One for You, One for Me. How to Choose Unique Wedding Bands.

Choosing Unique Wedding Bands for You and Your Husband

If you have a diamond engagement ring that you simply adore and makes you look forward to sporting a diamond wedding band that is both elegant and unique, then you carefully need to select a diamond wedding band that is customized according to your needs and preferences. You can choose a unique wedding band for you and your husband that matches and complements each other or is completely different from one another.


There is no hard and fast rule regarding unique wedding band, and it is a ritual that is centuries old but is still embedded deeply in our traditional values. Many cultures support the double ring tradition, in which a bride wears her diamond engagement ring with her diamond wedding band. Most couples decide to get complementary or matching unique wedding band sets for one of three reasons, namely that you and your loved one has similar tastes and are a match made in heaven or that buy exchanging your diamond wedding band, you will become a single cohesive unit that respects traditions.

However, if you do decide to go a separate route with your diamond wedding band, it’s not a faux pas, because this way you can celebrate your individuality. Choose a ring that suits your skin tone, personality, personal style and preferences and can help you  avoid any complicated situation in which you have to pressure your spouse to choose matching bands that they simply don’t like! Remember a diamond wedding band is something that you will wear for the rest of your life, every hour of every day. Therefore, loving it is essential if you want to cherish it too.

Here are a few things that you need to think about, before making a trip to your trusted jewelers, to buy your unique wedding band.

Choose the band metal. Although gold is a traditional choice, like our Bezel Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band, platinum unique wedding bands, like Classic Milgrain Detail Diamond Wedding Band for women have become quite common. Men’s unique wedding bands have taken a more contemporary turn and diamond wedding bands are now available in unique metals such as titanium and tungsten.

Think about the color. Do you want a yellow, rose, black or white gold diamond wedding band? Yellow gold diamond wedding band is traditional, but if you are edgy and adventurous and want to celebrate your modern, eclectic nature, choose white, rose or gray tungsten metals, like our amazing Unique Modern Stackable Diamond Wedding Band, Prong Set Double Row Yellow Diamond Band and Multiple Pave Pink Sapphire Band. Any of these choices can be spectacular and stunning.

A unique wedding band can come in two finishes, a high-polished finish, like our spectacular Classic Braided Wedding Band or a satin or matte finish that have a softer appearance and can suffer through years of wears, tears and scratches easily.

Like a diamond engagement ring, a diamond wedding band can also be decorated with a gemstone of your choice. You can go the timeless route and choose a diamond, like the Diamond Eternity Band, or if your unique engagement ring features a colored gemstone, then choosing a matching unique wedding band, like our Classic Round Brilliant Diamond And Pink Sapphire Band, is preferable, as it will complete the diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding band set.

Design is crucial when you are designing your diamond wedding band. A unique wedding band design is primarily dependent on the design of your diamond engagement rings. However, for men it can go either way. If your unique engagement ring is contemporary and modern, choose a simple modern design and if it is a vintage engagement ring, then choose a matching diamond wedding band.

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What your May Emerald Birthstone says about you!

1Emerald is a symbol of rebirth, youth, and foresight. It grants its owner the gift of good fortune. This stone has been celebrated due to its feminist nature and nurturing qualities. Individuals born in May are loyal, faithful and predisposed to be lifelong friends and emerald is a birthstone that suits them quite nicely. Emerald is the traditional birthstone of May and is listed as the birthstone for Taurus and Cancer. Emerald is the name given to a specific green color that resides between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale.

The word emerald is derived from the French word “esmeraude” and the Greek Root “Smaragdos”, meaning “green gemstone”. Although emeraldsare found in many countries, Brazil and Columbia are its primary producers. Emeralds have graced the hands of nobility and royalty for ages and due to their deep grass green color, with a slightlybluish tint, they have been revered for their unique beauty and peculiarity. Nowadays, many modern brides prefer a unique engagement ring or an emerald engagement ring, like our Glamorous Emerald Princess Cut Three-Stone Diamond Ring and Vintage Round Emerald Bezel Engagement Ring.

Emeraldgenerally has cracks and fissures and for this purpose, they are dipped in oil to eliminate or at least reduce the visibilityof these fissures and improve the clarity of the stone. Emeralds are delicate and are brittle, therefore special care must be taken while wearing them or cleaning them. Sylvie Collection features emeralds in their unique engagement rings, like our Glamorous Emerald Three-Stone Diamond Ring, vintage engagement rings, like Antique Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ringand unique wedding bands.

Our exclusive emeralddesigner engagement rings are becoming thecenter of attraction, due to their brilliance in both design and stone clarity and cut. Our 18k white gold antique-inspired emeraldengagement ring, with a 1.45-carat, bezel-set round emerald center stone, surrounded by 2.00 carats of diamonds, was recently featured in About Style, whichcelebrated the birthstone of May, by listing the mostcelebrated and beautiful emeralddesigner engagement rings, which areperfect for every budget. The article celebrated the originality of emeralds and stated that the quality of the emeralddepends on where it was sourced.

Mostemeralds are cloudy, with feathery fissures, which can be referredto as Jardin by the jeweler. However, if you want to put all your energies into finding a perfect sparklingemeralddiamond fashion jewelry piece, look no further than Sylvie Collection. If you want an emerald engagement ring, like Jackie Kennedy and Wallis Simpson, lookthroughour extensive collection of emerald engagement rings. One of the bestthings about emeralds is that they look equally impressive in both white gold and yellow gold and can be perfect for every budget.

We pride ourselves on designing diamond fashion jewelry that features emeralds as their primary stone. Our spectacular emerald diamond fashion jewelry and unique engagement rings have made many women happy. However, if you are looking for something other than a designer engagement ring, feel free to browse through our spectacular diamond fashion jewelry collection, which is filled with amazing and ingeniously designed emerald diamond fashion jewelry pieces that will be perfect for a special occasion or everyday use.

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How to Choose a Showstopper Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most special and memorable moments of your life, one that you will cherish for years to come. So why not make it extra special by choosing a spectacular diamond engagement ring? Don’t you just love it when you are the reason for their happiness and tears of joy? That split second of surreal happiness, combined with disbelief, shock and awe on your to-be-fiancés face will remain with you forever. Here is how you can choose the most spectacular diamond engagement ring for the woman you love.

Even before you set your foot inside a jewelry store, you should have comprehensive knowledge about the appearance of diamonds. If you are unsure about which kind of diamond engagement ring she would prefer, pay attention when she talks about jewelry, or ask her sisters or friends, they will be more than happy to help you out.

Check Out This Year’s Trends

Every year brings with it hundreds of trends. Just because diamonds are eternal doesn’t mean that their designs are too. Every year, jewelry designers change something about the stone settings and band metals to bring something unique to their clients. If your girlfriend has professed her love for one of the vintage engagement rings, like Princess Diana’s, then a halo engagement ring is one of the unique engagement rings available in the market.

Diamond Engagement Rings in Fashion

This year, some amazing options for diamond engagement rings are double-halo round diamond engagement ring with a carat oval diamond, a vintage-inspired rose gold pavé-set diamond engagement ring, cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring, rose gold halo engagement ring with a carat cushion cut diamond, or a round diamond engagement ring with split-shank design.

Don’t Think About the Price

Whatever you choose, remember don’t skimp on quality. An engagement ring is something you buy only once in your life. Make a powerful first impression and buy one of the designer engagement rings that shine brighter than the sun.

Find Out What She Likes

You must understand her taste in jewelry to buy her something that she would be proud to wear for the rest of her life. If she talked about a diamond engagement ring that one of her friends sported, pay attention and use that as a point of reference. Does she like a modern or vintage, gold or a platinum band? Does she prefer delicate jewelry pieces or is she more of a “make headlines” kind of a girl? Would she like ornate designs or sleek, no non-sense deign? Find out the answers to all these questions and do your research, before you even think about spending money on one of the diamond engagement rings.

Love is eternal and so are diamonds, so why not combine both of them into a perfect showstopper diamond engagement ring that will stop the heartbeat of anyone that sees it. It’s true that it won’t be cheap, but your love is priceless, so why shouldn’t the symbol of your love be anything less than that? Buy something, like a halo engagement ring, a   platinum engagement ring or one of the most amazing unique engagement rings, which your fiancé will be proud to show off. Show her how much she means to you by making the right choice.

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Bridal Guide Features Oval Engagement Rings from the Sylvie Collection!

The Sylvie Collection offers a wide variety of diamond engagement rings including fan favorites, the oval shaped diamond engagement ring. This year Bridal Guide featured 3 Oval Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings in their April Issue of “60 Stunning Oval Engagement Rings that’ll Leave You Speechless!”

Click here to read the full article.



JCK Magazine Features the Sylvie Collection’s Fashion Ring!

It’s no surprise that the Sylvie Collection‘s latest line of fashion rings are all people can talk about! Check out this stunning white gold diamond fashion ring that was just featured in a fantastic editorial spread entitled, “The Buying Game” within the May issue of JCK Magazine!


Erin Andrews Completes Her Look with a Stunning Sylvie Collection Fashion Ring!

TV personality and super star Erin Andrews had a whirlwind styling experience while getting ready for Dancing with the Stars. After some not-so-easy style changes, Erin completed her look with one of our favorite (and newest) fashion rings (Style #FR730) from the Sylvie Collection. Read more about the experience here on People’s Style Watch.

“TEAMWORK!” Andrews tells PeopleStyle about the experience — a topic she’d know something about, as a longtime sports reporter. “We made a quick decision we couldn’t fix the problem and changed the entire look in 10 minutes. I literally changed in an instant, like Cinderella. I have no idea how it all came together … but it did because everyone stayed calm and just went to work.” The final look? A laser-cut leather Catherine Deane dress, worn with Manolo Blahnik heels and jewels by Parade and Sylvie Collection.


Complement Your Outfit with Vintage Inspired Diamond Jewelry

Are you planning for a friend’s wedding? Are you a bridesmaid or merely a guest at a destination wedding? Do you have to attend a black tie event? Have you booked a ticket for the Ascot or the Annual Charity Ball in your town?



Preparing for an event is so much fun, but it can also be a cause of concern if you don’t have the appropriate attire. Sometimes having a great outfit is not enough. Important events that are close to your heart require you to make more than a half-hearted attempt of dressing up. When your dress seems drab and is not doing anything to enhance your natural beauty, it’s time to rely on vintage diamond fashion jewelry that lends you the shine that is just perfect for a special night out.

Finding your dream dress is just the beginning when you are preparing for a special event. You might think that purchasing the dress is a job well done. However, a dress is not the only thing that is required to make you stand out as a beautiful woman. Anyone who has seen the Maid in Manhattan will realize that a perfect dress, combined with a little pampering and show stopper vintage diamond fashion jewelry can make everyone’s eyes linger on you for more than a second.

A perfect designer jewelry piece, like a showstopper diamond wedding band, can stop the hearts of women and make you the centre of attention in any room. Such is the power of diamond jewelry. It is completely up to you what you want to wear. If your dress is a Michel Kors sequined sheath, choosing an understated vintage designer necklace or drop earrings in platinum, with marquise and round diamonds,and a vintage engagement ringcan help you look sophisticated and graceful.

However, if you are wearing Eli Saab style monochromatic-hued gown with no ruffles or shine, choose a statement accessorylike a platinum engagement ring highlighted with a cathedral yellow sapphire. Remember to add a pop of color, if you have chosen a dark hued or monochromatic dress. Although the right makeup, shoes and hairdo can make quite a statement, having the right diamond jewelry at your disposal is just as important.

A diamond cuff braceletin rose gold is theperfect example that if gold and platinum don’t catch your fancy, there are a lot of other metals, jewelrydesigners are working with nowadays,to cater to the eclectictastes of their clients. Another thing you must consider, is the suitability of your vintage jewelry and vintage engagement rings. Jewelry must always complement the color of your dressand even the neckline. Who can forget Angelina Jolie’s Lorraine Schwartz 115-carat Colombian emerald drop earrings that complimented her black high slit gown,and made her the centre of attention on the 2009 Oscars?

Outshining the crowd is not something that comes naturally to everyone, so why not add vintage diamond jewelry and designer jewelry to your outfit to elevate it. Vintage jewelry is one of the most exotic and exquisite accessories that defy their price tags and are perfect for glamour events and sophisticated garden luncheons. A simple pearl string necklace is a perfect accessory for a debutante rehearsal dinner. Or if you are looking for something upscale, try vintage diamond jewelry that can make any outfit shine, regardless of the occasion.

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Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

If you are drawn to large,unique engagement ringsthat seem to be abundant in music, film andthe reality TV industry, then you need a halo engagement ring. Not only are halo engagement rings flashyand beautiful, but this specific cut also has the ability make a small diamond look big, and a big diamond engagement ring look enormous.A halo engagement ring setting is one in which a diamond setting encircles or surrounds a high carat central diamond or stone, in acollection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds that flash and contrast with light and bring the attention of the seer towards the central show stopping stone. How could anyone NOT stare at it if you’re wearing ahalo engagement ring!

Engagement RingA high-carat diamond can look huge in a halo engagement ring, like in our Modern Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring, so if you have a small budget, then this is perfect to get the most bang for your buck. Here are some inside tips for buying a halo engagement ring to make sure that nobody is able to look away from your diamond engagement ring.

  • If an original art-deco style diamond engagement ringis not the “IT” ring for you, well, fret not. There are a lot of options and variations available in a halo engagement ring from which you can choose the one that suits your budget and style perfectly. Remember, putting together a personalized diamond engagement ring can be challenging, but with proper guidance from Sylvie Collection experts and retailers, you can breathe easy – they will provide you withthe best knowledge on how to choose which unique engagement ring setting is perfect for you.
  • Choosing the center stone of your diamond engagement ring can be tricky. If you are attracted towards unique engagement rings, then a show stoppinglarge carat diamond, in a princess cut or round cut,would be an amazing choice. However, if you are on a budget, consider going for a cluster of small or pave diamonds. This will bring down the price drastically all without compromising the “WOW factor”.
  • There are different kinds of halo engagement ringsthat come in various shapes, among which oval-shaped, pear-shaped, emerald cut, marquise shaped and round diamond engagement ringsare the mostpopular ones. Most women are dazzled by the pear and marquisediamond engagement ring, but are wary of their pointed edges. Well, good news for them!You can ask your jeweler to soften the edges of a pear diamond engagement ring by wrapping it in a matching halo setting.
  • Radiant cut is another popular choice among women who are looking for a unique engagement ring. The dazzling brightness and shine of anemerald and round diamond engagement ringsetting will provide your halo engagement ringwith the oomph you are looking for, even if you don’t know it yet.
  • Pave variations should be consideredwisely. If you are worried that your halo engagement ringis going to look just one out of many, break free from thenorm and make your diamond engagement ringstand out. Choose pave gemstones like sapphires and emeralds or rubies to customize your ring according to your birthstone or simply to include your favorite color in your designer engagement ring, like our Vintage Inspired Sapphire Accent Diamond Engagement Ring.
  • Another thing, which will make your halo engagement ring look onein a million, is its shank setting. Most women are confused whether to choose a pave setting or not. If you want a cleaner look for your diamond engagement ring, then go for a non-pavé setting, like our Modern Round Brilliant Halo Diamond Engagement Ring or our Cushion Halo Round Center Engagement Ring.However, if you want more shine and bling in your diamond engagement ring, go for a pave setting on the shank, like our Oval Crisscross Shank Diamond Engagement Ring.

These are some helpful tips that can help you make the right choice when you are considering buying a unique engagement ringfor you or your loved one. Our experts at Sylvie Collection will make sure that you are paired with a diamond fashion jewelrypiece that is timeless and has the potential to become a family heirloom.

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A Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift: Diamond Fashion Jewelry

When it comes to choosing a Mother’s Day gift for your mom, there is nothing better than diamond fashion jewelry. Did you think that diamond fashion jewelry is just reserved for your special someone? It is one of the personalized gifts that are most coveted by women and is the best you can give to your mother. Show her how thankful you are for all those years she acted as your stronghold, and how proud you are to be her son or daughter.

Diamonds are a woman’s true friend and it holds true for your mother too. When you are looking for a special gift to make this Mother’s Day the most special day of the year for her, take a look at Sylvie’s Collection of exclusive diamond fashion jewelry, which is designed to please moms of all ages. If you are torn between buying a crystal vase for her or a luxury handbag, think again and choose something that will definitely bring a smile on your mother’s face.

You will cherish the tears of happiness that will shine in your mother’s eyes the moment she lays her eyes on your Mother’s Day gift. The best thing about buying diamond fashion jewelry for your mother is that there are Sylvie retailers all around the U.S. that will help you find the perfect gift. Here are some tips from our experts at the Sylvie collection who know a thing or two about buying last minute diamond fashion jewelry gifts for mom:

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Special Ring
If you think that diamond rings are just good for engagements, think again. They can be a perfect present for your mom too. Gift her a unique engagement ring like Unique Colored Diamond Ring or a diamond engagement ring like Unique Halo Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring to give her fingers a much-needed splendor.

Get To Know Your Mom
That’s right. Think about what she really needs. If she already has a lot of rings, invest in a pair of earrings that will be her next favorite diamond fashion jewelry accessory to wear on a night out or for a wedding! Choose from our amazing collection of earrings such as Diamond Earrings in Yellow Gold or Fashion Earrings with Black Diamonds.

mothers day gift

Do you know that many diamond fashion jewelry stores can engrave a ring with a personalized message, the birth of your mother or your own, or just her name to ensure that her Mother’s Day present is special and personalized like no other. Choose a diamond wedding band like Classic Channel Set Princess Diamond Wedding Band and let us engrave it with a message of your choice to immortalize your love and affection for her.

Try a Necklace or Diamond Pendant
If none of the above diamond fashion jewelry fits your bill or you might think that they are not really your mom’s style, well, look no further than our amazing pendant and necklace collection that will wow her and make her squeal in delight. Our Purple Amethyst and Diamond Rose Gold Pendant and Diamond Pendant set with Pear Shape Morganite are a perfect choice for Mother’s Day gifts.

Taking the time, to buy just the right diamond fashion jewelry for your mother, will ensure that she gets a gift that is worthy of her and will make her happy beyond expectations. If you haven’t yet got a mother’s day present for your mom and were waiting for just the right diamond fashion jewelry present, bring joy this mother’s day by gifting your mother any of the above mentioned pieces.

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The Spring 2016 issue of Inside Weddings features the Sylvie Collection!

This Spring 2016 was all about the bling! Inside Weddings chose to feature 3 of our favorite diamond pieces from the Sylvie Collection in their Spring 2016 edition.

Styles shown: Rose gold and diamond earrings (ER712) / Diamond drop earrings (ER683) / Diamond Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding band (S1509 + B0009)

To find these pieces and more visit to find a Sylvie Collection diamond retailer near you.

Inside-weddings-sylvie-ringsSylvie-Inside-Weddings-rose-gold-earrings Sylvie-Inside-Weddings-white-gold-earrings-

“The Centurion” spots Ariana Grande wearing the Sylvie Collection at Saturday Night Live!

Triple threat actress, singer, and model Ariana Grande was spotted by “The Centurion” wearing two of our gorgeous Sylvie Collection diamond rings while performing live at Saturday Night Live in New York.

Styles shown: FR565, FR524

Find these diamond fashion rings and more by clicking here to find an authorized Sylvie Collection Retailer near you!


Zulay Henao Star of Meet the Blacks Loves Sylvie Collection!

Zulay Henao, star of the hit show “Meet the Blacks” is just as big of a fan of the Sylvie Collection as we are! Zulay was spotted wearing one of our favorite diamond drop necklaces, a stunning diamond bracelet and 3 of our gorgeous stackable diamond bands at the Meet the Blacks premiere.

Styles shown: Rings: FR700C, B0011 (black, yellow, rose) / Bracelet: BR711 / Necklace: NL479A

Get this same glamorous diamond fashion jewelry look by clicking here!



Jennifer Lopez Brings Stunning Style to the Late Late Show!

Jennifer Lopez stunned viewers with her modern chic style at the late late show with James Corden! Watch as the two had a blast during Carpool Karaoke. To see the full clip of J-Lo wearing the Sylvie Collection diamond fashion jewelry on the show click here.

(Styles shown: Ring: FR720 and Bangle: BG502) Get the look at the Sylvie Collection.


We’re choked up over this season’s hottest fashion trend, the choker!

The classic choker necklace has made a huge come back that’s why triple threat singer, dancer, and model, Zendaya turned one of our gorgeous white gold and diamond bracelet (Style #BR711) into her own unique choker necklace while visiting Paris! The outcome? A complete showstopping look that sparkled from head to toe! Click here to get this look or to find more fashion jewelry from the Sylvie Collection.


Dancing with the Stars Host Erin Andrews sparkles from head to toe with the Sylvie Collection!

Stylist Alyssa Greene “edged up” her look with an architectural Dior pump and swirling diamond Sylvie Collection jewels. “Erin looked like she could have been out there twirling alongside the best of them,” Greene says. Source: Peoples Style Watch


Ariana Grande is stunning in the Sylvie Collection on Saturday Night Live!

Ariana Grande stunned audiences with her larger then life voice at Saturday Night Live in March! She completed her look with two of our favorite diamond fashion rings from the Sylvie Collection (Top: #FR524 Bottom: #FR565)


Sarah Wayne Callies is pretty in rose gold!

Actress, Sarah Wayne Callies rocks a rose gold diamond fashion ring from the Sylvie Collection in the March issue of Composure Magazine. This ring features criss cross diamond bands in rose gold. (Style #FR108)


Melissa McCarthy Shines in the Sylvie Collection while promoting her new movie, “The Boss”!

Not only did Melissa McCarthy look stunning at the ‎MTV Movie Awards‬ while accepting her award for comedic genius, but she was also spotted wearing one of our favorite fashion rings while promoting her new movie The Boss. (Style ‪#‎FR703‬)


May is all about moms! Win mom a pair of diamond earrings from the Sylvie Collection!

If there’s one thing we can all be sure of, it’s that mom always knows best! And when it comes to gifts for mom, mom wants what every woman wants… designer jewelry! If you can remember all the times your mother has been there for you, then I’m sure you agree; jewelry is exactly what she deserves! But not just any jewelry will suffice, the Sylvie Collection offers a wide variety of exquisitely designed and unique fashion jewelry gifts for mom like our Purple Amethyst and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings with a matching pendant.

This year we want to honor all moms by giving everyone a chance to win a pair of our stunning diamond earrings from the Sylvie Collection! Mother’s Day is May 8th so you have plenty of time to enter the contest and see if you’ve won. We’ll be announcing the winner on May 1st so be sure to check your email that day to see if you’re the winner.

How to Enter:

  1. Click here to go to the contest page.
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Click “Submit”
  4. Check Your Email on May 1st to see if you’ve won!
  5. So if you’re looking for gifts for mom start with browsing the Sylvie Collection and finding an authorized retailer near you.

To learn more about the Sylvie Collection or for fashion tips, trends and more follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Breast Milk Jewelry: Is It Right for You?

1411037538070_wps_4_PIC_BY_MOMMY_MILK_CREATIOEvery new mom has a collection of keepsakes to remind her of baby — a lock of hair, a first tooth, maybe a favorite book or binky. But some modern moms are taking things a bit farther by immortalizing their breast milk into keepsake jewelry pieces.

Since 2012, moms the world over have toyed with the logistics of preserving small amounts of breast milk inside attractive jewelry pieces such as beads, lockets, and pendants. Though many naysayers have been shocked and outraged by the idea, breast milk jewelry is actually quite understated and attractive, looking suspiciously just like mother-of-pearl or white onyx. Unless you know for certain that the cute cabochon your friend is wearing to play date is, indeed, breast milk jewelry, you’ll likely be none the wiser.

Online markets such as Etsy and eBay are filled with artisans offering to turn breast milk samples into keepsake pieces for somewhat hefty prices. Or for a few dollars less, you can order the supplies to create your own jewelry at home.

The idea of turning human breast milk into other usable forms has been around for awhile. Lotions, soaps and even art exhibits have made use of the bodily fluid, but it wasn’t until just recently that wearable breast milk came into play. So if you’re a new mom who’s not into scrapbooking, you can take comfort in knowing that there are now other, more functional methods of holding onto those precious first years. By turning your breast milk into what appears to be a pure, white stone, you can now wear it without anyone ever being any the wiser.

And while we don’t offer jewelry that celebrates breast milk, we do offer a lovely selection of more traditional pieces to offset your new pendant or bead. Visit our exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings today.

Sarah Wayne Collins, Actress, Enhances With Sylvie’s Unique Diamond Fashion Ring!

“Composure Magazine” features actress, Sarah Wayne Collins, in the March, 2016 issue. She is dramatically captivating wearing all black and chooses Sylvie’s intricately designed fashion ring with crisscrossing bands of dazzling diamonds to enhance her look. (FR569)