40licious highlights Sylvie in the feature “Style: Sylvie Levine on How to Wear Jewelry, Day or Night, Work or Play”

“I feel that a woman in her 40’s is more secure and centered in her personal style. I think she is less affected by trends and desires pieces that are more meaningful and lasting.”

Jewelry designer Sylvie Levine knows a thing or two about how to rock your rocks: She was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium in the center of the world’s diamond trade. The third generation of her family to be in the diamond business, Sylvie developed a passion for both all of the business at a young age. Today, her collection, Sylvie, is gaining traction in the fine jewelry industry. She works along side her husband designing diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewelry, and is dedicated to helping every bride find the perfect ring for them.

Sylvie Levine is so gorgeous she doesn’t even NEED jewelry to shine.

1. How does our relationship to jewelry change when we’re in our 40s?
I feel that a woman in her 40’s is more secure and centered in her personal style. I think she is less affected by trends and desires pieces that are more meaningful and lasting. I hope that most women are in a place where they are comfortable with who they are—and that confidence allows us to be more in control of our fashion and jewelry wardrobes. At this point in our lives we can say what we want and what we deserve… And, then, we can even purchase it for ourselves! In our business we see customers having more of a disposable income and willing to make a self purchase.

2. What does a woman’s jewelry say about her?
A woman’s jewelry is highly personal and makes a statement of about her style, individuality, creativity and/or personal values (ie: religious symbols, etc).
A woman in her 40’s knows what she wants to wear because she is more certain of what makes her look and feel good. She is also able to communicate that better and seek it out more than she might have in her earlier years.
Some women may choose really bold items, which would tell you about her bold personality and comfort to show it off. Others prefer classics or sentimental items, which can show their feminine or romantic side.

3. Are there do’s and don’ts for day/night and office/play, or does anything go?
Maybe it is because of my European upbringing, but I’m inclined to say that in 2011 anything goes! We live in a culture that is no longer restricted—so business environments are leaning towards casual attire and women are no longer forced to wear pantyhose and full makeup to work. If you love diamonds, why be limited to when you can wear them? Being a designer that primarily works in diamonds, I tend to keep my larger more showy pieces for evening and wear my more wearable diamond pieces during the day. I like to guide my customers to pick jewelry that can be worn with jeans, casual outfit, as well as with a dressy outfit. The beauty of fashion today is the mix of casual and dressy—and high and low-end designers. I think a great pair of diamond studs can be easily worn with jeans, a pair of flipflops or Louboutins.

4. What advice would you offer someone who wants to go into the jewelry business?
My first advice would be that you have to be very passionate about this industry. Secondly if you are going into fine jewelry it does take a large amount of financial commitment. The advantage I’ve had is that I have been able to work from a young age in different areas of the industry which all culminated into what I do now. It helped tremendously to understand all the different aspects of the business. The personal and emotional side of it is very rewarding and challenging as a designer and the face of a growing brand.

5. Anything else you’d like to share about being 40licious?
I’m living the best decade of my life right now!! I have learned to stick to my own values and not worry about what others think or how others live their lives. One of my favorite quotes applies to that “To Be Yourself in a World That is Constantly Trying To Make You Someone Else, Is The Greatest Accomplishment of All,” Ralph Waldo Emerson. I would not trade my 40’s for my 30’s – I say it to all my younger friends who worry getting there. We are so much wiser and therefore more confident and clear about our paths.

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