The Sylvie Collection Reveals First National Campaign

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 9.53.00 PMThe Sylvie Collection is pleased to announce their first national consumer ad campaign for Fall 2016. Making its debut in the October 2016 print issue of Harper’s Bazaar and running through Spring 2017 print issues, the campaign will also be featured in top bridal print publications such as The Knot, including appearing on digital platforms via key consumer and bridal websites.

Shot on-location at Chateau Des Grotteaux, a historical residence in Dallas, Texas by fashion and lifestyle photographer, Terri Glanger Raven, the 18th century European architectural design and allure of the property made it the perfect backdrop for The Sylvie Collection’s campaign. Featuring 1.5 acres of lush foliage, vibrant gardens, and flagstone walkways – the chateau was an ideal location for a romantic shoot. Through the images, a couple is seen sharing moments together before, during, and after the day of their wedding. The creative direction of the campaign was to capture an authentic connection between the engaged couple while appealing to the modern bride. In line with the values of the brand itself, the ads capture romance and femininity through the use of elements like white roses, lace, contemporary wedding apparel, and the collection’s vintage inspired jewelry.

The ring, style S1409, selected for the shoot by Sylvie Levine, CEO of The Sylvie Collection, was chosen as it encompasses the identity of the brand. “This ring is the perfect representation of the diverse assortment of engagement rings and style offerings of The Sylvie Collection. Like a majority of our designs, this ring is vintage-inspired with modern sensibilities featuring classic design elements like the diamond halo,” stated Levine. She also went on to describe her motivation for creating this campaign, “I wanted to build further brand awareness and showcase the beauty and timelessness of my brand in the national market. I thought what better way to achieve both of these goals than by producing an ad campaign that truly captures genuine passion and love.”

The Sylvie Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. From bridal to fashion pieces, The Sylvie Collection evokes prestigious and timeless jewelry designs that celebrate femininity and romance. The collections offer a new standard for affordable luxury and reflect beauty and passion within each piece. The Sylvie Collection uses only the finest materials, including 14K or 18K metals set in white, yellow, rose gold, black rhodium and platinum.

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The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Jewelers

Christmas decorations and champagne flute on the table of businessman selective focus ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Tis’ the season for diamonds, parties and champagne!

The air becomes crisp, sweaters come out of closets, and jewelers ramp up for the busiest season of the year. After all, the reason we are all here is to be a part of that look on someone’s face when they receive the perfect luxury holiday gift or their dream engagement ring! It’s that one moment that keeps us all doing what we love to do.

So don’t wait until the last minute to wish you would had made that first impression! Now is the time to get buttoned up and strengthen your online and in store presence so that you can be sure it’s your store that comes to mind first this season.

With that said, we’ve put together a winning checklist to help you this season. Remember not to be overwhelmed! Just do one thing at a time and mark them off as you go.

First things first: Shoppers are almost always going to see you online before coming to your store so button up your web presence asap!

  • Set Aside Digital Ad Dollars – Now is the time to start Facebook Advertising! Users are 70% more likely to be posting on social media during the holiday season than any other time of the year. Facebook IS NOT A FREE PLATFORM so purchase ads now or else your posts will not be seen. For a quick guide on how to use Facebook’s Ads manager, click here.
    • Pro Tip: A successful advertising budget should range anywhere from $200 – $5,000 a month depending on the size of your company. If you plan to use a small budget, make sure your ads are very targeted using methods like exclusion targeting.
  • Update your Facebook cover photo to something holiday or winter themed – be creative and make sure it’s elegant not cartoon-ish – The dimensions should be at least 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall
  • Do you have Twitter and Google Plus too? You can update those graphic images as well.
    • Twitter Cover Photos Size – 1500px wide x 500px tall
    • Google + Cover Photo Size – 1080px wide x 608px tall
    • For all other social media sites click here.
  • Build a Holiday Content Calendar – Those days of posting summer photos of diamonds glittering in the sun are over. Start building a content calendar that focuses on fall and winter fashion, ski trips in snow-capped mountains, cuddling by the fire, hot cocoa and let’s not forget…pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!
  • Make sure your phone number, address, website and social media links are all accurate on every social media page AND on all major search engines! No one wants to search for your address and instead find directions to Tino’s pizzeria down the block. Just one mistake on your store listing could cost you tons of purchases this season.
    • Pro Tip: Track your phone calls using to make sure your customer service is up to stuff and that your phones are being monitored during the busy hours that you receive calls.
  • RESPOND RESPOND RESPOND: Make sure you have someone set up to monitor and respond to all questions on social media November – December. Believe me, you may think not responding to one or two requests is no big deal but during the holiday these will add up and it could cost you more than you think in missed $ sales!

J’adore Décor:
You may think decorating your store for the holidays is cheesy and but there are ways to do this without breaking the bank and looking like a bargain mart with broken hanging lights and blow up snow men.

  • Mix metallics with one pop of color – Use bold colors like deep reds and gold to add sophisticated holiday appeal, another popular combination is white and silver.
  • Candles are gold in wax form – Use decorative or scented candles like Votivo’s red currant to bring out the holiday spirit
  • Don’t overdue the scents! – You don’t need to splatter your cases by spraying a can of apple cinnamon scent spray across the showroom. Use a subtler method such as a holiday spiced reed diffuser.
  • Cookies keep them comin’ – lay out a tray of hot cookies November through December (this can create a powerful memory and will keep your store top of mind) – don’t have the budget? Try tiny candy canes or a bowl of expensive chocolate.
  • One wreath can go a long way. – Putting a wreath on the front door immediately evokes the first impression that you’ve decorated for the holidays even if it doesn’t carry all the way throughout the store.
  • Leave Santa at the North Pole – Even though he’s jolly and everyone loves him, you don’t need to go as far as to have Santa perched in your store for customers to take pictures with. Focus on selling and leave Santa at the mall down the street. Try a life size nutcracker statue instead for a touch of chic holiday cheer!

There you have it! Pair this holiday marketing checklist along with a powerful sales incentive plan for your staff and you’re in for a winning season!

Tourmaline: The Versatile Birthstone of October

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October. It comes in a variety of colors and its versatility in shades has granted it the label of “The Gemstone of the Rainbow”. According to an Egyptian legend, tourmaline passes through the rainbow when it comes up from the center of the earth. This is the reason it assumes each color of the rainbow spectrum. The word tourmaline is derived from Singhalese words ‘tura mali’, which means a stone mixed with different colors.

The wide color spectrum of this stone makes it stand out among all other precious gemstones. Tourmaline colors range from yellow, to black, to green to red. You name a color and you’ll probably find a tourmaline in that color. What is great about tourmaline is that they often exhibit two colors at a time. If you want to buy a jewelry piece for someone who is edgy, modern and unique, this stone will be perfect.

Some tourmalines have the ability to change color in different lighting conditions. They appear in different colors in artificial light and in daylight. Their ability to change color and have multiple appearances allows them to be suitable for each kind of personality. In ancient times, several legends 2were associated with tourmaline and it was called the gemstone of love and friendship. It was believed that the wearer of this stone would have everlasting and firm relationships with others.

Tourmaline has aluminum boron silicate in complex computations and even the slightest change can change the color of the stone. Tourmalines that have single color are very rare but often they exhibit more than one color, which is known as its marked dichroism. Tourmaline is rigid and quite durable due to which they are rated as 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale due to their hardness.

Tourmaline is mined in Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Russia, the United States and Sri Lanka. A number of African countries such as Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique 3have also become big exporters of tourmaline. Regardless of where they are mined, tourmalines have to undergo heat treatments to enhance the color and clarity of the stone.

Heating allows the greenish stones to become vivid green, pinkish stones to become red, and so on. The color of a lighter colored stone can be deepened and its hue can be darkened by this process. Tourmaline is available in various forms. The most coveted form is Elbaite, which is often referred to as the green tourmaline. The Rubellite is red or rink in color, Indicolite is blue and Watermelon tourmaline is a multicolor combination of green and red.

The variety of colors makes tourmaline a fairly inexpensive stone, but tourmalines that have a single 4color or a more exotic unique color can have a steep price. The most expensive type of tourmaline is a neon-blue tourmaline, known as Paraina Tourmaline, which was first discovered in Brazil in 1989. Other valuable and extremely coveted tourmalines are Chrome tourmaline, which is intense green in color, Rubellite, ranging from red to pink colors, and Indicolite, which has a rare blue hue.

Check out our collection of tourmaline centered diamond fashion jewelry pieces such as Glamorous Cushion Cut Pink Tourmaline Diamond Ring, Colored Fashion Ring With Diamonds or Classic Trillion Cut Green Tourmaline Ring.

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Meet the winners of our Sylvie Stories Contest!

Nothing makes us smile more than to see our real life Sylvie Brides so happy! That’s why we partnered with the Diamond Doctor and asked Sylvie brides all over the DFW area to submit their proposal stories for a chance to win a Sylvie diamond wedding band! Entrants posted pictures of their proposals and submitted their stories then we gave everyone a chance to vote for their favorite photos.

Amanda and her fiance’s photo was the winner by a ton of votes! Watch their video below:

Stay tuned for more great contests from the Sylvie Collection and you could be a winner too!

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Picking the Perfect Diamond Gift is an Art

1When you are thinking about buying diamond jewelry as a gift for someone, it can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. What if you don’t choose the right cut, carat and color? What if the stone has flaws which can cause a lifetime worth of embarrassment for you? Although these are some major concerns, with a trustedjeweler and extensive research, you can end up with a piece that you will be proud to give to someone and which they will be delighted to receive.

Diamonds are perfect for holidays, birthdays and every kind of event you can imagine. If you are thinking of celebrating something, chances are that diamond jewelry will a make an amazing gift. They can bring an otherworldly kind of attention to the necks, ears, hands and wristsof a woman who is wearing them. They provide an extra sparkleand twinkle to the dress. The best part is when you give a diamond gift to your loved one and their eyes sparkle with happiness when they set their eyes on the beautifullywrapped gift that shines like the stars itself.

Presenting your girlfriendor wife with diamond jewelry is a tradition that is tried and tested many times, with perfect results each time. However, the trick is to choose a jewelry piece which will be perfect for her.


2Choosing a pair of earrings that any woman will be thrilled to receive is tricky but not impossible. Whether you choose diamond drop earrings like our Unique Round Brilliant Pear Shape Diamond Earrings, diamond studs such as ourMorganite and Diamond Rose Gold Earringsor elaborate vintageearrings like ourGlamorous White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings, all you have to do is decide if she would enjoy minimalisticdesigns or more intricate and elaborate ones. Choose diamond earrings that will fit seamlessly into her wardrobe and can be worn every day of the week. Determine the carat weight, the type of metal and cut and you will have a long listofearrings to choose from.


3If you want to present her with something simple, a solitaire pendant and a chain to hang it from is a good choice. The cut, size, metal and quality will be your choice, but you can choose from minimalistic pendants like our Diamond Pendant In Yellow Gold to fashionable diamond necklaces and chokers like our Designer Diamond Fashion Necklace,if she already has a few diamond pieces in her jewelrycollection. Diamond encrustedpendants, like our Floral Diamond Pendant, are also a special kind ofromantic gift that will hold a lot of meaning for her.



4Bracelets are something that will catch her eye throughout the day. If you want to keep yourself on her mind all day, this thoughtful gift is a perfect option. Find out what her preferences and style is and choose the metal and style according to that. Remember, give her something that she will be able to wear everyday, or at least for long periods. Filigree cuffs, diamond tennis bracelets and other loose bracelets are perfect for an evening out, an opera performance or dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. Our Diamond Bangle Bracelet, Designer Diamond Fashion Bracelet and Rose Gold Diamond Bangle Braceletare perfect for any woman in your life.


5Be very careful if you are notmarried to her because you wouldn’t want to be in an awkward position to explain to her that “this isn’t that kind of ring”. If you are already married to her, take your heart’s pick to add to her bridal jewelry. Bonus points for you if you match her wedding ring so thatshe can stack her rings.Diamondrings with colorful gemstones like our Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring or Modern Diamond and Ruby Ring can also be an ideal choice for a woman who loves a dramatic flair.


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Opal: The Birthstone of October

An opal might look like a dragon egg, but it is much more real than that. It is the birthstone of October. Opal is derived from Greek word “Opallos”, meaning “to see a change of color”. The Greeks believe that opals were formed when Zeus wept tears of joy after he defeated the Titans. They also believed that opals could grant its wearer prophetic powers. It has often been referred to as the Queen of the Gemstones. A roman scholar explained the importance of opal in 75 AD by saying, “Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters. Others…simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur and even the bright blaze of burning oil.”

The kaleidoscopic play of colors allow an opal to be as red as a ruby, as green as an emerald, as blue as a sapphire and as purple as an amethyst. This is the reason why it is known as the best of all gemstones. Opals are the naturally occurring stones which exhibit different colors ranging from milky white, to black, to showing flashes of orange, green, blue, yellow, red and off course, blue. The true beauty of opal is due to the stark contrast of the base color with the other colors that makes it so unique and different from any other gemstone.

Opal’s compositional formation is mainly non-crystalline silica gel that sinks into the crevices of the sedimentary strata. After a long time (think thousands of years), the natural molding and heating process hardens this gel into a stone, which can then be mined and polished into stones. Opal is made from particles that are tightly compressed together in a spherical arrangement. A good quality opal will exhibit a three-dimensional array of spaces, which is its conventional pattern and what gives it the bright sheen and a radiance that makes it the favorite of many non-conventional brides.

According to legend, opal is said to promote love, friendship and solidarity. It was also used in the ancient times for easing childbirth and bringing success and strength in a battle. It was known as the Wish Stone due to its ability to promote romance and love and to grant the wearer happiness and the realization of their heart’s desires. The most common variety of opals are milky white or just plain white in color. These affordable opals sow a play of colors against their stark and plain background. These colors can appear in flashes, streaks or patches. Green, pink and yellows usually appear in a light or vibrant form and are referred to as “pinfire”.

Just because opal is quite abundant and affordable doesn’t mean that it was not favored by the royalty and the rich and powerful. Queen Victoria especially favored these stones and fell instantly in love with them the moment she saw its intoxicating colors. People have been fascinated by opals for years and now that it has been found on Mars, its appeal has increased more. The Martian Opal is one of the handful of gemstones that have been discovered in space. The opals, which are mined on Earth, come primarily from Australia, at least 95% of them. Opals are beautiful and quite affordable for someone who wants to add gemstones to their jewelry collection without spending too much money.

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The 10 Most Romantic Places with the Perfect Sylvie Ring for the Perfect Proposal

So you’ve found the perfect person but now you’re not sure how to perform the perfect proposal. Well we’ve got you covered. We taken the world’s 10 most romantic proposal locations and matched them with the perfect Sylvie ring. With these breathtaking proposal combinations there’s no way that special someone would ever turn you down.

For nature lovers: Ladera Hotel


Soufriere, St. Lucia

All you need to set the scene for a special proposal is a room looking out over the dramatic Piton mountains. A private plunge pool and a four-poster bed round out the romantic ambience at this adults-only resort. Ladera also hosts destination weddings, so you can revisit the moment by saying your vows with the Pitons as your witness.

Courtesy Ladera Hotel

For this location we recommend the stunning S1078. With a location such as St. Lucia, this ring goes perfectly with the romantic essence and feel of the land.




For Downton Abbey fanatics: Ashford Castle

PicMonkey CollageCong, Ireland

Indulge your fantasies of swanning around a turn-of-the-century estate at this sprawling medieval castle. The five-star property offers endless opportunities for proposing, including lake cruises and horseback riding. The rooms are equally romantic, particularly the staterooms located in the oldest part of the castle, dating back to the 13th century. Original fireplaces, claw-foot bathtubs, and sherry decanters help set the mood.

Courtesy Ashford Castle

For a location such as the Ashford Castle, we recommend style S1409. This style embodies vintage romance, while also being fit for today’s modern bride.



For the ultimate escape: Qualia

location3Hamilton Island, Australia

This luxurious Barrier Reef resort features private pavilions complete with plunge pools, and the option to dine on the deck while watching the sunset. If that’s not romantic enough for you, take a helicopter ride over Whitehaven Beach, one of the loveliest stretches of sand in the world. Or choose qualia’s Island Interlude package, which lets guests indulge in champagne, a gourmet picnic, and a sunset cruise that seems tailored for proposals.

Courtesy qualia

For a true escape like Hamilton Island we suggest style S1093. This style offers a simplistic feel while also being one of the chicest engagement rings we’ve seen. Not only do we love it in the 14k white gold, but also the 14k rose gold setting also.



For a peaceful city respite: Bow Bridge, Central Park


New York, NY

Now’s the time for a proposal at Bow Bridge, located at 74th Street in the middle of Central Park. With a backdrop of rowboats on the lake, the last of the season, and the leaves turning, there’s an air of tranquility to the spot. Weekdays will likely be less crowded, and afterward you can head over to the Boathouse for celebratory drinks.

© Patrick Batchelder / Alamy

For one of our favorite New York City spots we suggest style S1100 with rose gold. Not only is this style enchanting, the rose gold hues are sure to remind her of the elegance and beauty of this perfect proposal location.



For hopeless romantics: Fern Grotto


Kauai, Hawaii

This grotto in Wailua River State Park is cloaked by hanging ferns, with a gentle waterfall nearby. Since the natural formation lends itself to stellar acoustics, musicians are often on hand to perform the Hawaiian Wedding Song, after which you’re asked to kiss the person next to you. (Proposing seems like the obvious next step.) Although you can no longer enter the grotto itself due to storm damage, a viewing platform still lets you enjoy its natural beauty.

© / Alamy

For a naturally romantic setting such as the grotto in Wailua River State Park, we recommend style S1363. This ring features a series of milgrain details, and a vintage inspired shank. This ring is truly awe-inspiring just as the view of the Wailua River Grotto.


For something magical: Puerto Mosquito


Vieques, Puerto Rico

In 2008, Guinness World Records named Puerto Mosquito in Puerto Rico the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. The bay is magical; imagine a proposal at night, when you feel like you’re surrounded by starlight. It’s also precious, with the lights going out this summer for a period of time. Tread carefully and only on weekends.

Doug Perrine/Nature Picture Library/Corbis

For a unique location such as Puerto Mosquito we recommend this equally as unique emerald cut style (S1387). Between the starlight surrounding you, and the brilliance of this ring, you’re guaranteed to create a memory that the two of you will never forget.



For traditional romance: Four Seasons Hotel George V


Paris, France

Instead of dealing with the throngs of tourists (ever the mood killer) at the Eiffel Tower, head to the Four Seasons Hotel George V, where you have your pick of options. In particular, the chandeliers, grand piano, and 19th-century paintings in La Galerie lounge create an ideal ambience. Of course, you can have the best of both worlds by booking the hotel’s penthouse suite, guaranteeing a stress-free view of the Eiffel Tower while enjoying an intimate meal.

Courtesy Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Is there anything more romantic than Paris? If anything, this cushion halo might come in close second. With a mix of 14k white and 14k yellow gold this ring was made to exude elegance (S1199). 



For something unconventional: Grotta Palazzese Hotel


Polignano A Mare, Italy

In a country full of postcard-perfect views, castles, and quaint villages, it’s impossible to pick just one place as the most romantic. However, the seaside restaurant at the Grotta Palazzese Hotel is a strong contender. The limestone cavern has entertained guests since the 1700s, when local nobility would hold banquets there. We suggest a nighttime proposal, with soft mood lighting and the sound of waves crashing. (It’s only open from May to October, so start planning now!)

Courtesy Grotta Palazzese Hotel

For a breathtakingly unconventional location we suggest this vintage meets modern design. Style S1511 is sure to be as awe-inspiring as this location.



For the adventurous: Victoria Falls


Zambia, Southern Africa

If you want to go big, skip Niagara Falls and opt for a trip to Victoria Falls instead. Proposing at the edge of this natural wonder—the largest waterfall in the world—with mist rising around you would be breathtaking. Alternatively, if you stay at the nearby Tongabezi Lodge, which was designed with romance in mind, the hotel can arrange a boat ride to Livingstone Island to view the spectacular falls.

© Steve Bloom Images / Alamy

For the adventurous couple, we suggest style SY652 to go along with this exotic location. The true brilliance of this ring (especially in the 14k yellow gold setting) is one that we think fits perfectly with a location as breathtaking as Victoria Falls.



For a good reason to cuddle for warmth: Old Quebec


Quebec City, Canada

With cobblestone streets and a walled fortress surrounding the city, Old Quebec resembles a quaint 17th century European village. It’s lovely to visit any time of year, but the romance is ratcheted up in the winter thanks to guaranteed snow and holiday markets. Book a room in the city’s Ice Hotel for an extra excuse to stay warm—not like you need one.

The classic feel of Old Quebec goes perfectly with this vintage inspired bezel diamond engagement ring (S1132). The everlasting romance and classic beauty of this style is sure to melt her heart-even in all that snow!

Location photos and captions via

Our Top 10 Best Sellers Will Make a Perfect Gift

1Choosing a perfect piece of diamond jewelry can really make the other person feel special. Tell them how much they mean to you without saying anything. Present your mother or grandmother with a present that will make you their favorite son or grandson for at least a year. Birthdays, anniversaries and career milestones are something that need to be celebrated with liveliness and fun. If you have a girlfriend, a sister or a friend who means so much to you, don’t skimp on their present. These Sylvie’s Collection bestsellers will make the best gifts for anyone in your life.

Designer Diamond Rose Gold Pendant

2For someone who respects simplicity over over-the-top fashion, this is bound to become their favorite in an instant. The simple teardrop deign is spectacular and chic to the last 0.95 diamonds which makes this an appealing gift for any women in your life.

Stunning Drop Crystal and Diamond Earrings

3These amazing earrings have graced the ears of celebrities and for a good reason. Not only do they photograph well, they also blend well with any outfit imaginable. Their gold accented hardware and the drop crystals can work with any color and style, making them a perfect choice for the girl in your life who is outgoing and social.

Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings

4For someone who probably has a wide collection of earrings that they often pair with their clothes, opt for these sleek, chic and modern earrings with paved diamonds. For a girl who wears diamonds to the coffee shop, there is no better gift than this.

Unique Diamond Bracelet

5Do you have a woman in your life who is obsessed with celebrities, red carpets and high-end fashion? Chances are that she is going to love this unique but spectacular bracelet by Sylvie’s Collection. It is intricate and glamorous enough to wear to a red carpet event, an opera performance or dinner at a five-star restaurant.

Vintage Pear Cut Moonstone and Black Diamond Ring

6Any girl who believes in destiny, tarot card readings, maxi dresses and likes to wear cowboy boots like it’s no one’s business is going to adore this unique and classy ring. We assure you that she won’t have anything like that in her collection!

Unique Yellow Gold Fashion Ring

7This modern ring has everything you can ask for; diamonds, an intricate and modern design, eclectic appeal and a futuristic vibe. Know anyone in your life who would go gaga over it? It will make a perfect birthday gift for a girl who is a Stars Wars fan and is crazy about diamonds.

Unique Designed Split Band

8We don’t think that there is anything better than a design that will appeal to women of any age. This design will appeal as much to your younger sister as it will to your grandma.

Unique White Gold Fashion Earrings

9If you are worried about finding a perfect gift for someone who has a wardrobe filled with cocktail dresses, couture gowns and designer jeans, then look no further. These earrings will work seamlessly with each and every one of those looks.

Vintage Split-Shank Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

10Although it can make for an amazing engagement ring, it is perfect for a woman who likes to make an impact wherever she goes. If she likes stopping traffic and wants every eye in the room to focus on her, she will be delighted to receive this astonishing ring from you.

Glamorous Black and White Diamond Earrings

11Any girl who is a fan of Maleficent and is often seen wearing blood red lipsticks with smokey eyes and high heels will treasure these amazing, Goth-inspired earrings.




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The Best Winter Proposal Ideas

1Snow, autumn leaves and the cold weather might be one of the most romantic times of theyear, when everything is covered in sparkling white snow and you have every opportunity to huddle closer together to the love of your life in thefront of a blazing fire.Imagine you have a cup of warm chocolate and you look into their eyes and tell them how much you love them. Not that you can’t do that in the summer,but winter gives the whole world a makeover and gives it a romantic sheen that lovers can’t ignore.

Have you everwondered why New Year’s Eve, ChristmasEve and the time in between are the most common times of the year when people think about proposing? It’s the love! It’s in the air and if you are thinking about doing the same this year for the love of your life, you might need to do some homework on that first. Pulling off a perfect proposal is no big feat and when you want to make an everlasting impression that will remain imprinted on their hearts, it is time to call in every favor that you can think of.

With our help, and the help of one of our stunning diamond engagement rings, you will be able to pull off a proposal thatyour loved one will be telling your grandkids about!

The Most Important Thing Is the Ring

2If you want to ensure that her eyes pop open when you open the engagement ring box and then fill with tears of joy, choosea romantic combination of one of our engagement rings and a heartfelt speech to tell them how much they mean to you. Profess to them why you want to join them in holy matrimony. This combination is tried and tested and has never really failed before. So, prepare a speech, pour your heart out to them and present them with the ring that you have chosen.


Choose A Place That Is Special

Choosingan expensive restaurant might be the idea that everyone thinks of and expects; it’s a classic. But don’t you think it has been done too many times? The kids in high school are being more creative when it comes to planning their “proposals”. Choose a place where you first kissed them, held hands with them, cried with them and said “I Love you” to them. Anyplace that holds a special place in your heartsis a great choice. If you can think of a location that means something to you and was where an important relationship milestone took place, then you are on the right track! If there are too many, then think about one that will look spectacular in winter. Autumn leaves, fallen snow, mountaintopscapped with snow or a place brimming with natural beauty like a lake or a ski resort are all good ideas.3


Let Others Join This Mission of Yours

Don’t keep them apart! Your friends and family are your powerhouse. The best thing is that you get their help forfree. Ask them to prepare a snowman proposal by building a large snowman. Prepare a dance routine orprepare a flash mob with your SO’s favorite song. Place the celebration lights during Christmas and stage your proposal with the help of your friends.

Just the Two of You Together Is a Good Idea Too

If you want privacy, proposewhile huddling in a blanket together in frontof a blazingfireplace. Take her to a ski resort and propose at the end of a ski match. Take a trip to a mountainous town, take a walk among the trees which are turningorange and yellow and go down on your knees to create a spectacular image that they won’t be able to get out of their mind.

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Mixingand Matching Gold and Silver Jewelry Is So Chic Right Now

1There is an ongoing debate about whether youshould mix gold and silver jewelry or not. This discussion is as old as the debate of whether you should wear white after the Labor Day or not. A few decades ago, mixing your metalswas considered gauche and tacky and fashionable people oftenfrowned over the obscenity of it. But now, how the tables have turned! The rules have become much more relaxednow and people have become much more receptive to mixing metals in their diamond jewelry and diamondfashionjewelry.

Although you can flaunt different metals at the same time, there is a lot to consider. Wearing andpilingjewelry on top of one another is not that difficult, but if you really want to look good while you flaunt the mixed-metal trend, it is better to follow a specific protocol. Here are some things that you must remember if you want to jump into the bandwagon of mixing your metals.

Don’t Include Your Wedding Ring in This Trend

2If you are scratching your head trying to determine whether you should have a gold, platinum or silver ring, stop! A colored wedding band willnot restrict your choices to wear hand jewelry for the rest of your life. Choose a wedding in one metal and pair it with different metals over the years. Or be extra bold with a two-tone diamond engagement ring and drop the worries all together!

Don’t Go Crazy overthe Color of Hardware

Beingfanatical about the color of the hardware on your shoes, bags and 3accessories will certainly drive you crazy. If you try to match eachshoe buckle and handbag handle to your jewelry, you will never get out of your door. If you really want to match everythingreligiously, you can, but it’s not that necessary, and certainly not worth it. Thebest way to deal with this problem is to avoid accessories that have too much hardware. Simplicity is everything. If you are wearing jewelry, opt for monochromatic shoes or bags that have a minimal amount of hardware to accentuate yourjewelry.

Goldand Silver Are a match Made inHeaven

They workwonderfully well aesthetically. If you ever want to combine metals and don’t know where to start from, choose a gold and silver piece and you will never go wrong. It’s a classic combination, like chocolate and raspberries.

How to Mix and Match Metals

4If you are still not sure how to follow this chic trend of mixing and matching metals with your outfit, here are a few examples to help you get started.

One Piece of Jewelry

Choose one piece ofjewelry that has gold and silver combined. It can be worn with a monochromatic dress. With a pair of pumps, this option will look spectacular. Choose our Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone Accent, Swirl Engagement Ring Two Tone or Split-Shank Engagement Ring Design – Sylvie, which combines gold and silver metals with an intricate twist.

Metal Stack

If you don’t want to wear a single piece stack ‘em up. What better way to have flexibility in dressing your wrists and neckline. You can either opt for multiple chain necklaces, rings or bangles of different metals or stack them together to achieve a chic look.5


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Our Favorite Looks from the 2016 Emmy Awards

From bracelets to fashion rings, these stars wore their favorite Sylvie Collection pieces to the Emmy Awards events!

Emily Osment

This “Young and Hungry” star took her look to the moon and back for the Audi Emmy Awards party with this stunning rose gold, diamond and moonstone ring (style FR618).

Click here to get the look.



Annalise Basso

Actress and star of “The Red Road” and “Oculus” completed her stunning news-worthy look with this round and princess cut white gold diamond fashion ring (style FR569).
Click here to get the look.


Suzanne Cryer

Suzanne Cryer from the hit shows “Silicon Valley” and “The Fosters” added the perfect touch of glam with this white gold and diamond bangle to wear to Entertainment Weekly’s Emmy Party (style BG501).

Angela Sarafyan

This stunning model/actress wowed her “American Horror Story” fans with a show stopping white gold and diamond statement ring. (Similar style shown FR554).

Click here to get the look.


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Make This Halloween Extra Special for Yourself


Halloween is a festival, which is not only enjoyed by kids but also adults. It gives you the chance to behave like a kid again and to be free without any social constrictions. Sounds fun right? It really is, and if you really want to make an impact this Halloween, why not do something different. Choosing an outfit, putting on some grungy eyeliner and wearing red lipstick are so old school.

If your colleagues and friends have started to expect your outfits before you even wear them, it is time to surprise them this year by combining jewelry with your Halloween outfit and making it the highlight. Although makeup does play a huge part in creating an aura of super natural entity, diamond jewelry can also have an unforgettable impact!

Here are some amazing outfit ideas for Halloween that combine diamond jewelry with your outfit in such a way that it will automatically elevate it to another level.

Dress Like A 1920’s Flapper

2This costume will not only be a little edgy, fun and frisky, but also elegant.The short-fringed dresses, elaborate headbands, and intricate jewelry was a hit in that era and you can rock a red lip, a cat-eye and some amazing earring like Unique White Gold Fashion Earrings from our collection to look glamorous. Don’t forget to add pearls and a fathered headband to complete the look.

Be Sandy from Grease

3Do you want to show the world your amazing dance routine? Why not dress up like Sandy from Grease and let the costume do the talking for you. All you need is high-wasted black jeans or leather leggings (which are so hot right now btw), a sleeveless tank top and a chic leather or jeans jacket. Red stiletto heels and a clasp waist belt will complete this amazing costume. For the final touch,upgrade this look with some amazing hoop earrings like these Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings from our collection and you are good to go.

Be Ethereal Like an Angel

4If you think that angels are not fashion forward, think again. Show off your softer side by donning a pair of lightweight angel wings, some natural, glowing makeup, a white or pastel colored maxi dress, some flats and a headband to complete this look. A jeweled headband will make you look the queen of angels.  TheDiamond Pendant In Yellow Goldfrom our collection can be worn as a headband which will really make you shine at this year’s Halloween party.


Rock That 80s Grunge

5Do you remember Alex from Flashdance? If you really want to celebrate the grungy and comfy era of the 80’s, what better way to do that than channel Alex. It is one of the easiest costumes to copy and also quite comfortable. Layer a gray top and wear some shorts and leg warmers to get ready for your Halloween party. Don’t forget to rock big hair. You might need a lot of hairspray, but it will look fantastic. To elevate this look, try our Designer Crystal and Mixed Colored Diamond Earrings.


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Halloween Ideas for Couples That Are Creative and Fun

Halloween is a holiday that trumps Valentine’s Day due to the free flowing candy and the ability to be anyone for one whole day without anyone judging you every two seconds. You want to be a penguin, go on and live your dream. You want to channel your inner Cleopatra, rock that kohl eyeliner girl. You want to look like a Pokémon, be our guest. This is holiday, which you can celebrate alone, with your friends and family and with your SO by dressing into coordinated outfits.

This year, there are so many good options that you can choose from. They range from fanatical to crazy to fun and creative to somewhat glamorous and classy. The best thing about each option is that you can coordinate your outfit with your boyfriend, or fiancé, husband or even your best friend. Couple’s outfits are the best. Think about how much fun you had last year. Now double or better yet, triple it, because the more people you have in your Halloween entourage, the better it is.

And when your SO is your partner in crime, you will pray that the night never ends.

Harley Quinn and Joker

2The launch of Suicide Squad was perfectly timed, as it has one of the best couple Halloween costume ideas. The vivid colorful smeared makeup, tattoos, bright neon hair and quirky clothes are perfect for a couple who like thinking out of the box and wants to have fun. Choose our Glamorous Black and White Diamond Earrings to add an edge to your Harley Quinn outfit.


Khal Drogo and Daenerys

3The white billowy maxi dress, pale white hair, violet contacts and a few amazing jewelry pieces such as our Purple Amethyst and Diamond Rose Gold Pendant will transform yon into an amazing Daenerys. Ask your significant other to dress up as Khal Drogo with smeared blue war paint and his signature ponytail and a lot of eyeliner!


Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

4Who doesn’t want to look ethereal in a ruby red cloak with milky white skin and a black outfit underneath? Your partner can dress up in a wolf mask or if you are really savvy with your makeup skills, don’t be afraid to go to work on his face and paint the mask yourself. Don’t forget to update your look by pairing your amazing outfit with our ruby red Colored Fashion Ring With Diamonds.

JFK and Jackie Kennedy

This costume is the epitome of sophistication and relationship goals right there 5(Except the JFK assassination part, of course)! This is a fairly easy outfit to copy. Your partner can dress up in a formal suit with a red tie and you can wear an airhostess-style skirt and jacket in pale blue color with white gloves and some heirloom pearl accessories and other swanky pieces such as our Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings to imitate the best of American royalty.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

6They are a different kind of royalty and can serve as great inspiration to couples who want to look put together and glamorous on Halloween. To channel Prince William, just wear a formal suit or a red military suit if you can find one. Dress up as the Duchess by wearing a formal gown with a crown. Don’t forget to pair it with her signature engagement ring. Choose our Vintage Pear Tanzanite and Diamond Ring for channeling Kate.


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Fall Fashion Trends 2016: A Party That Never Ends

Fall is perhaps one of the best times of the year. Pumpkin spice everything, trendy coats, thigh high boots and accessories for miles! Everything about fall beckons us into its warm, inviting and fashionable embrace. Not that summer doesn’t have its charm, but forgive us, if we are a little bit partial to fall and winter.

The best part about the cold months is not the snow or the incessant need for warm beverages, but the main events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and New Year’s Eve, that provides us the perfect excuse to fill up our wardrobe with winter essentials and evening dresses that we can rock on these occasions.

This year, fall/winter fashion took us to the 80’s and introduced a grungy, effortless fashion that we are loving so far. On the other hand, some designers stuck to the classics and elevated the traditional looks by imbedding certain elements of surprise. The best part about these fashion trends is that we have not seen something that we are not on board with!

Here are some of the fall/winter trends that we are aching to include in our own wardrobes!

Guitars Straps with a Twist

1Lanvin, Burberry, Anya Hindmarch and Fendi gave a makeover to simple guitar straps and included them as embellished bag straps. This fall, the bags got a rock star makeover. These wide decorated straps are everything! And the width will allow you to carry them with ease. The amazing color scheme and the gold and silver hardware doesn’t hurt either. Wear our Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings to keep the whole look modern and chic.

The Statement Choker

2Chokers have always been a favorite for women all over the world. We have often lost our hearts to the strappy chokers, velvet ribbons and the chained chokers of the 90’s era. However, this year, Lanvin, Dries Van Noten, Loewe and Balmain gave simple chokers a high-fashion makeover. These statement chokers cover your whole neck and make them the center point of your whole outfit. To add an interesting twist to your outfit without taking the attention from the choker, add our Modern Designed Diamond Fashion Ring into the mix.

Extra Long Sleeves

3If you grew up longing for Star Wars and Padme-style outfits, now is your time to rock extra-long sleeves without raising eyebrows. Although it might be too adventurous for some, but if you look at it, it is kind of functional. The length will eliminate any need for gloves as the long sleeves will keep your hands warm. However, this trend might not appeal to everyone. Wear some statement earrings like our Stunning Drop Crystal and Diamond Earrings to complete the look.


4Now this is something that we can all get behind. If you are anything like us, you must have wanted to own high-fashion hoodies that you can rock with your head held high. Each x Other, Alexander Wang, Anthony Vaccarello and Lacoste have made that happen by releasing a luxe line of hoodies that provide comfort and luxury to you. Keep the modern vibe alive by pairing it with our Modern Fashion Diamond Hoop Earrings.

Pink and Yellow

5It is not every day that designers take a leap of faith and include such bright colors in their fall collections. However, this year, more than a couple brands went crazy with colors, especially pink and yellow. Yellow, which is often used in summer collections due to its sunny and warm vibe, made headlines when it appeared alongside the darker hues of the fall collections. However, this interesting color combination will be a welcome reprieve from black, navy blue and greys that dominate our winter wardrobe. Thank you Creatures of Comfort, Ulla Johnson, Sies Marjan, Brock Collection and Delpozo for introducing a pop of color to our winter wardrobes. Chose our colorful rings such as the Glamorous Cushion Cut Pink Tourmaline Diamond Ring or the Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring with this look.

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Diamonds 101: What to Look For

We often indulge in impulse shopping sprees and many would agree that it is the best feeling in the world. However, when you are shopping for a car, a house or an engagement ring, impulse is out of the question. Doing extensive research becomes paramount when you are thinking of spending so much money on a single product.

When you want to treat yourself and your loved ones to luxury and perfection, you want to buy an engagement ring that will become an instant favorite and an heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations. Choosing the perfect engagement ring requires that you have extensive knowledge about the diamond that will serve as the center of attention.

2No matter which metal or band you choose, every eye will be stuck on that stone. Choosing the perfect one according to your preference and budget can be an intimidating process. Here are some important things to look out for when you are choosing a diamond engagement ring for the love of your life.

The 4 Cs

The cut, color, clarity and carat are perhaps some of the biggest considerations.


3The cut of the diamond refers to the shape of the stone. It will also determine how effectively the diamond will reflect light back to the owner’s eyes. In layman terms, the better a diamond is cut, the more it will sparkle, which is what everyone wants. If a diamond is well cut, it will reflect and return all light that passes through it. This is also referred to as the diamond’s brilliance. Round, princess, cushion, emerald, oval, marquise, pear, heart, radiant and Asscher are the most coveted cuts in the diamond industry.


You might think that the carat means the size of the diamond, but in contrast to popular belief, it is actually the weight of the diamond. If you want to get a better stone with a small budget, go for a diamond that falls under the traditional cutoff weight such as 0.5 carat. The price of a diamond is evaluated by singular weight. A diamond, which is double in weight, will cost at least four times more.


4The clarity is the level of flawlessness that can be evaluated under a magnifying glass or can also be observed through the naked eye. The clarity of a diamond helps with the grading process where each imperfection can lower its grade. Inclusions, AKA imperfections, inside a diamond can be in the form of blemishes, nicks, pits, scratches and fractures.


When you are selecting a diamond, choose one, which has little to no color. The predominant yellow color that you see in a diamond is due to the presence of nitrogen, but a flawless diamond doesn’t have any color to it.

What Is The Minimum Clarity That You Should Choose?

Clarity grade VS2 or higher, if you are looking at D-F color range and SI clarity if you are looking at G-I color range.

How to Determine What Carat Size You Can Afford?

5Start evaluating with the parameters and choose what matters most to you. Is it the cut or carat or the absence of color that you want. Once you determine what you really want, look at the options and find a ring that fits your budget.

Can A Cut Hide The Appearance Of Imperfections?

If you want to reduce the appearance of inclusions, opt for a princess cut or choose a Bezel setting that can hide the flaw on the pavilion of the stone.

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How to Step Up Your Game on Instagram – Tools and Tricks for Jewelers

If you’re a jeweler, then you already know that it only takes one quality, glittery, glamorous photo to knock the socks off a customer! We’ve all witnessed the fact that if a photo is compelling enough, it can and will get customers coming in the store.

When it comes to showing off your photos, Instagram is the best place to do it. But mastering Instagram is not always easy. Do you ever feel like your Instagram photos or videos are not getting as many likes as they should? There’s a reason for that. You’re competing with billions of other photos every day! So in order to step up your Instagram game, we’ve outlined a few helpful tried and true tricks as well as some fun new applications below.


This fun creative app creates captivating mini videos that loop back and forth and has become an instant celebrity since its launch in 2015.

Designed to compete with Snapchat’s superstardom, Boomerang offers a modern and fun way to animate your mini videos. As with any other media type, you don’t want to overdo it, so keep the boomerang videos special by only doing a few a week otherwise your Instagram feed may start to resemble a blinding strobe light. Click here to read more about boomerang.



Ripl is the greatest thing since sliced bread! It’s an easy to use app that allows you to create animated social posts with your photos, text & links that mimick professionally made videos. You can add text, sliding graphics, borders and more.

If you’re not a pro at making videos, this app is for you because it’s easy to use and the videos truly do turn out amazing. Once you’ve downloaded the application via the app store, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Add your photos and text into Ripl
2. Choose a design and customize the style of animation
3. Write a caption, add hashtags, and share!

To access even more features, check out their paid plan for $10 a month and for examples on how to use Ripl, visit their Instagram feed by clicking here.

Use photo editing tools like PicMonkey and Canva

13241202_10153741296234163_1931530335964189813_nThese free Instagram photo editors make building beautiful Instagram photos a walk in the park. Both are as user friendly as it gets. Simply drop in your photos to create collages, posters, or just edit images with fun shaped overlays and borders.

Both services offer templates so that you don’t have to research the dimensions of the images you are trying to build either such as Facebook cover photos or flyers.

Upgrade to a monthly package to unlock new type fonts, graphics, and seasonal features.

Click here to start using PicMonkey.

Click here to start using Canva.

Be 100%

If you want your photos to be shared on Instagram, it’s important to remember that customers would much rather see the jewelry in real life scenarios and on real people, than on a display. If you are selling jewelry, then your staff is probably wearing it often, so find those fashion loving sales associates and put them to good use! Schedule a “store fashion shoot” once a month where each person takes photos of themselves wearing the jewelry. This could be on location at your store, on their lunch break, while they are driving, or even after they’ve gotten home. Here at Sylvie’s corporate office, we provide our employees with lunch and make a fun day out of it!

Compile all the photos, edit them, and use them throughout the month for social media content until you do the shoot again. PRO TIP *** Happy Hour is a sure thing! Any time you can combine pretty nails, with sparkling Champagne and jewelry, it’s a home run.

Don’t be afraid of Product Placement

Don’t be afraid to incorporate non-competitive brands in your images! Using things like handbags, shoes, clothing, perfumes, and other female accessories can really grab the attention of other brand loyal advocates. The trick here is to not add too many elements and make sure the product you are highlighting is the star of the show. Use sticky tack, props or displays to add height to the featured product and always shoot these types of photos from above.


PRO TIP *** ALWAYS ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS! Like, tag, share, comment… do everything you can to join the conversations! And don’t be afraid to like photos from your competitors, working together and learning from each other is what allows our industry to grow. If you like what someone is doing, pat them on the back!

So there you have it, with these simple tools and tricks you can easily start getting those coveted little heart icon clicks you’ve always wanted. To see some other great examples, the Zoey report has put together a list of Instagram accounts to follow. Click here to see them!

Top 10 Places to Propose In Fall/Winter

It’s cold outside; snow is falling, gales of winds are blowing and giving you runny noses and blushed cheeks. While autumn is turning the leaves reddish orange and the snow is beginning to add a stark contrast to the high rises in your city or to the slanted roofs in your quaint little town, it is the perfect time to propose to the love of your life.

While most people wait for New Year’s Eve or Christmas to speak what is in their hearts, you don’t have to do so. Why should you wait when all you want to do is give all of yourself to the love of your life and proudly say that your heart belongs to them forever? Seeing the shock on her/his face, misty eyes and the love practically emanating from them should be an inspiration and motivation enough to choose fall as the perfect time to propose.

If your heart is bursting with the giddiness and excitement to get down on your knees and bring out the spectacular ring that your purchased a long time ago, choose any one of the following ideas to ensure he/she says yes.

  • Rake out the leaves in their yard to spell out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” This will not only show them how much you love them and want to marry them, but will also show how handy you are with yard work.
  • During the holiday season, celebration lights are all rage. Use that to your advantage and write out your proposal with the lights that are surprisingly maneuverable. Place them in a large space, either in a yard, a garden or the parking lot of their apartment building, or even a roof. Place a family member inside while you bring them outside and then, give a signal to switch on the lights to make the proposal visible.
  • Build a snowman who is proposing and bring out the love of your life outside. As soon as they see the snowman, get down on your knees in the same position and pop out the ring.
  • If your town is covered in snow in the winter season, take your soon-to-be-fiancé on a sleigh ride, and while you are covered from the cold wind and huddled under a blanket, propose to them as you keep them warm in your embrace.
  • Take her to a ski resort and when you are climbing up in the ski lift together, say what is in your heart and propose in mid air.
  • Hide the ring in one of their gloves and see the look of pure shock turning into a look of pleasure as they realize the full meaning of the ring. However, be sure that you hide the ring in gloves that they actually like to wear.
  • Build a snowman and build an outstretched hand that can hold the ring box or you can tie the ring to his scarf. Call him/her out to look at your artistic skills with the snowman and ask their opinion of the snowman. As they are judging how well you made it, they are bound to see the ring, which will be your cue to get down on your knees.
  • Prepare hot chocolate and light a fire in the hearth. Then huddle closer together while you sip on the warm beverage and take out the ring to propose. Prepare some words of love and tell her how you feel. If you want, you can alternate hot chocolate with wine or a beverage that she prefers; but, let’s be real, who doesn’t love hot chocolate?
  • If you live near the mountains or they are just a short road trip away, there is nothing more romantic and memorable than proposing on a snow-covered mountaintop, with blue sky above and snow as far the eyes can see.
  • Take a walk among the fallen leaves. The autumnal charm of the reddish-yellow leaves will undoubtedly warm her heart, forcing her to say yes when you pop the question.

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Celebrate September with your own Sapphire Ring!

September is here! And there’s no better way to celebrate the September sapphire birthstone than to give one away to our fans! Starting now until September 30th you’ll have a chance to win this ring! Simply click on the image below and enter to win!

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How to Rock Stackable Rings like A Pro


Fashionistas are always looking for new ways to make a statement. Layers of earrings, statement shoes, bags that turn heads and hair accessories that make others want to pat their heads thoroughly and think that why they didn’t think of that first. Ring stacking is not such a new trend per se, but it refuses to die out or even lose its popularity among the masses. There are Instagram stars and celebrities that have excelled at that trend; then there are some unfortunate souls, who have tried and failed at that.

Ring stacking, as many seem to ignore, is an art; an incomprehensive art because it doesn’t have any rules. Like a beautiful painting with instinctive brush strokes, ring stacking works well when you rely on personalization and instinct. If you are thinking about thin rings, double-metal bands, silver, gold or diamonds, your head must have started hurting. So, take a deep breath and think about your personality. If you are minimalistic in nature, choose a few thin rings from your collection and rock them effortlessly.

However, that interpretation is quite centralistic and might not be helpful to many of you. For this very purpose, we have taken it upon ourselves to present to you a comprehensive guide to ring stacking, which will let you rock this trend like a pro!

Ring stacking might have seemed easy to you at first, but once you dabble in it a little bit, you begin to understand that there is certain artistry to it. It takes a lot of effort to make a variety of rings look good at once, as a collection. You want symmetry without choosing similar bands. It’s somewhat similar to layering your clothes; the trick is to edit and do so quite cleverly, to make sure that they don’t run into each other’s styles and cancel out each other’s charm and beauty.

homepage slide 1-1 m#AF1B71

Here Are Some Tricks And Tips That Will Get You Started!

  • Don’t deviate from the path of equal thickness. If you are starting out with a thin ring, add thin rings to the mix. If you do want to wear a thicker ring, place it at the base of your finger. Always go thick to thin to make your fingers seem slender.
  • Try the doubling or tripling technique. If you have a statement ring, buy a second or even a third one and wear them on adjacent fingers for an exclusive multi-finger effect.
  • Don’t forgo the effect of good-fitting rings. Rings that fit perfectly well with
    each other will not only be a comfort to you, but will create eccentric geometric shapes that others will undoubtedly try to copy.
  • Try to be daring without going over-the-top; mix in a statement ring with lightweight rings. Putting on too many statement rings will make it seem like you are trying too hard and that you are visually under duress. Who would want an unbalanced look such as that?
  • Although mixing and matching metals can work perfectly well, it can
    become somewhat difficult for you to follow two trends at once with perfection until you are really good at that. If you are a beginner, stick with a single metal and base your entire stacking look on that. Once you master that, you can surely mix rose gold, gold or even silver.
  • Try to stack rings that have a different finish or texture than one another.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget your nails. Chipped nail polish will take away all the charm that you want to reflect. Stacking rings will bring undivided attention to
    your hands. So, make sure that you have well moisturized hands with impeccable nails that are painted in a color that accentuates your jewelry. It is always a good idea to play with neutrals to ensure that all the attention is on your rings and not really on the nails. Remember, the goal is to bring attention to the rings; the nails are just there to complement them.

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Sapphire Is the Birthstone of September

Sapphire is the birthstoneof September and this is the perfect time to learn some great facts about these stones that have graced the bodies of royalty and Hollywood stars for ages. They are coveted for their perfection and they have been treasured for thousands of years due to their rarity. The word sapphire is derived from sappheiros, which is aGreek word. In ancient times, Romans used to polish sapphires to be worn as jewelry.

The most expensive and coveted sapphires are deep blue in color, butif you though that they are only 2available in blue, you haven’t set your eyes on pink, orange, red, yellow and green sapphires. Red sapphires are also known as rubies as they both belong to the same mineral corundum. Sapphires derive their beautiful rich blue color from the trace elements in their mineral corundum. The iron and titanium can turn sapphire blue while the presence of chromium can turn them pink. The larger quantities of chromium turn them into deep red, which is then categorized as rubies.

The rarest type of sapphire that was ever identified in the history is called padparadscha, which means a lotus flower in Sanskrit. The name was given to it due to its beautiful pinkish orange tinge.Sapphires are categorized as one of the most durable naturallyoccurringelements in nature. They can withstand harsh conditions, and their ability to resist scratching is measured by a handy scale called Mohs Scale of Hardness. Let us tell you that sapphire pass with flying colors with a score of 9!

The only other element that has the ability to scratch a sapphire is a diamond. This the reason why 3sapphires are treasured andcoveted as the primary stones in engagement and wedding rings as these are the piecesof jewelry that you have to wear every day and it is easier to wear a durable piece about which youwon’thave to worry about every second.Due to its durability and hardness, sapphires are used in several industrial applications. The recent Apple Watch has a lab-created sapphire glass, whichisembedded in its screen.

Through the course of history, several mystical powers and legends have been attributed to sapphires. It was believed that the wearerwould be protected from evil if they wore a sapphire. In the Middle Age, sapphires werebelieved to cure eye diseases and symbolized chastity, faithfulness and nobility. Sapphires that are deep blue in color have often been associated with royalty.Lady Diana Spencer’s engagement ring, given to her by Prince Charles in 1981, is the most famous examples. It featured an 18-carat oval blue sapphire that is surrounded by diamonds. In the medievaltimes, kings and queens often wore sapphire and imbedded them in their crowns due to the beliefthat it would protectthem from their enemies.

4Sapphires are mined throughout the world, mainly in theUnited States, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Malawi. However, no matter wherethey are mined, sapphires are often treated to diffusiontreatments, heat treatments and inclusion to increase their clarity. The diffusion treatmentcan also change the color of the sapphire. Any sapphire, which goes through the lengthy process of these procedures, is quite costly and virtually flawless. A sapphire can cost you thousands of dollars per carat, especially those stones that have excellent level of transparency.

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Fall Fashion Trends That Will Reign Supreme In 2016

Fall is almost here! You must be dreaming about wearing the fur coats and the trenches with your fashionable knee-high boots that will make heads turn every time you step out of your house.

AND you wouldn’t have to shave your legs! So, yeah; good times.

Fall just brings a smile to your face, not just because it brings with it the joy of thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve; although they do contribute to the fascination we have with the amazing season. The world of fashion brings spectacular fashion trends for fall that make shopping so much fun. This year, from the New York Fashion Week to the Milan fashion week, furs and velvets were not the only trends that prevailed. If you thought that borrowing furs from your mom’s closet would suffice for this season, think again.

Here are some of the most amazing fall fashion trends that will prevail throughout 2016, and some even have the potential to continue on to the next year too. Let’s dive straight into it!

Renaissance Perfection


We are all for the women feeling like princesses and queens, but this trend will really make you feel like one. The rich velvet, the vivid colors, corsets, cinched waists and bell sleeves will make you feel like a medieval princess.

Pumpkin Spice


If you have an impartial obsession with anything with pumpkin spice in it, you will love this trend. The burnt orange or a muted orange color fabric was highlighted in major collections this season and as it favors every skin tone, we have very high hopes for it.

A Suit with a Twist


Suits never go out of fashion as they are a staple in every modern woman’s closet. Nevertheless, this year, the suits are accompanied by mini-skirts; yes, you heard that right! If you have ever tried to put an Upper East Side twist to your suits, this is your chance to rock a Blair Waldorf style mini-skirt suit with your head held high.

Blinding Shine


Tinsels, glitters, tassel and dresses that shine like the stars themselves. This season you can shine like the moon as these sparkling coats, dresses and skirts are all the rage.



If you dream about the capes that cover just the tiniest bit of flesh in all the romance novels that you grew up reading (probably), your time has inevitably come. The capelet is a retro cape that is shorter than an average cape, but very trendy and chic if you ask us.

Patent Leather Trench Coats


If you were yearning for a trench coat that wasn’t just a boring, camel brown color, these amazing patent leather trench coats in vivid colors will be an excellent addition to your winter closet. Once you wear these amazing trench coats, you will have no need of any other accessory as they will be the entire highlight you need for the day.

Velvet…. Everything


Velvet has made a dashing comeback into this fall’s designer trends and every designer seems to have fallen in love with this fabric. This chic fabric is so soft that you will want to keep touching it and the fluid effect of it would leave others astounded.

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