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Building Brand Ambassadors – A Jeweler’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

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As a Sylvie Collection authorized retailer, you are always looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a new social media platform to try out or a new celebrity endorser, there’s always something up your sleeve. But the one thing you may not know is that influencer marketing can be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal!

Before reading any further, ask yourself one question; do you know who your brand ambassadors are?

If the answer is no, then you’re not currently taking advantage of your brand advocates (also known as “brand ambassadors”). As jewelers, you play a part in the most important moment of a couple’s life, their engagement… so it’s important to understand the magnitude of that moment and capitalize on it. After all, you want the whole world to know this couple chose your store first, right?

Here’s how to turn your loyal customers into valuable brand ambassadors:

1. Set your goals:
As with any marketing plan, you need to decide up front what it is you want to gain from your brand ambassadors. If you think the goal is to get more Facebook fans, then you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. Obtaining more social media fans should never be your goal.

Choose advocacy goals that align with your overall business objectives. If your goal is to increase foot traffic into your store, then the goal of working with your brand ambassadors should be to get more qualified referrals (such as friends tagging friends, leaving reviews, etc.…).

2. Find what melts their butter:
Look for patterns in your social media, online reviews, and online engagement. When people respond to your advertising, what is the most common thing they comment on? Is it your customer service? Your response time? Your huge selection? Find out what that sweet spot is so you know what to push when looking to proposition your future ambassadors. Once you know, remind your customers what it is they love about you before asking them to devote their valuable time to your brand.

3. Seek out and engage the passionate fans:
Your ambassadors won’t take action unless you ask them to! Spend a couple hours finding out who the most popular people are that are talking about your brand, if you see someone has mentioned you or tagged you more than once, this could be a potential brand ambassador. Reach out to them and say thank you as a way to start the conversation. ** Tip: One of the first things you can ask them to do is leave you a Yelp or Facebook review for a small incentive or prize. Be sure to include links to your business page so they don’t have to search.

4. Make it fun for them:
Once you’ve identified your brand ambassadors, keep the momentum going by making it fun for them to continue to talk about you otherwise, they’ll lose interest if you only ask them to share your content and send you referrals. The more you engage with them the more likely they will be to remain by your side! ** Tip: use words like “you are a VIP” or part of an “exclusive club” – this makes your ambassadors feel more appreciated. You can even name your ambassador program (example: Sylvie’s Superstars!)

Here are some examples of ways to make it fun for your ambassadors:

  • Give them points every time they share content (these points can be redeemed in store or they can build up to a larger prize such as a gift card)
  • Hold contests and the ambassador with the most entries wins a prize
  • Send them fun things in the mail that they can take pictures of and brag to their friends about (make sure your “gifts” are branded with your logo)

5. Give them a place to collaborate:
Once you’ve established and engaged your ambassadors, set up a Facebook group or a Google group for fans to collaborate and talk to each other. This can also be a great way for you to notify multiple ambassadors of new products, services and other marketing updates.

6. Measure success
The last thing you want to do is give valuable incentives to those ambassadors who are not actually advocating for your brand. Make sure to watch your ambassadors closely to see who is talking about you and who’s not. You can use things like Google analytics or custom hashtags to measure the success. For a quick guide to online analytics click here.

Once you’ve taken all these steps you can successfully lead your ambassador army to drive business to your store! Happy ambassador recruiting!

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