Julia Stiles Chooses Bezel Setting for Stunning Diamond Sparkler

Julia Styles EngagedIt seems the classic diamond solitaire is all the rage of 2016, as yet another beloved celebrity flashes her engagement ring in announcement. Julia Stiles, the award-winning actress who starred in such films as “Save the Last Dance” and “The Bourne Ultimatum,” recently informed fans via Instagram of her happy engagement to camera assistant, Preston J. Cook. The two reportedly met last year on the set of the thriller, “Go With Me” — where Stiles starred opposite movie veteran, Anthony Hopkins.

Stiles’s Instagram photo shows the romantic intertwining of fingers set against an ocean backdrop and showcases a conservative diamond solitaire snuggled securely inside a simple bezel setting. And while it’s an unexpected change from the more traditional prong setting offered up by most diamond solitaire engagement rings, Stiles’s ring is a gorgeous combination of bold and brilliant.

If 2016 marks the year you’ll search for your own diamond engagement ring, you’d be wise to keep a contemporary bezel setting in mind. This setting is one of most secure of all offerings, and comes with its own distinct set of advantages over more elaborate styles:

  • A bezel setting wraps around the entire perimeter of the diamond, providing superior safety from loss.
  • This type of setting protects the girdle edge of the diamond from chipping.
  • There are no prongs or protrusions to scratch children, catch on clothing, or snag nylons.

The bezel setting is a good choice for the active-bride-to-be because of the advantages listed above. If this describes you, then you might want to consider opting for a bezel setting when it’s time to choose your own diamond engagement ring. See our comprehensive collection of styles that feature this popular setting.

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