Peridot: August’s Molten Birthstone

SS029 Sylvie Collection

SS029 Sylvie Collection

If it’s peace and good fortune you’re craving, you need look no further than the sparkling green of August’s birthstone. For at least the last 4000 years, the lovely peridot has been enchanting people the world over with its dazzling lime-green hue. And rightfully so — this stone is created by volcanic action and sometimes forms inside meteors as they travel to Earth. When magma cools beneath the Earth’s surface prior to volcanic eruption, it’s peridot that forms in the hot basalt, making this gem unique among many.

Thousands of years ago, peridot hailed from Egypt where it was called the evening emerald, but much of today’s peridot is mined in Arizona, Myanmar, Tanzania, and even Pakistan. A form of the mineral olivine, peridot gets its trademark green color from iron. Found only in shades of green to green-brown, the value of a peridot stone is measured by its clarity. If the color is contaminated with a brown hue, the stone is worth less than one that features a bright, vibrant green.

In the Hawaiian Islands that were formed by volcanic action, it’s not unusual to see sparkling fragments of peridot glittering along beaches on the island of Kauai. These fragments are too small to be of use to the jewelry industry and are such a regular site that the locals aren’t bothered by them. But in Hawaiian folklore, these tiny fragments are considered Pele’s diamonds — erupting from deep within Hawaii’s fiery goddess inside the volcano, Kilauea.

Down through history, peridot has been associated with good fortune and healing. A gift presented by Mother Nature, this elegant green stone is used for everything from pendants to earrings. A stunning accent gem for diamonds, peridot adds a handsome hint of green to any engagement ring.

“The Centurion Newsletter” Highlights Rachel McAdams In Sylvie’s Diamond Band!

“The Centurion Newsletter” spots Rachel McAdams wearing Sylvie’s white gold and diamond stackable eternity band while attending the “ESPY” awards in July, 2015.


“Engagement” Features Ian and Sylvie Levine of “The Sylvie Collection” in “Designing Couples!!!”

“Engagement” featured our very own Ian and Sylvie Levine, in the online article of “Designing Couples.” An intimate “Q & A” gives insight on how their successful marriage and business has worked for them. July, 2015


Lesley-Ann Brandt, Actress of “Gotham,” Looks Trendy and Stylish in Sylvie’s Stackables!

Stackable bands are the newest styles in jewelry and Lesley-Ann Brandt of “Gotham” looks trendy and contemporary in her choice of style while attending the “Comic Con” in July, 2015. She is seen wearing Sylvie’s white and gold diamond bands, from our collection of Stackables.


Maryse Ouellett Shines In Sylvie’s Unique Diamond Fashion Bracelet!

Lovely Maryse Ouellet shines in Sylvie’s unique fashion bracelet with a dramatic arrangement of round brilliant diamonds in various sizes (BT711).


Rachel McAdams Sizzles At The ESPY Awards Wearing Sylvie’s Stackable Eternity Band

Rachel McAdams simply sizzles in her red pant suit during the ESPY Awards and accessorizes with our white gold and diamond stackable eternity band (EBSPC). July, 2015


Sylvie’s East To West, Marquise Halo Engagement Ring Sparkles In “JCK” Magazine

“JCK” magazine features Sylvie’s unique engagement ring which has the illusion of having a marquise diamond center yet actually has an exquisite cushion cut diamond with a round brilliant diamond on each side. Stunning pave diamonds in a marquise shaped halo and milgrain accented borders finish the look. The complete setting is in an east to west position and is perched on a beautiful shiny shank, giving a modern, yet romantic look. (S1380)

Sylvie Collection-JCK Mag_halo_Press_Sheet_June_2015_S1380

Who Shares Your August Wedding Date?

Married in August? You’re not alone. Celebrities the world over choose the sultry month of August to tie the knot. If you’ve ever wondered which famous couples join you and your significant other in celebrating an August anniversary, you’ll be surprised and delighted by the answer:

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

On August 16, 2008, American’s favorite talk-show host wed her longtime love, Portia de Rossi, in California. The couple was a couple for four years prior to the wedding, and despite the occasional, unfounded tabloid rumor, the two remain happily married today. So if your anniversary falls on the 16th, you have something in common with the sharp-witted DeGeneres and her lady love.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

This Hollywood power couple and parents to six children were wed on August 26, of 2014 after a long and tumultuous history that allegedly began while Pitt was still married to another actress. Famous for their respective acting abilities, stellar parenting skills, and charitable donations, the couple has a stormy past. Their story is long and winding, but if you were married on the 26th of August, you share a date with this on-again, off-again couple.

Ruth Bell and Billy Graham

United in marriage on August 13, 1943, Ruth and Billy Graham spent a lifetime together. This evangelical couple was one of the few never rocked by public scandal, together right up until the death of Ruth in June of 2007 at 87 years old. Well-suited for each other and for a life of service, the story goes that Ruth was once asked if she had ever considered divorce, to which she jokingly replied, “Divorce? No. Murder? Yes.” If you were married on August 13, you have an anniversary in common with this faith-based couple.

Love Wins!

Friday, June 26, 2015, began as any other ordinary, hot, sultry day in America, but for same-sex couples across the nation, it ended on a joyous note. On this day, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-to-4 that marriage equality was a constitutional right that cannot be limited by the sex of the participants. In the words of Supreme Court Justice, Anthony M. Kennedy:

“No longer may this liberty be denied. No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than they once were.” — Anthony M. Kennedy (The New York Times)

And while the days since haven’t all been easy, the landmark decision ended decades of struggle for same-sex couples who wanted nothing more than to marry the person they loved.

Love wins!

TV’s Ellen DeGeneres called the decision “Supremely wonderful.” America’s popular talk-show host has been married to her same-sex spouse, Portia de Rossi, since 2008, when the couple tied the knot in California. Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris took to Twitter to call the decision “profound.” Harris and his longtime companion, David Burtka, are parents to twins and had announced their formal engagement back in 2011. According to E! Online, they were only waiting for an available date. And actor George Takei, known to Star Trek fans around the world simply as Sulu, teared up at the decision. Takei and his longtime husband, Brad, were also married in California in 2008, and have been among the most vocal supporters of marriage equality.

While some states have been pushing back against the groundbreaking decision, at this time in America, it’s no longer legal to discriminate against same-sex couples who wish to marry. To those couples, we say congratulations! Now get out there and start shopping for that perfect ring!

What’s in Your Ring Box?

Engagement rings have come a long way in the last 4000 years — today’s glittering options are a far cry from those simple gold wires that Egyptians once wore on the third fingers of their left hands. In fact, regardless of whether you’re a traditional bride or one who’s known for her edgy sense of modern fashion — there’s a style of engagement ring out there that’s just crying out to come home with you. There’s so much more to an engagement ring than just a round center stone, and before you buy, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with all the options you have as far as setting, shank, and cut. These three factors all work together to make a statement about the woman who wears the ring.

What mood would you like your engagement ring to convey? Are you searching for a vintage style that reminds you of your mother’s ring and time spent rocking on her knee in a mid-century modern kitchen that smelled like apples and cinnamon? If so, a floral setting might be the right one for you — one that features tons of filigree accents and intricate scrollwork flanking a modest center stone.

Then again, if you pride yourself on your minimalist tendencies, and you’re someone who enjoys sleek, modern lines, a simple bezel setting embraced by channel-set diamonds on the shank and a simple emerald-cut stone may be just what you’re searching for.

But if it’s excess you crave, a diamond-encrusted split shank that leads up to a double-halo setting is sure to capture your heart. Featuring sparkle-factor for miles, a double halo of tiny diamonds encircling a shimmering marquise-cut stone is a sure way to make a grand entrance into any gathering.

Your engagement ring is a major investment, and it should reflect the personality of woman who wears it. Take time to do the research so you know that what’s in your ring box is a true reflection of you.

“Vogue Gioiello” Showcases Sylvie’s White Gold and Black Onyx Earrings!

June’s issue of “Vogue Gioiello” showcases Sylvie’s ultramodern earrings of black onyx surrounded with diamonds and set in white gold (ER607) in their article, “The Trend News – Deep Black.”


Tamara Taylor, Star of “Bones,” Completes Her Look With Sylvie’s Unique Rose Gold and Black Diamond Fashion Ring!

Stunning Tamara Taylor, star of “Bones,” looks fabulous in her contemporary jumpsuit and accessorizes with Sylvie’s unique fashion ring with a rose quartz center stone surrounded with a halo of black diamonds, all set in rose gold (FR601).


Allison Holker, Star of “So You Think You Can Dance” Dazzles In Crystal And Diamond Fashion Earrings From The Sylvie Collection!

With movie star glamour, Allison Holker, star of “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars,” appeared at the premiere of “Magic Mike XXL” in June, 2015, and simply dazzled wearing crystal and diamond fashion earrings from The Sylvie Collection (ER613).

Sylvie_ Allison_Holker_Press_Sheet_June_2015_ER613

JCK Magazine Features Sylvie’s Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring!

“JCK Magazine,” June 2015 issue, features Sylvie’s dazzling diamond ring with intricate double rows of pave diamonds on the split shank and halo (SY087). The vivid purple and pear shaped amethyst center creates not only a magnificent engagement ring with a unique colored center stone, but also an awe-inspiring fashion or birthstone ring.


Amanda Schull, star of “Suits,” Shines In Sylvie’s Vintage Diamond Fashion Ring!

Lovely Amanda Schull, actress and star of “Suits,” looks amazing in her choice of attire at the Satellite Awards in June, 2015. Her accessories includes Sylvie’s yellow gold and diamond fashion ring (FR100) with a vintage flair and completes her impeccable fashion look.


Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) honors Sylvie Collection’s CEO, Sylvie Levine

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own CEO and Designer, Sylvie Levine, on her WJA Awards for Excellence nomination in the category of “Excellence in Manufacturing”!   


The Gala will take place in New York at the Chelsea Piers on July 27, 2015.


WJA is known in the industry as the premier business networking organization dedicated to enriching and advancing the professional lives of the women in the jewelry and watch industries.


The WJA mission is to assist women in the jewelry and watch industries in advancing and developing professionally through networking with like-minded industry professionals, educational growth opportunities, leadership development and invaluable member-services


Will you be there to help honor Sylvie in her nomination?


Please click HERE to purchase tickets to attend the WJA Awards for Excellence Gala in New York at the Chelsea Piers on July 27, 2015.

Meet the Sunrise Ruby: Overachieving Birthstone for the Month of July

rubyDiamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to color, it’s July’s humble birthstone that’s out in front by a few million dollars. The Sunrise Ruby — a sparkling creation mounted by Cartier — is dominated by a stunning 25.6-carat pigeon’s-blood Burmese ruby and bordered on both sides by diamonds. The ring sold for a record $30.3 million last month at Sotheby’s in Geneva to a lucky anonymous bidder who is now the proud owner of the most expensive colored gemstone in the world.

What makes this ring so special is it’s sought-after hue that occurs entirely from nature. The Sunrise Ruby has not been treated to enhance its color in any way. Pigeon’s blood red is the highest quality of color classification for rubies, making it the most expensive and most highly regarded hue — hence the high cost of the Sunrise Ruby.

Initially, the value of this delicious ruby-and-diamond ring was estimated at about $16 million, according to Forbes. But its performance at auction shocked jewelry connoisseurs around the globe.

So if you’re a bride-to-be who enjoys the vivacious red ruby, but you’re hesitant to break that timeless diamond tradition — step into the light. The sale of the Sunrise Ruby just validated colored gemstones everywhere. And with the contemporary movement toward gemstone wedding bands, the ruby makes a bold and fitting choice of modern band.

Ruby is the official birthstone of those born in the sultry month of July, and while you may not be in the bidding for the Sunrise edition, we offer a vast and glorious collection of this pink-red gem to please even the most finicky of fans.


Fourth of July Wedding Tips for the Modern Bride: Beyond the Red, White, and Blue

Small hints of color mean the difference between a classically designed Fourth of July wedding and one that bombards guests with haphazardly executed red, white, and blue accessories. Use these tips to keep your patriotic wedding reigned in and under control instead of assaulting everyone’s sense of sight.

Break Tradition

There is no law, written or unwritten, that says a Fourth of July wedding must incorporate a patriotic theme. Maybe you chose the date for another reason entirely. And even if you didn’t, you should still feel free to implement the color scheme that’s nearest and dearest to your heart. It’s not disrespectful to celebrate the most important day of your life in the way you’ve always envisioned. And if you’re having trouble reconciling your fourth of July wedding to a different theme, just refer to it as a summer wedding instead. Doing so may help you break free of the powerful draw that is a patriotic color scheme.

Be Subtle

If you do wish to incorporate Independence Day into your wedding decor, try choosing a single color from the pallet along with a neutral, instead of all three. Navy and white or red and ivory are both beautiful, stately color combinations that any wedding would be proud to flaunt. If you feel you simply must incorporate that third color, carry a single-hued bouquet or wear a single piece of sapphire or ruby jewelry.

Go Muted

Muted colors are those that have a black base — barn red, burgundy, maroon, blue-gray, navy — all of these are variations on a red and blue theme. You might even quiet your neutral color by making it more tan than ivory or white. It’s a nice, modern way to tone down bright, primary colors, and your guests won’t be expecting it.

Keep your Fourth of July wedding your own by choosing colors that speak to you, not to the thousands of brides who came before you.

Sylvie’s Vintage Inspired Fashion Rings Makes The Top 10 Lists!!!

“The National Jeweler” posted this Instagram photo of Sylvie’s romantic vintage inspired fashion rings of rose and yellow gold with black rhodium and diamond accents. This post made the Top 10 list of “likes!” (FR103, FR102, FR101, and FR102)

SylvieCollection_NJBlog_Press_Sheet_June_2015_ FR103_FR102_FR101_FR102

Country Singer, Taelyn Dye of Maddie & Tae, Glamorizes With Sylvie’s Rose Gold Floral Fashion Ring!

Stylish and trendsetting Taelyn Dye, country singer of Maddie & Tae, glamorizes her look with Sylvie’s gorgeous rose gold fashion ring with an stunning open floral design and a shimmering border of pave diamonds (FR168). June, 2015.


The Asks: Does The Band Need to Match The Engagement Ring?

Designer, Sylvie Levine, founder of the Sylvie Collection, answers the question: “What is the rule to mixing metals of different colors in a wedding set of rings?”