Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Cindy G.

Say hello to another one of our beautiful Sylvie Brides, Cindy! Her now-fiancé Eric proposed to her in May with a gorgeous Sylvie Collection antique-inspired engagement ring from Diamonds Direct in Austin, Texas. Congratulations, Cindy and Eric!

Newly engaged: Cindy and Eric!

How They Met

What started out as a casual conversation between Cindy and Eric turned out to be the start of a beautiful relationship. As the years went on and the couple grew closer, they finally realized that they were meant to be with each other. Finally, Eric took the big leap and proposed to Cindy at their favorite date-night restaurant!

The Proposal

Cindy is all smiles as Eric proposes!

For Cindy, May 26th, 2017 appeared to be a typical Friday date-night, but it turned out to be even more special and memorable than she ever thought possible! After an evening of delicious food, Eric began talking to Cindy about their relationship as he paid the tab. Before Cindy knew it, Eric was down on one knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with him! Smiling from ear to ear, she reached in to hug him while excitedly nodding “yes”! Everyone in the restaurant clapped and cheered for the newly engaged couple. “It was definitely a night we will never forget,” says Cindy.

Eric and Cindy then headed to Trudy’s, a local restaurant in Austin, for celebratory drinks. This unforgettable evening became even better, when Cindy walked into the restaurant to find her and Eric’s families greeting them happily! Completely shocked, Cindy hugged all her loved ones while shedding tears of happiness.

The Ring

Cindy’s Sylvie Collection engagement ring is a timelessly elegant piece. Her ring is a gorgeous antique-inspired engagement ring with a halo of shimmering diamonds, and varied sizes of diamond accents trailing down each side of the band. Eric purchased the ring at Diamonds Direct in Austin, TX, Style S1409- Designer Antique-Inspired Halo Engagement Ring.

The bride-to-be posing with her Sylvie Collection mug! All Sylvie Brides receive this as a small congrats gift for their engagement!

Style S1409: Designer Antique Inspired Halo Engagement Ring


Cindy says, “I love every single detail. Eric even had the engagement ring customized to feature his birthstone (sapphire), which will stand in as my “something blue”. Absolutely flawless and breathtaking!”

We couldn’t agree more, Cindy!

Congrats again to our Sylvie Bride Cindy and her fiancé Eric! Warm wishes to you both!



For more information on Cindy’s engagement ring, click here.

Want your engagement ring or wedding band customized to fit your unique style? Sylvie Collection can personalize your ring to turn your #SomethingSylvie into something special!

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Diamonds 101: Ethically Sourced Diamonds

We all know Beyoncé, the talented pop goddess telling us all to “put a ring on it”. However, she didn’t tell us which kind of rings, did she? From what we know, the likelihood of her recommending conflict-free or ethically sourced engagement rings is high. As a strong and environmentally-conscious being, she would never suggest to her millions of fans to buy rings that are not ethically sourced. While this might make sense to some, most people are not as familiar with the terms “conflict-free” or “ethically sourced” when referring to diamonds. We’re here to uncover their meanings.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds: Defined

A diamond ring—though universally understood as the engagement stone— need not always signify an engagement. In fact, a diamond ring can mean a hundred different things. And while the size, cut, clarity, and setting are important factors when choosing a ring, so is what the ring itself represents: love. 

Returning to the definition of “ethically sourced”, an ethically sourced diamond is one that hasn’t financed any civil wars or been mined in a war zone. To become ethically sourced, the diamond must be made using extraction practices that do not violate any human or environmental rights.

Still, spending either a lot or a little on a diamond engagement ring can be a difficult decision. It takes time as well as several considerations related to its setting, size, shape, etc. When you also consider that the diamond might stem from an unethical or immoral conflict, your ethics are also brought into question. Should you save money and buy a diamond potentially mined on immoral grounds, or drop the extra cash to ensure the diamond is ethically sourced?

If your jeweler assures you that the diamond is certified, it will give you peace of mind rather than make you feel like you added to someone’s suffering and abuse.   

A Guide to Buying Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Now that we know a bit more about ethically sourced diamonds, we can learn how to distinguish the ethically sourced from the unethically sourced. Below is a brief guide on which diamonds to buy and from where.

Where to Start:

When shopping for an ethically sourced diamond ring, you should always have contact with the jeweler or seller. Be proactive and ask questions about the diamond’s  origin. Ask about the quality, and if it was stolen at one point. Additionally, request to see if a shipment or tracking record is available so you can see if it traveled through anywhere questionable .

We recommend avoiding diamonds mined in countries like Angola or Zimbabwe. There are multiple documented reports about human rights violations in the diamond extraction industries there, which are enough to convince one to not add to the injustice and inhumanity.

Places to Purchase Ethically Sourced Diamonds:

Instead, purchase diamonds that are mined and shipped from countries like Canada. Though slightly more expensive, diamonds in Canada are mined under standard rules and regulations.

You can also buy ethically sourced diamonds from Botswana or Namibia. Investing in diamond mines in these countries can help small-scale miners earn steady incomes and breed more employment opportunities.

Put Your Faith in Sylvie Collection

Lastly, it is also important to buy from reliable jewelers like Sylvie Collection, who is strongly committed to ethically sourcing diamonds for all our engagement rings. We strive to make the buying experience for all our customers satisfactory, and  understand the significance of buying a diamond that does not stem from matters of injustice, abuse or inequality.   

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Restaurant Proposals 101: Everything You Need to Know

As if proposing wasn’t already hard enough, doing it in a restaurant with other diners and restaurant staff watching can make anyone break a sweat! If you’re planning to pop the question in a public setting such as this, you need to make sure that everything is “planned to a T” so nothing ruins this special moment for you and your future spouse.

Statistics reveal that 31% of women would love to be proposed at their favorite restaurant (Source: The Daily Meal). If you are planning one such bold move this holiday season, we’re here to help you plan it just the way you imagined! While the perfect proposal can be all about planning, it’s also about the proposer being confident, so remember: confidence is key!

To help you execute your proposal, consider the following tips:

Reserve a Table

First things first, always plan ahead! Call the restaurant a day, week, or even a month before your desired date to reserve a table. You never know what other special events might be going on at that very same restaurant. For example, someone else might have picked that same evening to propose, in which case you’ll want to reserve a table for a different evening so all eyes can be on you and your partner. And don’t just pick any table: ask for a table in a prime location, with a picturesque backdrop and excellent photo lighting. Several years down the road, you’ll want to look back and cherish the moment where your new lives began, and you’ll want the photo capturing that moment to be picture perfect.

Get the Restaurant Staff Onboard

Informing the host/hostess and any restaurant staff is another key ingredient to a smooth and perfect proposal. Most restaurants happily cater to your needs for such a joyous occasion. Ensuring they are on board with the plan might even include receiving a free dessert, table decorations, or complimentary champagne! Additionally, the restaurant can even offer to help you personalize a menu of all your partner’s favorite food items, which will make the evening all the more special!

Put the Ring Anywhere but the Food

By food, we mean anything edible or drinkable –appetizer, entrée, dessert or champagne. The idea of letting the diamond engagement ring swim in gravy or sit on a bed of salad after spending a fortune on it doesn’t seem very comforting, does it? Not to mention it might be swallowed, and then you’d be spending what was supposed to be a happy evening in the hospital getting x-rays done! We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Shake It Up!

Don’t just casually pull out the ring as she’s busy savoring the last bite of her crème brûlée. Once she finishes, take out the ring and pop the question. If you can, try your hand at a unique and creative proposal speech, song, or poem to really warm her heart. Since you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life, put in your very best to make it unforgettable!

All advice aside, we want to know: have you picked out an engagement ring yet? If not, we have an impressive collection of stunning sparkle at the Sylvie Collection! Check out our beautiful and varying selection of engagement rings here!

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Sylvie Pink Pledge Winner: Tiffany Losey!


This past October, Sylvie Collection launched the Sylvie Pink Pledge to raise awareness in honor of Breast Cancer. For the entire month, fans could enter to win a pink sapphire and diamond band. Additionally, the Sylvie Collection pledged to donate $1 for every follow on Facebook and Instagram to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

The Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Sylvie Pink Pledge, Tiffany Losey! Congrats on being the lucky winner of this gorgeous band, and thank you for raising awareness for breast cancer. Enjoy your beautiful ring!

Classic Round Brilliant Diamond And Pink Sapphire Band (Style no. B4002)

Classic Round Brilliant Diamond and Pink Sapphire Band (Style no. B4002)
Sylvie Collection collaborated with NBCF on this campaign because of the rising rates of breast cancer in our nation.
“Breast cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancers in women, and raising awareness is vital in the fight against this disease.” – Sylvie Levine, Owner/Designer

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sylvie Pink Pledge. We are so grateful for all the support we received via social media! As a result, we will be donating all the follows generated during October to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!
Sylvie Collection hopes to keep fighting alongside NBCF to raise awareness for breast cancer, and find a cure for this awful disease. We take the Sylvie Pink Pledge now and always!
To donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, please click here.
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December Giveaway: Sylvie Collection’s 2nd Annual Decade of Diamonds!

Earlier this year, Sylvie Collection launched it’s first Decade of Diamonds campaign to celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary. With the winter holidays in full swing, we decided to go out of 2017 with a bang and launch another Decade of Diamonds giveaway!

The Contest:

Throughout December, Sylvie Collection fans across the nation can enter for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind, custom Special Edition ring valued at $3,000! A variation of our best-selling Elita Ring (S1707), this custom ring features rose-gold accents and a stunning morganite center. Sylvie fans can submit entries starting today, December 1st, up until December 31st, 2017.

In honor of Sylvie Collection’s 10-Year Anniversary: S1707 Special Edition Two-Tone Ring with a Morganite Center

How to Enter:

  1. Go to our contest page by clicking here.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and email address.
  3. Click “Submit”!

It’s super simple: three steps and you’re done! 

Participants are encouraged to share content and use the hashtag #DecadeOfDiamonds on social media to gain a higher chance of winning this unique ring! We are super excited about this giveaway and can’t wait for the entries to come flooding in! You don’t want to miss out on this awesome giveaway!!

For additional information on The Sylvie Collection, “A Decade of Diamonds” campaign initiatives, requests for images or look books, or to schedule an interview with the designer, Sylvie Levine, please contact Luxury Brand Group’s, Jordan Landes-Brenman ([email protected]).


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6 Movie Proposals We Love To Watch Over And Over Again

Movies allow us a temporary escape into another world where the impossible is possible, and where concepts like love at first sight and true love are ever present. Romantic movies usually contain at least one scene that—no matter how many times viewed—never fails to put a smile on your face; the scene that makes your heart skip a beat or your stomach fill up with butterflies. Yes, we are talking about dramatically and epically romantic movie proposal scenes!

Here are just a few of the most inspiring wedding proposals ever to grace the big screens!

1.  When Harry Met Sally

An iconic romantic comedy in film history that begs the question “can man and woman just be friends?”, When Harry Met Sally ends with a heartfelt love confession from Harry, the male protagonist. After spending New Year’s Eve alone, he realizes that he is madly in love with Sally, and finally does what the audience has been rooting for him to do all along. Kudos to Harry for the flawless delivery that made every woman— including Sally— tear up!

2.  The Notebook

Possibly one of the greatest love stories of our time, The Notebook features Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams who play two teenage lovers whose love falters and strengthens over time. When Noah (Gosling) tells Allie (McAdams), “I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, everyday”, you can’t help but tear up and swoon at such a beautiful declaration of love!

3.  Ever After: A Cinderella Story

A twist on a timeless fairy tale, Ever After ends with a sweet and loving proposal scene between Prince Henry (Dougary Scott) and Danielle de Barbarac (Drew Barrymore). After realizing he truly loves Danielle and does not want to go through with an arranged marriage, Henry rides on horseback to Danielle, apologizes for doing her wrong, and tells her that she would make him feel like a true king if she were to marry him. She accepts, and he hugs and spins her around as they both laugh and kiss each other, a heartwarming proposal scene that makes it hard to blink back tears!

4.  Sex in the City

Speaking of Cinderella, the proposal scene in the Sex in the City movie mimics the tale in a modern fashion! After leaving Carrie at the altar, Mr. Big finally shakes his pre-wedding jitters and proposes to her in a walk-in closet. Call it a modern-day Cinderella proposal: Carrie couldn’t possibly say no to the love of her life, bending down on o

ne knee with a stunning blue Manolo in his hand, instead a of a traditional diamond engagement ring. Not to leave you guessing, but the shoe fits perfectly!

5.  Love Actually

Undoubtedly, Love Actually is filled with some of the most romantic scenes in rom-com history, but the proposal scene between Jamie (Colin Firth) and his Portuguese housekeeper Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz) is too adorable to pass up! Head over heels in love with Aurelia, Jamie goes the extra mile to learn Portuguese so he can speak to her and eventually confess his love and propose to her in from of her whole family! Though he’s far from fluent in the language, his grammatical mistakes make the proposal even more adorable as her family and spectators in the restaurant watch this beautiful love story come to fruition.

6.  Pride and Prejudice

Finally, how can we forget the movie based on the famous Jane Austen novel?, A strong minded and independent Elizabeth Bennett (Keira Knightley) finds love through hate, unknowingly falling for her witty rival, Mr. Darcy. One morning after a sleepless night, Mr. Darcy finally asks Elizabeth to end his “agony”. He claims that she has bewitched his body and soul, and declares his deep love for her in hopes that she accepts his hand in marriage. Despite her determination to never marry a man such as Darcy, Elizabeth finally confesses she returns his love and accepts his proposal!


Here’s a longer list of some more timeless movie proposals!

Which romantic movie proposal is your all-time favorite? Share on your social media or comment below!


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6 Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger, Brighter, and Better

A common misconception about diamond rings is that the bigger the diamond, the more sparkle it has. Actually, the size of the diamond has very little to do with its shine factor; rather the strategic cut of the diamond is what helps it appear larger and shinier.  A small yet well-cut diamond will shine brighter than any diamond of a bigger size that is cut poorly and carelessly.

If you’re looking for a way to make your diamond shine bigger and brighter, then you’ve come to the right place! We have some tips for you on how to accentuate the true beauty and craftsmanship of your diamond to make it look bigger than its actual size.

1. Stray from Traditional Shapes

While round diamonds are beautiful and classic, they don’t have much shape variation. Opting for a fancy shape like an emerald cut, marquise, or oval will make your diamond look bigger because of the additional surface area. Such shapes better reflect light from all the corners and edges, making it appear bigger and shinier. Not to mention, they’re slightly less expensive than a round-cut diamond since they aren’t as traditional.

Style no. S1199-EM: Classic Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

2. Say Hello to Halos!

If your budget doesn’t allow for a bigger diamond, you can always add a halo (or two) to make it stand out! A band of smaller cut diamonds surrounding the center stone will create a more widespread reflection, making the entire diamond look bigger than normal. If you really want to make your rock pop, go for a double halo of shimmering diamonds!

Style no. S4100: Unique Two Tone Double-Halo Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

3. Side Stones, Anyone?


Going for a more simplified look, but still want your diamond to make a statement? You can add side stones to your center stone without it losing any of its flare! The smaller side stones will give more emphasis to the center diamond, and give the impression of a bigger stone. Additionally, side stones make the entire ring look bigger, bolder, and more expensive without it costing too much!  

Style no. S1084: Classic Three-Stone Engagement Ring

4. Choose Bright Metals

Bright metals such as platinum and white gold reflect the diamond’s shine, making it appear bigger and heavier. The metals provide a sleek, modern glow perfect for the diamond ring to reflect and look brighter. This is one reason why platinum is the most requested choice by couples

Style no. S1300: Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring

5. Bedazzle with a Bezel Setting!

Bezel settings encompass the center diamond with a metal rimmed circle, much like an outline.  They are also usually set at a certain height from the band in order to give the illusion of a bigger ring. This enhanced outline not only protects the diamond from chipping, but it also makes the diamond appear bigger than normal!

Style no. S1317: Vintage Bezel Engagement Ring


6. Choose a Slim Band

Why go with a wider band and overpower your center stone? When it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger diamond, always choose slim engagement ring bands so the center stone retains its name and reputation by remaining the center of attention. In particular, choose a band that tapers at the edge of the center stone; this will make your diamond look not only bigger but also beautiful and elegant!

Style no. SY711: Classic Princess Tapered Baguette Engagement Ring


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7 Tips For Taking The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

So everything went smoothly, and you now have a ring on your finger just waiting for its public debut. We can only imagine how ecstatic you must be right now! You probably can’t wait to tell your friends and family and ask them to save the date. If you plan to share the exciting news with a classic engagement ring “selfie”, we have some great tips to help you make the best impression possible.

1. Primp & Pamper

Once everyone is done admiring your engagement ring, they are going to turn their gazes to your hands. While it’s having perfectly polished nails isn’t a requirement, you may want the basic grooming such as freshly cut and filed nails. This is often considered when snapping an engagement ring selfie. If you don’t want to rush to a nail salon to get a manicure, no worries! You can slap on some clear nail polish yourself for a clean-cut yet elegant look!

The next task to master is taking the picture from the most flattering angle. Does the angle from above make your hand look short and stalky? How about settling your hands on a table, tree, or wall, and stretching them a little? Such tricks will help your hand and ring look their best.

2. It’s All about the Lighting

An engagement ring picture must ALWAYS be captured in natural light. The natural lights source allows the diamond to sparkle at its brightest. Taking a picture in a dimly-lit room will shield most of its shine and might even come out blurry. While at it, be careful to navigate tricky shadows that may distort the illusion of the backdrop.

3. Know Your Engagement Ring

When posing for a selfie, be sure to highlight the ring’s best qualities. Is it the setting, its double shank, or the shape of the center stone that makes it unique? Whatever it may be, make sure that it stands out as the focal point of the shot.

4. The Backdrop Matters

Unless you want to draw attention to your messy room or unwashed dishes, we suggest taking note of the backdrop of the picture. Perhaps you want to give away some hints about the wedding, such as the theme or location, so viewers can start preparing in advance. If you were proposed to at the beach, you can always pose with your engagement ring right before the sun sets so that you get the most out of the colorful skies and waters. Whichever place or landmark you choose as your backdrop, be sure it is clutter-free and makes the ring the focus of the selfie.

5. It’s Not All About The Ring

On the other hand, many wedding photographers believe that the ring doesn’t have to be the only object in your picture. Try squeezing some subtle yet noticeable details in the photo such as the groom in the background with your hand being the focus. That way, you will capture not only the dazzling sparkler, but also you and your partner’s facial expressions. It’ll be even more adorable and memorable for you both!

6. Avoid Zooming In

The last thing you want is a picture that dulls your center stone’s shine. Let this become a mantra for your engagement ring selfie: never use zoom when trying to take that that perfect engagement ring selfie. Not only will it compromise the picture’s quality, but it will also make cropping and editing a mess for the editor later. If you want to get a closer selfie, keep the camera at arm’s length, and continue adjusting the angle until you get the perfect pic!

7. Be Particular

You may not get the perfect “ring selfie” in just one click. Chances are you will snap hundreds of pictures before you finally get one worthy of posting to social media. The only thing to remember here is to choose just one rather than multiple photos. While there will surely be more than one photo you absolutely love, try narrowing it down to one that gives you butterflies. If you never get tired of seeing that photo, that is the one you should to post! The likes, loves, and wow’s will come flooding in the moment it publishes!

Feel ready to whip out those high-definition smartphone cameras and snap away at your ring yet? Congratulations on your recent engagement, and happy photographing!


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Ideas For Unique Engagement Ring Engravings

An engraving on an engagement ring is the perfect way to give it a personal touch. It adds more meaning for the wearer without disrupting its original style or design.

Moreover, a personalized message to which only you and your partner can distinguish the ring from all other similar designs. It symbolizes your love, and reflects unique bond between you and your partner.

Ring engravings began in the courts of Medieval Europe. People would inscribe on the ring words of love, poetry, and even their lover’s portrait so everyone would know about them. Although most engravings today are on the inner part of the shank, as you can see in the image above, they still possess a charm of their own.

If you and your partner plan to get your rings engraved, this blog will provide you with some inspiration on how to go about it. We have some tips and ideas for you to consider when it comes to picking the material for engraving.

Let’s dive on in!

Engraving Tips

When going for engravings, bear these tips in mind:

  • First and foremost, the engraving should only be attempted by a skilled engraver. Do your research, ask as many questions as you like, and make sure you trust the engraver. Amateur work on an expensive diamond ring can damage or weaken its structure.
  • The engraving must be legible.
  • Choose a font size that is easily readable. The font should not be overly intricate, and the size should be big enough to decipher.
  • Avoid long phrases for your engraving, as they will look cramped around the ring’s limited surface and circumference. Keep your sentiments short for a long-lasting impact!
  • When picking sentiments, always go with something universal or timeless. Something as simple as your initials or “I will love you forever” can make the ring a great family heirloom too.
  • When submitting text for the engraving, double check for any spelling or grammatical blunders. This is especially important if you’re getting a specific date or location engraved.
  • Once the engraving is completed, clean it routinely to avoid any rusting or dirt buildup. While at it, be sure to use a soft-bristled for a gentle yet thorough clean, rather than scrubbing it with sandpaper.

Engraving Ideas: What Should Your Ring Say?

Here lies the difficult part: the part where you choose what to inscribe on the ring. You may already have an idea, but if you don’t we are happy to suggest some common engravings couples get on their engagement rings and wedding bands.

1. Initials

This is the most popular engraving option among couples. Some get their first or last names engraved while others opt for the initials for a more defined, simple look. The inscription symbolizes the couple’s bond and how they complete each other.

2. Significant Dates

 Since they are easy to engrave and hold a lot of sentiment, significant dates are another ideal choice to have on a ring that will be worn every day. It serves as a sweet reminder of an amazing day that holds importance for the two of you. They also make for a cleaner and prominent engraving, as they don’t involve many words. Even a full date inscription such as “August 26, 1997” is just the right amount of significance.\

3.  Significant Locations

Do you both have a particular location where you two first met, declared your love, or kissed? If that spot means the world to you and your partner, you can have it engraved instead of a name or date.

4. Lyrics or Poems

If you two have a song that expresses the feelings you have for each other, how about engraving that? Many times, couple comes in demanding that some lyric or poem verse be engraved on their bands. However, since most verses are at least 4-9 words long, the inscription can get a bit cramped. Therefore couples must always try and shorten their messages or have it engraved in the form of a split message.

5.  Love Quotes

Sometimes, an author can translate your feelings on paper better than you could imagine. If that is the case, then perhaps you want a Nicholas Sparks or Shakespearian quote on your engagement ring that represents your journey with your significant other.

6. Funny Phrases

Couples whose relationship is full of smiles, jokes and laughter can inscribe something humorous on the engagement ring. This light-hearted humor will bring a smile to your face for years to come, and allow you to remember the deep connection between you and your partner.

7. Bible Verses

For those who are more religiously observant, perhaps you resonate with a Bible verse that captures the essence of your relationship. If the actual verse is too long, you can always engrave the name of the verse instead. You’ll save some space without sacrificing any of the message’s meaning!

8. Split Messages

Lastly, you can also get split messages on you and your partner’s rings. Split messages symbolize the union of two beautiful souls into an even more beautiful, everlasting relationship.  Split a phrase into two and have one half engraved on your partner’s ring and the other on yours. That way, when you are together, your engagement bands will make sense of the complete phrase.


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Marquise vs. Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings


Having difficulty choosing between two equally captivating diamond cuts? You are not alone! Pear and marquise shapes, both unique diamond cuts, make it difficult for any bride to choose one—especially when her heart yearns for both. Luckily, we are here to help you along the way!

This post offers information on both of these shapes, their histories, and what makes them so exceptional. We even listed two of our most-requested choices from our collection to help narrow your search. Finally, we’ll recommend which diamond cuts pair best with which hand shapes and sizes. Let’s get started!

The Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

“Marquise” originates from the French word “marquis”, which stands for a nobleman who ranks above a count and below a duke. In old times, marquises used to wear diamond rings to showcase their status. Today, the shape is known by most as a football-shaped, tear drop shaped, and boat-shaped or “navette”, which is French for “little ship.”

The diamond cut features 58 facets with elliptical shapes that meet to form a pointed tip. The shape was designed in the 18th century by a jeweler commissioned by the King Louis XV of France; it is said that Louis XV sought to create a diamond shape that resembled the lips of his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson.

Today, there are many variations to this diamond cut, the oval diamond cut being the most common one.

We Recommend:

Modern Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Featuring a signature halo and a stunning 0.75 carat oval-shaped diamond, this ring is for the bride who wants something slightly different yet not too drastic from the conventional round-cut diamond. The center stone sits elevated on the shank, and gives the impression that it is floating. (Style no. SY688)


Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

The one-carat stunning marquise stone sits surrounded by a single halo of exquisite diamonds that cascade down to the middle of the shank. The center stone is set slightly higher on the band, giving it an elegant yet unique appeal when worn. (Style no. S1299)

The Pear-shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The pear-shaped engagement ring beautifully combines a round-cut diamond and marquise diamond with a tapered point at one end. Many mistakenly wear the diamond with the point facing away from the finger, when really the pointed end should face towards the hand. Like most cuts, a pear-shaped engagement ring comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is perfect for women with slender or wide fingers.

The pear-shaped diamond cut, also commonly referred to as the “tear-drop” shape, was first introduced in the 1400s by a Flemish cutter, inventor of the scaif, Lodewyk van Berquem. He believed that the cut allowed for a more thorough polishing of the diamond, which in turn would ensure optimal light reflection.

When worn, the diamond gives the impression of longer, more slender fingers. However, one should always review the stone’s proportion before buying. Too big a stone might make a wide or small hand appear shorter by concealing most of the fingers.

We Recommend:

Stunning Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

This dazzling ring features a three-carat pear-shaped diamond with round brilliant diamonds elegantly cascading down each side of the white gold band. This is one of the most-requested pear-shaped diamond engagement rings at Sylvie Collection! (Style no. SY483)

Classic Pear-Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
This stunning piece is undoubtedly a jaw-dropper. It features a pear-cut diamond encompassed in a single halo of small, shimmering diamonds that waterfall down to the middle of the band. (Style no. S1199)

Choosing Between a Marquise and a Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring:

Ever shopped for a pair of sunglasses? It’s so easy to select a sleek pair of shades, and just as easy to reject them once you try them on. Choosing a diamond engagement ring is a similar struggle. Just like everyone has a different face shape, everyone has different hand shapes; one should always try on before buying to make sure your chosen cut looks ideal on your hand. To decide which one to choose for you, let’s take a look at which cuts pair well with which hand shapes and/or sizes.

Small fingers

It’s all about the right proportion. Women with small fingers should avoid too bulky or flashy finger rings. A pear-cut diamond will elongate the fingers and make the hand appear slightly bigger, whereas a round-cut diamond will only make the hand look smaller.

Short fingers

Similar to small fingers, short fingers need a cut that makes them appear longer and slenderer. Therefore, the most ideal cuts for women with short fingers include the pear, marquise and ovals.

Wide fingers

Women with wide fingers might pick a ring that doesn’t show off too much of skin. This means choosing a diamond engagement ring with a big center stone. Any other shape will make the fingers appear wider and bulkier. On the bright side, wide fingers can flaunt nearly every ring style and cut, including both pear and marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings.


So which will it be, pear or marquise?


For more information on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, subscribe to our newsletter, or find a retailer near you.

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4 Ways to Win The Holiday Campaign Game This Season


As we all know, the holiday season is a jeweler’s busiest time of the year, which also makes it the most critical. With social media playing such an integral role in our marketing strategy, it’s crucial to use this time to your advantage to promote holiday campaigns, promotions, and exclusive deals to boost your business!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you’ll want to launch your holiday campaigns early and with a bang! We have some tips to help you digitally prepare for the craziest yet undoubtedly “most wonderful time of the year.”

1. Take Advantage of Cyber Monday

Holiday shopping is going digital, so establishing a professional and top-notch presence via social media is a must! According to MultiChannel Merchant, “more than 8 in 10 shoppers use up to six channels to find the best holiday deals[…] including search engines, savings apps, the mobile web, retail apps…” so it’s no wonder social media is among these popular “channels”.

Cyber Monday in particular is gaining more and more popularity in terms of the volume of shoppers and purchases. Most people want to avoid the chaos of Black Friday and instead shop and save from the comfort of their homes. RetailMeNot predicts that 56% of consumers are expected to shop this Cyber Monday, as opposed to the 52% predicted for Black Friday.


That said, do not neglect your social media during this crucial weekend! Post snapchats, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, your best performing photos from the year, or anything else that will be visible online to your consumers. Perhaps take a flashy video of your showroom, or some exclusive jewelry pieces that have been marked down for the holidays! And, of course, expand your in-store promotions online to attract new Cyber Monday consumers!

2. Make Your Promotions Stand Out

Why stop at discounts and savings? Stand out from competitors and really hook your consumers by showing them why they should spend their Cyber Monday money on your product with offers of interest. Go big or go home with huge perks like expedited free shipping, a gift with purchase, a featured spotlight on your website, or even future discount cards. These may sound like ways to lose money, but with such benefits being offered, consumers will share the exciting news on their social media pages, and attract more people to your site because you are offering incentives beyond the traditional promotions.

3. Be Aggressive and Pay for Play

As mentioned, you can tailor your social media channels to not only appeal to your target audiences, but also to attract new consumers that  purchase online. Invest a bit of your holiday campaign budget in Facebook Ads to reach thousands of people on the most dominant social media platform. Just be sure to schedule your ads 3 weeks in advance to avoid delays in the approval process.

If you want to use more short-form content to advertise, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are also great ways to market your holiday deals to your audience! Giving little glimpses into your workday and personally addressing viewers adds an intimacy to your marketing strategy. Moreover, the accessibility of social media allows for consumers to send messages or photos directly to you in response to a photo or “story” you post, creating a whole new dynamic between the buyer and the seller.


This time of year can get quite competitive, so it’s important to use your budget wisely and promote your brand and offers as best and as frequently as you can.

4. Constantly Improve Your In-Store Experience

Yes, we are putting A LOT of emphasis on social media and digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should totally neglect your shopper’s experience. Whether your customers shop online or in person, they still expect a positive purchasing experience, and only you can provide them that.

Just like online ads, place your best ads in strategic places of your showroom (i.e., the windows, counters, right outside the entrance, behind the checkout counters) where they will immediately capture the consumer’s eye. Perhaps have a team member stand at the store entrance handing out coupons, discount cards, or promotion flyers to potential customers walking in.  And don’t be afraid to be a little cheesy during a time of spreading cheer. If your staff wants to all wear holiday sweaters or accessories to work, let them! A bowl of candy canes or a silver tray of warm cookies by the door will add an even more memorable touch!



The key to a successful holiday campaign? LAUNCH IT EARLY! Every year holiday ads grace our presence earlier and earlier, so we might as well adapt, right? The earlier your message gets out there, the more time and visibility it will have in the holiday market. Plus, offering so many interesting deals and perks for your holiday campaigns could turn into a way for you and your company to give back, by allowing consumers to enjoy beautiful jewelry at an affordable yet practical price.

Happy Holidays and Savings, everyone!


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Sylvie Celebs: Kelsea Ballerini & Cassidy Bentley

This past Wednesday, country singers Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosted the 51st Annual Country Music Awards. Among the heap of talent in the Bridgestone Area, a few country singers sparkled in Sylvie Collection jewelry!


1) Kelsea Ballerini

The blonde country pop singer wore a Sylvie Collection Designer Fashion Ring (Style no. FR555) to match her equally bold and stunning gown. Ballerini graced the stage that evening alongside country-music legend Reba McEntire, singing the all-too-fitting song “Legends”

2) Cassidy Bentley

Wife of country music singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley, Cassidy sported a Sylvie Collection Unique Modern Fashion Ring (Style no. FR734), with other white-gold jewelry pieces to match. Cassidy was there to support her husband, who was a nominee for Male Vocalist of the Year. 

The rest of the night was filled with love, laughter, and of course some good old country music! 

To see more celebrities wearing Sylvie Collection, check out our 2017 Celebrity Press Book— available online NOW! 

How High Is Your Stack? Our 10 Favorite Anniversary Bands

There’s no denying that engagement rings are the pinnacle of bridal jewelry. Elegant and radiant, they sit proudly on a lucky lady’s finger and serve as a symbol of a couple’s commitment to each other. Anniversary bands are beautiful pieces of jewelry as well, and possess just as powerful a meaning as the engagement ring itself.

Anniversary bands can be gifted on every passing anniversary and come embellished with diamonds. Made using the most precious resources, the diamonds are cut into different shapes and sizes, while the metals are melted and mixed with multiple alloys to create the desired shade. The final product is a stunning symbol of a couple’s love, and a perfect compliment to any diamond engagement ring.

Whether it’s your first or fifieth anniversary, choosing the right band is just as important. To help narrow your search, we recommend our most-requested anniversary bands by couples!

Vintage Stackable Milgrain Diamond Band (Style no. B0009)

Featuring round brilliant diamonds in milgrain-edged marquise settings, this yellow-gold band is an absolute stunner that weighs 0.10 carats. The color of the band suits all hand sizes—from slender to heavy— as well as all skin tones, which is why it’s at the top of our list!  

Unique Stackable Diamond Band (Style no. B0013)

This wedding band is a one-of-a-kind stackable ring with glittering diamonds embedded in a bezel setting. We’ve turned shapes as basic as circles and triangles and made it look effortlessly elegant! Its minimalist and straightforward design is adored by modern brides, and at 0.15 carats, this band and can be worn alone or with engagement rings to make a statement.

Vintage Style Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0015)

Next on our list is a yellow gold band that features 0.20 carats of sparkling diamonds in a channel setting. Additionally, two beautiful milgrain-edged rows encircle each diamond and cascade down the metal band. When worn with the diamond engagement ring, this band truly enhances its “wow” factor, thanks to its trendy setting.  

Unique Modern Stacakble Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0017)

For an ultramodern style, this unique, white-gold wedding band features individual and alternating shapes of squares and marquise channels, each containing a dazzling round diamond framed with milgrain beaded accents. Worn with additional bands of different styles, colors, or stones, this ring adds a fresh and contemporary look to your stackable collection. Its total weight is 0.17 carats.

Vintage Inspired Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0020)

This vintage-inspired anniversary band features a tear-drop design embedded with similarly cut diamonds and milgrain accents. Even when worn by itself, this band’s simplistic yet elegant take on shimmering diamonds makes it stand beautifully and boldly on its own. At only 0.19 carats in total, this ring won’t weigh down your hand one bit!

Bezel Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0022)

Its abstract design makes it stand out from the crowd. Multiple shapes studded with brilliant-cut diamonds sit gracefully in a bezel setting. Whether worn alone or with a matching set, this anniversary band surely bewitches anyone who casts an eye on it.  

Vintage Shape Milgrain Detail Sapphire and Diamond Band (Style no. B0011)

This next design on the list features a circle and marquise pattern, weighing 0.22 carats in total. If your lady isn’t a very big fan of diamonds, perhaps she fancies a band containing round sapphires. This adds a unique yet classy pop of color, and even makes for an eye-catching fashion ring.  

Vintage Stackable Round Diamond Band (Style no. B0010)

Featuring a milgrain edge, this anniversary band with 0.32 carats of brilliant cut diamonds has a vintage touch to it. A clean and elegant design, this wedding band is perfect for the brides who are traditionalists at heart.  

Designer Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0014)

If they’re a huge fan of anything that shimmers this band is bound to captivate them! Featuring two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds that cascade down the rose gold metal band, this ring will grab everyone’s attention without the wearer having to even flaunt it. However, the additional diamond band doesn’t weigh down the fingers, as the ring weighs only 0.23 carats in total.

Mixed Shapes Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0018) 

Last but definitely not the least, we have a white-gold band with marquise and round shaped frames featuring a milgrain beaded edge. This enticing piece weighs 0.16 carat in total, and comes embedded with mixed sizes of diamonds—just enough to take her breath away!


Now that we’ve shared our top anniversary bands with you, only one questions remains… Which one to choose?!



For more information on finding the perfect engagement ring, subscribe to our newsletter, or find a retailer near you.


Sylvie Celebs: Carrie Ann Inaba


The Dancing With the Stars judge “wow”ed us all Monday night, but it wasn’t just her flowing red dress that caught our eye! Inaba also wore a beautiful diamond statement ring in yellow gold, accompanied by some gorgeous black-diamond drop earrings, staying loyal to Sylvie Collection pieces! 

Earrings: Style no. ER679

Ring: Style no. FR719


For more information on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, subscribe to our newsletter, or find a retailer near you.

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Tips and Tricks to Market Your Jewelry on Social Media

Let’s face it: our world is completely dominated by social media. The time of email marketing is nearing its end and ushering in a new era of B2C/ B2B communication. Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are changing the world of content marketing, and we too must change with it.

We have some great tips and tricks to help you successfully navigate your social media platforms and optimize your marketing strategy!

The Basics


When managing a social media platform as a business, the main goal is to effectively communicate your brand. You need to 1) yield a wide reach, and 2) increase your engagement. To accomplish these things, timing and targeting—the two T’s, if you will—are key to relaying your brand.


Which days are the best to post? What about the time of day? These are both crucial factors to consider when marketing via social media.

For example, you wouldn’t post something important in the morning when hardly anyone is online; instead, post during lunchtime or mid-afternoon, when it’s inevitable that users are logged in and active.

Weekends are a whole different ballgame. Posts on Saturdays should occur between 12pm- 8pm, and on Sundays between 12pm- 5pm, and after 8pm. More views mean more likes which potentially means more clicks. Otherwise, you’ll lose another well-crafted post in a black hole of poorly timed content.


Just as important as your timing is your target audience. As a jewelry retailer, a large portion of your audience is women… But how old is your target audience? Where do they live?

Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide analytics that allow you to gauge content performance. Who views your content? At what time of day? In which parts of the world? Having insight on your targeted audience can make all the difference in your reach and engagement results.

In the end, timing and targeting work together to ensure that you’re posting at the right time, to the right platforms, and for the right audience.


What is a hashtag, really?

It seems like just a silly “#” sign you put in front of random keywords, but what you hashtag is so beneficial to upping your social media game.

Let’s say it’s nearing the holidays and you post a picture of a gorgeous, holiday-inspired piece. It’s crucial to use hashtags like “#holiday”, “#Christmas”, “#winter”, “#jewelry”, etc. because of their broad reach. This way, when people search for posts with those keywords or “hashtags”, your post will appear and get the viewing and engagement it needs!


Make Your Content “Disappear”

No, we don’t mean erase all your content on social media! We mean what is now referred to as “ephemeral content”, content that is temporarily available.

Snapchat and Instagram have optimized ephemeral content to drive incredible results with reach and engagement. Their “story” features advertise an array of engaging content that is only available for a matter of seconds, persuading the viewer to repeatedly return and view it again.

“Stories” create a “get it before it’s gone” mentality, and unlike most traditional marketing advertisements, they appear less “spammy” and more personalized.

Your first “story” may initially seem tricky to maneuver, but giving your content a time limit will ultimately increase its value and label it as something worth engaging.

Snapchat for Success


We can’t stress it enough: Snapchat is where it’s at nowadays with brand marketing!

Snapchat 3D World Lenses

Snapchat now allows any brand to purchase Sponsored 3D World Lenses and put animated, branded objects into their snaps. With just a tap of your finger, you can bring your brand to life! Perhaps a sparkling engagement ring, or a 3D jewelry box opening to reveal a gorgeous necklace? With such innovative and easily accessible graphics, it’s a no brainer to invest in the biggest and newest graphics in social media!

Snap Ads

A recent blog from Hootsuite said, “According to Snapchat, the swipe-up rate for Snap Ads is five times higher than the average click-through rate on comparable social media platforms.”

Build brand awareness with a 10-second Snap Ad, and your user engagement will skyrocket! Your advertisement, though short, offers viewers the option to “swipe up” and view the content in more depth. Your then ephemeral content becomes long-form content!

Snapchat “Geofilters”

Use Snapchat geofilters to showcase your events based on location!


Have a bridal jewelry trunk show coming up? You can create a Snapchat geofilter (a small art graphic that shows up over a snap) to advertise the event. Even better, the filter can be used by anyone at your event or near it, and if they post it to their own Snapchat story, the word will spread even faster.

Overwhelmed yet? It’s a lot to take in! All we’re saying is don’t overlook or underestimate your social media platforms that offer ephemeral content. Just because the content is temporary, doesn’t mean your audience or targeted consumers will be!






Social media isn’t going away any time soon, and its trends are only accelerating and strengthening every day. Its presence is undeniable, and nowadays having a minuscule social media presence can arguably hurt your brand.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are important for publishing and marketing content, the focus should be on platforms pitching ephemeral content like Instagram and Snapchat. Consumers want content that is not only relevant to them but also easy to absorb. Using the Story features on Snapchat and Instagram can be the boost you need in viewership, readership, and engagement. Likewise, investing in new features like 3D World Lenses and Snap Ads will get your brand out there quickly and effectively.

Don’t wait! Create your accounts, play around with the features, and post away! Just remember that timing and targeting is everything, and social media will help your brand soar!

Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Megan Nance

How They Met

A classic tale of best friends turned forever friends, Megan and Zach’s love story begins in Austin, TX, where they grew up together. The couple had play dates as toddlers, and even attended the same school from Great Oaks Elementary all the way through McNeil High School. Over time, their strong foundation of friendship blossomed into an even stronger love, as they fell for one another and realized they had found their “forever friend” in each other.

The Proposal

Zach proposed to Megan in Central Park around Christmastime (how much more romantic can you get?!), at the Gapstow Bridge. Megan initially flew up with her mom and sister to explore the city, and was shocked when Zach surprised her. Unknown to Megan, Zach flew up very early that same day to New York and dragged his luggage all around Central Park just in time to propose to the girl of his dreams. Megan was so excited that she screamed “yes!” before Zach was even done proposing! Needless to say, it was a magical moment for the Texan pair.

The happy couple admiring their Sylvie Collection engagement ring! (Photo credit: Kayla Davis Photography)

A post-proposal embrace. (Photo credit: Kayla Davis Photography)

Megan’s sister, Kayla Davis, captured the heartwarming proposal on camera, and photographed their engagement photos as well.

Photo credit: Kayla Davis Photography

The Ring

Megan’s Sylvie Collection engagement ring is truly one-of-a-kind. It is a stunning round diamond wrapped in a single halo of shimmering diamonds with a custom-made rose-gold band. She found it at Diamonds Direct in Austin, TX, and quickly fell in love with the ring’s stunning beauty and timelessness. Although the engagement ring was originally in yellow gold, it was customized to be rose gold per Megan’s request.

Megan says, “I chose this ring because it was unique, timeless, and gave me butterflies when I tried it on… I feel like it was made for me, and I love staring at it!” 

Pictured: Megan’s gorgeous Sylvie Collection engagement ring, a brilliant round diamond wrapped in a halo of shimmering diamonds with a rose-gold band. Stunning! (Photo credit: Kayla Davis Photography)


Megan and Zach were married this past August at Zion National Park in Utah. Congratulations to you both, Megan and Zach!

Decade of Diamonds Winners Announced: Binh and Tham!

This year, the Sylvie Collection launched its Decade of Diamonds Campaign in honor of its 10-year anniversary. In addition to the new in-store displays and largest product debut in the company’s history, Sylvie consumers were offered the chance to win a full mounted engagement ring and wedding band set—a $7,000 value given away to one lucky winner! We are pleased to announce Binh and Tham are the winners of our first Decade of Diamonds contest! Congratulations!

Binh and Tham are originally from Vietnam and journeyed to America to live out the American Dream. With little money in their pockets to start their new life, Binh never received a proper diamond engagement ring. As the years passed, her daughter Anna realized this was something her mother deserved; when she found out about Sylvie’s contest, she knew this was her chance, so she secretly entered her parents! Participants had to submit either a photo or video that represented their personal love story, so Anna made this adorable video to showcase her parent’s timeless love! (See below)

How They Met

Binh and Tham met about 30 years ago in Vietnam. Tham worked at a photography store there developing film, and one summer day Binh and her friend visited that shop to get their photos developed. Little did Binh and Tham know that this encounter would change their lives forever! There connection was instant: Tham asked Binh if he could take photos of her as practice because he was an aspiring photographer, to which she agreed. However, Binh strongly believes that his request to take her photo was his way of flirting and trying to get her to come back to the store! Long story short, the two hit it off and went on their first date shortly after meeting.

Binh and Tham in their younger years.

It wasn’t until Binh started picturing Tham in her future that she knew they’d be together forever. Whenever she made plans, he always had some part in them. At that moment, Binh realized Tham was her teammate, someone she could count on through thick and thin.

“I feel very blessed to call him mine,” says Binh.

The Proposal

Tham proposed at the couple’s favorite park. It was a place that held a lot of meaning for them both, as they had shared many difficult but also memorable conversations. They sat down at their usual bench, where Tham proceeded to give Binh a beautiful, heartfelt speech, followed by his proposal. It was a simple yet intimate moment that they will always treasure.

The Ring

Binh couldn’t be more happy with her beautiful Sylvie engagement ring! The couple initially didn’t have a wedding ring, so when they found out they were the winners of Decade of Diamonds, it was a happy and emotional occasion.

“I love the beautiful, intricate details of the band, and the diamond’s simplicity and elegance. It’s just breathtaking! I would definitely recommend Sylvie Collection jewelry to a friend!” She says.   

Binh and Tham admiring their lovely new engagement ring!

A perfect fit: Binh modeling her gorgeous diamond ring she won from the Sylvie Decade of Diamonds contest!


Binh, Tham, and their beautiful family!

Once again, congratulations to Binh and Tham on winning Sylvie Collection’s Decade of Diamonds!


Oval vs. Emerald: Which One Should You Choose?

When picking an engagement ring, consider the cut of the center diamond. True, every cut is unique and reflects the wearer’s personality. but oval cut and emerald cut diamonds look particularly beautiful on almost all hand shapes and sizes.

As we take a closer look at oval and emerald-cut diamonds, we hope it will help you choose the perfect cut for your future bride.

Oval Cut Diamond

Similar to a round diamond, an oval cut diamond is round but slightly elongated. It is a beautiful fusion of two diamonds with a flanked center, and most commonly sought in three-stone rings. When cut to perfection, the stone’s brilliance shines right through. The oval cut diamond’s popularization in movies like the Twilight saga sparked more requests for it at Sylvie Collection retail stores.

Modern East-West Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (Style #SY630)

Its ideal curvature makes it timeless and enhances the ring’s overall appeal. Oval cut diamond rings are ideal for short or small hands, giving the illusion of slender fingers.

Famous Celebrities With Oval Engagement Rings

Blake Lively is one of many celebrities who wears an oval engagement ring. Gifted to her by husband Ryan Reynolds in 2012, the stunning rose-gold oval cut engagement ring beautifully complimented the Gossip Girl star.

Another celeb with an oval engagement ring is professional singer and dancer Julianne Hough. Her ring weighs a whopping six carats, and was given to her by star hockey player Brooks Laich.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Also known as a step cut diamond, an emerald cut diamond comes with fewer facets (25 to be exact) than a round cut diamond. Emerald cut is usually in a square or rectangular shape and has tapered corners. Since an emerald cut has fewer facets, the diamond has limited surface to reflect light off of it.

However, this does not make emerald cut engagement rings less desirable. It is most popular among those looking for something unique and enchanting. Moreover, they are one of the most popular heirlooms in diamond engagement ring history.

If your significant other is all about glamour and elegance, an emerald cut ring is the style for her! Thanks to its flat surface, lean facets, and extended sides, the stone has more potential to flaunt its clarity. Although it may be limited in terms of brilliance, it surely makes up for it in elegance!

Glamorous Emerald Cut Split-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Style #SY289)

Famous Celebrities With Emerald Engagement Rings

Below are a few celebrities who wear their emerald engagement rings beautifully and confidently:

First is Amal Clooney, wife to George Clooney and mother to twins Ella and Alexander.

She exhibits a 7-carat emerald ring with baguettes set on a platinum band.

Additionally, the “Queen B” herself, Beyoncé, flaunts an 18-carat emerald diamond ring given to her from beloved husband Jay Z.

Clearly, he liked it so he put a ring on it– an 18-carat emerald cut diamond to be exact!

Last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker wears a stunning emerald cut piece given to her by longtime husband Matthew Broderick.


 Now that you’re informed about emerald and oval diamond cuts, we suggest a few unique designs:

1.  Modern East-West Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

3. Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Glamorous Emerald Cut Split-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring


For more information on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, subscribe to our newsletter, or find a retailer near you.

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Metal vs. Metal: Yellow Gold or Rose Gold?

While some look at a piece of jewelry and only see it on a surface level (the metal, color, and stone), others can see far more. A piece of jewelry’s intricate details can reflect far more than just the diamond itself.
In the world of jewelry, different metals have different functions and meanings. For example, platinum is considered one of the most durable metals, which is why many associate it with the bond of a lifetime. On the other hand, a metal such as gold possesses a variety of meanings: it can represent fidelity, friendship, eternity, status, and power.
Speaking of gold, there are quite a few color variants for the particular metal. Gold by itself is yellow in color, yet too subtle of a jewelry piece in its natural shade. To enhance the color and visual effects of the gold, other metals combine with it to make it an alloy. As a result, popular colors like yellow, white, and rose gold emerge. This article explores the unique qualities of yellow and rose gold, and will help you determine which metal best suits you.

Yellow Gold

Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (Right; Style #S1093) and Classic Yellow Gold Round Diamond Wedding Band (Left; Style #BSY696-YG)

Yellow gold uses alloy metals like zinc and copper to give it its distinctive hue. Since gold naturally has a yellow tint, many consider it the most traditional gold color. In fact, most prefer wearing yellow-gold jewelry as opposed to white-gold jewelry; they favor the former’s more natural look over the latter’s silvery appearance.
Yellow gold comes in different karats which exhibits its level of purity. For instance, 14-carat represents 58.3% purity, whereas 24-carat yellow gold represents 99.9% purity.
The higher the carat percentage, the purer the gold in it. However, more gold means LESS durability, as gold by itself is a very soft metal. If you’re “going for the ‘gold'”, we recommend this stunning vintage ring from the Sylvie Collection. It is one of our most-requested rings, and you can probably see why– it is absolutely breathtaking!

The Pros and Cons of Yellow Gold


  • Most hypoallergenic among all other gold forms
  • The closest hue of all golds
  • Enjoys most popularity as wedding band and engagement rings bands
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easily manipulated thanks to its malleability
  • Perfect to set the base for lower grade diamonds
  • Compliments darker and olive skin toned women


  • Must be cleaned regularly
  • May require polishing overtime
  • Prone to scratches and dents

Rose Gold

Rose gold was most popular during the 19th century in Russia and is still referred to as “Russian gold” by many. It uses copper, one of the strongest metals, as an alloy; the higher the copper content, the darker the hue. Despite its decline in demand in the 20th century, it quickly re-emerged in the 21st century.

The metal’s pinkish hue is presume to symbolize love, which might explain why many modern brides come into our stores looking for a ring in rose gold.

The Pros and Cons of Rose Gold


  • It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice among modern brides
  • Gender-neutral type of metal
  • It’s pinkish-red hue is a true representation of  both romance and love
  • It is more affordable than other metals
  • More durable than white or yellow gold since copper is the other alloy metal
  • Compliments all skin tones


Swirl Engagement Ring Two Tone (Bottom; Style #S1121-TT) and Classic Rose Gold Round Diamond Wedding Band (BSY696-RG)

  • Might cause allergic reactions to some as the metal is not hypoallergenic
  • Not always readily available like other gold types

At Sylvie Collection, we offer a large variety of pieces that are sure to “wow” you and your partner! Not convinced? Take a look at this beautiful rose gold set!

The Final Verdict

It is impossible to find the winner as both bring their own uniqueness and elegance to the table. One focuses on purity and status, while the other centers more on love, and their durability stand at different levels. Nevertheless, both yellow and rose gold are beautiful in their respective ways.


For more information on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, subscribe to our newsletter, or find a retailer near you.

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5 Unforgettable Backdrops for an Autumn Proposal

Finally, autumn is here. Leaves turn from an evergreen shade to a sea of red, orange, and brown; the chilly weather calls for fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, and a going fireplace. Fall is full of change, so why not make a change in your life? Perhaps now is the perfect time for a romantic proposal to your significant other.
If you’re thinking about proposing to your special someone this autumn, remember that location is key! There are many natural fall backdrops that can make your proposal a day you and your S.O. will never forget!

At a Winery

Fall is harvest season, which presents a perfect time to visit a local winery! Not only will the wine taste to perfection, but there will also be a sea of warm fall colors as your scenery. Bring along a picnic basket to enjoy throughout the day in addition to tasting some fine wine.
Once your picnic finishes, take a stroll to a more private setting. When you arrive at the perfect spot, it’ll be time to get down on one knee, express your love, and of course pop the question. The setting’s overwhelming beauty combined with your proposal will leave your partner breathless, but not too breathless to say “yes!”

On a Hayride

Hayrides are quite common during fall season and easy to arrange for you and your future fiancée. It’s also a perfect opportunity to cuddle up with your partner during the ride if it’s chillier than usual. Plan in advance to have a designated stop along the hayride, and there you can pop the question!

Inside a Pumpkin/Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are most likely the first thing that comes to mind when we think of autumn. They also make a gorgeous autumn backdrop for a proposal. You can be traditional and just ask “will you marry me”, or be more creative and carve the question into a pumpkin. Maybe you’ll hide the engagement ring in a pumpkin too– the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can always go pumpkin hunting afterwards!

In An Apple Orchard

An apple orchard during the fall season makes for a stunning natural backdrop. The rich colors and shine of juicy, plump apples can create an incredible setting and picture-perfect moment. Before you arrive, be sure to check with the owner to see if they can provide fresh apple cider upon your arrival. Many orchards do this so you can drop the diamond engagement ring in her glass! As she sips the delicious beverage, a surprise will wait her at the very end! Once she discovers it, that is when you should get down on one knee and propose! If you need help with your proposal, here are some pointers.

On the Football Field

Is your significant other a die-hard sports fan? If yes, than what better place to propose than on a football field during halftime? All you have to do is contact the event coordinator. From there, you can arrange for a mic, and a “will you marry me?” banner. This will totally catch your partner by surprise and make an unforgettable moment for you both and everyone in the stadium!

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Picking Out a Ring Based On Her Personality

Looking to make the big move? Yes…

Have your proposal speech ready? Yes…

Booked the perfect location? Yes…

Bought the ring? Yes…

Made sure the ring matches her personality? Ye—

Wait what? Her personality?

It might sound strange, considering your bride’s personality when choosing an engagement ring. However, it’s undoubtedly an important and often overlooked factor.. Her personality can serve as the biggest hint as to what she might like. With so many different cuts, shapes, sizes, designs and gemstones available, it only makes sense to pick something that she’ll fall head-over-heels in love with.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you!

Types of Girls:

While everyone’s personality isn’t solely one “type”, each person possesses a few traits that overpower their other qualities, which might help you easily categorize them as a romantic or traditionalist, for example. There are more or less than 8 different types of girls. You must have already noticed certain things that make her stand out from the crowd. These are the things that makes her; her. Things that remind you of why you fell in love with her in the first place. Perhaps it was the way she cares for you, how possessive she is about you, her passion towards your goals or how full of life she is.

Interested in knowing under which category your girl falls into so that you can choose something accordingly? Continue reading.

The Romantic

A romantic woman is one who loves watching romantic love stories and even tears up at an emotional scene. She is into anything labeled ‘love’. She loves to care for others and is even the sweetest girl in a group. She often takes up the role of a motherly figure. She is like Gigi Philips from He’s Just Not That into You.

The Traditionalist

A traditionalist at heart is one who likes to stay true to her roots. She is an admirer of natural beauty and everything raw. She loves concocting scenarios of visiting undiscovered or hidden beaches and her idea of a date is a simple candle light dinner in her own backyard. She desires nothing fancy and despises things that have been molded into something else. She believes everything (be it an object or person) has a purpose to fulfill and it should be kept that way.

The Fashionista

A fashionista on the other hand is all about latest styles, upcoming trends and hyped sales and discounts. She is a BIG fan of anything that is on sale. She is all about the new in town and loves to show off her latest accessories, shoes and clothes. She is often the go-to person in the group when someone has a clothing crisis or a breakout emergency. She always has the answers in her bag.

The Athlete

The athlete woman is someone who loves the outdoors. She can always be spotted on her toes and not on her ass. Even if she isn’t working out, she can always be seen marching around the room in a party. She likes things simple and rarely cares about the details as long as it looks good.

The Tomboy

The tomboy is usually the woman who can be found in the back of the stable helping a horse give birth. Yes, she is all about tough jobs and getting her hands dirty. She is fearless and hates being considered a weaker gender. When it comes to shopping, she is usually the last one to be picked for advice as her interests are different.

The Social Butterfly

Like a tomboy, a social butterfly too, loves to be on top of her game. She is everyone’s friend and is the first person to go to when interested in the latest gossip. At work she knows everyone’s deepest secrets and fears and that is because she is very approachable and friendly. She loves to flaunt all that is hers, be it her kids or an engagement ring.

The Modern Thinker

The modern thinker is today’s woman. She is all about minimalism. She loves debating about how life is simple and should be kept that way. By the time you are reading this, she is probably cleaning out her wardrobe and resetting with a few main essentials. She isn’t a big fan of details and would prefer a simple solitaire ring as an engagement ring as opposed to a vintage ring with multiple milgrain or filigree accents.

The Independent

The independent woman is one who has the whole world chasing after her. She always brings her A-game to the table and is all about the many possibilities that can be availed. She doesn’t take no for an answer and is very specific about details as she believes the details are what makes anything unique from the rest. She doesn’t like relying on others and if she has given you a little space in her life, it means that you are one of her most prized priorities.

To ease your search more, we are listing 3 of our most requested styles that perfectly go with the many categories we mentioned above.

3 Inspirations to Get You Started

 Classic Oval Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

 Classic Oval Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic Oval Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring (Style #SY596S)

This is an elegant piece, perfect for the romantics and traditionalists at heart. It features a 2-carat center diamond in an oval cut with a diamond studded halo and two side stones. They too are encapsulated beautifully into a band of halos that cascade down the middle of the shank.

Cushion Halo Round Center Engagement Ring

Cushion Halo Round Center Engagement Ring

Modern Halo Engagement Ring (Style #SY1532)

This one is for the athletes, the fashionistas and the social butterflies. It is bold and visible, just like they are. The ring features a round cut diamond in a square setting with a halo of glittering round diamonds. The golden shank makes the diamond shine more and is a modern take on traditional platinum rings.

Antique Designed Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Designed Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Designed Diamond Engagement Ring (Style #S1389)

Lastly, we have the ring for the modern thinkers, the incepted and the tomboys. Because they are all about simplicity and modernity, this unique ring features a fusion of both. It holds a 1-carat round-cut diamond in the center on an accented undercarriage with a tapered shank.

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