Decade of Diamonds Winners Announced: Binh and Tham!

This year, the Sylvie Collection launched its Decade of Diamonds Campaign in honor of its 10-year anniversary. In addition to the new in-store displays and largest product debut in the company’s history, Sylvie consumers were offered the chance to win a full mounted engagement ring and wedding band set—a $7,000 value given away to one lucky winner! We are pleased to announce Binh and Tham are the winners of our first Decade of Diamonds contest! Congratulations!

Binh and Tham are originally from Vietnam and journeyed to America to live out the American Dream. With little money in their pockets to start their new life, Binh never received a proper diamond engagement ring. As the years passed, her daughter Anna realized this was something her mother deserved; when she found out about Sylvie’s contest, she knew this was her chance, so she secretly entered her parents! Participants had to submit either a photo or video that represented their personal love story, so Anna made this adorable video to showcase her parent’s timeless love! (See below)

How They Met

Binh and Tham met about 30 years ago in Vietnam. Tham worked at a photography store there developing film, and one summer day Binh and her friend visited that shop to get their photos developed. Little did Binh and Tham know that this encounter would change their lives forever! There connection was instant: Tham asked Binh if he could take photos of her as practice because he was an aspiring photographer, to which she agreed. However, Binh strongly believes that his request to take her photo was his way of flirting and trying to get her to come back to the store! Long story short, the two hit it off and went on their first date shortly after meeting.

Binh and Tham in their younger years.

It wasn’t until Binh started picturing Tham in her future that she knew they’d be together forever. Whenever she made plans, he always had some part in them. At that moment, Binh realized Tham was her teammate, someone she could count on through thick and thin.

“I feel very blessed to call him mine,” says Binh.

The Proposal

Tham proposed at the couple’s favorite park. It was a place that held a lot of meaning for them both, as they had shared many difficult but also memorable conversations. They sat down at their usual bench, where Tham proceeded to give Binh a beautiful, heartfelt speech, followed by his proposal. It was a simple yet intimate moment that they will always treasure.

The Ring

Binh couldn’t be more happy with her beautiful Sylvie engagement ring! The couple initially didn’t have a wedding ring, so when they found out they were the winners of Decade of Diamonds, it was a happy and emotional occasion.

“I love the beautiful, intricate details of the band, and the diamond’s simplicity and elegance. It’s just breathtaking! I would definitely recommend Sylvie Collection jewelry to a friend!” She says.

Binh and Tham admiring their lovely new engagement ring!

A perfect fit: Binh modeling her gorgeous diamond ring she won from the Sylvie Decade of Diamonds contest!


Binh, Tham, and their beautiful family!

Once again, congratulations to Binh and Tham on winning Sylvie Collection’s Decade of Diamonds!


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