• Albert's is the only place that I'll purchase jewelry form now on.  The staff is really helpful, kind and attentive. We've gone there  to purchase and resize wedding rings and have the batteries replaced in my husbands watch.  The service is excellent.  They offer you refreshments like soda and water. And i even heard of them offering you glasses of champagne while you try on jewelry. Sweet! Another plus is that since I purchased our rings there, whenever we go in (even just to browse) you can ask them to clean your rings.  It only takes then a couple of min. and they come back so shiny, like they're brand new.  Because their customer service is so great, if we should have any problems with our purchases (which we haven't had) I'm sure they would go above and beyond to correct it. Thanks why Albert's is great.
  • Erica J.

    I love this place!  There customer service is awesome! White wine for me today!  Yup they offer complementary wine, beer, water, snd soda....the salesperson always seems so excited maybe that's why I keep coming back!
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