Interesting Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Interesting Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, when love is in the air. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been a few years into the relationship, this holiday is all about making the day special for your love and your significant other. We bet you’ve got a whole bunch of ideas muddled up inside your head and there’s a fair chance you’re trying to pick out the best one out of those – hold all that right there!

Settling on the best idea for a Valentine’s Day is rather simple. You need to consider three simple things:

  • The budget
  • The intimacy
  • The enjoyment

If you’ve already purchased an expensive gift like diamond jewelry or a branded wristwatch for your partner, you would obviously be considering cutting down a little on the date budget. Since it’s the day to celebrate love, you clearly want it to be romantic and intimate. But the most important thing to consider is whether your idea of the ideal date is something both you and your significant other would enjoy or not – this is the factor that decides the level of fun in your date – and there is no point to a V-day date if you both don’t enjoy it.

With that settled, let’s have a look at some interesting and unique date ideas in case you’re looking for some. We have effectively categorized these ideas into budget dates, intimate dates, and fun dates to simplify this post for you.

Budget Dates

Most couples don’t mind spending a little extra on their V-day dates, but the tables turn when you’ve already purchased a diamond engagement ring to propose your girlfriend. For times like these, you may want to stick to a low-cost cozy date that is still special and romantic.

The Grecian Paradise

For this one, you only need some of white sheets, some plastic vines for décor, some comfortable cushions, and lots of wine and grapes. Deck the living room with white sheets. Place bowls of grapes around. Toss some comfortable blue cushions on the white-sheet covered floor and/or couch. Use plastic vines to decorate the place and complete he feel. Enjoy a cozy date night with wine, cheese, and lots of romance. Don’t forget to dress the part and get some foreplay going to make the night memorable.

Interesting Valentine’s Day Date IdeasRow Out

If you want some active outdoor options, try renting a kayak or a row boat. You can head out to a nearby lake or the sea. Row boat and kayak rentals generally do not cost much, which makes them an ideal choice for budget dates. Spend the afternoon rowing around, sip on some wine while you take in the glorious natural surroundings. You can even take your hook and bait along to catch some fish or have a bubble blowing competition to keep things interesting. If you’re at a national park, consider camping the night there to make things extra special.

For Lovers – Wine Lovers

If you both enjoy fine wines, maybe it’s a good idea to head to a winery. Most local wineries offer free entrance and wine tasting activities. Spend the day tasting great wine and learning interesting facts about vineyards, different wines, and the wine making processes. You can wrap up the day with a cozy dinner at home that you cook together. It’s ok to splurge a little on the dessert though – order something you both love for the perfect end to the day.

Intimate Dates

With no diamond engagement rings or diamond jewelry in the equation, you can afford to go on a lavish retreat for two. Check out these ideas to help you plan better.

Interesting Valentine’s Day Date IdeasPack Your Travel Bags

If you both love globetrotting, don’t let go off this opportunity to explore new destinations together. There are plenty of romantic getaways across the globe that can prove to be an extended Valentine’s Day date experience for the two of you. If you’re looking for rich culture, history, and cocktails book a flight to Prague. Love to indulge in culinary adventures? San Sebastian on Spain’s north coast is where you should be headed. Tuscany and Dorset make ideal places for long romantic walks and isolated natural surroundings to make your days extra special.

Suite Life

Book a hotel suite for the Valentine’s weekend. Spend it together in complete luxury. Get some massages, take swims together in the pools, enjoy breakfasts in bed, and romantic dinners for two with complete room service. Imagine a weekend to yourself – where you don’t have to worry about anything except for making each other happy. If you’re leaving town, you can even go out and explore the vicinity.  Also, don’t forget to turn off your phones.

Dinner for Two

Everyone does restaurants, think of perhaps something different. Like a renowned chef cooking a delicious meal for two in the comfort of your home, or maybe a dinner by the lake where you can deck the surrounding with fairy lights and flowers to add a romantic spin to it. You could also recreate your very first date together – a reminiscent of your initial days together.

Fun Dates

Interesting Valentine’s Day Date IdeasThis part is absolutely subjective. The idea is to have fun together. So the ideas can be unlimited. Think:

  • A paintball play together
  • Some range shooting for the gun enthusiast couple
  • Bungee jumping
  • A day of driving around town exploring the lesser known wonders
  • A shopping spree
  • Some pretend play
  • Ice skating
  • Karaoke
  • A hot air balloon ride

There is so much you can do to create the perfect Valentine’s Day date with your partner. You don’t always need diamond jewelry to make your girl feel special. Just remember to have fun and savor each moment together.

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