Our Top 3 Best Selling Engagement Rings

Whoever said picking out the perfect engagement ring in just a matter of hours doesn’t quite grasp the whole concept of buying a precious diamond! A diamond engagement ring is much more than just a piece of diamond jewelry. It is a lifetime promise we give to each other that binds us together into a lifetime of happiness, cheerfulness, and joy.

It is not just one asking another to marry them; it is asking someone how they’d like the idea to spend of spending every sunrises and sunset with them for the rest of their lives!Such an important question most definitely deserves a lot thought. Just like finding the right words to express your love is hard, so is to find the right diamond engagement ring that conveys the message in a way that is just right for you!

To help you out, we decided to give you an insight on what our most popular styles are to shrink your choices down. How are we going to do that? Simple; we are just going to list down out most popular diamond engagement rings in 2017 so that you have an idea of what everyone is wearing and what you would be getting into.

While some prefer to purchase our top selling rings as they are, others like to add a more personalized touch to them by either customizing the shape or size of the diamonds or even adding a few more to brighten it up. The rings we are about to reveal can also be customized in other ways. The Sylvie Collection and their authorized retailers are happy to add another halo, decorate the band with a row of glittering small-cut diamonds, or even change the color of the band.

Now that you know the possibilities are endless, it’s time to show you our most requested collection of diamond engagement rings. But mind it; these are in no particular order, as each one of them has something unique to offer to the wearer.

Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The SY999 is a classic halo engagement rings that has been a fan favorite for years. This traditional yet modern classic engagement ring can come in any shape your bride prefers such as round, oval, pear, cushion and more. A delicate halo of smaller cut diamonds encapsulates the center diamond and the cascading diamond on the shanks adds the perfect touch of femininity and romance. Not too loud and gaudy on the finger, the classic halo or double halo engagement ring has been designed to perfection to look amazing on virtually everyone. It is, most definitely, a timeless classic that no one can take their eyes off.

The Vintage Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring

It’s no secret that antique and vintage inspired engagement rings are now a thing of the future.Everyone wants to feel nostalgic and unique and these perfectly detailed engagement rings offer just that. Not to mention the diamonds are breathtaking to look at.A vintage inspired engagement ring can make the wearer’s ring finger the center of everyone’s attention as the details are something of a commodity. This stunning S1409 will soon be available in an oval shape as well to be released this summer of 2017.

Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring

This modern twist an old favorite has been our most talked about ring this year! The S1524 is brand new and has a delicate yet powerful appeal that no one can take their eyes off. Available in white, yellow or rose gold with a matching band, this is one of the most versatile and popular choices this year.This piece settles well on wearers with long and slender fingers. Its delicacy and intricacy is what make it standout when couples come shopping for diamond engagement ring from the Sylvie Collection.

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