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Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Sylvie’s Marquise Cut Diamond Ring (#SY999) evokes a vintage style of jewelry.

The novel “The Great Gatsby,” set in Long Island in 1922, is described as being about “decadence, idealism, and excess.” Certainly that era had a unique style about it, in everything from cars to clothing to music to jewelry. While “vintage” can describe any year or era, it is often applied to the 1920s because of the prosperity of the time and the enduring designs that emerged from those years.

When it comes to jewelry, “vintage” evokes images of heirloom rings, earrings handed down from mother to daughter through generations, ornate brooches, and necklaces that often overshadowed the dresses they were to accent. Vintage jewelry can remind us of a favorite  aunt or grandmother’s ring. Nostalgia often walks hand-in-hand with Vintage. How many brides wear a ring that was first worn many decades ago? People seem to love that connection with the past.

If your family doesn’t have heirloom jewelry, you can always start a new family tradition with Sylvie’s Toujours Collection.  These gorgeous rings combine the fire of beautifully-cut diamonds with intricate bands that are classic, not outdated.

If you want a simpler vintage look, consider some shapes that are often associated with the days of flappers, bootleggers, and lavish parties on Long Island. The Emerald and Marquise cut diamonds, while originating much earlier than 1920, were often worn by the “royalty” of the American upper class. The Asscher cut, developed in 1902, is considered a vintage cut, even though it reached popularity only recently.

“The Great Gatsby” was made into a movie in 1974 and was recently been re-made and released this month. The period costuming inspired by the film is likely to reinvigorate interest in vintage diamond ring styles and other classic jewelry motifs!

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