The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family Heirloom

All families have something unique that has been passed on to them by their ancestors and generations before them.  These treasures are usually in the form of collectibles, charms, diaries, photos, clothes, paintings, coins, recipes, handicrafts and/or jewelry. We label such treasures as family heirlooms. They remind us about our belongingness, our history and of people who are no longer with us. They may come with a price but they are priceless in terms of sentimental value.

These heirlooms are more than just everyday objects. They are stories and therefore must be preserved. Does your family have any such heirloom that has been passed onto you by your great grandmother?  If yes, don’t you feel better every time you hold onto it? Probably yes? Now think how would you feel if your great, great granddaughter/grandson feels the same? Wouldn’t you like to leave behind something of sentimental value for them to tug onto?

If yes, you’ll want to keep reading!

Our 5 Engagement Rings That Make For Perfect Family Heirlooms:

The emerging demand for vintage engagement rings and diamond jewelry has urged us to create something that will be more than just a piece of jewelry. We want it to tell a story – a beautiful one. And beautiful things take time – like pearls in a shell. They must be waited for with patience. This is what makes them more valuable both in terms of money and sentiments.

At Sylvie Collection, we try to put the same amount of effort in every piece that we craft. Some of our most unique and featured engagement rings are from our vintage collection that aims to deliver sentimental values. We have selected 5 vintage inspired engagement rings that we believe will make perfect family heirlooms, thanks to their intricate work and detailing. Take a look at these and let us know what you think!

Vintage Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family HeirloomFirst up, we have this stunning diamond engagement ring on a bezel setting, it features a 1 carat center  diamond in a round cut encapsulated by a beautiful milgrain detailed and diamond encrusted shank to give the ring its final look. This vintage ring weighs a total of 0.54 carats, which means it is something that can be worn casually too by any modern vintage bride.

Vintage Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family HeirloomThis one also has a round-cut diamond that forms its center and sits in a hexagonal setting of glittering small-cut diamonds in a single halo. Milgrain accents continue to cascade halfway down the shank. The intricate details are something that will be very hard to replicate in the coming years, which is what makes this the perfect family heirloom.

Vintage Round Brilliant Milgrained Diamond Engagement Ring

The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family HeirloomIf you look at the picture, you may notice that a lot is going on with this vintage engagement ring, there are intricate spirals and filigree that cascade down its sides, a brilliant cut 1 carat center diamond and milgrain accents that capture it in a beautiful setting. The total weight of the ring is 0.23 carats – meaning it is a light wear engagement ring in contrast with its overall antique inspired look.

Romantic Vintage Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family HeirloomA one-of-its kind addition in our vintage engagement ring collection, this one is a showstopper for a number for reasons. For starters, it is easily noticeable and gives the impression of being one priceless piece. Second, it also has a little modernity about it as rectangular cushion settings were very popular in the earlier times but will hopefully be valued more in the upcoming years. Lastly, the cushion-cut center diamond is of the finest quality held securely in place with a milgrain accented halo. Another halo forms its boundary with multiple intricate patterns of glistering diamonds that find their place in between the milgrain accents.

Vintage Style Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family HeirloomFor the true romantics at heart, we have this stunning alternative round cut sapphire engagement ring with milgrain accents that are embedded with various diamond shapes. The four swirls at the outer end of the ring are heart-shaped with three small-cut diamonds in each. The shank is tapered and the ring’s total weight is 1.69 carats. This is the perfect ring for the modern vintage bride who loves to go against the grain of traditional engagement ring styles. This ring is also available with an emerald stone or diamond.

The Elita Ring

The 5 Rings for the Perfect Family HeirloomLast, but not least we have the Ellita Engagement Ring, which is also the 2017 ten-year anniversary special edition engagement ring! This stunning vintage inspired engagement ring features a 1 carat round brilliant center diamond surrounded by four lustrous diamonds and heart shaped filigree to celebrate love. The ring is completed with a second shimmering diamond halo on the outside. The diamond encrusted split shank adds an even more exciting display to this stunning and one-of-a-kind ring, fit for a family heirloom.


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