How to Choose an Engagement Ring Based on Her Personality

Thinking of proposing this season? We’re so excited for you! You’re probably thinking of shape, style, and size here, but another important thing to take note of is what kind of engagement ring she would like based on who she is. Now, we know that can seem a little weird, but if you think about it, this ring will be a part of her. You want to choose something that will mirror who she is as a person. For instance, if she’s more outgoing then a more glamorous halo engagement ring might be the winner – if she’s more soft spoken then a dainty more traditional route might serve well. Of course, you know your bride better than anyone else so being able to show her how well you know her through the engagement ring you choose will get you extra points – we promise! Not sure where to start? Let us help you!

Types of Girls:

While everyone’s personality isn’t solely one “type”, each person possesses a few traits that overpower their other qualities, which might help you easily categorize them as a romantic or traditionalist, for example. There are definitely things about her that make her stand out and choosing a ring based off that will help you find something that is really her! These are the things that makes her; her. Things that remind you of why you fell in love with her in the first place. Perhaps it was the way she cares for you, how possessive she is about you, her passion towards your goals or how full of life she is.


The Romantic

A romantic woman is one who loves watching romantic love stories and even tears up at an emotional scene. She is into anything labeled ‘love’. She loves to care for others and is even the sweetest girl in a group. A hopeless romantic loves the simpler yet grand gestures in life which is why a stunning vintage engagement ring would definitely fit the bill.


This elegant pear shaped engagement ring features a gorgeous pear-shaped center set in a halo of round brilliant diamonds. The shank is adorned with intricate milgrain designs and engravings as well as more shimmering diamonds. The total weight is 0.47 carats.

The Social Butterfly 

A social butterfly likes to be the life of the party! She is outgoing, fun, and doesn’t mind being the center of attention – as does her ring! This fun loving woman is a boss babe – she works hard & a glamorous engagement ring would definitely fit well on her finger. This could go either of two ways though, she would either go for a big bright center solitaire or a diamond encrusted vintage look. We’ll show you two options here:

Wow is the only word to describe this elegant and unique halo engagement ring. Featuring a 1.5 carat round center surrounded by a glamorous cushion halo atop a unique diamond and milgrain encrusted design, this unique engagement ring boasts a total weight of 0.77 carats.


This enchanting solitaire oval engagement ring features a 2 carat oval-cut diamond in a prong setting, atop a shank of more prong-set shimmering diamonds, coming to a total weight of 0.37 carats.

The Introvert

The reserved thinker prefers the simpler things in life. She doesn’t like to draw too much attention to herself. Something classically beautiful here would be perfect for the more timid bride. A glamorous engagement ring would be too much unless she loves to express herself through her jewelry, but most of the time someone more reserved would prefer a more reserved engagement ring as well.

A fan favorite, this timeless and classic solitaire engagement ring features a dazzling 1 carat round brilliant diamond in a prong setting and placed upon a shank accented with a total weight of 0.21 carats of cascading pave diamonds.


Princess Cut Engagement Ring S1993-PR

This stunning classic princess halo engagement ring features a 1 carat princess center surrounded by 0.12 carats of shimmering diamonds in our signature halo atop a shiny high polished white gold shank for a timeless look that will never go out of style.

The Outdoorsy Type

The woman who loves to be out in nature! She loves hiking, camping, fishing, running, pretty much she’s one with nature and she needs an engagement ring that will allow her to live that lifestyle. Therefore, in this case, a bezel set engagement ring would be perfect for this bride because it won’t snag on anything and a has a more flat based basket.

Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Ring

This beautiful bezel set engagement ring features a 1 carat round brilliant diamond center in a vintage bezel setting and diamond halo with a total of 0.54 carats down the shank. The band showcases various shapes and intricate designs that give it a romantic antique inspired look! The diamond profile adds an additional touch of glamour.

The Modern Woman

The modern woman is a boss woman of her own kind! She is always on the go, in meetings, attending brunches with other ladies, and just getting up to a lot of activities. She needs some modern glam to match! This double halo engagement ring is sophisticated, modern, and fits the fashionista look well!

Double Halo Engagement Ring S1097–WG-Sylvie

This breathtaking double halo engagement ring features a 1 carat round center stone nestled in a cushion shaped halo with not one, but two rows of dazzling diamonds and held on a shank with more diamonds cascading half way down the sides. The total weight of this double halo engagement ring is 0.55 carats.

The Creative (Out of the Box) Woman

This woman is quirky, an out of the box thinker! She wants an engagement ring that is unique with a different looking shape or color. Something that stands out and has free expression as she does. She doesn’t like to be put in a box and neither should her engagement ring be.

This stunning and unique oval engagement ring features a 1.50 carat oval center with marquise shaped diamonds on the shank. The side stones surrounding the center stone offers a new twist on a classic shape! The total weight of this setting is 0.16 carats.

The Sophisticated Woman

The sophisticated woman is the one who does it all! She owns businesses, she is an amazing mother, and works hard for what she has – she loves to live a life of luxury! She is a boss and wants her engagement ring to really speak volumes as to who she is as a boss lady, a mom, and a wife. Her emerald cut engagement ring is a reflection of who she is!


This stunning vintage inspired emerald cut halo engagement ring features a 2 carat emerald cut center with a total of 0.89 carats in our signature halo and baguette shank.

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