Jewelry Inspired by Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful

Jewelry Inspired by Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful

Jewelry Inspired by Disney's Oz The Great and PowerfulA movie set in “The Emerald City” is bound to inspire jewelry-makers. Add powerful characters and amazing costumes, and the artistic mind takes flight. Los Angeles jewelry designer Joe Vilaiwan, who was able to spend time in the Disney prop room, has created six stunning collections based on the recent “Oz The Great and Powerful” movie: the Good Witch Collection, the Bad Witch Collection, the Emerald City Collection, the Yellow Brick Road Collection, the China Doll Collection, and the Garden Collection.  While the names of the collections may be obvious and familiar, the pieces in these collections are far from ordinary.

Jewelry Inspired by Disney's Oz The Great and PowerfulConsider this necklace from the Yellow Brick Road Collection.

Did Oz the Great and Powerful shrink some of the yellow bricks for this piece? One can almost hear the Munchkins chanting “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” and indeed the wearer might find herself followed for another few peeks at this fascinating piece. The collection inspired by The Emerald City is suitably dazzling, and one doesn’t even mind that the pieces aren’t actually made of emeralds, but exquisitely cut crystals. Likewise, the rich colors of the Garden Collection might not be held in precious gems, but the fact that this is “high-end costume jewelry” in no way detracts from its beauty.

The collections based on places in the movie are pleasing, but the “Witch” Collections are simply magnificent.

The pieces in the Good Witch Collection are full of light and color and classic beauty, just like Glinda herself.  Although Glinda doesn’t wear much jewelry in the movie, her costumes are embellished with feathers, ruffles, and crystals, and Vilaiwan has almost recreated those costumes in jewelry form. Likewise, the pieces in the Bad Witch Collection are dark and twisted and slightly disturbing, and resemble the costumes worn by Evanora, Glinda’s evil sister.

Both collections give a whole new meaning to the term “costume jewelry!”

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