Celebrate Your Own Bundles of Joy With Royal-Baby-Inspired Jewelry

For fans of the royal family, the recent birth of a baby girl to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was a cause for celebration. Her Royal Highness Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge made her official entrance into the world on May 2, 2015, where she immediately captured the hearts of not only the royal family, but of much of the world as well. And few are immune to the allure of a pink-cheeked princess, including famed jewelry maker Claudia Bradby.

Bradby’s new line features a tribute to the newest royal baby with the creation of the Crown and Acorn Necklace. The pendant features the image of a crown and an acorn hand-stamped on a silver disc and an accompanying pink pearl. The design was chosen in reference to the family’s official coat of arms that features an insignia of three acorns and allows additional pearls to be added for each newly arriving bundle of joy.

For those unfamiliar with Bradby, she collaborated previously on jewelry creations for Kate Middleton before she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Back then, the lovely Ms. Middleton was an accessories buyer for a London fashion chain. She approached Bradby to design a simple necklace for young buyers that was similar in design to the latest silver and pink-pearl homage to the royal baby.

For moms thinking of purchasing Bradby’s pendant to keep track of their own little bundles of joy, we carry an extensive collection of fashion jewelry to complement it perfectly, including our classic white gold round diamond earrings and our antique-inspired fashion ring. Now you can celebrate the birth of your own royal princess and accessorize it perfectly with offerings from our comprehensive jewelry collection.

Summer Breeze: Cool Gemstones for Sizzling Days

Capture the vivid blues, greens, and pinks of summer in your choice of colorful gemstone jewelry. From the deep azure of the Pacific Ocean to the the misty aquamarine of a mountain morning, we have a comprehensive collection of breezy, beautiful casual gems to complement everything from your tennis whites to your favorite old cut-offs and ragged tee.

Gemstones of Green

Nothing highlights the toned muscles of a bare arm like a twinkling tennis bracelet featuring the deep, grass green of emeralds. And an emerald pendant in the shape of a teardrop transports the imagination to an overgrown meadow and a romantic picnic for two.. Green is the signature color of summer, and when you wear this traditional color in emerald, peridot, tourmaline, or sapphire, try pairing it with warm metals such as yellow or rose gold for a sparkle that will catch the light all day long.

Ocean Hues

Aquamarine, blue topaz, and moonstone can all mimic the colors of the shore, making them the perfect stones to wear on a romantic walk along the beach or sailing with your favorite captain and crew. These cool, aqua-colored stones pair well with corals, pearls, and diamonds, especially when displayed in brilliant white-gold or sterling silver settings.

Summer Sunsets

Pink tourmaline, amethyst, and ruby are all colors reminiscent of the end of a long, summer day. Pair them with gorgeous black or white diamonds to create a look that’s airy enough for a summer shopping trip with the BFF, yet formal enough for a sunset dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Summer is the only season that gives you leave to show off a little skin, and what better way to complement bare arms and plunging necklines than with glamorous gems that are flirty, functional, and fun?

Eternity Bands: In Celebration of Life’s Biggest Moments

The eternity band is a traditional symbol of infinity. While you can present this reminder of your never-ending love at any time, according to tradition, there are several occasions that specifically call for it. And missing them could make life with the woman of your dreams a little … awkward. If you’re coming up on any of the milestones listed below, showing up with a charming eternity band in your possession shows her that you care about tradition.

  • After the Birth of First Child: Men have presented eternity bands to their significant others for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians offered crude versions of these metal rings set with gemstones to symbolize undying love. Earliest forms of this ring featured a motif of a snake swallowing its tail. While it’s unclear which occasions Egyptian men felt necessitated this infinity symbol, modern connotations are clear: An eternity band symbolizes all the years past and all the years yet to come which is why tradition calls for this gift after the birth of a firstborn child.
  • After the Birth of a Last Child: After the birth of a last child, it’s customary to purchase an eternity band that contains the same number of stones as there are children in the family. This type of eternity band can feature as few as two gemstones.
  • For a Milestone Anniversary: If you’ve made it to 20, 25, or 30 years together, an eternity band is a symbol of past, present and future. This ring is often gifted on the occasion of significant anniversaries like these.

There really are no hard and fast rules that dictate when you should invest in the longevity of the eternity band. But if you’re someone who cares about tradition, the infinite sparkle of this ring that transcends generations is a sure way to capture her heart forever.


Tia Mowry, Actress, Sparkles With Sylvie’s Blue Topaz and Diamond Fashion Ring and Stunning Diamond Bangles!

Tia Mowry, actress, adds more sparkles to her ensemble wearing Sylvie’s dazzling blue topaz and diamond fashion ring (SS019) and two stunning diamond bangles (BG500 and BG502) to the TV Land Awards in April, 2015.


Jennifer Lopez (JLo) Favors Sylvie’s Gold and Diamond Fashion Ring!

Beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez favors Sylvie’s stunning gold and diamond fashion ring (FR556) which features shiny metal ribbons of gold coiled under ribbons of shimmering pave diamonds. She loved wearing this modern designed ring while judging contestants on American Idol in April 2015.


Emerald: A Lush, Green Gemstone for May

SY596S EMERALDFrom the most coveted jewels of Cleopatra to the writings of Aristotle, the verdant emerald has captivated entire societies for the last 6000 years. This deep green gemstone has been credited with the power to cure epilepsy, encourage victory, or simply to soothe and to comfort. And, indeed, staring into the depths of the enchanting emerald can bring comfort — especially to the woman who is fortunate enough to wear it.

With the innocent, green arrival of spring comes this May birthstone — symbolic of all that is fresh and new in the world. The color of emerald can mimic the deep green of an ocean oasis or the brightness of an endless stretch of summer meadow, depending upon how it’s cut. And the woman who wears an emerald may have a passion for color and a devil-may-care attitude toward stuffy tradition.

The finest emeralds hail from Columbia — from the Coscuez, Muzo, and Chivor mines. These mines have been producing fine emeralds since the time of the Incan Indians. These stones are judged by the intensity of their color and by their transparency. Inclusions, or flaws, are not as detrimental in emeralds as they are in diamonds.

If you become the owner of this magnificent May birthstone, take care in wearing it. Emeralds are often difficult to cut due to inclusions, leading cutters to develop a style specifically intended for this temperamental stone — hence the invention of the emerald cut. During the process of turning raw emeralds into the glorious gems you see in rings and pendants, jewelers often use colorless resins. These help off-set the brittleness that is often inherent in the stone. You must take care not to immerse your emerald jewelry into cleansers that can damage the resins, or your emerald can loose it’s radiant shine. Talk with our jewelry professionals to learn how best to care for your emerald gemstone.

Extreme Wedding Proposals

diamond-ringIf you’ve ever been proposed to via video game, your marriage is sure to succeed, or so these over-the-top, hopeful grooms-to-be have reasoned. These guys weren’t afraid to declare their intentions for all the world — and the Internet — to see. Thankfully, she said “yes.”

Hacker Proposal

You could hack into your fiance’s favorite online game to pop the question — if you have hacker skills, that is. And that’s just what programmer Bernie Peng did to the popular game, Bejeweled. Once his intended reached a certain point level in the game, his proposal dropped down on her screen. She said yes, and Peng was standing by with the real ring in hand — a pink sapphire.

Proposal by Parachute​

Why not pop the question just moments before parachuting out of a plane with your intended? That’s what came to mind when extreme sports aficionado, Mateo Martinez, decided to opt for something out of the ordinary. His beloved said yes, and they plummeted to Earth together moments later. Happily, they both lived to enjoy the honeymoon.

Marriage by Marketing Ploy

When one hopeful groom-to-be couldn’t raise enough money to buy an ad during Superbowl Sunday, he opted instead to air his proposal during his girlfriend’s favorite television program. He bought space on a local station and had his proposal aired in the middle of her favorite show, Veronica Mars. She said yes, and they embarked on a lifetime of co-ed viewing pleasure.

If your groom has an extreme wedding proposal in the works, we have an equally exciting collection of dramatic engagement rings to help him make his point. Stop by your local retailer today and view our collection.

Lovely Jennifer Lopez Prefers Sylvie’s Diamond Gold Fashion Ring!

Lovely Jennifer Lopez prefers to wear Sylvie’s fashion ring of gold and diamond spiral bands (FR556) as seen on her interview with E! News for the new movie, “Home.”


Carrie Ann Inaba of “Dancing With The Stars” Looks Fabulous in Sylvie’s Black Diamond Fashion Ring!

Looking dazzling dressed in black, Carrie Ann Inaba of “Dancing With the Stars” complements her ensemble with Sylvie’s black rhodium fashion ring trimmed in diamonds and designed with a lacy pattern. (FR555)


Jennifer Lopez (JLo) loves Sylvie’s Fashion Ring!

Centurion Newsletter features Jennifer Lopez in “Celebrity News” wearing her favorite Sylvie diamond fashion ring (FR556) at the American Idol episode and finalist party.


Rings of the Royals

SS008 (1)Whoever said an engagement ring must feature a center diamond never kissed the hands of the British royals. These classy ladies all chose color over carat when it came time to choose the ring:

Kate Middleton’s Sapphire

Before the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring graced her lovely hand, it sat on the famous left hand of Diana, Princess of Wales. The twelve-carat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds is rumored to be worth in excess of $500,000. William bestowed his mother’s ring upon his intended in 2010 during a trip to Kenya as his way of including the beloved Diana in his upcoming nuptials.

Sarah Ferguson’s Ruby

In March of 1986, Prince Andrew bestowed upon his intended bride a vibrant red ruby ring. Sarah Ferguson, known for her riotous red locks, freckles, and fun-loving temperament, seem the perfect choice for the blood-red ruby. Indeed, she didn’t settle, as the ring features a prominent Burmese ruby surrounded by ten teardrop-shaped diamonds. Rumor has it, Andrew designed and sketched the ring himself and then entrusted his vision to royal ring maker, Garrard.

Wallis Simpson’s Emerald

In October of 1936, King Edward VIII proposed to the love of his life, Wallis Simpson, with a stunning emerald ring. The ring was a whopping near-twenty-carat affair that cemented his love for his twice-divorced American love. Two months later, in December, Edward abdicated his throne to marry Simpson, and their official titles became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. They lived happily ever after, sharing a passion for jewelry, and proving that the diamond doesn’t make the marriage.

If your longings lean to colorful gemstones, we have a remarkable selection of engagement rings to satisfy your passion. Worthy of royalty, these rings reflect the personality and style of the women who wear them — as they have down through history.

Jennifer Lopez Fancies Sylvie’s Fashion Ring!

We believe Jennifer Lopez, international pop star, fancies our diamond and gold fashion ring (FR556). Once again, she favors this stunning Sylvie ring.


Carrie Ann Inaba Shows Off Sylvie!

Radiant Carrie Ann Inaba, judge of “Dancing With The Stars,” chooses Sylvie’s stunning diamond fashion ring (FR100) to complement her gorgeous dress.


Celebrity Ring Bling: He Gave Her What?

JLo-AmericanIdol1_Press_Sheet_March_2015_FR556Celebrities just want to be loved too, and what better way to ask for it than with a multi-faceted, high-carat creation capable of making kings and queens feel envious? These celebrities started out their betrothals in style, with rings that left us gasping for breath:

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

A ten-carat diamond nestled snugly inside an east-west setting was the offering that silver-screen star Michael Douglas bestowed upon his lady-love, Catherine Zeta-Jones in 1999. The large center diamond is surrounded by 28 smaller diamonds, and the ring is currently valued at a cool $2.5 million dollars. It may not be the Jewel of the Nile, but who’s complaining?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Prior to their 2004 wedding in Beverly Hills, California, Marc Anthony presented Jennifer Lopez with a stunning blue diamond that’s rumored to weigh 8.5 carats. Reportedly worth a whopping $4 million, the engagement ring designed by Neil Lane wasn’t enough to keep the couple together. Even before their official divorce in 2014, Jennifer went public with her plans to sell the lovely blue diamond. Clearly, Jenny from the block still knows all the best pawn shops.

Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis

In May of 2005, Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis, presented his intended, Paris Hilton, with a shiny rock that’s currently valued at $4.7 million. Sadly, the 25-carat white diamond wasn’t enough to seal the deal. The couple split up not long after, and Hilton auctioned off the ring to help victims of Hurricane Katrina — a fitting end to a stormy romance.

You may not be a celebrity or act like a celebrity, but there’s no reason you can’t feel like one on your special day. Visit our remarkable collection of elegant engagement rings that are sure to put you in the spotlight.

Diamonds are for April

SY337-0078For an ancient stone that takes billions of years to form, the diamond is found in surprising abundance in the 21st Century. Songs have been written about this glittering gem and movies created around it. Wars are still fought over it, and it encircles the fingers, necks, wrists and heads of royalty and celebrities the world over. Diamond is the official birthstone of April, and if you’re lucky enough to be born in this month of gentle seasonal change, you have reason to celebrate too.

Diamonds Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

While not every groom-to-be can afford to present his beloved with a monolithic blue diamond like the one portrayed in James Cameron’s “Titanic,” diamonds on a smaller scale are quite affordable, especially diamonds that feature a pale hint of color such as yellow or brown. Pale yellow diamonds feature all the sparkle of clear diamonds while sporting about half the price tag, and the same goes for pale brown diamonds. Diamonds in these hues are often referred to as champagne- or cognac-colored diamonds, and they’re gaining popularity as an affordable option for couples who might otherwise be unable to own a traditional, clear diamond.

Small Diamonds Can Be Made to Appear Larger

The setting that you choose for your ring can make your center stone appear larger or smaller. Halo settings that feature a single, central stone surrounded by a circle of smaller gems are especially popular for fashion and birthstone rings because the gems all work together to make the center stone appear more dominant. Prong settings that elevate your diamond help draw dramatic attention to a stone as well.

Diamonds Can Be Cut into Nearly Any Shape

While heart and round remain the most sought-after and expensive cuts of diamonds, other cuts such as emerald, princess, cushion, and oval are highly affordable. Never hesitate to examine every cut available when choosing or designing your signature piece.

If you’re seeking a ring or pendant to fulfill a birthday wish for your beloved who celebrates an April birthday, we offer a delightful selection of fashion jewelry to both surprise and enchant her.

Answers to Your Questions: Engagement Ring Edition

As a first-time buyer, it’s understandable that you have countless questions you want to ask before committing to an engagement ring: What’s the right size? How do I make the most of my money? We’ve taken a few of the questions we hear over and over again and answered them for you here:

Can My Diamond Fall Out?

Unless your engagement ring suffers a serious blow, there’s very little chance that your diamond will fall out. While settings are designed to be stylish, their main purpose is to hold onto your precious gem or gems. Some settings are a bit more secure than others, however. And if you’re the worrying sort, you might want to consider a setting such as bezel or channel that uses more metal to help protect and secure the stone.

I Want Something Different. How Do I Choose a Ring That’s Unique?

If you yearn for a one-of-a-kind design, you can have your engagement ring customized specifically for you. This option tends to be a bit costly, however. It also takes longer to craft. As a happy medium, choose a preset ring that offers unusual features such as an east-west setting, split-shank band, or vintage-inspired design. Some contemporary engagement rings offer multiple unique personalizations like these that make them stand out from the crowd.

How Many Carats Should I Request?

This one is easy to answer. Your carats should fit your budget. If you’re counting dollars, choose a more modest stone and then use the cut and setting to maximize its appearance. Encircle your smaller diamond with a halo of semi-precious gems or choose a more economical cut such as emerald.

We understand your need to ask questions before you make a major commitment like purchasing an engagement ring, and we’re here to help guide you through the process from beginning to end.


Find A Flattering Ring for Every Finger

There are many factors to consider when you’re shopping for that one perfect engagement ring. After all, you plan to wear this ring for the rest of your life; make sure it’s designed to flatter the shape of your hand.

The length, width, and shape of your fingers play huge roles in how a ring sets on your hand. Every bride-to-be has uniquely shaped fingers, meaning there is no one ring to please them all. Fingers can be long and slender, slim and petite, or short and wide, and the style of ring you choose determines whether it flatters or fails. Fortunately, we carry a comprehensive selection of stunning possibilities. Consider the following:

The Width of the Band

A wide band makes slender fingers appear more substantial. Similarly, a too-dainty band on a wider finger may look too small. For the best fit, Pick your band with the width of your finger in mind.

The Size of the Stone

Larger stones complement long fingers, smaller stones petite fingers. If your fingers lean to the slender side, consider a wide band with a small- to medium-sized stone. Wider fingers look best dressed in a stone that’s fairly substantial, or that’s made to look that way by the band, setting, or accompanying stones.

The Cut of the Gem

Round- and princess-cut gems work well on most fingers, but especially so on fingers that are long and slender. If your fingers are shorter, opt for an elongated cut such as a marquise, oval, or teardrop to help lend the illusion of length.

The Type of Setting

If you’re looking to beef up your ring to make it appear more substantial, opt for a setting that includes a halo of smaller gems, or a floral or vintage design. This setting is perfect for a wider finger, If your finger is petite and slim, a simple channel-cut band is complementary.

If you keep these factors in mind while engagement-ring shopping, you’ll find the right fit — a ring that’s the perfect size, shape, and cut to perfectly flatter your hand.

Jennifer Lopez Always in Style With Sylvie!

Jennifer Lopez wears her favorite Sylvie diamond fashion ring to the American Idol Finalist Party on March 2015. Not the first time she has chosen this particular style, we believe she complements it beautifully with her fashion ensemble.


JCK Magazine Reveals One of Sylvie’s Newest Design!

Sylvie’s newest style is highlighted in JCK Magazine, March 2015 edition. The mixture of using colored stones in a double halo around the amethyst center creates both a modern and regal effect (FR706).

JCK_Magazine_Mar_2015_FR706_Sylvie_featured CROPPED

2015 Love Issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Features Sylvie!

Sylvie’s split shank, halo diamond engagement ring with an oval center (SY509) is featured in the 2015 Love issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England, March 2015.


National Jeweler Quotes Sylvie and Highlights New Style

National Jeweler quotes Sylvie on her insight of vintage inspired designs with a modern twist. Highlighted is her use of baguette diamonds set in an east-west position down the shank (S1055), March, 2015.