What your May Emerald Birthstone says about you!

1Emerald is a symbol of rebirth, youth, and foresight. It grants its owner the gift of good fortune. This stone has been celebrated due to its feminist nature and nurturing qualities. Individuals born in May are loyal, faithful and predisposed to be lifelong friends and emerald is a birthstone that suits them quite nicely. Emerald is the traditional birthstone of May and is listed as the birthstone for Taurus and Cancer. Emerald is the name given to a specific green color that resides between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale.

The word emerald is derived from the French word “esmeraude” and the Greek Root “Smaragdos”, meaning “green gemstone”. Although emeralds are found in many countries, Brazil and Columbia are its primary producers. Emeralds have graced the hands of nobility and royalty for ages and due to their deep grass green color, with a slightly bluish tint, they have been revered for their unique beauty and peculiarity. Nowadays, many modern brides prefer a unique engagement ring or an emerald engagement ring, like our Glamorous Emerald Princess Cut Three-Stone Diamond Ring and Vintage Round Emerald Bezel Engagement Ring.

Emerald generally has cracks and fissures and for this purpose, they are dipped in oil to eliminate or at least reduce the visibility of these fissures and improve the clarity of the stone. Emeralds are delicate and are brittle, therefore special care must be taken while wearing them or cleaning them. Sylvie Collection features emeralds in their unique engagement rings, like our Glamorous Emerald Three-Stone Diamond Ring, antique engagement rings, like Antique Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring and unique wedding bands.

Our exclusive emerald designer engagement rings are becoming the center of attraction, due to their brilliance in both design and stone clarity and cut. Our 18k white gold antique-inspired emerald engagement ring, with a 1.45-carat, bezel-set round emerald center stone, surrounded by 2.00 carats of diamonds, was recently featured in About Style, which celebrated the birthstone of May, by listing the most celebrated and beautiful emerald designer engagement rings, which are perfect for every budget. The article celebrated the originality of emeralds and stated that the quality of the emerald depends on where it was sourced.

Most emeralds are cloudy, with feathery fissures, which can be referred to as Jardin by the jeweler. However, if you want to put all your energies into finding a perfect sparkling emerald diamond fashion jewelry piece, look no further than Sylvie Collection. If you want an emerald engagement ring, like Jackie Kennedy and Wallis Simpson, look through our extensive collection of emerald engagement rings. One of the best things about emeralds is that they look equally impressive in both white gold and yellow gold and can be perfect for every budget.

We pride ourselves on designing diamond fashion jewelry that features emeralds as their primary stone. Our spectacular emerald diamond fashion jewelry and unique engagement rings have made many women happy. However, if you are looking for something other than a designer engagement ring, feel free to browse through our spectacular diamond fashion jewelry collection, which is filled with amazing and ingeniously designed emerald diamond fashion jewelry pieces that will be perfect for a special occasion or everyday use.

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