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2020 is on its way & that means new and innovative opportunities for jewelry retailers. With social media’s continuing power in the retail sphere, luxury-brand jewelry marketers must establish and maintain a strong social media presence to successfully market their products in new and engaging ways.

This month, our experts will cover what we believe are going to be the three biggest jewelry marketing trends for 2020. We’ll give you tips on how to use these trends to your advantage, integrate an innovative social-media strategy, and transform a consumer’s interest into a purchase.

1)  Millennials

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Millennials are at the forefront of the buying game. Now more than ever, they are the influencers and the ones being influenced by new trends. They want to be on-trend and the first ones to know what’s in the now. With that said, you as a retailer have the grand opportunity to refine your marketing strategies that target this specific audience of trend-setters. Giving your target audiences something fresh and new will not only entice them to buy your product, but also come out as a win-win when they go out in the world wearing or using your products—and most importantly, sharing their experiences on social media! In the end, your marketing continues to carry out its original mission!

It’s also important to pay close attention to your social media analytics. Look for patterns with your products and target audiences: which products get the most likes, inquiries, and sales? What time of day is best for you to market your jewelry on social media? Additionally, using paid advertisements can ultimately help you drive more in-store traffic.

Sylvie’s Tip: Make social media your best friend; post your best-selling products frequently, and showcase up-close images and videos using Instagram Stories or Facebook Live! Also, when someone purchases a piece of jewelry from you, ask them to tag you on social media if they happen to take photos and post them.

2)  Online & Retail Incentives

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As online shopping gains a bigger role in retail, you’ll also want to improve your online presence with engaging content (i.e., photos, videos, articles) to draw consumers to your website and into your store. You want to share behind the scenes, demos, in-store events, etc. You want to keep your audience and engaged with your content. The latter might seem challenging since a large portion of retailers are mostly or solely going mobile, but there is a loophole: incentives!

Yes, it is probably more efficient to reach your audience via social media and email blasts, but use these mobile methods to entice your consumers to come into the store. Perhaps make your 10%-off sale “in-store only”, or add in “free gift with in-store purchase of ‘x’ amount of jewelry”; you may seem hesitant, but the reality is that jewelry can be expensive, and people searching for an engagement ring or Valentine’s Day gift will want the best deals they can find—even if it means having to go into a store to obtain them.

Sylvie’s Tip: Send out more email blasts promoting “in-store-only” sales, and advertise these sales on all social channels the week they’re happening, about 2-3xs a day!

3)  Customization, Customization, Customization!

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The jewelry landscape is rapidly shifting towards strong emphasis on customized and personalized jewelry. More and more jewelry consumers seek pieces that can operate not only as an accessory but also as a vessel for part of their identity. More importantly, consumers will be looking for jewelers that are willing to be flexible with their craft and promote customization options should demand rise.

Take it a step further: create a giveaway where you offer consumers a chance to have a custom engagement ring made exclusively for them by your store. A giveaway and/or contest is great for driving online leads, and when the winner is chosen, you can document the customization process and share it on social media for a little “behind-the-scenes” content for your following!

Let your consumers and target audiences know that what they see isn’t always what they have to get: if they love a certain ring or necklace but prefer it in a different metal or with a different diamond-cut, let them know from the very beginning! You’d be surprised how many more customers you’ll gain than lose once they know that your jewelry can be custom-fitted to their personalities too!

Sylvie’s Tip: Promote customization whenever you can! Post a piece of customized jewelry once a week to social media, and add in the comments or at the bottom that you have personalization options! Even using hashtags like “#customize” or “#personalize” will give your social reach some momentum!

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