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It’s officially the best time of the year! Let’s face it, once October 1st hits, the wreaths go on the door and don’t be surprised if you hear some Christmas music playing. Now, we know its only the 1st so we’ll take it one holiday at a time. Halloween is up first! This is such a fun holiday because who doesn’t love playing dress up and eating sweets? Going to a Halloween party as a couple is the best opportunity to show your Halloween couple costume skills. If you’re bored with the same costumes of nurse/doctor and convict/police officer, then check out our list of Halloween couple costumes that are a little different than the rest!

Sandy and Danny from Grease

What a classic! Such an iconic duo and the perfect couple to emulate this Halloween. You can really go many ways with this costume, but our favorite is definitely the end scene with Danny and Sandy. Buy a curly blonde wig or even temporarily dye your man’s hair black so he really turns into Danny Zuko. This is such a fun costume because not only will everyone know who you are, but you also get to dress like you came straight from the 80s! Don’t forget the red lipstick and all black outfits because it wouldn’t be Grease without it!


Johnny & Baby from Dirty Dancing

Maybe we just like throwing it back, but we’re all about the iconic Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing. This Halloween couple costume even comes with a full choreography scene that you can do at the party. This duo is classic, romantic, and an easy mode costume that you can make out of things you probably already have in your closet. If your man isn’t jazzed about the idea of getting super dressed up, this costume is the perfect one! You’ll be the costume nobody will forget especially with those dance moves. We say a big YES to this one and we hope you do too!

dirty dancing movieCredit:

Diana and Steve from Wonder Woman

We know that Wonder Woman is a costume that can be overdone, but with this version from the recent movie – you won’t go wrong with this Halloween couple costume! Your man will even have something to rock next to you, but maybe keep this costume for the colder places because three jackets might not be his first choice. This costume is such a modern take on the original Wonder Woman and we’re loving it. Ditch the red white and blue and go for more muted colors that will make you look like a warrior. This Halloween, don’t forget to use those superpowers to win Best Costume at the party!

wonder woman



Switch it up from the typical doctor and nurse and bring back your favorite board game you played as a kid. Operation! Fun, easy mode, and a totally DIY friendly Halloween couple costumes! This can totally work with nurse and operation man or as we found it below. This costume is great because you can change it up to make it more unique in more ways than one. Although silly, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

Operation halloween couples costume


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Matching denim, Britney and Justin, any one remember this iconic red carpet look? Such a hit among Halloween couple costumes – not so much on the red carpet, but hey if Justin and Britney rocked it, so can you! Be that “couple goals” you always wanted with this unforgettable costume and look from 17 years ago. A plus: everyone will know who you are because you can never wear too much denim!


Britney spears and Justin timberlake

The Greatest Showman: P.T. Barnum and Charity

Want to be the first to rock a Halloween couple costume that’s never been done before? Try out this twist on a Circus Ringmaster with P.T. Barnum and Charity from The Greatest Showman! A movie that impressed many and left many leaving the theater dancing and singing. This costume is perfect for you and your significant other because it’s not a repeat offender costume and not many people will be wearing it! We say yes to this one and yes to this beautiful couple!

the greatest showman  halloween couple costumes

Credit: &

So, those are our picks for Halloween couple costumes! If you dress up in any of these costumes, tag us on Instagram at sylviecollection so we can see them! Happy October!

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