How to Rock Stackable Rings like A Pro

how to wear stackable rings

Fashionistas are always looking for new ways to make a statement. Layers of earrings, statement shoes, bags that turn heads and hair accessories that make others want to pat their heads thoroughly and think that why they didn’t think of that first. Ring stacking is not such a new trend per se, but it refuses to die out or even lose its popularity among the masses. There are Instagram stars and celebrities that have excelled at that trend; then there are some unfortunate souls, who have tried and failed at that.

Ring stacking, as many seem to ignore, is an art; an in-comprehensive art because it doesn’t have any rules. Like a beautiful painting with instinctive brush strokes, ring stacking works well when you rely on personalization and instinct. If you are thinking about thin rings, double-metal bands, silver, gold or diamonds, your head must have started hurting. So, take a deep breath and think about your personality. If you are minimalistic in nature, choose a few thin rings from your collection and rock them effortlessly.

However, that interpretation is quite centralistic and might not be helpful to many of you. For this very purpose, we have taken it upon ourselves to present to you a comprehensive guide to ring stacking, which will let you rock this trend like a pro!

Ring stacking might have seemed easy to you at first, but once you dabble in it a little bit, you begin to understand that there is certain artistry to it. It takes a lot of effort to make a variety of rings look good at once, as a collection. You want symmetry without choosing similar bands. It’s somewhat similar to layering your clothes; the trick is to edit and do so quite cleverly, to make sure that they don’t run into each other’s styles and cancel out each other’s charm and beauty.

layering rings

Here Are Some Tricks And Tips On How To Wear Stackable Rings!

  • Don’t deviate from the path of equal thickness. If you are starting out with a thin ring, add thin rings to the mix. If you do want to wear a thicker ring, place it at the base of your finger. Always go thick to thin to make your fingers seem slender.
  • Try the doubling or tripling technique. If you have a statement ring, buy a second or even a third one and wear them on adjacent fingers for an exclusive multi-finger effect.
  • Don’t forgo the effect of good-fitting rings. Rings that fit perfectly well with
    each other will not only be a comfort to you, but will create eccentric geometric shapes that others will undoubtedly try to copy.
  • Try to be daring without going over-the-top; mix in a statement ring with lightweight rings. Putting on too many statement rings will make it seem like you are trying too hard and that you are visually under duress. Who would want an unbalanced look such as that?
  • Although mixing and matching metals can work perfectly well, it can
    become somewhat difficult for you to follow two trends at once with perfection until you are really good at that. If you are a beginner, stick with a single metal and base your entire stacking look on that. Once you master that, you can surely mix rose gold, gold or even silver.
  • Try to stack rings that have a different finish or texture than one another.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget your nails. Chipped nail polish will take away all the charm that you want to reflect. Stacking rings will bring undivided attention to your hands. So, make sure that you have well moisturized hands with impeccable nails that are painted in a color that accentuates your jewelry. It is always a good idea to play with neutrals to ensure that all the attention is on your rings and not really on the nails. Remember, the goal is to bring attention to the rings; the nails are just there to complement them.

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