A Fresh Take on Jewelry Marketing Trends

It’s that time of year where everything is bigger and better! From the holidays to proposal season, the start of fall allows for brand new campaigns! Marketing trends create new and improved opportunities for your brand that’ll put you at the forefront of the jewelry retailer community.

With social media trends moving full throttle, it is luxury jeweler retailers’ responsibility to maintain a strong presence online and establish brand loyalty with their consumers in an out of the box way. The only way to do this is to follow the marketing trends to a T! With only four months left of 2018, we have some great strategies and tips for you to take the retail experience online or in person, from browsing to buying!

The New Generation

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It’s all about the millennial generation in 2018! They are not only changing the rules, but they are THE face of digital media from fast fashion brands to the luxury industry. Millennials are more likely to break the status quo by influencing new trends. Targeting this new generation creates a unique opportunity for you to spread the word to men and women who will not only use your products but will tell their followers to do the same. The great thing about working with the millennial generation is they only promote products and brands that they enjoy. Meaning if they promote you or your services, it means they like your brand and want to spread the word. Win Win!

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A fresh way to target this generation is to promote your products on platforms that they already use. Follow the marketing trends and interact with this new generation using the LIVE function on social media. This will take the guesswork out of where to find them online. Talking about your merchandise is great, but millennials are a visual group of young adults who want to see what the products look like in real time. Using the features Facebook and Instagram provide will reach these influencers. They are already online – you just have to find a way to speak their language. Redefining your marketing strategy to target millennials is the smartest thing you can do as a retailer in 2018.

Interactive Marketing Trends

When it comes to fresh and new faces, they want to see new and unique ideas. Customers like these, although they do follow trends, when it comes to luxury items such as, jewelry, they want to experiment. They want an engagement ring that stands apart from the rest – a wedding band that has never been created before. This means that retailers need to create marketing campaigns that are out of the box and unique as well. To promote these fresh products, you need to dig deep and promote them in a way that stands out.

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A great way of achieving marketing success in a unique environment is through Guerrilla Advertising. An out of the box interactive marketing tactic will attract more people and create more buzz among the community of influencers.

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You can put a giant ring in the middle of a square where people can come and build their own or try on the new and improved styles from the lines you carry. Creating a pop-up store is another element of new and improved retail. This allows people to get a taste of what you offer and get them into your actual brick and mortar location later on. Using giveaways or interactive games will attract those who think out of the box and enjoy the non-traditional way of interacting with a retailer.

It is all about reaching new people who are going to promote and wear your products. They want to get away from the traditional standard and expand their style. As a jewelry retailer, you must adapt yourself to these requests to stay relevant. Staying on top of the marketing trends is top priority. When it comes to special orders and custom designs, you’re essentially creating an online retail environment 2.0 so to speak.

Quality Service

Once in store you want to provide these new customers and existing ones with the best service. By utilizing marketing trends, you’ll show them you’re more than a retailer trying to sell products. You care about what they like, what they want and who they are. If they feel that you’re trying to connect with them, they will be more inclined to purchase and keep coming back. This in turn will bring their family and friends in the door. Remember what happens in-store always makes its way online which is why creating that personal connection is so important in this day and age.

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With the end of the year coming up, we wanted to share our tips and tricks on how to stay relevant. These marketing trends will take you into the holidays with some important strategies under your belt. You’ll  be prepared to target a new audience or interact more with your already established one. Incorporating elements of digital marketing will increase your online presence as a jewelry retailer.

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