Casual Styling with Diamond Jewelry

The best thing about diamond fashion jewelry is the fact that it is extremely easy to pair. These baubles work with almost any outfit or style. You can use them to add a hint of glamour to something that looks plain or tone down a flashy ensemble with subtle pieces of diamond jewelry that bring out the best in your look.

When it comes to pairing diamond jewelry with a casual look, the options are infinite. This sometimes makes it difficult to pick the right diamond accessories to wear with the outfit of your choice. The key here is to keep it simple – so if you have a big diamond engagement ring flashing on your ring finger, you might not need anything other than a small pair of diamond stud earrings to complete the look – look to create a balance.

To give you an idea of how you can make this work, here are 4 casual looks that you can easily pull off with diamond jewelry.

Warm and Wonderful

warm-and-wonderfulSince it is the winter season, sweaters and scarves are in full-swing. Whether you’re going out for a casual coffee date with your girlfriends or simply heading to a concert – a little bit of sparkle with this look wouldn’t harm anyone at all.

For this look we suggest you pick the stunning Heart-Shaped Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant with a long chain the makes it visible even with the scarf wrapped around your neck.

If you can ditch the beanie, pop a pair of stud earrings similar to our Diamond Star Earrings in Yellow Gold. These sparklers are just the right amount of shimmer you need with this ensemble.

In case you want to keep the beanie on, ditch the stud earrings and slide a sleek Modern Designed Diamond Fashion Ring on one of your fingers. Any two accessories of your choice and you’re good to go with this casual chic winter look.

Carefree and Feminine

carefree-and-feminineWear a pair of Glamorous White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings. These not-too-big, not-too-small, earrings are just the right size to bling up a casual outfit without making it look overdone.

Just in case you’re not a fan of earrings, try our Brilliant Round Diamond Pendant with a short chain around your neck. Most sun dress come with wide-open necklines and this charmer has more than enough sparkle to make people notice it.

Don’t leave the fingers empty. Think of something simple yet elegant, like our Unique Double Band Diamond Ring. It is feminine and definitely a stunner, plus it is light and easy-to-carry – checking all the boxes for an ideal summer accessory!

Go with the Flow

go-with-the-flowFor our last suggestion we have picked up a look that you can flaunt both in summers or any season you want.

If you can pull this look off all throughout the year, we’re guessing you’re someone that does not compromise on their comfort – and we think that’s awesome. So, we’ve got something here for you as well.

For the statement piece with an outfit like this, look for something like this Fashion Ring with Diamonds. It’s bold and glamorous, but can remain understated and subtle unless flaunted.

You can also choose to wear something like our Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings. We suggest rose gold because it is not too flashy and offers just the right amount of glitz for a casual outfit like this. If you’re wearing an inner layer with a deep neckline, make sure you don a simple yet elegant Designer Diamond Rose Gold Pendant to enhance it further.

Usually, we’d suggest fashionistas to stick to just one accessory for this look. However, if you feel you can make two accessories work without making the overall look seem too gaudy – go for it! There is nothing better than a girl who knows her style and has the confidence to pull it off with grace!

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