What Does Your Ring Say About You?

Shape is the geometrical form of a stone and what aids in its brilliance. Popular stone shapes include round, cushion, princess, oval, pear, heart, marquise, and asscher, and each has its own special attributes. As jewelry trends continue to evolve with the times, diamond shapes also adapt. Here’s a look at changes in stone shape popularity and what the look of your ring says about you.


Round Diamonds for the Modern Bride

What’s the biggest shape trend in diamond rings today? The answer is round. Round stones currently account for 75 percent of all diamond sales. To achieve the look of a perfect round diamond, the stone must possess 58 facet cuts divided among the pavilion, girdle and crown. The unique cut makes a round diamond sparkle like no other.

Round diamonds are particularly popular among modern brides. According to the annual Engagement & Jewelry Study published by The Knot which consisted of 14,000 brides and 1,750 grooms, 55 percent of respondents chose round as their engagement ring stone of choice.

Diamond Shapes of Past and Present

While round diamonds now account for the majority of diamond sales, they were not always the go-to shape for ring purchasers. Square brilliant cuts, which were developed in the 1980s, grew considerably in popularity during the ‘90s. Cuts like the princess and rectangular options made it possible to invisibly set diamonds, adding to their popularity.

Today, there are numerous options when it comes to diamond ring shapes. According to The Knot survey, princess is the second most popular shape accounting for 28 percent of the votes, while cushion shapes had 5 percent, and asscher shapes a mere 3 percent.

What Does Your Ring Say About You?

  • Round diamonds are favored by traditionalists who prefer simplicity over trends.
  • Princess diamonds are for women with modern sensibility.
  • Asscher diamonds are for women with confidence and a keen eye for style.
  • Emerald diamonds are for risk takers who favor retro-inspired designs.
  • Cushion diamonds are for women who want to evoke the glamour of the 1920s.
  • Oval diamonds are for sophisticated women who crave uniqueness.
  • Radiant diamonds are for those who want something modern that doesn’t stray too far from the classic shapes.
  • Marquise diamonds are ideal for women who desire love and romance.
  • Pear diamonds are perfect for those looking for a show-stopping display ring.

Whether you’re a bride who adores the timeless look of a simple round stone, or prefers the complexity of a marquise or pear-shaped stone, each diamond ring is a unique work of art.

What Your Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Says About You

S1059SThis ain’t your Grandmother’s engagement ring.

But it looks an awful lot like it. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are currently trending among modern brides, and it has nothing to do with affordability. Rings that hearken back to a simpler era are the next sought-after “something new” that tops the must-have list of even the hippest celebrity couples.

If you chose a vintage-inspired engagement ring to cement your relationship, this is what your choice says about you:

You Make Ethical Choices

The biggest draw for brides who choose vintage-inspired rings over more modern offerings is the lack of ethical dilemma involved. Rings like these are often designed using conflict-free gems and metals, unlike those sourced from mines that violate human rights or fund the purchase of weapons. Choosing an ethically-sourced ring with a vintage design says you care about our planet and the people who live here.

You Care About the Past

That vintage ring has a story to tell. The design reflects a style that once belonged to a young woman who was just as much in love as you are. The challenges she faced in life were probably vastly different from your own, but you share a common bond.

You’re Timeless, Not Trendy

If you’re a bride-to-be who loves the look of vintage jewelry, but you intend to be your engagement ring’s first-and-only owner, a vintage-inspired ring is just the ticket. Sparkling-new bands, settings, and cuts inspired by decades-old designs have a timeless appeal that never grows dated.

Rings inspired by vintage design are hot commodities on today’s bridal circuit, and we have many time-honored offerings from which to choose.

The Mythical, Magical History of Garnet


Garnet — that lovely, deep-red, semi-precious gem that serves as January’s birthstone actually comes in a variety of colors — orange, green, and black to name just a few. And if you think that’s all you didn’t know about this lovely stone, you might be surprised to learn that it has a history rich in fascinating legend and lore, as well.

Highly Prized Possession

The glamorous garnet has been traced back to at least ancient Egypt, where necklaces bearing this most prized of possessions were buried along with the Pharaohs, but folklore suggest that its beauty was discovered long before even Tutankhamen. Garnet may have traveled on Noah’s Ark and may even have been gifted to King Solomon.

Sacred Stone

The history of garnet is long and varied. Many Native American tribes considered garnet to be a sacred stone — one that concealed lightening inside it’s crimson depths, while several tribes in Asia used the stone as a weapon in place of ammunition — in hopes it would inflict maximum damage to opponents. Today, this stone is associated with various attractive, metaphysical properties such as healing and regeneration. Some credit it with almost magical powers — for everything from increasing creativity to improving relationships.

Mesmerizing Choice

Regardless of whether you believe everything you hear about the stone, garnet does possess the power to boost your relationship status with your significant other. It’s difficult to resist the attraction of its deep, mesmerizing color — especially when encased in a sparkly setting like our white gold, surrounded by tiny, glittering diamonds.

Semi-precious gemstone jewelry is making a comeback, not for it’s affordability, but for it’s vivid color and intense hue. And we have an abundant selection from which to choose — all nestled in stunning settings to please every personality.

Sylvie Featured in Inside Weddings Winter 2014


Inside Weddings, Winter 2014 edition, has highlighted our engagement ring (S1228) from the Sylvie Collection.

Italia Ricci Looks Stunning Wearing Sylvie


Actress, Italia Ricci, wears Sylvie’s diamond fashion band (FR576) to the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation & InStyle Party, November 2014.

The Wedding Ring Book Featuring New Sylvie Pendant


The Wedding Ring Book, Fall/Winter 2014 issue, features a white gold diamond pendant (PD657), one of our newest design in our Sylvie Collection in the article “The Millenial Bride”

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Sea Island Life Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014 issue, Sylvie Levine, CEO of Sylvie Collection, makes suggestions to men on what engagement ring is the right ring to propose and features a vintage halo diamond engagement ring (S1240).

Engagement 101 features Sylvie in “Exciting Colorful Trends”

Sylvie_Eng -101_Something_Blue_Sunny_Side_Up_Pink_Flush_Spring_Summer_2015_Press_Sheet

Engagement 101 Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 issue highlights The Sylvie Collection in the upcoming colorful trends featuring different color center stones in vintage styles (S1225C01, S4108, SY148C and S1129C01)

Sylvie Levine’s Advise in Engagement 101 “The Right Engagement Ring”


Engagement 101 Magazine Spring-Summer 2015 issue features Sylvie Levine’s advise on finding “The Right Engagement Ring for Your Finger Shape” and highlights a white and rose gold diamond engagement ring (S1193TT) from her Sylvie Collection.



Engagement 101 Magazine features Sylvie’s vintage style diamond engagement ring (S1213) in “The Best Engagement Rings for your Finger Shape”.



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Keltie Knight, TV personality and host of “The Insider” is featured in “Avenue Magazine” wearing Sylvie’s rose gold fashion ring (FR601), semi precious fashion ring (SS007), and fashion diamond earrings (ER629).



Beautiful Keltie Knight, TV personality and host of “The Insider” is featured in the Avenue Magazine wearing SS026 and S1193 of the Sylvie Collection.

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The stunning Alanna Ubach wore Sylvie Collection’s rose gold earrings (ER166) and moonstone ring (FR618) to the LA Premiere of the new BRAVO series, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”!



December Birthstone: Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite

SS008 (1)December babies are fortunate to have the choice of three distinctly beautiful birthstones to choose from- Turquoise, Tanzania and Zircon. While all three have similar blue hues fitting of cooler weather, each is unique with their own set of healing properties and rich folklore.


Turquoise stones have been celebrated for centuries all over the world. Today, both stone and color continue to lead the charge in some of the most popular trends in fashion. The name ‘turquoise’ derives from the root word meaning ‘Turkish’, where it is thought the stone could have originated. It also hails as ‘gemstone of the people’, bringing good fortune to those who possess one.

One such example comes from ancient Persian royalty who wore the vibrant blue stone around their necks and wrists in an attempt to protect against unnatural death and ward off approaching doom. Turquoise is still known the world over as a natural protector. It is said to be especially beneficial for travelers, horse riders, airline pilots and crew members, and other who face occupational hazards.

Turquoise Benefits and Chemical Properties

With its cheerful color and rich mysticism, turquoise stones are said to inspire more confidence and open communication among the reticent, bring prosperity and good fortune, and serve as a symbol of faithfulness. However, a Mohs hardness rating of 6 means care should be taken to preserve its natural beauty.  For example, certain cosmetics, extreme heat and bright light have the potential to change its lustrous color. While no heavy cleaners or chemicals are recommended, cleaning the stone with a soft cloth every now and again is.


Unfortunately, Zircon is often confused with the man-made diamond copycat cubic zirconia; however, the natural beauty in this dazzling gemstone has been highly revered since its discovery in the 1920’s. Soon after it flooded the market and has remained a classic since.

Today these beauties are mined all over South East Asia, Australia, and Myanmar, as well as France, Norway, and Canada. While Zircon comes in a naturally occurring range of colors, the most distinctive is the greenish blue shade found in December birthstones, yet depending on the shade, most fall between a 6 to a 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Zircon History and Healing Properties

Best guess is that Zircon gets its name from the Arabic words “zar” and “gun”, which loosely translate to mean “gold” and “color”. Much like turquoise, zircon has been also been regarded as the must-have amulet for travelers. Worn on

the road, it is said to be a powerful pain reliever and provide protection from disease or injury, as well as to help ensure travelers a warm, cordial welcome. The stone is also believed to prevent insomnia by guaranteeing a restful night’s sleep, and thought to aid in digestion.


In general, the rarer the stone, the more inherent value it has. Tanzanite is no exception. Derived from its namesake, the East African state of Tanzania, this unique beauty is found only one place in the world. Upon its discovery in 1967, specialists and tastemakers such as New York’s Tiffany & Co. hailed it as the ‘gemstone of the 20th century’. With the backing of a high-dollar ad campaign, Tanzanite quickly sparked enthusiastic reactions from the general public.

Over these last few decades, Tanzanite has emerged as one of the most ethically sourced stones in the industry. According to the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), “an estimated 90 per cent of all tanzanite merchants are official members…and are thus bound by the high ethical standards of that organization.” Meaning that despite its rarity, only small scale, licensed professionals, are actively trading on the open market.

Tanzanite Cuts and Care

Care should be taken when wearing this rare gem. It registers 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, so harsh chemicals, acidics and ultrasonic baths are discouraged. Because of a term the gem industry describes as polychromaticity, or light consisting of two or more wavelengths, the stone shows a variety of inherent colors ranging from blue, purple or brownish-yellow depending on which angle it’s viewed.

Thanks to its physical properties, Tanzanite can be cut into almost any shape imaginable. This, combined with its rare quality and ethical sourcing, make it a top choice for many engagement rings, especially those with creative designer cuts.

In short, though even if the weather outside is frightful, you can help your sweetheart feel warm and fuzzy this December by getting them a stone to help exude the confidence and individuality which is so

characteristic of Sagittarians.

Sylvie Collection Featured on JCK 360!

Sylvie Collection’s tanzanite and diamond fashion ring were featured in, “What We’re Shooting This Week: Opals, Morganite, and More for February” by Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor on JCK 360 Style blog on November 18, 2014!

JCK Magazine Online is the jewelry industries hot spot for the latest news, trends and analysis.


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Actress Laura Dern looked stunning at the premiere of her new film, “Wild” wearing a red strapless SAFiYAA dress paired with Sylvie Collection’s rose gold earrings!


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Sylvie Collection’s presence at the CMA Awards 2014 was featured within the November Centurion Newsletter.  Country music star Tae of Maddie & Tae was spotted at the CMA Awards wearing Sylvie Collection’s rose gold and white gold diamond fashion ring (S1193S)!


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Thank you to Bridal Guide Magazine for featuring Sylvie Collection’s modern east-west diamond engagement ring in their Jan/Feb 2015 issue!


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National Jeweler mentions Sylvie Collection’s presence at the CMA’s in their article, “CMA Jewels Light Up Nashville”.  Tae Dye, of the musical duo Maddie & Tae, accessorized with a diamond ring in white and rose gold from Sylvie Collection (S1193S)!  Read the full article here!