Keeping Your Diamonds Safe From Winter Weather

Diamonds are some of the hardest materials on Earth, but that doesn’t make them indestructible. And it definitely doesn’t make them immune to going missing. When winter rolls around and it’s time to engage in those physical outdoor activities like shoveling snow, pushing youngsters on sleds, or cutting down Christmas trees, use the following tips to help ensure that your diamond engagement ring¬†stays snug in its setting and safely on your hand or tucked away.

Remove Them

If you need to venture outside to shovel snow, scrape ice, help your youngsters enjoy a snow day or partake of¬†another outdoor activity that’s going to result in you, your hands, and your diamond engagement ring making repeated contact with tools or yard implements, play it safe. Take your diamond off and place it safely inside your jewelry box for the duration. This will keep your diamond from becoming chipped, dislodged from its setting, or lost altogether.

Have Them Inspected periodically

When you have a few moments to spare, visit your local jeweler to have your ring inspected. Make sure the jeweler is someone you trust and that you wait in the store while your ring is worked on. A jeweler can tighten loose settings and repair bent or broken prongs to make your stone more secure.

Keep Them Close

Fingers tend to contract, or grow smaller, under extremely cold temperatures. And this could pose problems for you if your ring was a little loose to begin with. Keep a close eye on your diamond rings when your hands are exposed to cold, to ensure they don’t slide right off your finger.

If you follow these simple tips when winter’s frosty breath blows your way, your diamonds will have a much better chance of making through the season unscathed.


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