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5 Easy Steps to Insure Your Engagement Ring

So you’ve just got engaged and are full of bliss, you have your Sylvie engagement ring and can’t wait to tell the world about it – now what? Well, aside from planning your wedding, it’s time to think about insuring your ring! We spoke to trusted jewelry insurance provider, Lavalier, to learn how you can insure your engagement ring and other jewelry that means the most to you. Many people are aware they should purchase insurance for engagement rings, but may fear the task of another policy or payment to worry about, or they assume that it is included in

5 Fabulous Sylvie Proposals

The Sylvie Collection would like to share some of our favorite Sylvie Bride proposals from last year. From high-school sweethearts to love at first sight, our Sylvie Bride proposal stories are sure to make you laugh, smile, and maybe even shed a tear! Not to mention, you’ll get a closeup of each bride’s stunning Sylvie engagement ring!   1. Megan & Zach A classic tale of best friends turned forever friends, Megan and Zach’s love story begins in Austin, TX, where they grew up together. The couple had play dates as toddlers, and even attended the same school from Great

5 Creative Ways to Pop the Question this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas for you and your special someone! Cupid is getting his arrows ready! Are you planning something a little sweeter than dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day? A proposal on the day of love is everything she has ever dreamed of – we promise! Unless your bride to be is not a Valentines lover, this proposal will be the one to beat. If you want to make it more original, (meaning no engagement ring in the champagne), we have 5 ideas that are special and out of the box for you and your special someone! 1.

5 New Facebook Features Jewelry Marketers Should Use

When it comes to selling luxury goods such as fine jewelry, you know firsthand that marketing is everything. Even more, you know that nowadays, digital marketing is the best way to boost brand awareness and increase consumer reach, leads, and conversions. Social media plays an integral role in enhancing digital marketing strategies; moreover, Facebook is arguably the major platform for promoting and boosting one’s business.

Sylvie celebrates 15 years of design excellence, unveils new brand campaign and evolution of brand identity

(Dallas, TX) Sylvie, a leading luxury jewelry brand, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding. In celebration of its achievements, heritage, and future growth plans, Sylvie marks this milestone with the unveiling of an evolved brand identity to usher in the company’s next chapter alongside a new brand campaign.   Sylvie is a Texas-based luxury jewelry company founded by an international husband-wife duo. Antwerp, Belgium-native Sylvie Levine, a jewelry designer, and Ian Levine, a South African immigrant who came to the states 35 years ago gave life to the Sylvie brand in 2007 via Spectrum Diamonds, which was originally

Sylvie Bridal Spotlight: Rick & Carly Cash from the Rick & Carly Show!

SAY HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SYLVIE BRIDE & GROOM: Rick & Carly from the Rick & Carly Show – The Eagle 96.1 FM TELL US YOUR STORY I’ve known my fiance rick for ten years. If someone would have told me then that someday I would marry that man I probably would have laughed out loud. We had a brother/sister type of Relationship where he teased me all the time. The romance was the farthest thing from my mind. Through the years we faced many challenges Together. Losing jobs, divorces, problems with our kids, and at the end of

What you Need to Know about Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Be it their matte finish to luster, yellow gold engagement rings are resurging in modern jewelry trends. The reason behind this is the rising popularity of minimalist and subtle gold jewelry, including pendants, rings, and hoop earrings. Although white gold, platinum, and rose gold are popular metal choices for engagement rings, many modern couples are opting for yellow gold, too. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of yellow gold and why they are a great option for engagement rings. What is Yellow Gold? Yellow gold is created through a mixture of gold with various metals. Gold is most

Best Tips for Buying a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

The pear-shaped diamond cut is a combination of the round-brilliant and marquise cut. With one curved and one pointy end, this diamond cut is also known as the teardrop shape. The pear-cut has been around for hundreds of years and is used as the side stone on an engagement ring. However, many people have also started using this unique diamond shape as the center stone on solitaire engagement rings. Pear-shaped diamonds for engagement rings have become increasingly popular due to their similarities with the round-brilliant cut, mainly that fantastic sparkle it exudes through its various facets. Great skill is required

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