Creative Spring Date Night Ideas

Spring is on its way and can’t wait for cool spring nights and warm picnics in the sun! If you have a special someone, spring is the perfect time to plan date nights outside and enjoy the new season together! The weather is just right, the flowers are blooming, and if you’re lucky enough, you have some days off for spring break. Make the most out of the spring season by planning some dates outside – take advantage of the nice weather before it gets too hot. This spring, find some date ideas that you and your lady can enjoy together. From a day at an amusement park to a laid back day by the pool, whatever you plan, we’re sure your date would love it! If you’re looking to plan the perfect date for the springtime, then keep on reading!

Amusement Park

This date is a great springtime activity. It brings you close together with all the thrill rides, gives you the chance to enjoy some food, and transitions the date from day to night. If you’re planning to spend the whole day there, you’ll have the perfect reason to ask her to continue the date and enjoy a meal together. If your date is a foodie, then even better! Let her show you her favorite fair food or her favorite ride – a great way to get to know her better. If you can’t take the date into nighttime, find somewhere to sit and chat at the park and split a funnel cake. Any way you spin this date, whether you are just getting to know each other or have been dating forever, it’ll be a great way to switch up the typical dinner and movie idea.

Strawberry Picking

In pretty much any city you live in, you can find strawberry picking during the spring/summer months. This is a great way to change up the typical day date, but still get close and enjoy time together. You can make your day out more fun with lunch and a movie at the end of the night! Strawberry picking can be a great way to get moving while still enjoying a date out! You can either take the strawberries home and bake together, or even go walking around the fields eating the strawberries and chatting together. If there isn’t a particular field that you know about, a quick google search will help you find the perfect spot.

Horseback Riding

This is such a good idea for a spring date! With the flowers blooming and warmer weather, this is a great way to embrace spring and enjoy a beautiful day out with that special someone. If you want to spend quality time together talking or getting to know each other more, then this is the date for you. Holding hands, learning about the horses, & learning about each other, we can’t think of another date that would be better for that outdoorsy couple! Find your local ranch in your city or if you know of someone who has a stable you can also get beautiful photos together too.

Flower field photo shoot

Many cities during the warmer months will have blooming flowers in flower fields. They are open to the public for photos and make such a better date than dinner and a movie. You can bring a photographer along if you’ve been dating for a while to take photos together or just enjoy the scenery and take a drive. This date will get you moving and one with nature which is perfect for our outdoorsy couples or for an outdoor first date! If you’re in the mood to enjoy the warmer weather during the spring, this is a great way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day together! Essentially its a picnic in the park date with a twist!

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