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The Birthstone of August: Peridot

Peridot is a modern birthstone for the month of August. It is traditionally greenish in color, but can range from green and a transparent yellowish green to a vivid bright green and olive or the color of new grass which pops up in spring. The way in which Peridot splits the rays of light, gives it a greasy luster and a rich glow in addition to appearing velvety. The more greener a Peridot is, the higher its value is. If there are any pops of brown or any other streaks of color in the Peridot, the value will be diminishes and will be quite low.

The best-valued Peridot has a 15% iron percentage and contains chromium and nickel as trace elements within it. There are certain doubts about the origin of the name “Peridot”; some think that it is derived from an Arabic word ”Faridat”, while some think that it originates from a French word, “peritot”, which means unclear. The French were the first ones to call it Peridot in the 18th century before which, it was known as Topaz. This stone has been mined for thousands of years, four thousand years to be exact. It is also mentioned in the Bible under the name of “Pitdah”. The Egyptians named it the Gem of the Sun. Overall; Peridot has an illustrious history, to say the least.

In ancient times, miners used to mine this stone in the moonlight as it made it easier for them to find the crystals. They marked the location of the crystals and then came back in the daylight to find them again and dig them up. The most valued Peridot originated from Germany, Zagbargad Island (Red Sea), Australia, Myanmar, Brazil, Pakistan, Arizona, Mexico and Hawaii. The Peridots found in Myanmar, Pakistan and Egypt are of the highest value among all.

Peridots are the same stones that are said to be used in the fabled breastplates of the High Priest in Judaism. A legend claims that the Peridot was the most favorite gem of Cleopatra, although at that time, they were also confused with emeralds. Even today, some people confuse them with emeralds, but their yellowish tinge or an olive color is a completely identifiable shade that sets them apart from an emerald. Other gemstones that are often confused with Peridots are Moldavites, Apatites and green garnets. Traditionally, a Peridot gem is lime green in color, which works excellently with silver and platinum jewelry.

The Peridot is also embedded with magical healing powers as it brings envy and good luck to those who are born in August, and help them avoid the damaging emotions of fear and depression. It also protects them from envy and works exceptionally well to enhance the effect of medicine. Moreover, it can improve a person’s oratory capabilities, help gain divine inspiration and provide strength. Additionally, it is considered a shield for the wearer, protecting them from negativity. It is also used to reduce stress and to relax the person wearing it. Egyptians often used to protect and heal the heart by using the Peridot.

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