New Year’s Resolution: Finding the Right Engagement Ring

Choosing the wrong diamond engagement ring is a blunder that will haunt you through more than just the new year. Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your own personality — are you fiery and passionate? Or are you more classically elegant and demure? Your ring should complement your hand as well, and not overwhelm it. But neither should it be so understated that it fades into the background. Before you ever begin shopping for that once-in-a-lifetime purchase, take time to familiarize yourself with the options available, with their individual features, and with what each cut of diamond and each type of setting have to say about the women who wear them.

Classic Lines

For the woman who prefers classic lines and elegant beauty, a simple diamond solitaire carved into a round brilliant cut says it all. This diamond cut that dates back to the 1900s was designed with sparkle in mind, making the most of a stone’s fire and brilliance. When nestled snugly into a simple, prong setting, this diamond engagement ring is a perfect fit for the bride-to-be with petite, slender fingers and a desire for a shine that isn’t blinding.

Contemporary Spin

Then again, if you’re a modern bride-to-be who values all things new and contemporary, a more cutting-edge design might be just what the love doctor ordered. A marquise-cut diamond displayed in an unusual east-west settings perhaps, or a center emerald-cut stone surrounded by a halo of channel-set diamonds could be in order.

Antique Elegance

And if it’s the past that you long to embrace, several antique diamond cuts are once again becoming trendy. Maybe a rose-cut diamond that hearkens straight out of Victorian times is the right choice. Or possibly, a stone featuring the old-mine cut that was once popular in the 1700s — a cut that’s the predecessor to today’s popular cushion-cut — will make you happiest.

Your antique style engagement ring should be a reflection of your heart’s desire, and what better time to begin your journey to discovery than in the new year? Resolve to find the perfect diamond engagement ring today.

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