January Birthstone – The Garnet

January Birthstone – The Garnet

Garnet is believed to bring much success both in life and in business! It is said that placing at least three garnet stones on your desk can bring you success and prosperity. Garnet’s can even be placed under your pillow to help overcome depression. Wearing Garnet jewelry is said to also bring popularity and increase one’s self-esteem. For those of you struggling with relationships, the garnet protects you and brings dependability in friendships.

January Birthstone – The GarnetGarnets come in varying hues. The group of minerals includes the almandine and pyrope – more commonly known as the red garnets. Also part of the group is the grossular, and the andradite. The most valuable garnet type is believed to be the demantoid – an emerald green garnet belonging to the andradite group.

Although the Garnet stone is found in a number of different colors, the word ‘garnet’ is associated with the red Garnet alone. For years, the Garnet stone has been associated with the spleen and thyroid. It is said to help purify and cleanse both the organ and the gland when placed over the respective areas. The garnet is especially useful for meditating or searching for past lives. For the purpose the stone is placed on the head to reveal the important information pertaining to past lives for the searcher.

Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing.  Garnet can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. Garnet is also believed to help out people by increasing their spiritual awareness and security level as it stabilizes both internal and external emotional.

The Garnet stone is popularly believed to symbolize love and compassion. It is also thought to be a stone of truth and purity. In addition to these properties, the stone is also said to increase the human sex drive.

The largest reserves of garnet to date are found in Africa. Back in December 1996, an Australian student discovered what is believed to be the largest garnet ever found. This garnet from Central Australia measures about 100 feet across in length! Garnets are also found in abundance in the Soviet Union, the United States, India, and Brazil.

The spectacular garnet stone is widely used in both contemporary and traditional diamond jewelry across the world. This stone makes a stunning center stone for diamond earrings and diamond engagement rings.
Check out these stunning Garnet and Diamond Earrings by Sylvie. Set in rose gold, these earrings can work well in both casual and formal settings. The garnet center stone surrounded by shimmering diamonds can glam up a simple look for a date night as well as an elaborate evening affair look to bring out the best in you.

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