10 Bands Better Than Chocolate or Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love chocolate and/or flowers?


Nothing makes a sweet tooth surrender like a luxurious box of high-end chocolates; likewise, a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers is sure to put a smile on your face. However, if you had to choose from chocolates, flowers, or jewelry as a Valentine’s Day Gift, you’d probably pick jewelry, right


If you’re hoping for something with a bit more sparkle this Valentine’s Day, Sylvie Collection has a ton of great options! Browse our personally selected list of our top-selling Sylvie stackables and wedding bands, and hint to your S.O. that it’s time for a Valentine’s Day gift upgrade!


1.  Style B0011 – Vintage Shaped Milgrain Detail Diamond Band

This best-selling stackable band features alternating marquise and round shapes with milgrain detail and 0.22 carats of round brilliant diamonds. Get it in white, yellow or rose gold, with alternating diamonds and blue sapphires, or customize it to have your favorite metal and stone combo!


2.  Style B0009 – Vintage Stackable Milgrain Diamond Band


This stackable band features 0.10 carats of round brilliant diamonds, set in marquise shapes with milgrain detail. Available in white, yellow, and rose gold.


3.  Style B0033 – Vintage Inspired Stackable Wedding Band

One of our more unique bands, this stackable has a beautiful combination of round and pear-shaped settings with round-brilliant diamonds and milgrain detail. Truly a modern twist on a classic! Available in white, yellow, and rose gold.


4.  Style B0018 – Mixed Shapes Stackable Diamond Band

Looking for a trendy piece to add to your jewelry collection? How about this Sylvie stackable with mixed shapes and 0.16 carats of round brilliant diamonds! Available in white, yellow, and rose gold.


5.  Style B0010 – Vintage Stackable Round Diamond Band

This classic stackable band features 0.32 carats of round brilliant diamond in bezel settings with bordering milgrain detail. It’s a truly stunning piece and comes in white, yellow, and rose gold!


6.  Style BSY696 – Classic Round Diamond Wedding Band

This wedding band style is among our most popular and creates a timeless wedding set when paired with a Sylvie engagement ring. It features prong-set round brilliant diamonds cascading ¾ of the way down the band. Available in white, yellow, and rose gold.


7.  Style BS1093 – Classic Round Brilliant Diamond Wedding Band

This particular wedding band is one of our best-selling sparklers and matches our S1093 engagement ring beautifully! The band contains 0.22 carats of round brilliant diamonds, cascading the entire band in prong settings.

8.  Style BSY310 – Classic Round Brilliant Milgrain Wedding Band

This gorgeous wedding band features round brilliant diamonds in a channel setting that is bordered with milgrain detail. Available in white, yellow, and rose gold.


9.  Style BS1524 – Modern Spiral Wedding Band

This unique wedding band features a beautiful braid of shimmering diamonds and high-polish metal. Pair it with our top-selling spiral engagement ring (Style S1524), or wear it on its own for a show stopping piece! Available in white, yellow, and rose gold.


10.  Style BS1523 – Modern Diamond Spiral Wedding Band

Modern Spiral Wedding Band

Why have one band of diamonds when you could have TWO?! This stunning wedding band features two rows of beautiful, shimmering diamonds that spiral around the whole band. Add a whole new meaning to glitter and glam!


Find your favorite stackable/band yet? Whichever one you choose, we’re sure she’ll love it– just like she loves you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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