Sylvie Collection Featured in The Jewelry Book!

Thank you to The Jewelry Book for featuring Sylvie Collection’s rose gold diamond engagement ring and wedding bands in the Fall 2014 Special Bridal Issue!


Centurion Newsletter Covers Maddie & Tae Wearing Sylvie Collection!

Sylvie Collection’s presence at the CMA Awards 2014 was featured within the November Centurion Newsletter.  Country music star Tae of Maddie & Tae was spotted at the CMA Awards wearing Sylvie Collection’s rose gold and white gold diamond fashion ring (S1193S)!


Bridal Guide Features Sylvie Collection!

Thank you to Bridal Guide Magazine for featuring Sylvie Collection’s modern east-west diamond engagement ring in their Jan/Feb 2015 issue!


Sylvie Collection in National Jeweler!

National Jeweler mentions Sylvie Collection’s presence at the CMA’s in their article, “CMA Jewels Light Up Nashville”.  Tae Dye, of the musical duo Maddie & Tae, accessorized with a diamond ring in white and rose gold from Sylvie Collection (S1193S)!  Read the full article here!


Sylvie’s Interview Featured on Yahoo Small Business!

Sylvie’s interview, “Creative in Business” featured on Yahoo Small Business!  Read the entire article here!


Sylvie’s Interview Featured on FOX Business!

Sylvie’s interview, Creative in Business” featured on FOX Business!  Read the entire article here!



Tae Dye, of Maddie & Tae, Wears Sylvie Collection to CMA’s!

Country music star, Tae Dye (of Maddie & Tae – on right) looked stunning at the 2014 Country Music Awards wearing a Victoria Kyriakides dress and Sylvie Collection‘s white and rose gold diamond ring (S1193S)!


Candace Cameron Bure Wearing Sylvie Collection in Angeleno!

Candace Cameron Bure was spotted in Angeleno Magazine wearing Sylvie Collection’s white gold and diamond fashion earrings to The HollyRod Foundations 16th Annual DesignCare in July 2014!


Candace Cameron Bure Dazzles in Sylvie Collection!

Actress, Candace Cameron Bure (“Dancing with the Stars”, “Full House”, “Make it or Break it”) wore Sylvie Collection’s white gold and diamond fashion earrings to The HollyRod Foundation’s 16th Annual DesignCare in July 2014!Press-Sheet_Sylvie-Collection_CandaceCameron

Nail It Magazine Features Sylvie Collection!

Nail It Magazine features Sylvie Collection’s yellow gold and diamond fashion ring on cover of their November/December 2014 issue!


November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

SY395C-0425 featureThe two November birthstones, topaz and citrine, are often mistaken for each other. In fact, unscrupulous dealers sometimes sold citrines as more valuable topaz. The most precious citrines are a clear yellow, while golden topaz has darker tones of brown or orange. In ancient times, both were found in on the Mediterranean island of Topazios.


Topaz comes in many colors, the most prized of which is an orange favored by Russian czars in the 1800s. This color is still called imperial topaz. While you can also buy pink, purple, yellow or blue topaz, November’s stone is golden like fall leaves. Blue topaz is one of December’s birthstones. Topaz rates an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means it’s harder than most stones, but can still be scratched by diamonds, rubies, and a few other gems.

Topaz Lore

Topaz is associated with many good traits, such as loyalty, friendship and constancy. That’s probably why topaz shows up several times on the list of anniversary gift gemstones – blue topaz for the fourth anniversary, topaz as an alternate to aquamarine for the 19th, and imperial topaz for the 23rd.

Topaz Care

Topaz can break if hit or dropped. Pick protective settings. For daily wear, pins, pendants and earrings are hardier than rings and bracelets. You can clean your topaz with warm, soapy water.


Citrine is a yellow or orange form of quartz crystal most often found in the U.S., Brazil and Russia. In nature, they’re usually pale yellow. The word “citrine” is from the French “citron,” or lemon, because of this naturally occurring color. The deeper orange or redder citrines you see in stores are often smoky quartz or amethyst that have been heat treated. Amethysts and citrines are closely related, the only difference being the oxidation levels of iron in the quartz.

Citrine is generally transparent, without visible inclusions. Jewelers almost always cut facets into citrines. Ovals and round brilliants are the most popular citrine cuts, as they best bring out the golden yellow color. You can also find citrines in emerald cuts and fancy cuts. A 7 on the Mohs scale, citrines are considerably softer than topazes.

Citrine Lore

In gemstone lore, citrine is believed to promote stability and success. Sometimes it’s called “the success stone” or “the merchant’s stone” and tucked into a cash register to promote wealth. Citrines are used in Chinese feng shui arrangements to attract abundance.  Healers use citrines to counteract mood swings, depression, anger, sleep disturbances, phobias, addictions and stomach problems. In addition to being one of the November birthstones, citrine is the 13th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Citrine Care

Since diamonds, topaz, rubies and a handful of other gems are harder than citrines, be careful not to store these stones touching each other. Take off your citrine ring before hitting the tennis court or rock wall. You can clean citrines with warm water and mild soap, or wipe them with a brush or soft cloth. Since citrines are heat-sensitive, don’t use steamers or expose them to extreme temperatures. Ultrasonic cleaners should be safe.

Amy Purdy is Stunning Wearing Sylvie at the Action Icon Awards!

Amy Purdy looked gorgeous wearing Sylvie Collections diamond fashion ring as she was honored at the 2014 Action Icon Awards! Congratulations, Amy!


The Lovely Bianca Santos Wears Sylvie!

The ever lovely Bianca Santos of Happyland‬ wore ‪Sylvie Collection‘s rose gold and diamond fashion ring ‪‎FR702‬ in the Oct/Nov 2014 issue of Cliché Magazine!



7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

engagement-rings copy

SY992 Modern Criss Cross Roud Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

Many of us have an idea in our head of exactly how proposing, choosing and selecting the perfect engagement ring is supposed to go down. Maybe right now you’re stressed about how you’ll fall short of this ideal scenario. Relax. There are many ways to pick the perfect engagement ring, and how you do it will depend on your style as a couple.

Do Your Recon

Determined to surprise her with a ring? Better do your recon. Maybe you’ve never paid much attention to her jewelry. Now it’s time to start. Does she prefer rose gold or platinum? What shape of stone? Does she like solitaires and simple settings or big displays of bling? You can peek in her jewelry box. But give special weight to the jewelry she wears most, as those pieces are probably her favorites.

Enlist Help

Who knows her style best? Maybe her mom, sister or oldest friend. As long as they’re in favor of your union, a friend or relative will probably be happy to help. But if you want to keep it secret, ask only those who are most discreet. Her gossipy friend is not the one to take to the jewelry store with you.

Ask Her for Hints

If the two of you frequently reference “after we’re married,” the fact that you’re eventually planning to propose isn’t a big secret. Next time you get on the general topic, encourage her to give you a few hints. Ask her to send some links to photos or cut out a few magazine pictures of favorite styles. Or if you’re walking by a jewelry store, go in and browse together. Note which rings make her light up.

Get Educated

An engagement ring is a big purchase, and one you really want to get right. So take a few minutes to at least learn the basics. That is, the 4 Cs: color, cut, clarity and carat. The combination of these factors will add up to make a beautiful or not-so-beautiful ring, and intimately affect the 5th C: cost.

Think Outside the Jewelry Box

Or at least outside the box that contains a traditional ring with a clear diamond center stone. How about a colored diamond? Or a sapphire? Diamonds come in blue, pink, red and yellow, not just clear. And sapphires have been the engagement ring choice of royalty. If you’re hoping to marry someone daring and different, a colored stone might be perfect.

Choose Together

Some people really don’t like surprises. And if your intended falls into this category, you probably know it by now. Instead of surprising her with a ring, your proposal can be surprise enough. Then go shopping together. She gets exactly what she wants, and you won’t risk disappointing her.

Go Custom

A step beyond choosing a ring together, you can even design one together. This can be a fun bonding activity if you’re both design and art-oriented. And the finished product will not be like anybody else’s engagement ring. Nowadays you can even design your ring together online.

Reuse a Family Heirloom

Perhaps the perfect engagement ring is already in your family. Your mother or her grandmother might have worn the ring she’ll love most. This is a good choice for a traditional kind of bride who has a strong sense of family and who favors old-fashioned things.

Engagement 101 Magazine Features Sylvie Collection!

Engagement 101 Magazine features Sylvie Collections diamond princess cut engagement ring in, “Disney Princesses and Their Stylish Happy Everafter” in their October 2014 edition!


Rebecca Romijn is Gorgeous in Sylvie!

Model and actress, Rebecca Romijn (“X-Men”, “The Librarians”) looked amazing at the 2014 MipCom Opening Party in Cannes wearing Sylvie Collection’s yellow gold and crystal fashion earrings!   Get the look here!


Laura Dern Looks Fabulous In Sylvie!

Actress and Director, Laura Dern looks amazing at the Mill Valley Film Festival wearing Sylvie Collection’s yellow gold and diamond fashion ring!


Teri Hatcher Looks Stunning in Sylvie!

Teri Hatcher looked stunning this past weekend at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala: Noche de Niños, wearing a gorgeous emerald gown and Sylvie Collection‘s diamond fashion ring!


Sylvie Featured in INDESIGN Magazine!

Thank you to INSTORE for featuring one of Sylvie Collection’s east west diamond engagement rings in the Sept/Oct 2014 issue of INDESIGN Magazine!


JCK Marketplace Features Sylvie Collection

Thanks to JCK Marketplace for featuring Sylvie Collection’s moonstone‬ and black diamond fashion ring in the “JCK Marketplace Spotlight” section of JCK‬ E-newsletter!



Custom Design Pros and Cons


Custom Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

Any guy proposing marriage to the woman he wants to spend the rest of his days with is probably going to be nervous. Hike your nerves up a few notches by daring to surprise her with an engagement ring of your choosing. But the true adrenaline junkie can take a greater-than-bungee-jumping risk by surprising her with a custom-designed ring.

Why would any sane person do that?

Like most important decisions in life, it’s worth pausing to the consider pros and cons of custom designing an engagement ring.


Uniqueness – The biggest pro is winding up with a unique ring. Your relationship is one-of-a-kind, and you might feel that as a symbol of your love, your engagement ring should be, too.

Vision – Are you somebody who understands design and can envision just the ring you want? But despite hitting the shops, you can’t find it anywhere? If you custom design a ring, you work with a jeweler to fulfill your vision.

Fun – Designing rings is definitely not everybody’s idea of fun. But if it’s yours, this might be the way to go.

Cred – If you get it right, you’ll earn admiration and tons of credibility from her friends and family. But watch out – You might tick off her friends’ significant others by making them look bad.



Cost – You’ll pay for uniqueness. It could cost you three times as much to go custom, depending on the jeweler, materials and how labor-intensive the design is.

Time – Do you tend to wait till the last minute? Better not procrastinate this time, or you’ll miss your ceremony. Allow at least an extra couple of weeks for the ring to be ready, and more like six to be on the safe side. You’ll also spend more time meeting with the jeweler to go over designs.

Unpredictability  — No matter how much you draw and discuss the ring, you can’t predict exactly how it will look and feel when it’s finished. It could be perfect and feel divine. But then again… And if you don’t love it, well, you can’t just trade it for a different one.


If you like the idea of a one-of-a-kind ring but aren’t quite up to the design job, perhaps you should collaborate with your fiancée. After all, she’s probably spent more time contemplating what jewelry styles she likes than you have. Let your proposal be the surprise, and the ring design be one of your first projects together as an engaged couple.