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2020 was a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and more, but for brides all over the world, it was just the beginning of a great adventure. And rest assured, the global pandemic did not stop couples from committing the ultimate act of love. In fact, some say it brought people even closer together. With luck, this year will bring the same joy to those who found their one and only amongst the turmoil.

These 4 engagement rings trends as predicted by the experts here at Sylvie are going to be the pick of the litter for those looking to tie the knot in 2021. Tell us which one is your favorite!

Fancy Shapes that Sparkle

Everyone loves a classic round engagement ring, but times are changing and now it’s all about the oval and the pear, or what we like to call… “fancy shapes”! Oval center stones can elongate the fingers and also make your ring appear much larger if you add a halo.

Pears can be extremely diverse, especially when mixed with side stones to create a beautiful three stone engagement ring.

Pear Engagement Ring, Martine

pear shaped engagement ring trend

A Subtle Hidden Halo

Hidden halos combine the best of two worlds, classic engagement rings, and halo engagement rings. The halo is hidden underneath the center stone in the ring’s basket, as opposed to surrounding the outer edge of the stone.

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring, Layla

hidden halo engagement ring trend

The Bezel Makes a Comeback

The famous vintage-inspired bezel setting has really been gaining popularity, and for good reason. A bezel setting is where the stone is completely surrounded by a metal edge, creating a secure barrier for your stone. A bezel set engagement ring will offer the most protection out of any engagement ring setting style and is perfect for active brides who love the outdoors!

Bezel Set Engagement Ring, Anita

bezel set engagement ring trend

And last but never least…

Simple & Elegant Solitaires and Classic Engagement Rings

Solitaires have been more and more popular the last 2 years as more brides want their center stone to really be the star of their ring. A simple engagement ring such as solitaire is one of the most sophisticated looks you can have and is perfect when you’re trying to show off a high clarity, high-grade stone. The best part? A solitaire looks beautiful no matter what shape of center stone you have such as pear, oval, or even a unique marquise stone.

Considering the year we’ve had, something simple for 2021 sounds like a little slice of heaven.

Classic Oval Engagement Ring, Jayla

classic oval engagement ring

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