Brilliant Bands for Contemporary Brides

Your wedding band no longer has to conform to traditional standards. Plain gold bands were all the rage when your parents tied the knot, but modern couples have so many more options from which to choose. And since there’s no written or unwritten laws against sparkle, why not encircle her delicate finger in equally petite diamonds?

Baguette Bands

The art-deco appearance of the baguette diamond makes a powerful statement when encapsulated in our channel setting. Baguette diamonds hark back to the roaring 20s, when they were at the zenith of their popularity. A baguette band creates a vintage-inspired neutral background to showcase a more intricate style of engagement ring.

Pave Bands

Nearly every bride loves the look of fine pave diamonds. Pave bands are created to maximize the sparkle factor — small, brilliant diamonds set close together with little metal showing in between. Pave bands catch and reflect the light from a multitude of angles, yet they’re basic enough to pair well with nearly any style of engagement ring. If she loves to shine, consider the allure of a pave diamond wedding band.


When a straight band does not fit flush under the engagement ring because of the way it was designed, a curve band may be used instead. The curved wedding band acts as a wrap to nestle the matching stone of the engagement ring. Curved diamond bands add thickness and depth to any wedding set.

Have the perfect wedding band in mind when you begin shopping for this most important symbol of unification, and don’t be afraid to take chances and go bold in lieu of traditional. The contemporary bride has little in common with the bride of yesteryear, why should her wedding band be any different?

Romantic Rings for Spring

We have a splendid selection of ultra-feminine engagement rings to accompany the perfect springtime proposal. Whether the bride-to-be is a lover of vintage-inspired rings or a bold believer in whatever’s trending at the moment, we have the consummate spring ring to suit the occasion.


A floral ring is feminine. It’s earthy. It may be just the right ring for the nature-loving bride-to-be. Floral rings have been around for ages, but today’s offerings are especially whimsical — featuring stunning center stones nestled in floral-shaped halos of smaller diamonds. Florals occur in many shapes — just as they do in nature — one to suit every personality.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is gaining a strong following in the 21st Century. Beautifully crafted from a mixture of gold and copper, rose gold rings are well-suited to brides who desire a splash of color but who still prefer a crystal-clear diamond. Rose gold varies in hue from light pink to red with the addition of silver or an increase in copper content. Rings made from romantic rose gold will naturally develop a gorgeous patina over time, due to the addition of copper.


Vintage-inspired engagement rings are some of the most sought-after among contemporary brides. Whether she desires a ring similar to one she coveted as a child or just prefers a unique ring that bears little in common with modern trends, we have a captivating collection of vintage-inspired rings to set the stage for your spring proposal.

Kudos to the man who plans a spring engagement. Spring is the season of renewal and change — alive with vibrant colors and filled with possibility of the days to come. If ever there was a perfect season to pop the question, spring may be it.

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Valentine’s Day Proposal: Not Just Hearts Anymore

The heart motif has been synonymous with St. Valentine’s Day since at least the 17th Century, when it became a popular symbol of love and devotion between ardent Victorian men and women. The Victorians celebrated this day in earnest, as always, dressing their heart-riddled valentines up in decorative ribbons.

The depiction of the heart to represent love has endured — decorating everything from wedding invitations to anniversary cakes to sweetheart rings. In fact, the heart-cut diamond still becomes especially popular during the month of February, for those hopeful suitors who’ve chosen St. Valentine’s Day to launch a romantic proposal.

But the modern bride-to-be has nearly unlimited choices in cut and setting. And while heart-cut diamonds will never completely lose their place in the St. Valentine’s Day marriage proposal, newer, more-daring cuts and settings are quickly gaining ground:

East-West or Horizontal Setting

The East-West or horizontal setting simply features a stone set on its side. Marquise-cut stones look exquisite when displayed in an East-West setting, so do emerald cuts. Even cushion- and oval-cut stones are magnificent and especially eye-catching when mounted on the horizontal.

Mixed-Shape Stones

Multi-stone rings give the bride-to-be the opportunity to showcase more than one favorite cut. Mixed-shape rings, just as the name implies, feature several stones of various cuts. A single ring might contain both marquise- and round-cut stones surrounded by pave diamonds.

Fancy Colored

Colors aren’t just for informal occasions anymore. Fancy colored diamonds and clear diamonds surrounded by semi-precious gems, such as amethyst or ruby, make a stunning statement — especially for a February engagement. Many contemporary brides prefer colorful stones that reflect their youth and vitality.

We have every cut and setting that the modern bride-to-be covets, so plan your proposal accordingly and remember — Valentine’s Day isn’t only about hearts anymore.

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