“The Centurion – Celebrity News” Spots Keri Russell Wearing Sylvie’s Glamorous Black Onyx and Diamond Fashion Ring!

Glamorous Keri Russell, actress, is seen wearing Sylvie’s unique black onyx and shimmering diamond halo fashion ring (FR602) while attending the “TCA Awards,” as posted online in “JCK Marketplace – Celebrity New.” August, 2015

Cent News-Sylvie_Keri_Russell_Press_Sheet_Aug_2015

Sylvie’s Unique Peridot and Diamond Halo Earrings Highlighted In “JCK Marketplace!”

These unique and stylish earrings with a cushion shaped peridot center stone set inside a dazzling diamond halo and in yellow gold are showcased in “JCK Marketplace” as jewelry to wear any time of the year and for not only those born in August. August, 2015


Bridget Regan of “Agent Carter” Glistens In Sylvie’s Crystal and Black Diamond Fashion Earrings!

Bridget Regan, actress of “Agent Carter,” wore the perfect pair of glistening fashion earrings to match her appealing ensemble: Sylvie’s unique and exotic crystal and black diamond earrings in rose gold(ER601), to the Season 4 premiere of “HBO Project Greenlight” in August, 2015.


Keri Russell Glamorizes With Sylvie’s Onyx and Diamond Fashion Ring!

Dressed in a black lace gown, Keri Russell, actress, looks glamorous and accessorizes with Sylvie’s stunning black onyx with a shimmering pave diamond halo in white gold (FR602) while attending the TCA Awards, August, 2015.


Sylvie Levine Featured In “Adorn” Magazine For Today’s Trends In Bridal!

Our very own Sylvie Levine, designer of the Sylvie Collection, is beautifully featured in “Adorn” magazine, May-June 2015 issue, in an informative Q&A on today’s current trends in bridal rings.


Candace Cameron Sparkles in Amethyst and Diamond Earrings from Sylvie Collection!

Candace Cameron, actress of “Fuller House,” sparkles at the TCA Tour wearing Sylvie’s stunning rose gold dangle earrings with pear shaped amethyst and dazzling round brilliant diamonds (ER510). July, 2015


The Whimsical Royal Wedding of Beatrice and Pierre

beatrice-pierreThe recent summer nuptials of Italian television personality, Beatrice Borromeo, to Monaco heir, Pierre Casiraghi, was marked by gorgeous settings, a line-up of dresses to challenge any New York runway, and a stunning pear-shaped diamond encased in a halo setting.

It began with a simple civil ceremony at Grimaldi Palace in Monte Carlo, followed days later by a more traditional ceremony held in Stresa, Italy, along the shores of Lake Maggiore. The bride, a well-known journalist and member of the aristocratic House of Borromeo, wore a variety of gowns by such top designers as Valentino and Armani. The groom — in line to the throne of Monaco — wore a variety of tasteful suits and tuxedos ranging from gray to black.

This latest royal couple is as beloved as those who’ve come before them: Pierre’s grandmother was none other than the enchanting Grace Kelly, and Beatrice is a celebrity in her own right — holding a journalism degree from Columbia University. She’s a well-known television journalist in Italy.

The couple’s wedding festivities will not be easily forgotten. They spanned the period of an entire week and included a whirlwind of locations such as the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo and the Borromeo Islands.

If you’re planning a European wedding in the near future, you could do worse than to take inspiration from the captivating union of these two famous sweethearts. Stunning settings, elegant attire, and an A-list of guests that included royalty, celebrities, and fashion models were the earmarks of this over-the-top celebration that joined the two young people in holy matrimony. It may not exactly follow all the guidelines of a Cinderella story, but it’s close enough to captivate our hearts regardless.

Which Celebs Wear Their Hearts on Their Ring Fingers?

Heart-DiamondThe heart-shaped diamond engagement ring gained a boost recently with the announcement of the celebrity engagement of Nicki Minaj to rapper Meek Mill.  The ring — a whopping fifteen-carat yellow diamond creation enclosed in a double halo of pave diamonds is rumored to be worth a cool half-million dollars. And if that weren’t enough, Mill recently upped the ante with a double heart yellow diamond ring to match. The second ring is estimated to be worth $75,000.

And the Minaj-Mill union comes on the heels of Lady Gaga’s Valentine’s Day engagement earlier this year to actor/model Taylor Kinney. Gaga’s heart-shaped ring is also estimated to be worth a good half-million dollars. Though the value is similar, the two rings couldn’t look more different. Gaga’s ring features a single, huge white diamond in a prong setting with a diamond-studded band.

The heart-shaped gemstone has been around since at least the 16th Century when Mary, Queen of Scots is rumored to have sent one to Queen Elizabeth of England. More recently, the heart-shaped diamond has become a popular choice of stone for engagement rings among couples who aren’t afraid to break with tradition.

Part of the appeal of a heart-shaped stone is it’s ability to hide inclusions, or flaws, in the diamond. This cut is a modified brilliant that is basically a pear-cut with a notch at the center top. For this reason, the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is often more affordable because it can feature a slightly lower-quality diamond without the visible defects.

One thing is certain, the heart-shaped ring hasn’t lost its appeal down through the ages, and with the recent surge of popularity among favorite celebrities, odds are good it won’t anytime in the near future. If it’s a heart-shaped diamond that flits through your dreams at night, we have the perfect, romantic selection just waiting to enchant.

“BuzzFeed Life” Selects Sylvie’s Rose Gold Engagement Ring!

Simply stunning, Sylvie’s rose gold engagement ring featuring a sparkling round brilliant diamond set in a pave diamond, cushion shaped halo of rose gold (S1199-RCH-RG) is selected as one “that will leave you speechless” in their post dated July 22, 2015.


Candace Cameron Dazzles in Sylvie’s Diamond Eternity Band!

Fashionable Candace Cameron accessorizes with Sylvie’s diamond eternity band (EBSPC) at the “TCA Tour Hallmark Event” in July, 2015. Wearing a stack of bands with different styles, metal colors and stones is the newest trend for expressing each person’s individuality.


Unique Shaped Diamond Hoop Earrings From The Sylvie Collection Featured!

Sylvie’s pave diamond hoop earrings in a unique and modern design are highlighted in “JCK Marketplace” as a new “twist” in the “Current Earring Craze (ER652). July, 2015


Andie MacDowell Decorates With Sylvie’s Rose Gold and Mixed Diamond Fashion Ring!

Talented and beautiful, actress Andie MacDowell, looks fashionable and fabulous wearing Sylvie’s rose gold and mixed diamond fashion ring while at the TCA Tour Hallmark Event in July, 2015 (FR702).


Contemporary And Unique Marquise Diamond Ring From The Sylvie Collection!

“JCK Marketplace” showcases Sylvie’s fashionable and uniquely modern marquise diamond ring for the unconventional bride-to-be as a trendsetting, dramatic engagement ring or an awe-inspiring, glamorous fashion ring (FR700). July, 2015


Amethyst, Diamonds, And Rose Gold Pendant Is A Unique And Perfect Gift!

Sylvie’s modern design of an amethyst, diamond, and rose gold pendant is sure to please any woman, and “The Jewelry Book” has highlighted this dazzling piece as an “editor’s pick” in their “Gift Guide” of color trends (PD401C). Summer, 2015


JCK Marketplace Spotlights Sylvie’s Unique Green Tourmaline Diamond Fashion Ring!

Whether you are searching for an appealing engagement or fashion ring, this unique trillion cut green tourmaline enhanced with a pave diamond halo and split shank will captivate you! (SS021)


Brooke Burns Is Radiant In Sylvie’s Modern Gold and Diamond Fashion Ring!

The lovely and vivacious Brooke Burns, actress, looked radiant at the TCA Tour Hallmark Event and is seen wearing Sylvie’s modern fashion ring of diamonds and gold with half moon cutouts (FR167). July, 2015


Peridot: August’s Molten Birthstone

SS029 Sylvie Collection

SS029 Sylvie Collection

If it’s peace and good fortune you’re craving, you need look no further than the sparkling green of August’s birthstone. For at least the last 4000 years, the lovely peridot has been enchanting people the world over with its dazzling lime-green hue. And rightfully so — this stone is created by volcanic action and sometimes forms inside meteors as they travel to Earth. When magma cools beneath the Earth’s surface prior to volcanic eruption, it’s peridot that forms in the hot basalt, making this gem unique among many.

Thousands of years ago, peridot hailed from Egypt where it was called the evening emerald, but much of today’s peridot is mined in Arizona, Myanmar, Tanzania, and even Pakistan. A form of the mineral olivine, peridot gets its trademark green color from iron. Found only in shades of green to green-brown, the value of a peridot stone is measured by its clarity. If the color is contaminated with a brown hue, the stone is worth less than one that features a bright, vibrant green.

In the Hawaiian Islands that were formed by volcanic action, it’s not unusual to see sparkling fragments of peridot glittering along beaches on the island of Kauai. These fragments are too small to be of use to the jewelry industry and are such a regular site that the locals aren’t bothered by them. But in Hawaiian folklore, these tiny fragments are considered Pele’s diamonds — erupting from deep within Hawaii’s fiery goddess inside the volcano, Kilauea.

Down through history, peridot has been associated with good fortune and healing. A gift presented by Mother Nature, this elegant green stone is used for everything from pendants to earrings. A stunning accent gem for diamonds, peridot adds a handsome hint of green to any engagement ring.

“The Centurion Newsletter” Highlights Rachel McAdams In Sylvie’s Diamond Band!

“The Centurion Newsletter” spots Rachel McAdams wearing Sylvie’s white gold and diamond stackable eternity band while attending the “ESPY” awards in July, 2015.


“Engagement 101.com” Features Ian and Sylvie Levine of “The Sylvie Collection” in “Designing Couples!!!”

“Engagement 101.com” featured our very own Ian and Sylvie Levine, in the online article of “Designing Couples.” An intimate “Q & A” gives insight on how their successful marriage and business has worked for them. July, 2015


Lesley-Ann Brandt, Actress of “Gotham,” Looks Trendy and Stylish in Sylvie’s Stackables!

Stackable bands are the newest styles in jewelry and Lesley-Ann Brandt of “Gotham” looks trendy and contemporary in her choice of style while attending the “Comic Con” in July, 2015. She is seen wearing Sylvie’s white and gold diamond bands, from our collection of Stackables.


Maryse Ouellett Shines In Sylvie’s Unique Diamond Fashion Bracelet!

Lovely Maryse Ouellet shines in Sylvie’s unique fashion bracelet with a dramatic arrangement of round brilliant diamonds in various sizes (BT711).