8 Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Whether your taste or your financial situation that has changed over the years, if you are looking for means to upgrade your engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place.

You may have fallen head over heels in love the moment you first saw your engagement ring, but if you’ve had a change of heart, you don’t need to feel ashamed or uneasy. Our preferences change all the time. You may dislike some of your favorite movies now just because you came across something much better and even more spectacular. The same way, with so many new trends and intricate designs for engagement rings today, you may feel the need to have it upgraded.

But is it right to have it upgraded? Isn’t it a symbol of love and devotion from your partner? What if they feel bad?

Of course, it was and still is a symbol of love, but if you do not feel the same connection with as you did before, perhaps a little upgrading will make you love it again. That sounds like a win-win to us!

So what can you do?

Here are 8 ways to upgrading your engagement ring.


Swap your stone:

A stone swap(smaller or bigger) can completely change the look of your ring. Since the center-stone is the focus of everyone’s attention, this is the easiest way of making a noticeable change. Not to mention, a bigger diamond will add more sparkle to your everyday wardrobe!If this is the change you want, have your local Sylvie Retailer evaluate the ring and see if a bigger or smaller diamond can be adjusted on the same band.

Add Complimentary Diamonds:

Elevate your solitaire by adding a pair!

Another option for upgrading your engagement ring is to add a set of complimentary diamonds on the shoulder. A band of smaller-cut diamonds will amp up the glitz and add more depth to your ring. Keep in mind that additional diamonds can also add to the overall weight of the ring, so be sure you can handle the extra pressure with ease. Take it a step further by experimenting with colored stones. A set of sapphires on each side can really take your breath away! The best thing about this form of upgrading your engagement ring is that you can not only choose different stones but you can also go bold with different cuts, shapes and sizes.

Add Another Halo:

If a big-sized center stone is out of your budget, you can simply make it appear bigger by adding a halo of small cut diamonds to encapsulate the center one and make it appear much larger.

Customize the band:

Is the band feeling uncomfortable or dated? How about adding another complimentary band? This will bring some more depth to the ring, increase its presence and comfort.

Re-think the cut and shape of your stone:

Many a times, it isn’t the bland shoulder or the color of the band that is the problem. The problem is the shape of the center stone, you may have loved a traditional round cut solitaire 10 years ago, but if you are more of a princess-cut woman today, have it upgraded accordingly. Trust us, no harm will come out of that.

Refinish the metal:

If your budget does not allow for a new diamond or an embellished setting, you can still upgrade your ring by refinishing the metal. Sometimes by simply upgrading to a different finish or even a matte or brushed texture you can create a significantly different look. Don’t like the look of yellow gold on your hands anymore? Have it finished into something more versatile such as platinum, white or rose gold.

Get it engraved.

This is another budget friend adjustment you can make to your ring. It may not change the look as much as you want it to but perhaps it can bring new meaning to the piece.

Pair it with a New Band

If any of the customization or upgrading options are not within your budget, the best way to update your ring is to pair it with a trendy new stackable wedding band from our stackable collection. Mixing metals adds a fashionable and more modern look to your wedding set.  Click here for examples. (https://www.pinterest.com/sylviecollectn/band-together/)


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