March Birthstone – Add Aquamarine to your engagement ring

March birthstone AquamarineMarch birthstone Aquamarine comes in different qualities with the highest being very clear with very few inclusions, much fewer than its kin, emerald. This durable gemstone exists in quite a wide range of blue. Some are as pale as the clear blue sky while others have a hint of green in them.

Aquamarine Value

It belongs to the same mineral family as ’emerald’. It is not nearly as valuable as diamonds, but it is valuable in its own right. On the Moh’s scale, it falls on 7.5, while diamond, one of the world’s most valuable stones, comes at 10.  The pale ones are not as highly valued as the deeper colored ones.

Aquamarine Birthstone Color

This beautiful gemstone owes its color to the fact that it has a bit of iron in it As far as birthstones go, Aquamarine is one of the most durable ones with most of it coming from Brazil. One of the most famous type of this birthstone is called ‘Santa Maria’. As the name suggests, it originates from the ‘Santa Maria De Itabira’ mines in Brazil. It is a vivid blue version that has outstandingly beautiful qualities. But Brazil is not the only producer of Aquamarines.

Where Are They Found

They can also be found in Mexico, The United States, Middle East and parts of Africa.Aquamarine has a very rich history with some of the most valued members of high society adorning versions of this gemstone as part of their jewelry collection.

Adding Aquamarine To Engagement Ring Brings Luck

AquamarineSailors of years past used to carry Aquamarine stones as their ‘good luck charm’. It was and still is, considered a lucky stone’ in some circles. Crystal healers greatly value Aquamarine. This March birthstone brings calmness and it is used in harmonizing a client diseased body parts. In some cultures, the most vivid of Aquamarine stones are worn as bridal jewelry. They can be molded and encrested on rings, pendants and other jewelry pieces to give them that vibrant, blue, sparkly look that most people love.

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