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Classic vs. Trendy

Trendy clothes and jewelry are often associated with the young. After all, who’s more fashion conscious than a teenage girl? Meanwhile, classic styles can be elegant, but are often associated with matrons and unadventurous people who are unwilling to take any fashion risks. So what’s the modern woman to do? For a look that’s both fun and tasteful, combine trendy and classic in your jewelry wardrobe.


Some fashionistas recommend a mix of 70 percent classic pieces and 30 percent trendy for your clothes. Consider taking a similar approach with your jewelry, or at least your jewelry budget. If you spend 80 to 90 percent of your jewelry dollars on timeless pieces, you’ll still have plenty left for that bracelet that’s fun now but will be horribly dated in a year. Inexpensive jewelry has its place: the beach, traveling in developing countries, a night out with the girls when you feel like wearing the biggest earrings possible.

Taking Care

Sometimes you can tell classic from trendy jewelry by how much care you’re willing to put into it. Restring your pearls? Of course. Replace the twisted wire on those long feather earrings? Maybe not. Classic jewelry deserves cleaning, maintenance and repair.

The Affair

Formal events call for a more classic look. Especially if people are taking a lot of photos. You don’t want a strange outfit with giant, dated jewelry to haunt you for decades, do you? Opt for a diamond tennis bracelet rather than an armload of plastic bangles. But if you’re going out to a dance club, trendy jewelry makes more sense than understated elegance.

A Few Timeless Classics

Did you ever hear this advice about how to tell whether or not you’re over-accessorizing? Once you’re dressed to go out, stand with your back to the mirror. Then whip around and face yourself. Does one accessory catch your eye? Take it off. This would be the classic approach, where your jewelry plays second fiddle to the beauty of your face, skin and hair.

Here are a few examples of timeless classics that enhance your beauty without ever overpowering it.

Diamond studs: This is an easy way to make your outfit look finished. Buy a pair with good cut and color and their sparkle will liven up the whole room.

Pearl necklace: Pearls look lovely and classic on everyone. These organic beauties absorb your body heat so that after wearing them for an hour they feel like part of you.

Hoop earrings: If you want something bigger than a stud, but still simple, choose hoops. These can be very simple gold, or you can add sparkle with clear or colored diamonds.

Cocktail ring: Pick something glitzy, with color. Maybe a vintage style sapphire or emerald with a few little diamonds on the side. Let it be the centerpiece of your outfit, paired with a simple dress and pumps.

When in doubt, stick to the classics. You can’t go wrong with diamond studs.

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