4 Ways to Win The Holiday Campaign Game This Season

As we all know, the holiday season is a jeweler’s busiest time of the year, which also makes it the most critical. With social media playing such an integral role in our marketing strategy, it’s crucial to use this time to your advantage to promote holiday campaigns, promotions, and exclusive deals to boost your business!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you’ll want to launch your holiday campaigns early and with a bang! We have some tips to help you digitally prepare for the craziest yet undoubtedly “most wonderful time of the year.”

1. Take Advantage of Cyber Monday

Holiday shopping is going digital, so establishing a professional and top-notch presence via social media is a must! According to MultiChannel Merchant, “more than 8 in 10 shoppers use up to six channels to find the best holiday deals[…] including search engines, savings apps, the mobile web, retail apps…” so it’s no wonder social media is among these popular “channels”.

Cyber Monday in particular is gaining more and more popularity in terms of the volume of shoppers and purchases. Most people want to avoid the chaos of Black Friday and instead shop and save from the comfort of their homes. RetailMeNot predicts that 56% of consumers are expected to shop this Cyber Monday, as opposed to the 52% predicted for Black Friday.


That said, do not neglect your social media during this crucial weekend! Post snapchats, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, your best performing photos from the year, or anything else that will be visible online to your consumers. Perhaps take a flashy video of your showroom, or some exclusive jewelry pieces that have been marked down for the holidays! And, of course, expand your in-store promotions online to attract new Cyber Monday consumers!

2. Make Your Promotions Stand Out

Why stop at discounts and savings? Stand out from competitors and really hook your consumers by showing them why they should spend their Cyber Monday money on your product with offers of interest. Go big or go home with huge perks like expedited free shipping, a gift with purchase, a featured spotlight on your website, or even future discount cards. These may sound like ways to lose money, but with such benefits being offered, consumers will share the exciting news on their social media pages, and attract more people to your site because you are offering incentives beyond the traditional promotions.

3. Be Aggressive and Pay for Play

As mentioned, you can tailor your social media channels to not only appeal to your target audiences, but also to attract new consumers that  purchase online. Invest a bit of your holiday campaign budget in Facebook Ads to reach thousands of people on the most dominant social media platform. Just be sure to schedule your ads 3 weeks in advance to avoid delays in the approval process.

If you want to use more short-form content to advertise, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are also great ways to market your holiday deals to your audience! Giving little glimpses into your workday and personally addressing viewers adds an intimacy to your marketing strategy. Moreover, the accessibility of social media allows for consumers to send messages or photos directly to you in response to a photo or “story” you post, creating a whole new dynamic between the buyer and the seller.


This time of year can get quite competitive, so it’s important to use your budget wisely and promote your brand and offers as best and as frequently as you can.

4. Constantly Improve Your In-Store Experience

Yes, we are putting A LOT of emphasis on social media and digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should totally neglect your shopper’s experience. Whether your customers shop online or in person, they still expect a positive purchasing experience, and only you can provide them that.

Just like online ads, place your best ads in strategic places of your showroom (i.e., the windows, counters, right outside the entrance, behind the checkout counters) where they will immediately capture the consumer’s eye. Perhaps have a team member stand at the store entrance handing out coupons, discount cards, or promotion flyers to potential customers walking in.  And don’t be afraid to be a little cheesy during a time of spreading cheer. If your staff wants to all wear holiday sweaters or accessories to work, let them! A bowl of candy canes or a silver tray of warm cookies by the door will add an even more memorable touch!



The key to a successful holiday campaign? LAUNCH IT EARLY! Every year holiday ads grace our presence earlier and earlier, so we might as well adapt, right? The earlier your message gets out there, the more time and visibility it will have in the holiday market. Plus, offering so many interesting deals and perks for your holiday campaigns could turn into a way for you and your company to give back, by allowing consumers to enjoy beautiful jewelry at an affordable yet practical price.

Happy Holidays and Savings, everyone!


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