Jewelry Marketing Trends for the Holidays

Jewelry Marketing Trends for the Holidays

As you all know, it’s the busiest time of the year especially for jewelry retailers. With proposal season in full swing and to-do lists piling up, it’s critical that you stay at the top of your jewelry marketing game. From social media marketing to holiday campaigns, it’s important to use this time to create inviting promotions, boost your social media interaction, and ensure that your customer service in-store is top notch.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so get those holiday campaigns out early! We have some jewelry marketing tips that will undoubtedly help you prepare for the most wonderful time of the year.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

As many of you know, most holiday shopping nowadays is done strictly online. No more waiting in long lines or fighting after the last gift. Shopping has gone digital and you need to as well! Because so many people are Black Friday shopping from the comfort of their own home, your social media schedule and online presence as a brand is top priority throughout the holidays.

In 2018, reported that 68% of the people shopping on Black Friday have moved online. Although Black Friday still holds its standing against Cyber Monday, many people have chosen to shop both days. In fact, 22% of those surveyed said they would be shopping Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday.

Stay on top of all your social media channels throughout the holiday weekend! Interact with your consumers, post Instagram stories, snapchats, and post last minute deals and promos for consumers to use while shopping. Release a video of jewelry items that are marked down or get on Facebook live to promote a special happening on Cyber Monday. The more that you do to be visible to your consumer will attract new consumers and keep that brand loyalty throughout the holiday season!

Innovative Promotions

promotions-jewelry-marketingDon’t stop at a 10% coupon or buy three get one free, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need new deals to draw in the crowd. For Cyber Monday or even Black Friday deals, hook your consumers with free shipping on all orders, gifts with purchase, or even a blog post feature on your website.

Although these might seem like a loss for you, the benefits override the cons here. Consumers will begin to share your brand online and through word of mouth, which will bring in new eyes. These unique incentives will draw in a larger crowd than the traditional promotions do.

Invest in your social media marketing

social-media-marketing-sylvie-collectionTailoring your social media channels to not only target your regular market, but to reach new consumers is of the utmost importance this season. Increase your holiday campaign budget to introduce new Facebook Ads that will reach thousands of more people. Make sure that you focus the most of your budget on the platforms that are performing the best.


If you want to reach consumers right away, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Snapchat, are great ways to create in the now videos where you can talk to your consumers directly. Addressing your consumers will help them relate to you and will remove the “sales” aspect from the promotion. Instead of selling them something, you are sharing something special with them. By creating that conversation between brand and consumer, you are opening the door to a greater relationship and in turn strong brand loyalty and higher sales.

With the competition at an all time high, being strategic about your budget and promoting your brand as often as you can is number one this season!

Up the in-store customer experience

Although your online presence is super important, it doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your consumers who shop in-store. You are in charge of giving them a positive experience so whether it is online or in-store, keeping your customer happy should be your number one priority.

Just like online, place your best ads in a strategic way around your store. For example, in your windows, counters, at checkout and above each brand’s section. Keep that customer interaction by having an employee pass out discount cards or special promotions just for them as they are walking around. Jewelry marketing is all about selling the beauty of the product so make sure to show the customer how it glistens in the light. With jewelry you can’t go wrong with in-store interactions with your consumers. Embrace the holidays and throw in some holiday music and holiday cheer as you interact with your customer. The more memorable the experience the more likely they are to come back and bring a friend.


Happy Holidays from the Sylvie Collection!

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