5 New Facebook Features Jewelry Marketers Should Use

When it comes to selling luxury goods such as fine jewelry, you know firsthand that marketing is everything. Even more, you know that nowadays, digital marketing is the best way to boost brand awareness and increase consumer reach, leads, and conversions. Social media plays an integral role in enhancing digital marketing strategies; moreover, Facebook is arguably the major platform for promoting and boosting one’s business.

As some of you may know, Facebook recently underwent a huge change in terms of content. With this new algorithm, content that appears on users’ feeds will be more personalized and with the intent to spark conversation. That said, it might take a bit more horsepower (and maybe a little cash) to make sure your brand is seen and heard on Facebook. A key step to that is using Facebook Ads to promote your posts via boosted posts or sponsored advertisements.

If your company utilizes Facebook as a marketing platform, there are five key features you should utilize to keep your page fresh, exciting, and always drawing in viewers and potential leads. Here they are:

1. Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager is an excellent way to target consumers and increase your likes and followers without spending too much of your advertising budget! You can choose from guided creation or quick creation.

If you’re new to Ads Manager, guided creation can walk you through the entire creation process for your ad; likewise, quick creation is a short and sweet way to create a campaign, hit press and send, and wait for the benefits!

Depending on your budget, you can spend as little as $5 or as much as $3,000 on an advertising campaign. You may want to save the big bucks for a later date when perhaps you launch a campaign for your brand or store. Still, a small budget will get you a decent amount of likes and views if you need the visibility!

  • For further guidance on navigating this awesome feature, click here.

2. Facebook Pixel

The more you know about your audience, the stronger your strategies and materials will be. Installing a Facebook Pixel can give you insight into your audience’s activity that takes place outside of your brand’s Facebook page. Basically, if a Facebook user visits your website and looks at your engagement rings or fashion jewelry page, you’ll be able to see which pages get the most views and duration and use that to your advantage.

Having access to these key metrics and insights can help you optimize your Facebook ads and other social media content (i.e. posts, photos, videos, etc.). You’ll create effective ads that are targeted towards your consumers’ needs, because you’ll know what about your brand/website draws in Facebook users.

3. Website Conversion Campaigns

Website conversion campaigns encourage consumers to not only purchase product, but also visit your website. In other words, conversion campaigns incentivize.

Are you having a sale on a specific jewelry line, or perhaps on just pendants or earrings? Go beyond creating and posting an ad; incentivize Facebook users who will see that ad to click on it, be lead to your website, and fill out a form that will give them the special promo code to unlock the sale!

You’ll benefit in two ways: first, you’ll hopefully make some direct sales because the consumer will be incentivized by having a promo code and saving money. Second, you’ll gain insight into what kinds of content are most effective at attracting users to your general website and turning leads into conversions!

4. Carousel Ads

Do you ever visit a retail website just to find that when you return to your Facebook feed, there’s a whole row dedicated to advertising that specific brand? These are known as carousel ads, and they are incredibly effective for marketing your products on Facebook.

Want to showcase more than one engagement ring? Perhaps you want to promote your variety of jewelry, like rings, pendants, and earrings. With carousel ads, you can post up to 10 images or videos and they will be presented as one big, continuous ad.

What’s great about carousel ads is their flexibility and freedom of expression capabilities. You can highlight different products or sales, and each carousel card can have its respective headline and link. According to Facebook, campaigns with this type of ad had higher click through rates, lower cost-per-conversion, and lower cost-per-click than a traditional one-image ad (Source: Social Report).

5. Facebook Live/Stories

Nowadays, social media users are all about short, interactive content. We’re talking videos, “stories”, anything that has some animation and motion element. Similar to Instagram Stories, Facebook came out with its own “stories” feature that allows you to post snippets of content to your page. This is a great feature all jewelry marketers should be using. Why? One word: JEWELRY.

Sometimes, pictures do not do a piece of jewelry justice. You can take a quick close-up video of a stunning ring and post it for Facebook users to see! They’ll love getting to see the actual product in person (or at least, as “in-person” as Facebook Stories let them) and feel special for being given a “behind-the-scenes” look into your store.

Take a live video of you explaining different jewelry styles, talk to your audience as if they’re right there in your store. Many social media users research products and pour through online reviews before visiting the store. Showing them via Facebook what they’re looking for will help build your presence online and add a personal touch to your brand by showing that you care about your customers and will go the extra mile to display your products.


As jewelry marketers, we have the freedom to directly display gorgeous products to a broad and interested audience. Facebook—let alone, social media—offers us so many opportunities to grow our businesses through innovative marketing and advertising tools. It’s about time we start using them to our advantage and take the online world by storm!

**Disclaimer: Facebook and all Facebook features mentioned in this article such as Ads Manager, Pixel, and Carousel ads belong to Facebook and were merely advertised here for marketing purposes. Sylvie Collection does not own or claim any rights to Facebook Ads, Pixel, or Carousel ads.

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