Diamonds are for April

SY337-0078For an ancient stone that takes billions of years to form, the diamond is found in surprising abundance in the 21st Century. Songs have been written about this glittering gem and movies created around it. Wars are still fought over it, and it encircles the fingers, necks, wrists and heads of royalty and celebrities the world over. Diamond is the official birthstone of April, and if you’re lucky enough to be born in this month of gentle seasonal change, you have reason to celebrate too.

Diamonds Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

While not every groom-to-be can afford to present his beloved with a monolithic blue diamond like the one portrayed in James Cameron’s “Titanic,” diamonds on a smaller scale are quite affordable, especially diamonds that feature a pale hint of color such as yellow or brown. Pale yellow diamonds feature all the sparkle of clear diamonds while sporting about half the price tag, and the same goes for pale brown diamonds. Diamonds in these hues are often referred to as champagne- or cognac-colored diamonds, and they’re gaining popularity as an affordable option for couples who might otherwise be unable to own a traditional, clear diamond.

Small Diamonds Can Be Made to Appear Larger

The setting that you choose for your ring can make your center stone appear larger or smaller. Halo settings that feature a single, central stone surrounded by a circle of smaller gems are especially popular for fashion and birthstone rings because the gems all work together to make the center stone appear more dominant. Prong settings that elevate your diamond help draw dramatic attention to a stone as well.

Diamonds Can Be Cut into Nearly Any Shape

While heart and round remain the most sought-after and expensive cuts of diamonds, other cuts such as emerald, princess, cushion, and oval are highly affordable. Never hesitate to examine every cut available when choosing or designing your signature piece.

If you’re seeking a ring or pendant to fulfill a birthday wish for your beloved who celebrates an April birthday, we offer a delightful selection of fashion jewelry to both surprise and enchant her.

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