How to Find a Unique Engagement Ring That Will Wow Her!

How to Find a Unique Engagement Ring That Will Wow Her!

She loves you and you know it. If you feel confident that she will say yes, that doesn’t mean that you should discount the importance of a wow factor engagement ring in your proposal. Seeing that surprised and shocked look on her face will be an ethereal feeling, one that you will savor for years to come. Choosing a diamond engagement ring that will surprise her and make her realize how importance a relationship is to you, is a big responsibility! So if you were thinking that getting out on the limb and choosing just any engagement ring is the way to go, think again!

How to Find a Unique Engagement Ring That Will Wow Her!

A diamond engagement ring is a promise of your love and it must be chosen with care and a lot of thinking, because when you put effort into choosing a unique engagement ring, trust us, it will show. Our experts at the Sylvie Collection have compiled a list of some amazing unique engagement rings that will wow her and everyone that sees it.

A Sparkling Surprise

If your girl is not a solitaire lover, choose a vintage engagement ring, like our Vintage Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring, that features a round center stone, surrounded by little gemstones. A big stone, cocooned by several smaller gemstones can provide a huge wow factor when looked upon. The overall effect of a collection of diamond or other gemstones in an utterly perfect vintage engagement ring will definitely make her say yes.

Dress Up a Diamond

An oval designer engagement ring is not on the minds of most people when they start to choose a unique engagement ring for their fiancé. However, choosing an oval shaped unique engagement ring, such as our utterly gorgeous Designer Double-Halo Triple Shank White and Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, with an intricate and delicate floral print, an ornate band (preferably in yellow gold) will not only be spectacular, but unique. This kind of Victorian era ring will make her speechless and happy!

Go Modern

Modern diamond engagement rings are characterized by their sleek finish and no-nonsense, no-frills designs, and most women nowadays prefer them to vintage diamond engagement ring. If your loved one is one of them, choose a unique engagement ring, which is set into a sleek, high-gloss band with a cute and contemporary looking diamond at the centers stage, like our Classic Round Brilliant Side Profile Diamond Engagement Ring.

Geometric Madness

If oval or round diamonds don’t impress you, there is always a more geometric option to go for. There are several designer engagement rings, like our Designer Emerald Halo Engagement Ring, that are available in cool and eccentric geometric designs such as a triangle or any Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, surrounded by layers of octagon cut diamonds that are smaller in size, but are too gorgeous to say no to.

Piece By Piece Glamour

If you are not a one-diamond kind of person or the love of your life is crazy about designer engagement rings, then don’t fret, because there is a wonderful solution for dilemmas such as yours. It is not necessary that you have to have a single stone in your unique engagement ring. You can choose a ring, like our Unique Floral Diamond Engagement Ring, that features several smaller diamonds instead of one show stopping one. This not only brings down the price of the unique engagement ring considerably, but also helps procure a diamond engagement ring for her, that she would be proud to wear for the rest of her life.

A Little Get Together

If you cannot decide whether to choose gold or a platinum diamond engagement ring for her, don’t compromise and chose something that mix a little bit of both. There are many unique engagement rings available at Sylvie Collection that features both types of metal mixed together to produce a design that is feminine yet flattering and dainty. A unique engagement ring, like our  Vintage Style Rose and White Gold Halo Engagement Ring, with mixed metal accents will definitely make her realize that you have pulled out all stops to propose to her.

If she was planning to say yes anyway, these amazingly diamond engagement rings from Sylvie Collection will make that experience unique and surreal!

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