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Black-tie is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many people. Not because it is not fun to dress up, but because you are excited that you have an opportunity to dress in an Oscar-worthy dress but fearing that you have nothing worthy to wear. On the other hand, even if you do find something remotely looking like a dress out of a fashion magazine, you are afraid of getting it wrong and feeling like a fish out of the pond, a very embarrassed and badly dressed fish that is…

The problem with getting dressed as a black tie wedding guest is that “black-tie” can be a broad term. Some define the appropriate dress as a no-nonsense sheath, a long cocktail dress, a dramatic gown or a smart suit dress, while others think that knee length dresses will work fine as well. With such a broad interpretation of the term, it can become difficult for even the most seasoned fashionistas to dress accordingly.

However, here are some tips that will enable you to nail that obnoxious but oh-so-drool-worthy black tie dress code.

Know That You Have a Lot of Options

Many fashion experts state that the term black-tie doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily wear a long, floor-length dress. You have the choice to wear a long, short or even a midi-length dress that comes down to your knees or below them. The trick is to choose something that will make you look dressy, smart, and put together beautifully. Whether you choose a girly dress or a modern pant suit, make sure that you look “smart”. Choose between structured, voluminous, slim line, empire-waist or starlight line cuts to accentuate your best features.

Pair your outfit with any of Sylvie Collection’s diamond free form fashion rings to add a touch of glamour.

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Fashion Pea-cocking is not Dead

Don’t be afraid to wear colors! You cannot wear white to a wedding anyway. Don’t shy away from bright colors and blood prints. A black-tie event doesn’t mean that you have to wear black. Compliment those bold colors with pieces like this stunning vintage inspired blue topaz and diamond fashion ring.

Dress for Yourself

Your body shape and size is unique. The chance is that what looks good on your tall, willowy friend is not going to look very appealing on your petite frame. This is what designers stress upon the most. You must always dress for your own body type. No matter how good a design looks good on a mannequin, think whether you will be able to look your best in it. Long dresses suit a tall frame wile petite girls look smashing in Dior ’50 style knee-length dresses. To find out what silhouettes work best for your body type click here.

Accessorize Carefully

As a rule, one or two accessories work just fine at a black-tie wedding. Just make sure that those pieces are envy inducing and downright beautiful. Remember that a black-tie wedding required you to dress smart, so choosing a necklace from an affordable teen-inspired brand is not going to cut it. Invest in a few investment pieces like Bold East-West Oval Purple Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring and Floral Rose Gold Diamond Earrings and wear them to formal events like these.


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