Fall Fashion Trends That Will Reign Supreme In 2016

Fall is almost here! You must be dreaming about wearing the fur coats and the trenches with your fashionable knee-high boots that will make heads turn every time you step out of your house.

AND you wouldn’t have to shave your legs! So, yeah; good times.

Fall just brings a smile to your face, not just because it brings with it the joy of thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve; although they do contribute to the fascination we have with the amazing season. The world of fashion brings spectacular fashion trends for fall that make shopping so much fun. This year, from the New York Fashion Week to the Milan fashion week, furs and velvets were not the only trends that prevailed. If you thought that borrowing furs from your mom’s closet would suffice for this season, think again.

Here are some of the most amazing fall fashion trends that will prevail throughout 2016, and some even have the potential to continue on to the next year too. Let’s dive straight into it!

Renaissance Perfection


We are all for the women feeling like princesses and queens, but this trend will really make you feel like one. The rich velvet, the vivid colors, corsets, cinched waists and bell sleeves will make you feel like a medieval princess.

Pumpkin Spice


If you have an impartial obsession with anything with pumpkin spice in it, you will love this trend. The burnt orange or a muted orange color fabric was highlighted in major collections this season and as it favors every skin tone, we have very high hopes for it.

A Suit with a Twist


Suits never go out of fashion as they are a staple in every modern woman’s closet. Nevertheless, this year, the suits are accompanied by mini-skirts; yes, you heard that right! If you have ever tried to put an Upper East Side twist to your suits, this is your chance to rock a Blair Waldorf style mini-skirt suit with your head held high.

Blinding Shine


Tinsels, glitters, tassel and dresses that shine like the stars themselves. This season you can shine like the moon as these sparkling coats, dresses and skirts are all the rage.



If you dream about the capes that cover just the tiniest bit of flesh in all the romance novels that you grew up reading (probably), your time has inevitably come. The capelet is a retro cape that is shorter than an average cape, but very trendy and chic if you ask us.

Patent Leather Trench Coats


If you were yearning for a trench coat that wasn’t just a boring, camel brown color, these amazing patent leather trench coats in vivid colors will be an excellent addition to your winter closet. Once you wear these amazing trench coats, you will have no need of any other accessory as they will be the entire highlight you need for the day.

Velvet…. Everything


Velvet has made a dashing comeback into this fall’s designer trends and every designer seems to have fallen in love with this fabric. This chic fabric is so soft that you will want to keep touching it and the fluid effect of it would leave others astounded.

Diamond Buying Guide for Beginners

1Buying diamonds is often considered either an act of love and romance or a great investment. Women buy them due to their eminent brilliance, style and the sparkle. Its popularity is constant and hasn’t waned for centuries. As such, buying and shopping for diamonds is an act of pleasure for many.

However, when you are buying diamonds, you cannot just rely on your impeccable observation skills; you must also have a surmountable knowledge on the subject, or else you will end up with a stone that is flawed and has no value. When you go out in the market to buy one for yourself or for someone that you love, you will be bombarded with complicated matters of carats, cuts and contemporary styles or the modern technique of double metals; and, not to mention the overbearing thought of keeping your shopping spree within your budget.

When these things bring a tenuous dread to your heart, it is time to brush up your knowledge about diamonds, which will make it considerably easier for you to buy them and choose just the right piece to melt your heart. Therefore, the next time anyone asks you about the color, clarity, cut or carat, you will be ready to answer them and show them who’s boss!

What Type Do You Want?

2Most people buy diamonds for engagement rings and wedding bands. However, others appreciate the remarkable brilliance a diamond jewelry piece provides to create a unique look. Consider the type of jewelry piece it would be a part of, such as a necklace, earrings or a ring, and that would make it easier for you to select an appropriate shape and style.

What Is Your Budget?

This is probably the easiest thing. Determine your budget and set a range; evaluate your finances and determine what you can afford. Once you identify an exact monetary range, you can begin to eliminate any pieces that fall outside that range. This will minimize your choices and will help you make a decision in a short amount of time, without any confusion. Once you have the pieces that fit into your budget, choose one that captures your attention.

Do You Have A Style In Mind?

3Diamond jewelry have unlimited styles which can fit your preferences and budget quite nicely. If you are buying diamond jewelry for yourself, it will be much easier as you will know what you prefer. However, if you are choosing a gift, it will become more complicated. Ask yourself what kind of jewelry they usually wear. Is it minimalistic or statement? Think about what will look good with the type of wardrobe they have. If all else fails, check in with friends and family to ask for their suggestions.

What Size Do You Want?

4Size can affect the type of diamond you choose and the type of jewelry that it will be set in. Rings and bracelets can be made by obtaining exact measurements. However, for necklaces, it can be difficult as the length can vary.

The 4 Cs of Diamonds


5A Carat is actually the size of the diamond and it can increase the value of the jewelry that it is set in. The larger their size is, the higher will be their value.


The absence of imperfection means a perfect or ideal diamond. Imperfections can be a crack in the stone, or the presence of carbon specks and blemishes that might not show to the naked eye, but will be noticed by an expert.


A diamond cut is the design or style of shaping the diamond while polishing. It doesn’t alter the shape; although, most people think that the cut refers to the shape and appearance of the diamond. In reality, a cut gives a diamond its ability to shine. It provides it symmetry and a balanced proportion to the diamond, which gives it its brilliance and luminosity.


A diamond is graded according to its color. A high value diamond would be colorless as many do show a little color, which indicates the value of a diamond.

7 Stars Who Shined Most at This Year’s BET Awards

Stars flocked to the BET Awards this year. While some dressed to the nines and flaunted their designer dresses and blinding jewelry, other chose understated dresses with big designer labels and minimalistic jewelry to ensure that all eyes were on them. Here are the 7 that impressed us most this year.

Gabrielle Union

1She was draped in a beautiful one shoulder Marc Jacobs gown with silver embellishments adorning her neckline with a thigh-high slit. She sizzled in the red patterned dress and accessorized with amazing diamond fashion jewelry.

2To get her look, get inspired now with our Unique Designed Diamond Fashion Ring





Taraji P.Henson

3Just like her TV counterpart Kitty, the Empire actress wowed in her Steven Khalil black and silver see-through sheath, which was equal parts sexy and sophisticated. Her silver Jimmy Choo heels and sparkling diamond fashion jewelry added another layer of sheen to her already shining personality.

4To get her look, get inspired now with our Glamorous Diamond Drop Earrings and Classic Diamond Earrings





5Mya was draped in a sunny, bright yellow outfit by Christian Siriano, which she paired with an amazing diamond necklace to adorn her neck. The belly-baring outfit was accessorized with diamond rings and nude heels.

6To get her look, get inspired now with our Designer Diamond Fashion Necklace





Fantastia Barrino

7She chose a phoenix to be her mascot for the evening. Her nude dress was draped in a design of a phoenix wrapping all around her waist and front. The bedazzled outfit put all her curves on full display while her tattoos remained the highlight of the evening. She accessorized her nude dress with an amazing diamond ring.

8To get her look, get inspired now with our Modern Emerald Halo Diamond Engagement Ring







Meagan Good

9Meagan was one of the best dressed celebrities of the evening. She was dressed in an emerald green dress with cutouts paced strategically on her waist and shoulders. The deep neckline and thigh high slit added a layer of sexy charm to the dress. She accessorized with amazing diamond earrings and a one-of-a-kind diamond bracelet.

10To get her look, get inspired now with our Stunning Drop Crystal and Diamond Earrings and Diamond Bangle Bracelet






Janelle Monae

11She has mastered the art of men-inspired dressing, which she exhibited this year. She wore a black and white striped suit with a hat and a plunging neckline. Her black box clutch and a gold choker necklace took the otherwise simple outfit to another level.

12To get her look, get inspired now with our Colored Diamonds and Purple Amethyst Fashion Ring and Purple Amethyst Fashion Ring






Tia Mowry

Tia didn’t shy away from a lace inspired dress, which put all her curves at display. The pattered black, white and nude dress sported a crisscrossed design and was accessorized with amazing diamond fashion jewelry.

To get her look, get inspired now with our Glamorous Multi-Row Diamond Ring







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The Best Proposal Ideas That Will Make an Impression


Are you all out of fresh ideas when it comes to proposing to the love of your life? Is your sanity hanging by a thread and all you can do is get worried about finding the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend – because why not? Girl power, right? Let us take you on a short but productive journey on how you can propose and make it one of the most memorable days of your significant others’ life.

First of all, stop sweating. This is the story that your friends and even strangers will tell for times to come. The trick is to put your own stamp of approval on one of the following ideas and make sure that it is, well YOU. Although these ideas are foolproof and they will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face, you can put your own personal spin on it and make it authentically yours.

  1. Are you in love with an intimate place and have always associated it with clichéd romance stories? Our best guess is that your significant other is going to love it! A secluded fountain, a grand monument, a hotel rooftop or a picturesque view of the city in the background while you are kneeling on the ground and proposing to the love of your life with this amazing Glamorous Split-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring is bound to make an impression.
  2. Do you have a taste for drama? Don’t shy away from grand proposals that don’t require Kanye West type antics or even money. All you need is a little preparation. Get in touch with the management at your city’s aquarium and provide them with a waterproof sign that states, “will you marry me?” Or you can ask the production manager of your favorite play to see if you can propose after the cast says their final adios.
  3. Plan a treasure hunt and ensure that it is not too hard. It is not the time to be competitive. Plan an adventurous but exciting treasure hunt with creative hints that will end up with your girlfriend or boyfriend finding the amazing unique engagement ring, such as our Enhanced Cushion Halo Engagement Ring.
  4. If money is of no concern and you want to make her/him the happiest person in the world, pack up your unique engagement ring and some clothes and take the love of your life on a whirl of romance at an exotic destination. Propose in the midst of a waterfall, or an expansive lake, a white sandy beach or even with Machu Pichu in the background. The destination is your choice.
  5. Gather your closest friends and prepare a flash mob proposal, featuring their favorite song. This will take a lot of effort and rehearsal but the astounding look of delight on their face will be worth every sore muscle and each minute of painstakingly lengthy preparation. Besides, your friends will have the chance to be a part of probably the most important decision of your life.
  6. Prepare a short video and feature important milestones in your relationship. For example, the first place you kissed, your favorite restaurant, or the place where you first told them that you loved them. A video made especially for them will warm their heart and will make them ecstatic even before you pull out the wonderful ring from our collection.
  7. Go to a local beach and encourage them to build a sandcastle with you and place the unique engagement ring at the top of a tower or an empty shell for a surprising reaction.
  8. Go for a classic proposal and after a long day of sightseeing, arrange for her/him to come to a hotel with champagne, delicious finger food, light-scented candles, roses and the unique engagement ring taking the center stage in a highlighted position.

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The Birthstone of August: Peridot


Peridot is a modern birthstone for the month of August. It is traditionally greenish in color, but can range from green and a transparent yellowish green to a vivid bright green and olive or the color of new grass which pops up in spring. The way in which Peridot splits the rays of light, gives it a greasy luster and a rich glow in addition to appearing velvety. The more greener a Peridot is, the higher its value is. If there are any pops of brown or any other streaks of color in the Peridot, the value will be diminishes and will be quite low.

The best-valued Peridot has a 15% iron percentage and contains chromium and nickel as trace elements within it. There are certain doubts about the origin of the name “Peridot”; some think that it is derived from an Arabic word ”Faridat”, while some think that it originates from a French word, “peritot”, which means unclear. The French were the first ones to call it Peridot in the 18th century before which, it was known as Topaz. This stone has been mined for thousands of years, four thousand years to be exact. It is also mentioned in the Bible under the name of “Pitdah”. The Egyptians named it the Gem of the Sun. Overall; Peridot has an illustrious history, to say the least.

In ancient times, miners used to mine this stone in the moonlight as it made it easier for them to find the crystals. They marked the location of the crystals and then came back in the daylight to find them again and dig them up. The most valued Peridot originated from Germany, Zagbargad Island (Red Sea), Australia, Myanmar, Brazil, Pakistan, Arizona, Mexico and Hawaii. The Peridots found in Myanmar, Pakistan and Egypt are of the highest value among all.

Peridots are the same stones that are said to be used in the fabled breastplates of the High Priest in Judaism. A legend claims that the Peridot was the most favorite gem of Cleopatra, although at that time, they were also confused with emeralds. Even today, some people confuse them with emeralds, but their yellowish tinge or an olive color is a completely identifiable shade that sets them apart from an emerald. Other gemstones that are often confused with Peridots are Moldavites, Apatites and green garnets. Traditionally, a Peridot gem is lime green in color, which works excellently with silver and platinum jewelry.

The Peridot is also embedded with magical healing powers as it brings envy and good luck to those who are born in August, and help them avoid the damaging emotions of fear and depression. It also protects them from envy and works exceptionally well to enhance the effect of medicine. Moreover, it can improve a person’s oratory capabilities, help gain divine inspiration and provide strength. Additionally, it is considered a shield for the wearer, protecting them from negativity. It is also used to reduce stress and to relax the person wearing it. Egyptians often used to protect and heal the heart by using the Peridot.

Looking for the perfect peridot gift? Try these beautiful peridot diamond earrings from your nearest Sylvie Collection authorized retailer.

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Building Brand Ambassadors – A Jeweler’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

Top view hands circle using phone in cafe - Multiracial friends mobile addicted interior scene from above - Wifi Connected people in bar table meeting - Concept of teamwork main focus on left phones

As a Sylvie Collection authorized retailer, you are always looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a new social media platform to try out or a new celebrity endorser, there’s always something up your sleeve. But the one thing you may not know is that influencer marketing can be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal!

Before reading any further, ask yourself one question; do you know who your brand ambassadors are?

If the answer is no, then you’re not currently taking advantage of your brand advocates (also known as “brand ambassadors”). As jewelers, you play a part in the most important moment of a couple’s life, their engagement… so it’s important to understand the magnitude of that moment and capitalize on it. After all, you want the whole world to know this couple chose your store first, right?

Here’s how to turn your loyal customers into valuable brand ambassadors:

1. Set your goals:
As with any marketing plan, you need to decide up front what it is you want to gain from your brand ambassadors. If you think the goal is to get more Facebook fans, then you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. Obtaining more social media fans should never be your goal.

Choose advocacy goals that align with your overall business objectives. If your goal is to increase foot traffic into your store, then the goal of working with your brand ambassadors should be to get more qualified referrals (such as friends tagging friends, leaving reviews, etc.…).

2. Find what melts their butter:
Look for patterns in your social media, online reviews, and online engagement. When people respond to your advertising, what is the most common thing they comment on? Is it your customer service? Your response time? Your huge selection? Find out what that sweet spot is so you know what to push when looking to proposition your future ambassadors. Once you know, remind your customers what it is they love about you before asking them to devote their valuable time to your brand.

3. Seek out and engage the passionate fans:
Your ambassadors won’t take action unless you ask them to! Spend a couple hours finding out who the most popular people are that are talking about your brand, if you see someone has mentioned you or tagged you more than once, this could be a potential brand ambassador. Reach out to them and say thank you as a way to start the conversation. ** Tip: One of the first things you can ask them to do is leave you a Yelp or Facebook review for a small incentive or prize. Be sure to include links to your business page so they don’t have to search.

4. Make it fun for them:
Once you’ve identified your brand ambassadors, keep the momentum going by making it fun for them to continue to talk about you otherwise, they’ll lose interest if you only ask them to share your content and send you referrals. The more you engage with them the more likely they will be to remain by your side! ** Tip: use words like “you are a VIP” or part of an “exclusive club” – this makes your ambassadors feel more appreciated. You can even name your ambassador program (example: Sylvie’s Superstars!)

Here are some examples of ways to make it fun for your ambassadors:

  • Give them points every time they share content (these points can be redeemed in store or they can build up to a larger prize such as a gift card)
  • Hold contests and the ambassador with the most entries wins a prize
  • Send them fun things in the mail that they can take pictures of and brag to their friends about (make sure your “gifts” are branded with your logo)

5. Give them a place to collaborate:
Once you’ve established and engaged your ambassadors, set up a Facebook group or a Google group for fans to collaborate and talk to each other. This can also be a great way for you to notify multiple ambassadors of new products, services and other marketing updates.

6. Measure success
The last thing you want to do is give valuable incentives to those ambassadors who are not actually advocating for your brand. Make sure to watch your ambassadors closely to see who is talking about you and who’s not. You can use things like Google analytics or custom hashtags to measure the success. For a quick guide to online analytics click here.

Once you’ve taken all these steps you can successfully lead your ambassador army to drive business to your store! Happy ambassador recruiting!

How to Plan a Beach Proposal That Will Take Her Breath Away

1Have you always heard of beach proposals that made you want to pat your friend on the back and think grudgingly that why didn’t you think of that before them? Or if you are a girl, hearing about sandy beaches, calming sound of waves and the cool air ruffling the hair and teasing the skin just make you want to put your hand to your heart and gush with excitement while looking at their amazing diamond engagement ring.

Beach proposals are not new. They have been going on forever. But that doesn’t make them any less desirable. Beach proposals are the subject matters of many romance novels and movies. If your favorite summer activity is going to the beach and hanging out with your friends or having a bonfire, chances are that it is the overact place to propose to your fiancé-to-be. The waves and expansive beach will provide a nice background and the sun will make that diamond engagement ring looks more sparkling than fairy dust.

Here is how you can plan the perfect beach proposal this summer.

Spell It Out For Her

Carve your name or a romantic message with the customary “Will You Marry Me?” It might sound clichéd, but try to put your own spin on it with personalized touches. Choose her favorite flowers and decorate the area around with them and off course the seashells. The moment she notices the sign, get down on your knees and pour your heart out with one of the amazing designer engagement rings from our collection in your hand.

Use the Nature’s Bounty

Go on a seashell collection trip down the beach. Hire a photographer and ask him to hide the diamond engagement ring in the biggest seashell. When you spot the familiar face of the photographer, find the big seashell and encourage your fiancé-to-be to collect it and open it. Take it from her and get down on the knees.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Marks the Spot

If your loved one has a soft spot for pirates and treasure hunts, prepare a short but exciting treasure hunt with clues and include your closest friends. Tell the plan in advance and when it comes the time for the final treasure reveal, ensure that your loved one that finds it. You can also associate each clue with a major milestone in your relationship to give her a little idea on what’s to come.

Bottle Up Your Feelings

Message in a bottle is an easy way to propose at the beach. Write a love letter or a note to your sweetheart and bury it somewhere where you can happen upon it by chance while taking an intimate walk down the beach.

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How to Dress For a Black Tie Summer Wedding


Black-tie is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many people. Not because it is not fun to dress up, but because you are excited that you have an opportunity to dress in an Oscar-worthy dress but fearing that you have nothing worthy to wear. On the other hand, even if you do find something remotely looking like a dress out of a fashion magazine, you are afraid of getting it wrong and feeling like a fish out of the pond, a very embarrassed and badly dressed fish that is…

The problem with getting dressed as a black tie wedding guest is that “black-tie” can be a broad term. Some define the appropriate dress as a no-nonsense sheath, a long cocktail dress, a dramatic gown or a smart suit dress, while others think that knee length dresses will work fine as well. With such a broad interpretation of the term, it can become difficult for even the most seasoned fashionistas to dress accordingly.

However, here are some tips that will enable you to nail that obnoxious but oh-so-drool-worthy black tie dress code.

Know That You Have a Lot of Options

Many fashion experts state that the term black-tie doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily wear a long, floor-length dress. You have the choice to wear a long, short or even a midi-length dress that comes down to your knees or below them. The trick is to choose something that will make you look dressy, smart, and put together beautifully. Whether you choose a girly dress or a modern pant suit, make sure that you look “smart”. Choose between structured, voluminous, slim line, empire-waist or starlight line cuts to accentuate your best features.

Pair your outfit with any of Sylvie Collection’s diamond free form fashion rings to add a touch of glamour.

Diamond Fashion Ring _ Sylvie Collection_FR723

Fashion Pea-cocking is not Dead

Don’t be afraid to wear colors! You cannot wear white to a wedding anyway. Don’t shy away from bright colors and blood prints. A black-tie event doesn’t mean that you have to wear black. Compliment those bold colors with pieces like this stunning vintage inspired blue topaz and diamond fashion ring.

Dress for Yourself

Your body shape and size is unique. The chance is that what looks good on your tall, willowy friend is not going to look very appealing on your petite frame. This is what designers stress upon the most. You must always dress for your own body type. No matter how good a design looks good on a mannequin, think whether you will be able to look your best in it. Long dresses suit a tall frame wile petite girls look smashing in Dior ’50 style knee-length dresses. To find out what silhouettes work best for your body type click here.

Accessorize Carefully

As a rule, one or two accessories work just fine at a black-tie wedding. Just make sure that those pieces are envy inducing and downright beautiful. Remember that a black-tie wedding required you to dress smart, so choosing a necklace from an affordable teen-inspired brand is not going to cut it. Invest in a few investment pieces like Bold East-West Oval Purple Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring and Floral Rose Gold Diamond Earrings and wear them to formal events like these.


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Best Looks From the Country Music Awards

The ACM Awards were held in Las Vegas in all their glory, and celebrities descended upon the prestigious destinations to enhance the glamour of the evening. Many stars marked this occasion and celebrities were dressed in their designer couture dresses and diamonds that sparkled brighter than paparazzi camera flashes. Every year, stars compete with one another to snag a spot at best dressed list of the evening – this year was no different.

This year, stars seem to be attracted to hot and bright colors like yellow. Low-cut necklines also made quite a few appearances and many actresses took the dare to take the plunging necklines to another level. Others opted for cutout dresses that nobody seems to get enough of these days.

Here are some celebrities that have earned their right to appear on this year’s ACM Best Dressed List.



Although her sporty yellow color was enough to make fashion headlines, Cam opted for a daring number, which had cutout details at her neckline. Floor sweeping gown, curly hair and light natural makeup made her seem like an ethereal princess. She paired her amazing gown with a mirror box clutch and sparkling diamond jewelry.

Take some fashion inspiration from her and check out our Stunning White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings and Classic Round Diamond Engagement Ring.



You would expect a new mom to look full of life, and Jana didn’t disappoint. She astounded us in an amazing red siren number which beckoned every camera towards her. The bright red commanded the attention of everyone in the room and her sparkling diamond fashion jewelry blinded us. The thigh high slit added another layer of sexiness to the outfit.

Get inspired by her and have a look at our Green Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring and Glamorous Cushion Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring.


Miranda Lambert

Miranda looked ravishing in her award ensemble. Pale yellow might seem like an innocent harmless color, but on Miranda, it just made us go WOW! The plunging neckline, the leg-baring slit and hot pink heels took this look to another level. She chose her accessories wisely to bring out the yellow color by contrasting her outfit with her jewelry.

Get inspired by her and have a look at our Unique Blue Topaz and Black Diamond Pendant and Glamorous Black and White Diamond Ring.



Kacey Musgrave

Kasey looked just like a classic country gal. With her slicked back hair and Smokey eyes, she oozed sex and charm. Her black cutout dress did all the talking. The embellished detail was highlighted by the cutout detail. The simple black dress was paired with a diamond choker necklace the fishtail silhouette made her curves take the center stage.

Get inspired by her and have a look at our Unique Double-Halo Mixed Color Diamond Engagement Ring.


Carrie Underwood

It seems like Carrie Underwood doesn’t seem to have a bad hair day or a bad outfit day because whenever we see her, she is nothing short of perfect. The embellished gold sheath with a waist-accentuating belt and a scalloped neckline leaves very less to the imagination. Her newly styled lob was styled to perfection and she sparkled in her diamond fashion jewelry.

Step in her footsteps and take a look at our Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings.

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Julia Stiles is Bourne Again


Actress Julia Stiles looked stunning in her favorite pieces from the Sylvie Collection at the premiere of her latest movie, Jason Bourne. Click here to get the look.

Styles shown: Earrings: ER613 / Ring 1: FR604 / Ring 2: FR732

The July Birthstone Ruby Brings Wealth and Wisdom


Did you know that the finest rubies were first mined in Myanmar (former Burma)? That pretty much explains all the hype surrounding the Burmese Rubies!

The ruby stone is a form of corundum (aluminum oxide) and is closely related to sapphires. Rubies register a hardness of nine on the Mohs scale. They are resilient and as strong as the sapphires, but a bit softer than diamonds.The word ruby was derived from “ruben” which is Latin for “red”. As its name suggests, the July birthstone is usually found in hues ranging from pink to blood-red. They get the hues of red from the mineral traces of chromium. Besides Myanmar, ruby deposits are found in Russia, Mexico, Thailand, India, Cambodia, USA, and Kenya.

Perfect rubies are extremely rare. Almost all rubies are slightly flawed. The flawless rubies command extremely high prices, sometimes even more than diamonds of the same quality and weight. Natural rubies have to be treated to make them more resilient and improve their color for use in unique engagement rings in platinum (something like the ruby vintage inspired engagement ring), gold, and other diamond fashion jewelry – check out this gorgeous modern diamond and ruby ring for inspiration. The value of a ruby depends on its cut, clarity, carat, and color — the 4 Cs, just like the diamond. However, additional factors like their geographic origin and size also have an impact on their value.

Did you know that the largest ruby in the world is owned by a Chinese jewelry company?

When evaluating the color of a ruby, one needs to consider the hue, the tone, and the saturation. The medium-dark, red toned rubies are considered the finest. Some rubies come with secondary hues that add more complication to the process. The most common secondary hues include purple, orange, and pink. Out of these, purple ranks better because it makes the red appear rich and dark.

The stone has been long associated with renewing energy, stimulating imagination, and arousing the senses of the people who wear it. Rubies are also said to bring health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. Rubies have also been related to the quintessence a vibrant life because of their radiant red hues.

For centuries, the ruby has been used worldwide in making stunning pieces of jewelry. The jewelry world considers rubies to be a versatile choice for almost all kinds of jewelry. Rubies are used for earrings, rings, necklaces, and even navel accessories. Today, the stone is a popular center stone for vintage engagement rings (for instance, the vintage oval ruby and diamond engagement ring) and diamond fashion jewelry.

Ruby is also considered to be the traditional gemstone for the 40th and 15th wedding anniversaries. So, if you will be celebrating these milestones in the near future, this is a great time to look for an ideal gift. Think of it as a classic piece of diamond fashion jewelry accentuated with gorgeous red rubies. You could also pop THE question to your significant other with a unique engagement ring with rubies. A unique wedding band like the classic round brilliant diamond and ruby wedding band is perfect for your “I dos” in July!

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The Ghostbusters are calling the Sylvie Collection!


“Who you gona call?” The Ghostbusters‬ are calling the ‪‎Sylvie Collection! Check out actress Melissa McCarthy rocking these gorgeous diamond ‪fashion ear crawlers at the premiere of her new movie! Style shown ‪#‎ER722‬

The Importance of Google See Inside Photography for Jewelers

Why You Should Choose To Share an Inside View of Your Business?

As a business owner, you are always looking for maximum exposure for your business. The world in which we live today doesn’t just require an understanding of marketing and advertising, it also requires you to have a first-hand knowledge about upcoming technology trends. One of those trends, or rather a phenomenon, is Google See Inside Photography, which can help you get the real time exposure that you need to bring customers to your door faster. When consumers know what to expect and have a visual understanding of the caliber of your business, they may be more inclined to visit your facility than your competitors.

By selecting a Google trusted photographer or agency, you will be able to provide your customers with a panoramic view of your business facility. Whether you’re a Sylvie authorized retailer, the owner of a spa, a restaurant or clothing boutique, these virtual tours are everything. If security is a concern, keep in mind you can choose the angles and direction of the photos within your tour. Even if it’s just the exterior, the waiting rooms, hallways or grand entrances it still can help to showcase the effort and investment you’ve put into your location and can provide your customers with an even better reason to come in knowing they’ll have the luxury experience their looking for.

solomn bros see insideWhy It Is Better Than Traditional Marketing Tools

As a jeweler, you know that our industry is a visual one. Maintaining an image as a luxury retailer can be hard work. Google See Inside Photography will allow your customers to view high resolution photographs of your business, both interior and exterior, from anywhere in the world. If you are intent on building your online presence, this efficient promotional strategy is here to stay.

Google has always stayed on top of the tech industry, introducing gadgets and applications for commercial or private use that wowed the world and provided unforeseen benefits. Google See Inside Photography is one of these applications that can rival and do better than any other marketing tool available today and can also open new doors and dimensions for online shopping as well.

Loyal Customers

Whenever the customers are thinking of buying a product, they go online and search for better deals, relevant information, customer reviews and maps to show them where they can get their hands on the product. Providing them with an additional opportunity to get an up close personal tour of your business can help them to decide whether or not your business will provide the experience they are looking for, without any time lapse or communication gap.

An Edge over Your Competitors

Google See Inside Photography will provide you with an edge over your competitors because it is still in the early adoption phase. In a world where everyone is competing to be on top, having a digital competitive advantage can be huge. Adding a real life virtual tour to your digital assets can provide an edge, especially if your business is by appointment only and customers are not sure what to expect. An interactive element such as this can generate excitement and add a level of “luxury” you never thought you could portray online.

Utilize Your Virtual Tour Across other Media Channels

Google See inside tours can be embedded onto your website’s home page or contact us page. They can even be placed on your Facebook page, allowing you to showcase your tour across multiple channels. Additionally, once your Google Images have been taken you can display the static images through other marketing platforms and materials such as print, direct mail, a Facebook album, Pinterest, and more.

See Inside

Get Them Invested in You Personally

You’ve worked hard to design the interior of your business and you want the consumer to know they are dealing with a retailer that fits their stature and vision. Google see inside allows your customers to see the heart and soul of your business and lets them observe who you truly are. Let them experience what goes on behind the scenes to amplify the sales experience. As jewelers, we know customers are willing to travel far and wide for that perfect piece. With See Inside, Google has made it possible for you to showcase your location to customers who are living far away and in more quantities than ever before.

Most customers nowadays depend on the visual aspect of the business or product before they make the decision to buy. By giving them the ability to browse through with a virtual tour and move around by themselves, they will be able to explore to their heart’s content.

If you have already invested a lot in marketing and advertising, SEO, social media and more, then this could be the final step for you.


Pairing Jewelry with Your Swimsuit: The Latest Trends


Are you looking to make a fashion statement at the beach?

It’s never easy to be a stylish beach diva. You are always at the risk of making a fashion mistake you may regret for years to come.

So how do you manage this feat?

The key is to balance the sophistication and glamour with your swimwear. You need to put the right pieces together to coin a look that makes you the undisputed beach queen. We’ve got a list of the most popular baubles for beach this time around, and a few handy tips to help you dress to impress! Take a look.


If you’re not wearing big earrings at the beach, you’re doing style all wrong. Dangling medallions like these unique diamond fashion earrings, hoops, or these show stopping drop-earrings that reflect the sun need to be on the top of your list for “beach accessories”. Even if you’re not wearing a sparkling halo engagement ring, these earrings will add enough oomph to wow the crowds. If big earrings have never been your thing but you’re looking for a bigger statement than a stud, choose a pair of trendy ear crawlers to really get the crowd talking.


Body Chains and Naval Trinkets

Jewelry is not just about vintage engagement rings or unique wedding bands. When you’re heading out to the beach, think of something more exotic, like belly chains hanging just above your hips. Pair a stylish body chain that doubles as a necklace underneath a crop top for a flirty glamorous look. These chains will make your sexy bikini or beach trot ensemble look a tad bit dressier and attract attention to those toned abs you’ve been working for all summer.

Tip* Wear solid colors when sporting any kind of body chains. A printed swimsuit or top with a body chain can cheapen the look and be overwhelming to they naked eye. Pair the chains with this rose gold diamond bangle bracelet to complete the look!


That’s right, the anklet has made a comeback! Balance out the glitz from your chunky designer engagement ring with the charm of anklets. Most women do not realize the appeal of this distinct piece of jewelry, but if you’ve ever wondered where to wear anklets, then it doesn’t get better than the beach! Your anklet can add an instant dash of glamour to your feet and they look great too. If you wish to add a complimentary jewelry item, consider this vintage moonstone and black diamond pendant.

Arm Cuffs

Arm cuffs work well in both formal and casual settings. And they are absolute show-stoppers at the beach. They kind of make you look like a warrior princess serenading on the warm sands. Arm cuffs are available in a myriad of styles and designs. From plain cuffs, to ones sporting a floral or feather design — it is entirely up to you which one you prefer.Combine them with a piece of diamond fashion jewelry, like this unique moonstone and diamond ring for a sophisticated and chic look.

Stackable Bands

If making a huge statement at the pool or beach isn’t really your thing, a more subtle yet on trend look is wearing stackable rings! When paired together with multiple colors and styles, these light weight diamond bands add just the right touch of glam and sophistication without making you look like you don’t know how to handle a wave coming at you.

DG OCT 2014 1200 px

With all that said, it’s time to head out to the beach and make heads turn with your exuberant sense of style and glamour. Follow our tips and you are sure to reign every time you hit the beach. You may want to check out this green amethyst and diamond fashion ring if you’re looking for something that compliments your green swimsuit.

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Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends You’ll Love!

As clothing trends change with season, so does jewelry. Whether it is about earrings, necklaces or rings, jewelry trends keep evolving too. So, if you are looking for a designer engagement ring or a unique wedding band for your stylish fiance who loves to stay up-to-date, make sure you know what kind of diamond fashion jewelry is in these days.

Fashion and jewelry experts have shared their ideas for summer jewelry trends and stars are downsizing jewelry this summer. Have a look at our list of what is in and what is out this season to look chic and classy this summer!

Stackable Wedding Bands


Stackable wedding bands have been this year’s hottest rage. Whether it’s your very first wedding band, your anniversary, or you just like feel like something light weight and trendy, make sure to choose a piece that will fit perfectly with other diamond bands. Sylvie’s newest collection of stackable wedding rings featured on AboutStyle.com will give you exactly what you’re looking for! To find your set visit a Sylvie Collection Authorized retailer nearest you.

Ear Cuffs

Get the trendy “rockstar glam” look by wearing our diamond “ear climbers” which are all the rage this summer. Our Sylvie Collection ear climbers have recently been worn by celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Erin Andrews, Sheryl Burke, and many more.


ER722 WG

Hair Accessories

Tiaras and hair accessories have made a huge comeback to runway this season. Give your dull or boring hair a spark with some hair accessories. Delicate floral wire pieces can also be the perfect accessory for a summer wedding.

Body Chains

Simple and sleek body chains have become highly popular this spring. Wear them over simple non-embellished slip dresses to stand out from the crowd and look super chic. Try not to mix body chains with busy prints. Stick with a solid colored swimsuit to take it to the next level.

Statement Earrings

While 2015 was about statement necklaces, statement earrings have made entry this season. Make a statement with bold, large earrings on your engagement paired with one of our unique engagement rings, like the Unique Mixed Shape Diamond Engagement Ring or Modern East-West Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring to turn heads on your engagement day.

Choker necklaces


Choker necklaces have replaced statement necklaces everywhere; be it models walking on the ramp or the celebrities in an award show. They have become the hottest trend this season. Singer and actress Zendaya even created her own choker out of one of our diamond bracelets! Either pair a simple gold choker with our Glamorous Emerald Three-Stone Diamond Ring or stand out by pairing a bold choker with Classic Marquise Petite Diamond Engagement Ring; you will surely inspire many fashionistas with your amazing fashion sense.

Midi Rings

Looking cool is not a problem anymore with the midi rings trending high this season. Whether you stack multiple midi rings on one finger or wear them on two or more fingers, you can manage to look chic whether casually dressed or wearing a formal dress for a party.

Colored Pendants


Pendants have always been a timeless classic, you can layer them up or wear one at a time. This summer pair bright colored pendants with a chick solid sundress or floral romper.

Do keep these summer jewelry trends in mind when you go for summer shopping or when you’re out buying those one of a kind diamond fashion jewelry pieces from the Sylvie Collection!

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How To Plan A Beach Proposal That Will Make Her Say Yes!


A beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, cool breeze, ruffling the hair of your loved one, and the calm, soothing sound of ocean waves crashing on the sand. Is there a better way to propose with a diamond engagement ring? We think not! A beach, with its complimentary natural elements, can provide a spectacular, memorable and extremely romantic setting for you to propose with a unique engagement ring and to ensure that you get an enthusiastic yes from the love of your life.

Once you’ve made the decision to plan a beach proposal, the choice of where to go can only get you so far. First, you have to determine HOW you are going to propose. The personality of your future fiancé will need to be considered carefully before you decide on making your grand gesture. Here are some creative ways to propose on a beach to ensure that after you get down on your knees with a diamond engagement ring and make the proposal, the only sound echoing with the sound of waves is a resounding yes!

Sand Art

Writing a message in the sand is old school but a classic nonetheless. This proposal strategy has resulted in millions of yes’s. Imagine just the two of you on a secluded beach spot, with a beautiful view of the sea, walking hand in hand to the point where the message is written and see her eyes widening slightly, as the meaning dawns on her and realization hits her. This is the time for you to take out a diamond engagement ring, like our Swirl Engagement Ring Two Tone or the Modern Romantic Double-Halo Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring, and take her breath away. However, to pull this off, you might need the help of a few friends and to be apprised of the weather conditions to avoid high tide, which can wash away all your hard work.

A Romantic Bonfire

There is something romantic and magical about bonfires and late night beach picnics, if they are done right. The most complicated part of arranging that is to choose a secluded spot on the beach, where high tide won’t reach and the wind is not very strong. Get the help of a friend to light the bonfire and set up a romantic bottle of wine (preferably champagne), flowers that she likes and finger food to eat. As you get there, gather her into your arms, snuggle together while gazing at the dying ambers and tell her why she makes your life special and how precious she is to you. Then whip out one of our unique engagement rings, like Ruby Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring or Vintage Inspired Halo Engagement Ring and set her heart on fire.

SY999-041 PRBe Her Prince Charming

Bending down to one knee and professing your love to her with a diamond engagement ring is one of the most amazing ways to propose. The greatest part of planning for a romantic beach proposal is to ensure that your partner is going to remember it for the rest of her life and an image of you on a bended knee will be a dream come true for her. Make her feel like a princess by choosing one of our princess cut diamond engagement rings like Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring or Sparkling Split-Shank Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring  and bring her over to the moon, by proposing in a fairy-tale beach setting. Stop during a beach stroll, gaze into her eyes, take her hands gently and bend down to one knee. Before you even say a word, she will know what you are up to, and a simple gesture will do half your work for you. Be careful when choosing your words, as they will be imprinted on her mind for the rest of her life.


Proposing to the love of your life with a diamond engagement ring can be a dominating task that can make any man anxious. However, with a beach proposal, paired with a unique engagement ring from Sylvie’s Collection, she will definitely say yes.

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See Sylvie Collection’s Newest Stackable Wedding Sets on About.com


“The popularity of last year’s stacking rings inspired Texas-based designer Sylvie Levine to recast some of her most striking designs as a bridal collection. Using the tiniest, finely-wrought details to differentiate each engagement ring and wedding band style, the line incorporates intricate, vintage-inspired or geometric motifs. Says the designer: “We wanted to incorporate varying shapes with romantic and timeless design elements that would allow the wearer to create her own custom look, whether it’s stacking multiple bands on the finger, incorporating color or going the traditional route and opting for one of our new—and quite affordable—wedding sets in 14k gold.” – About.com

Click here to read the full article.

The Dos and Don’ts of Caring For Your Diamond Jewelry

ER819-FR819-PD819 SET

There is a certain romanticism  associated with diamonds. What is it that gives diamonds their sparkling charm and their unique captivating shimmer? They have been a favorite among people for centuries due to their rarity and their beauty. Even today, people prefer to wear diamond engagement rings or diamond jewelry to make this gemstone the center of attraction. Read the rest of this entry »

Pearl: The Birthstone of June

The popularity of gemstones is not something new. People from all cultures and civilizations value gemstones due to their beauty, special powers (thought to be associated with some gemstones) and uniqueness. The ancient Egyptian, Greek, Incan, Persian, Aztec, Roman, Indian and Tibetan civilizations have considered gems to be of special value and possess extraordinary powers, such as those of healing.

Astrologers, in order to symbolize the power of different planets, have assigned some stones to the 12 zodiac signs, referring to them as ‘birthstones’.

A birthstone is a gem that is associated with a person’s birth month. Some months have multiple birthstones associated with them. People who were born in June are lucky to have three official birthstones; Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

woman-with-pearl-necklaceThe Pearl is normally considered as the primary birthstone of June. The pearl is unique among all other gemstones because a pearl is formed under the sea unlike the rest of the gems. Pearls which form within the mollusk’s tissue are highly precious and sought after. Although white is the most common color of pearls, but they are also found in subtle shades of cream, yellow, green, gray, blue, mauve, lavender and black. They are known as the second most precious gems after diamonds. Have a look at our Diamond engagement rings or unique engagement rings to buy the ring that will make her say YES! Like our Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring, Unique Double-Halo Mixed Color Diamond Engagement Ring or if vintage is the choice of your love, consider our Ruby Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring.

Pearls have been used for adornment since centuries and are considered as the best gift for wedding anniversaries. So, all those people preparing to get engaged or married soon, be ready to give pearls to your better half on the 1st anniversary and for now have a look at our collection of Designer engagement rings and Diamond wedding bands to choose a precious ring for your partner.

Pearl jewelry is delicate and hence, needs spcial care. It should be stored separately, wrapped in a soft fabric to prevent the stone from scratches and should also be worn with special care. Be careful that your pearl jewelry does not come in contact with soap, perfume, lotion and make-up so. Wearing your pearl jewelry should be last thing you do before leaving your home.

A pearl is considered as a sign of purity, sincerity, modesty and chastity and it represents loyalty and faithfulness. Freshwater or cultured pearls are thought to bring the power of money, love, luck, protection, wisdom and love to strengthen relationships. According to ancient Greeks, pearls promote marital bliss. Therefore, pearl jewelry is the perfect wedding or engagement gift to not only express your love and sincerity, but for also strengthening your relationship.

Visit our unique wedding bands or Diamond Fashion Jewelry collection to choose a gift for your bride-to-be. Whether you are looking for an emerald ring or want a delicate diamond ring, Sylvie collection has something for everyone.

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Billboard Music Awards: 4 Celebrities and the Jewelry that gave them their Sparkle


The Billboard Music Awards marked another fabulous night for fashion. Celebrities strutted their daring, stylistic choices on the red carpet, posing for the cameras. However, it was something else that caught our eye—their glittery diamond fashion jewelry.

When we took a closer look to see their impressive taste in jewelry, to our surprise, adoring their fingers was one of our diamond rings. Are you wondering who those four lovely ladies were? Let’s take a look at the four divas who decided to walk down the red carpet wearing a diamond ring from our collection:

Ariana Grande

2Ariana Grande, 23, wowed audiences with her powerful performance at the Billboard Music Awards. She sang two songs from her upcoming album, Into You and Dangerous Woman. The petite singer with her “Mariah Carey” vocals started her performance from behind the keyboard before getting up and dancing on stage.

When she picked up the mic to sing, her beautiful diamond ring came into full focus. Did it steal the spotlight? For diamond jewelry lovers everywhere, it sure did. She wore our Unique Double Band Diamond Ring, featuring two white gold bands with small diamonds gracing the abstract shape of the ring. For a girl with a unique voice, choosing this diamond fashion jewelry makes sense.


3Kesha, 29, looked at happy and content as she posed for the photographers at the awards show. This past few months have been tough on the singer who has been in legal battle with her record label over her right to record music, but without the interference from Dr. Luke, her producer.

Kesha who wanted to break ties with her label lost the suit, but her label agreed for her to part ways with Dr. Luke. However, she has maintained strong and it showed at the Billboard Awards Show.

She arrived in a purple pantsuit combination with gold embroidery and a Rose Gold Diamond Ring, which she wore on her middle finger. She arrived with singer Ben Folds and couldn’t stop smiling. Her smile matched the shine of the diamond ring.

Gwen Stefani

4When singer Gwen Stefani, 46, arrived on the red carpet, people had to take a second glance, as she didn’t look like herself. What was missing, her fans wondered? Her signature red lipstick was a no show at event, but what she did keep intact was her style in jewelry.

The actress, who came with her country singer and fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton, wore a nude outfit with silver embroidery. She decided to complement her outfit with our Glamorous Mixed Shape Diamond Ring. Even though she was unrecognizable, we dig her look and her taste in diamond fashion jewelry.

Lindsey Stirling

5Violinist Lindsey Stirling, 29, looked absolutely radiant as she posed on the red carpet, wearing nude dress with stripes running down the top part of the gown with a ruffled bottom.  She paired her nude dress with a bracelet and wore two diamond rings with one the rings being from our collection. She wore our Floral Rose Gold Diamond Ring. Her dress by far was one of the most different ones we saw on the red carpet, but her jewelry was on point.



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