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Create a Killer Content Calendar, Boost Your Business on Social Media

Let’s face it: when it comes to modern retail marketing, a successful social media strategy is key to maintaining your business’s success. As if the pressures of maintaining a professional and operational storefront aren’t enough, social media can add a whole new list of potential challenges like consistently providing fresh and engaging content.

Have no fear, we have the solution for you! A comprehensive content calendar can help you stay organized with your social media content and save time in the long run when posting.

Here are some helpful tips on how to create a killer content calendar that will keep you organized and optimized on social media!

Why a Content Calendar?

In theory, it sounds easier to just find an image to post, write a quick caption and hit ‘publish’. But what if you accidentally post the same thing twice? And what if you aren’t sure which platform you’ve posted it to already?

A content calendar will put you one, two, sometimes even three steps ahead of the game. You can create a layout for each week and decide which types of content (i.e., photos, videos, quotes, etc.) to post. Nowadays, there are fabulous social media scheduling apps like Hootsuite and Sprout Social which are not only easy to use, but also great for scheduling content ahead of time!

Tips for Creating Your Content Calendar

1. Make it as specific as possible

An organized content calendar is an effective and successful one. Depending on how many platforms you use, organize your content to post to certain platforms at certain times.

We suggest starting with a simple layout such as the one below:


January 1st, 2018

2. Divide & Conquer & Post

Divide your calendar into three segments: morning, afternoon, and evening. Posting two or three times a day when marketing in retail is essential to boosting your business/brand.

Then, decide which type of content to post. Maybe today you will post a quote in the morning, a photo in the afternoon, and an event-promo image in the evening! The key is to make sure your content stays fresh and varied.

Next, decide which social media channels work best for boosting your business and post high-performing content to those—check them off.

Finally, write the copy. If it’s a photo, get a little creative with the caption to make it engaging and memorable!

3. Copy, Paste n’ Post!

You know grab n’ go? Apply the same concept to your social media posting! Have a tab with hashtags you frequently use to promote your store or product. “#Jewelry”, “#Diamonds”, and “#Bridal” are good examples. This will increase your chances of visibility on social media, and you won’t have to type them out every time you post—just copy, paste, and publish!

Perhaps you have an upcoming store event you’d like to promote as much as you can on social. Draft 3 or 4 staged posts you can use a few times a week, so you have them on hand and ready to go (along with some hashtags, of course!). Spread them out to publish either every other day or every few days to ensure variance and avoid overexposure.

Creating a content calendar sounds like a lot of extra grunt work, but it will save you so much time in the long run, and make you feel organized online! Not to mention, you’ll find your social media presence boosted when you see the difference in having an organized and prepared content calendar. We recommend Google Sheets for creating your calendar, so you can always access it at work or on the go in real time.

Happy posting!



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