Opal: Bringing You All the Colors of October

Opal: Bringing You All the Colors of October

Opal: Bringing You All the Colors of OctoberThose celebrating October birthdays lay claim to the lush opal as a birthstone. The opal, with its distinctive play of color and soft opalesence has a long and distinguished history that includes Roman emperors and British queens. This elegant stone with its soft, luminous quality has been enchanting wearers for thousands of years, and today’s lovers of fine gems are far from immune to the generous rainbows of light that emanate from the best quality stones.

Black Opal

Black opal is, by far, the most valuable form of this gem that’s created by the mineral silica. Found mainly in Lightening Ridge, Australia, black opal is opal that has a dark background as opposed to a light one. Black opal refracts light in glorious ways, making it a beautiful addition to any collection.

White Opal

White or light opal is the type of opal that most people picture when someone mentions this attractive stone. Colors in the white opal are refracted back from a base that ranges from colorless to medium gray. When positioned correctly, a rainbow of glorious colors can often be observed. This type of opal is also found in Australia. In fact, Australia is the world’s biggest supplier of opal — it’s national gemstone.

Fire, Boulder, and Jelly Opal

While black and white are the two most recognized colors for opal, this stone actually occurs in a range of colors from blues and purples to golds and oranges. These are called everything from fire opals to boulder opals to jelly opals. If you’re drawn to this stunning form of naturally occurring silica, the color selection is nearly endless.

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