Find A Flattering Ring for Every Finger

Find A Flattering Ring for Every Finger

There are many factors to consider when you’re shopping for that one perfect engagement ring. After all, you plan to wear this ring for the rest of your life; make sure it’s designed to flatter the shape of your hand.

The length, width, and shape of your fingers play huge roles in how a ring sets on your hand. Every bride-to-be has uniquely shaped fingers, meaning there is no one ring to please them all. Fingers can be long and slender, slim and petite, or short and wide, and the style of ring you choose determines whether it flatters or fails. Fortunately, we carry a comprehensive selection of stunning possibilities. Consider the following:

The Width of the Band

A wide band makes slender fingers appear more substantial. Similarly, a too-dainty band on a wider finger may look too small. For the best fit, Pick your band with the width of your finger in mind.

The Size of the Stone

Larger stones complement long fingers, smaller stones petite fingers. If your fingers lean to the slender side, consider a wide band with a small- to medium-sized stone. Wider fingers look best dressed in a stone that’s fairly substantial, or that’s made to look that way by the band, setting, or accompanying stones.

The Cut of the Gem

Round- and princess-cut gems work well on most fingers, but especially so on fingers that are long and slender. If your fingers are shorter, opt for an elongated cut such as a marquise, oval, or teardrop to help lend the illusion of length.

The Type of Setting

If you’re looking to beef up your ring to make it appear more substantial, opt for a setting that includes a halo of smaller gems, or a floral or vintage design. This setting is perfect for a wider finger, If your finger is petite and slim, a simple channel-cut band is complementary.

If you keep these factors in mind while engagement-ring shopping, you’ll find the right fit — a ring that’s the perfect size, shape, and cut to perfectly flatter your hand.