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From packing to arranging excursions, hotel rooms, and flights, traveling always requires extensive planning and lets just say, a lot of unneeded stress. Lets face it, the last thing any of us want to be worrying about is our fashion jewelry getting tangled or lost while going through airport security or even in the plane! Imagine the statement piece of your outfit is knotted or lost – we don’t even want to think about it! With these self-care tips and prep help, you’ll be traveling safer with your jewelry in no time! Enjoying the tropical beaches instead of worrying about your necklaces.

These tips and tricks can even work for everyday or even weekend trips with your girlfriends out to the lake. Here is how to travel smart and safe with your favorite dainty and statement items!

Before you start packing, plan ahead what you are going to bring. This will ultimately bring down your stress levels and prepare you to pack your more valuable items in a timely manner. If not needed, leave those super high-end pieces behind! Who wants to lie out on the beach or swim in the ocean thinking that they might lose a diamond earring in the water? Totally not worth it! Bring your fashion pieces and bring variety. They say jewelry can make or break an outfit so bring along those dainty everyday pieces, but don’t forget your statement ones for a night out on the town!

Keep reading below to find out our stress-free tips for traveling jewelry smart with your very own household items!


Shoes are a great place to store extra items that you don’t want rolling around your bag. Putting your valuable items in a sock inside of your shoe is a great way for it #1 not to get crushed and #2 to stay hidden from anyone rifling through your bag!


A great way to store your dainty necklaces during travel is to attach safety pins to each end of the fabric of your jewelry holders. Attach each end of the necklace holes to the safety pins and there you have it! This keeps your necklaces from knotting, twisting, and ultimately becoming our worst nightmare. You’ll be ready to go in seconds with this hack!

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Don’t have a place for those studs you’re afraid of losing in TSA? Hide them in your coin purse or in the coin pocket of your wallet! This is a great place for smaller items and since you’ll already be taking precaution with your wallet, you won’t have any problems losing these precious stones. Always add an eraser to the back of your studs during travel to avoid bent piercings.


If you don’t have one of these lying around the house they are SUPER easy to find! Check out your local pharmacy for these pill boxes that are perfect for your small valuables such as, rings, earrings, and even pendants. These fit easily in your carry on or even in your purse if you are still afraid of misplacing the box! A tip with these boxes is to put a bit of cotton in each box to keep the jewelry from moving around in the case.

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These tins are the perfect way to store your bigger earrings such as, tassels or pendants. Tins have a clip enclosure that keep them from opening which is perfect for storing the majority of your rings, earrings, and pendants!

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We hope you got the inspiration you were looking for and will use these tips to organize your personal jewelry the next time you go vacationing. Happy and safe travels!

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