5 Ways to Show Him You’re the One!

You are ready to settle down, to be his forever love, & for him to propose, but he hasn’t asked you yet! How do you get him to notice that you are ready for that next step? We know you don’t want to come off as desperate, but if you’re ready for him to propose- you need to let him know somehow! Sometimes men can miss the signs – they don’t always pay attention or remember some of the most important things! Don’t blame them though… honestly they don’t do it on purpose, well most of the time! This can definitely carry over into being ready to settle down. You are ready to be his forever and your man just hasn’t really brought it up! Maybe he is scared or not there yet – whatever the reason there are ways to hint to him that you are ready and you’re the one for him!

We’re sure somebody once in their life has felt this way! But do not worry because we have the perfect list that will get him to notice once and for all! We have some subtle ways to let him know that you are definitely the one! Now that we’ve established how you feel, you’re going to show him that you’re wifey material! Today we’re schooling you on the Top 5 ways to make him see you are the one without begging or seeming desperate! If you’re looking for your man to propose, keep reading!

date night

1. Show him that you are his partner in life through and through. Be there for him when he is struggling. Show him that he can be vulnerable and let his emotions out when he is around you. He needs to know he is your number one priority. If he isn’t going through a hard time maybe cancelling that girls night to go out on an adventurous date with him instead. Show him that quality time is important to you and in those vulnerable moments you can talk “future plans.”  Even propose a movie night at home during the busy workweek can bring the both of you closer together. Opening up and speaking about the taboo topic of marriage can be easier when you are in an intimate moment with your significant other. Traveling together can also be a great way to bring you guys together. A trip will show that he loves to spend time with you and that you can be carefree on a trip that could otherwise be stressful. Let him see the real you and he’ll propose for sure!


2. Leave a link to Sylvie Collection or one of our blog posts, even this one, left open as a tab on his computer. It is subtle, but he is sure not to miss it. Even a slight accidental look at the blog title can maybe make him realize that you are thinking marriage or want to start your future with him. Men don’t always pay attention, but  he’ll get the picture because lets face it why else would you be researching: How to Make Him Realize I am the One! This is not such a subtle way, but a promising way to get him to react.


3. Split the chores, cook together, be a team! This is probably the number one way to get a man to realize he has a winner in his heart. He wants to know he has a teammate – that each of you contribute to the relationship. By incorporating this into your daily lives through chores and daily activities, you are showing him you are there for the fun times, but also the regular ones. It doesn’t always have to be exciting and he’ll love to know that his future wifey will be willing to be his other half instead of doing everything for him or him doing everything for you. This can be great for you as a future wife because who wants to do mundane chores alone! This can strengthen your relationship and what the two of you share that may lead him to propose in the future.

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4. Pay attention to him and we know… he needs to pay attention to you too, but a great way to get your communication up is to listen to the little things he talks about. We promise he’ll notice that you’re excited to hear him talk about his favorite razor from his shaving club or that meeting he had the other day with his mean boss. Men want their partner to pay attention to the important things and the little things. He doesn’t want you to “fake” it because lets face it… he’ll notice and you should want to hear about your significant other’s day. When you’re a wife, you’ll have to hear about it all the time so starting now will ease you in! He will notice that coming home to you is a safe place and you are eager to share your thoughts and a listening ear always.

5. Just ask him! Honestly, having an open communication with your significant other will not only make your future marriage easier, but it will bring you closer. Yes, the subtle steps are great and they can work to bring you guys closer together, but sitting down and talking to him one on one will win you the prize. Knowing where he is at and if it lines up with what you want will be a real eye opener to the kind of relationship you have and if he can be vulnerable with you. Of course, don’t do this if you don’t think he is ready and especially if you’re with other people. You don’t want to bring up such an intimate and vulnerable conversation with other people around. Maybe planning a date or a night at home just the two of you will bring about the conversation easily. 9 times out of 10 he is on the same page as you and just too scared to say it. He doesn’t want to be rejected and as women we don’t want to be either, but we’re more emotional beings so it’s easier for us to open up! This is a bold move so you go girl!



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