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How to Pick the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

SY665 18K white gold diamond engagement ring

Lune De Miel Collection SY665

Traditionally men have purchased a simple engagement ring and surprised their beloved with it while kneeling on one knee. While this is still a great idea, times have changed and so have the people that get engaged. The most important thing to keep in mind while you search for the perfect ring is the person you are giving it to. The ring should represent not only your total commitment to her, but also who she is. Some things to ask when looking for an engagement ring are:

SY161 platinum diamond engagement ring

Sensation Collection SY161

  • What is she like?
  • What activities does she enjoy?
  • What makes her smile?
  • Is she playful or reserved?
  • What kind of clothes or make up does she usually wear?
  • How creative is she?
  • Does she like to make decisions or does she prefer for you to decide?
Tendresse Collection SY363 18K white gold diamond engagement ring

Tendresse Collection SY363

It would be helpful to know a little about her jewelry selections as well.

  • What types of jewelry does she like?
  • What kinds of jewelry does she wear?
  • Does she like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum?
  • Does she like large diamonds or smaller settings?
  • Does she have an heirloom piece that she is planning on wearing?
  • Would she be willing to accept or like the heirloom piece you want to give her?

You could certainly go for the traditional way of obtaining a diamond engagement ring by picking one out yourself based on the above questions and surprising her with it. However, based on the questions above, your girlfriend could really enjoy picking the engagement ring or wedding ring out or even designing it herself. If you think this might be the right way to go, but you still want to surprise her with an engagement ring and not just an empty box. Buy a solitaire diamond engagement ring for the proposal and put the diamond in a new setting of her choice. Don’t want to buy two rings? Try presenting her with a loose diamond in a presentation box.

SY700 18K whith gold diamond engagement ring

Petite Collection SY700

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