Make This Halloween Extra Special for Yourself!

Make This Halloween Extra Special for Yourself!

Halloween is a festival, which is not only enjoyed by kids but also adults. It gives you the chance to behave like a kid again and to be free without any social constrictions. Sounds fun right? It really is, and if you really want to make an impact this Halloween, why not do something different. Choosing an outfit, putting on some grungy eyeliner and wearing red lipstick are so old school.

If your colleagues and friends have started to expect your outfits before you even wear them, it is time to surprise them this year by combining jewelry with your Halloween outfit and making it the highlight. Although makeup does play a huge part in creating an aura of super natural entity, diamond jewelry can also have an unforgettable impact!

Here are some amazing outfit ideas for Halloween that combine diamond jewelry with your outfit in such a way that it will automatically elevate it to another level.

Dress Like A 1920’s Flapper

This costume will not only be a little edgy, fun and frisky, but also elegant.The short-fringed dresses, elaborate headbands, and intricate jewelry was a hit in that era and you can rock a red lip, a cat-eye and some amazing earring like Unique White Gold Fashion Earrings from our collection to look glamorous. Don’t forget to add pearls and a fathered headband to complete the look.

Be Sandy from Grease

Make This Halloween Extra Special for Yourself!Do you want to show the world your amazing dance routine? Why not dress up like Sandy from Grease and let the costume do the talking for you. All you need is high-wasted black jeans or leather leggings (which are so hot right now btw), a sleeveless tank top and a chic leather or jeans jacket. Red stiletto heels and a clasp waist belt will complete this amazing costume. For the final touch,upgrade this look with some amazing hoop earrings like these Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings from our collection and you are good to go.

Be Ethereal Like an Angel

If you think that angels are not fashion forward, think again. Show off your softer side by donning a pair of lightweight angel wings, some natural, glowing makeup, a white or pastel colored maxi dress, some flats and a headband to complete this look. A jeweled headband will make you look the queen of angels.  TheDiamond Pendant In Yellow Goldfrom our collection can be worn as a headband which will really make you shine at this year’s Halloween party.


Rock That 80s Grunge

Do you remember Alex from Flashdance? If you really want to celebrate the grungy and comfy era of the 80’s, what better way to do that than channel Alex. It is one of the easiest costumes to copy and also quite comfortable. Layer a gray top and wear some shorts and leg warmers to get ready for your Halloween party. Don’t forget to rock big hair. You might need a lot of hairspray, but it will look fantastic. To elevate this look, try our Designer Crystal and Mixed Colored Diamond Earrings.


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