6 Tips to Selling More this Spring

Spring is here and summer is on the way. Now is the time to take a long hard look at your store and explore what you can do to ensure that 2017 is your year! To get you started, we’ve put together 6 easy steps any one can follow:


The old saying “Spring Cleaning” is exactly what we’re talking about here. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your displays? What about dead plants that need to be replaced? Does your carpet look old and drab? Have it professionally cleaned with a Groupon! Do you have outdated signs? Call your designers and upgrade them now before the summer.

When was the last time you discussed your dress code with your employees? Print it out  and remind your staff to look their best. There are so many easy and cost effective ways to update your store while not having to completely remodel.


Do your fans post pictures of their rings? Share them on your social media sites, let your customers get to know you! Make yourself relate-able and REAL! Come up with your own unique store hashtag. When a couple purchases a ring, snap a photo of them with a sign that has your logo on it and says “We found the one!” Be careful not to make it too cheesy or commercial. It should be well made and high end. Pick an employee every month to spotlight on your social media pages.

For a great example of how this is in done visit Providence Diamond Co. on Instagram! #PDBrides



When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself, where do my customers come from? Are they calling from your website? Could it be a Google search? A yelp ad? What about a Facebook ad? FIND OUT WHERE your customers are coming from using Google Analytics or Call Tracking. You can even find out what time of the day you receive the most phone traffic so that your staff is properly prepared. If you will be running a Facebook promotion, make sure your staff knows which products are being featured. If customers are trying to ask questions on your website, maybe consider starting a live chat service for faster responses.



There are thousands of spring and summer events in your community that happen daily that your company can become involved in. Pick a concert event, a charity fundraiser, a sporting event, or even a local school team that can help spotlight your store and chip in as a sponsor. Pick the event wisely – if you want to be known as a wholesome, family business, sponsor an event that is aimed at young children. If you want to appeal to an older or wealthier demographic, try pairing with a symphony orchestra club. To kick start your brainstorm, we’ve suggested a couple ideas for your below:

  1. Partner with the local golf club tournament, offer a piece of jewelry as a prize for first place and have your store’s catalog included in all the tournament goodie bags along with an exclusive discount card that will expire over time.
  2. Partner with a local luxury car dealership, if a customer purchases a specific car during a specific promotion, they can also get a large amount off a piece of jewelry. You’ll be featured in all their advertising which can often mean TV commercial air time and their customers will see added value.
  3. Host a Facebook community pledge to get more likes. For every like your fans give you between a certain timeframe, you’ll donate X amount of money to your favorite charity


Host a quarterly online contest to give away one of your top selling products. Be sure to collect the email addresses you receive for future re-marketing!


Look at your current training program, is it working? When was the last time you updated it? Have a Spring Staff Meeting and Issue a Pop Quiz like the one below – Give the winner with the most correct answers a $50 gift card.

  1. What year was our store founded?
  2. What are our store hours?
  3. How many designers do we carry?
  4. Can you name all of them?
  5. What are each designer unique selling points? (leave space for a longer answer)
  6. Who is our target customer?
  7. What is the first thing we say to customers when they come in?
  8. When and how should you follow up with a customer?
  9. What is our store’s price range?



When someone walks in to your store, does it look just like the jewelry store they shopped in last weekend with great lighting and simple flower arrangements? What about your store makes you unique? You are the owner of your store, it should reflect you and your unique style. If your favorite color is orange, why not paint an accent wall orange or add a pop of color with orange wallpaper? Buy a few pieces of art to put around the store by your favorite artist. The most successful stores are those that have their own voice and leave an everlasting impression.





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