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Happy New Year! With 2020 in full swing, we’re focusing on what our customer’s want to see this year. That means taking a look back at our most viewed rings of 2019 to see what our brides and Sylvie suitors are really searching for. In our research, we noticed that our Top 5 consisted of solitaire engagement rings in various styles/designs. We’re not surprised as our classic styles are some of our best sellers! If you want an custom engagement ring that keeps on sparkling, then our solitaire engagement rings are definitely the one for you! Here is our list of Most Viewed Products from 2019. We have all different styles to pick from such as, the spiral, S1524 that features our signature spiral band to our S1P14 that features a modern stackable band style shank. There is a timeless yet modern feel to all of these solitaire engagement rings and there is truly something for everyone!

NEW solitiare engagement ring sylvie S1P14
Solitaire Engagement Ring – S1P14

This is one of our modern solitaire engagement rings. This solitaire engagement ring is the perfect blend of charm and elegance. The 1 carat round diamond sits beautifully atop a shank of round diamonds. Of course, with all of our solitaire engagement rings, they are customizable to your preferences. For instance, this ring comes in all three metals, but we love this in rose gold! What makes this ring so special? The classic diamond center with a twist on the shank that makes it modern and fun!

solitaire engagement ring sylvie S2393

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo – S2393

A unique and modern piece that features a hidden element any bride would love. This stunning solitaire engagement ring features a 1 carat round center with a hidden halo beneath that truly makes this ring glamorous! If you want to bring that modern yet simple style to life – give this ring a try you’ll be so happy you did! This solitaire engagement ring is all about simplicity and sophistication – a beauty and a staple for all generations! Your fiancé will be glowing with this beauty!

spiral engagement ring sylvie S1524

Spiral Engagement Ring – S1524

This spiral solitaire engagement ring is elegant and just downright fabulous. This spiral engagement ring features a 1 carat center with a twist of a high polish and diamond band. Its sophistication speaks for itself with its gorgeous diamond and high polish spiral shank. Solitaire engagement rings are what it’s all about this winter with modern and traditional styles to choose from – there is a style for everyone! This ring in a rose gold metal will take it to another level – check out the different metal options today at to really make the ring your own!

NEW S2093

Oval Engagement Ring – S2093 OV

Best seller! This gorgeous oval solitaire engagement ring is everything we dream about! If your bride is looking for a dainty yet glamorous engagement ring then this is definitely the one for her! This oval engagement ring features a 2 carat oval cut center atop a dainty diamond band. You can’t go wrong with this classic yet trendy look. This 2020, it’s all about the little details and this solitaire engagement ring definitely takes the cake for mixing minimalism with glamour for a ring any bride would love.

solitaire engagement ring sylvie S2093 RB

Solitaire Engagement Ring – S2093 RB

This solitaire engagement ring spotlights a dazzling 1 carat round diamond center with a dainty diamond shank. This is truly a classic twist, but it also brings a certain elegance. Shimmering diamonds and a gorgeous solitaire center, what more do you need. For our more classic and traditional brides, this dainty solitaire engagement ring is waiting! It brings about a certain glamour from the other generations – inviting back unvarying and lasting love between a groom and a bride!



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