever in 2017. And because there is SO MUCH noise out there, make sure your marketing team is thinking out of the box when it comes to content. Original thoughts and ideas can come from anywhere, so include the whole team when brainstorming for ideas.

Smartphone Shopping Will Skyrocket

2017 is said to be the first year where over half of the US population will make their first mobile purchase. eMarketer projects, in 2017, the share of US mobile commerce sales that come from smartphones will grow to 65%—up from 58% this year. And that’s not all, Google and Facebook will both be making mobile commerce much more local by populating online ads from national retailers with inventory from local stores. Mobile wallets and “order ahead” applications are also predicted to expand making checking out a much faster and enjoyable experience.

What this means for jewelers: Jewelers with brick and mortar stores will be expected to keep up with the same amount of mobile efficiency as smart phones! Customers want to get out as quickly as they came in so you should be prepared to accept all mobile payment types in store and online. For jewelers with e-commerce, focus very heavily on mobile checkout functionality as well as your sites speed in 2017.

Social Networking Ad Spend Will Increase

According to a recent poll from Vistaprint Digital, more than half of small business owners in the US said social media is their primary digital marketing tactic, far more than those who cited websites or online advertisements. While spending more on social may seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to keep in mind that shifting your budget from one media to another takes careful time and planning. Testing which social media platforms work best for your company and how to properly target your consumers on each platform will be more important than ever. Retailers should start testing immediately in an effort to keep up with the competitive spend that will come throughout the year. 


What this means for Jewelers: Simply put, you won’t get as much bank for your buck! When the number of advertisers goes up, so does the price, so you’ll need to prepared for the cost per ad click and the cost of specific keywords to skyrocket across all platforms. Most importantly, you’ll need to hyper targeted with your ads so that your dollar stretches farther and you’re able to capture more qualified leads by casting as smaller net.

Radio is back! But it’s not the same…

Not only is 2017 projected to be the year of the complete digital radio switch over but it could also be the year for increasing digital radio advertising spend. According to SoCast Digital, audio streaming listening hours is expected for grow more than 40%, from 30 billion in 2014 to 43 billion in 2017. With podcasting, beacon location based marketing, and streaming on the rise, the possibilities are endless! Sites like Pandora and Spotify are allowing big brands to test new marketing strategies such as custom playlists and sponsored video content.

What this means for jewelers: Jewelers should not discount the power of radio. Radio can still be a valuable component within your marketing mix, however, jewelers need to begin exploring advertising through online radio ads as well.


Video is King

Marketers said the same thing in 2016 and they will say it again! Now is the time to cultivate a video-centric marketing plan for all facets of your business. Not only is quality video production key, but properly integrating videos into your content plan by using engaging and captivating tactics is now even more important. Find new ways to incorporate interviews, product reviews, and even user generated content such as testimonials and stories as well as your every-day promotional video content.

What this means for jewelers: With Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all going “LIVE” it’s important to keep the momentum going in real time almost daily! In 2017 it will be important to make “filming videos” a part of your company’s culture if you want to be seen online. Jewelers should also explore utilizing in-serp video advertising to capture audiences searching for specific products.

Now that you have heard a few trends to look forward to in 2017 you can begin planning for a record year!

Sources: http://emarketer.com, http://www.socastdigital.com


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