5 Best Locations in the US for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

The mere thought of spending your entire life with someone can be nerve racking, but when you actually find that one person without whom your life is pretty much upside down – you know it’s the right time to propose. While most people choose to pop the question during the holiday season, others wait two months longer for the Valentine’s Day to propose the love of their life.

However, things get complicated when it’s time to decide the location for this proposal. Should you pick a dramatic cityscape, head to the wild forests, plan a surprise on the secluded beaches, or hike to the hill top to go down on your knees? The options are never ending. What you’ve got to find out is what works best for you and your lady love. You don’t want your dainty, girly girl climbing mountains for a proposal!

We’ve compiled a list of places – some common; others, not so much, to help you get an idea of the places you can consider for your Valentine’s Day proposal this year. Also, do check out our corresponding diamond engagement ring suggestions for each!

New York City, NY

If it weren’t for “An Affair to Remember” or “Sleepless in Seattle”, not many of us would’ve considered the bustling New York City to be a romantic place. Replicate the dreamy love scenes in these iconic movies shot on the observation deck of the Empire State Building with mesmerizing views and her favorite music playing in the background. Take her on a romantic boat ride on the Hudson River and pop the question with some chilled champagne and flowers. The Statue of Liberty, the Central Park – there are just so many romantic locations in the city that make for ideal locations for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

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Jackson Hole, WY

Want an isolated location to spend time with and propose the love of your life? The Jackson Hole in Wyoming is an ideal place to ignite the love and passion you both share. Spend an evening in front of a fire on an outdoor lounge and as the sun goes down, take the opportunity to ask her to marry you. Head over to the Granite Hot Springs and enjoy the natural thermal pools and pop the question when she least expects it. Strap on the snowshoes and head over to one of the secluded spots at the Spring Creek Ranch trails. Propose her in a teepee while you camp under the stars or by the lakeside on a romantic walk outdoors.

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Aspen, CO

What’s the point of a winter proposal when you can’t experience it together! Aspen, Colorado brings the best of winters with plenty of snowcapped mountains, ski hills, and round the year stunning resorts. Hike all the way to the Hanging Lake and propose your lady love amid the breathtaking natural surroundings. The Denver Botanic Gardens are yet another romantic nature pocket to make the most of. For a dramatic proposal, head to the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

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Waipi’o Valley, HI

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hawaii is the gorgeous beaches the islands have to offer. Waipi’o Valley has a lot more than just sunny beaches. This island boasts a verdant landscape spotted by lotus ponds, cliffs with waterfalls, and the purple fields. With several island resorts, streams, hills, and valleys, this place is a complete romantic retreat for nature lovers. Propose her at the Po’ipu Beach or on a Kalalau Trail hike. There is plenty to explore, don’t hesitate to spontaneously pop the question when the place and surroundings feels perfect.

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San Francisco, CA

Famed for the Golden Gate Bridge and rolling hills, San Francisco has a vast variety of landmarks and scenic views that make for great proposal locations. Pop the question at the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts or take her to the Ghirardelli Square to add the vintage charm of the vicinity to your proposal. If you’re looking for an unconventional place to propose, the Exploratorium is where the fun is!

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So what place is it going to be?

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