How High Is Your Stack? Our 10 Favorite Anniversary Bands

There’s no denying that engagement rings are the pinnacle of bridal jewelry. Elegant and radiant, they sit proudly on a lucky lady’s finger and serve as a symbol of a couple’s commitment to each other. Anniversary bands are beautiful pieces of jewelry as well, and possess just as powerful a meaning as the engagement ring itself.

Anniversary bands can be gifted on every passing anniversary and come embellished with diamonds. Made using the most precious resources, the diamonds are cut into different shapes and sizes, while the metals are melted and mixed with multiple alloys to create the desired shade. The final product is a stunning symbol of a couple’s love, and a perfect compliment to any diamond engagement ring.

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth anniversary, choosing the right band is just as important. To help narrow your search, we recommend our most-requested anniversary bands by couples!

Vintage Stackable Milgrain Diamond Band (Style no. B0009)

yellow gold diamond stackable wedding band b0009

Featuring round brilliant diamonds in milgrain-edged marquise settings, this yellow gold wedding band is an absolute stunner that weighs 0.10 carats. The color of the band suits all hand sizes—from slender to heavy— as well as all skin tones, which is why it’s at the top of our list!

Unique Stackable Diamond Band (Style no. B0013)

rose gold stackable wedding bandThis wedding band is a one-of-a-kind stackable ring with glittering diamonds embedded in a bezel setting. We’ve turned shapes as basic as circles and triangles and made it look effortlessly elegant! Its minimalist and straightforward design is adored by modern brides, and at 0.15 carats, this band and can be worn alone or with engagement rings to make a statement.

Vintage Style Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0015)

yellow gold diamond wedding band

Next on our list is a yellow gold band that features 0.20 carats of sparkling diamonds in a channel setting. Additionally, two beautiful milgrain-edged rows encircle each diamond and cascade down the metal band. When worn with the diamond engagement ring, this band truly enhances its “wow” factor, thanks to its trendy setting.

Unique Modern Stacakble Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0017)

modern white gold diamond wedding band

For an ultramodern style, this unique, white-gold wedding band features individual and alternating shapes of squares and marquise channels, each containing a dazzling round diamond framed with milgrain beaded accents. Worn with additional bands of different styles, colors, or stones, this ring adds a fresh and contemporary look to your stackable collection. Its total weight is 0.17 carats.

Vintage Inspired Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0020)

white gold diamond wedding band

This vintage-inspired anniversary band features a tear-drop design embedded with similarly cut diamonds and milgrain accents. Even when worn by itself, this band’s simplistic yet elegant take on shimmering diamonds makes it stand beautifully and boldly on its own. At only 0.19 carats in total, this ring won’t weigh down your hand one bit!

Bezel Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0022)

rose gold diamond wedding band

Its abstract design makes it stand out from the crowd. Multiple shapes studded with brilliant-cut diamonds sit gracefully in a bezel setting. Whether worn alone or with a matching set, this anniversary band surely bewitches anyone who casts an eye on it.

Vintage Shape Milgrain Detail Sapphire and Diamond Band (Style no. B0011)

blue sapphire diamond wedding band

This next design on the list features a circle and marquise pattern, weighing 0.22 carats in total. If your lady isn’t a very big fan of diamonds, perhaps she fancies a band containing round sapphires. This adds a unique yet classy pop of color, and even makes for an eye-catching fashion ring.

Vintage Stackable Round Diamond Band (Style no. B0010)

Vintage Stackable Round Diamond Band

Featuring a milgrain edge, this anniversary band with 0.32 carats of brilliant cut diamonds has a vintage touch to it. A clean and elegant design, this wedding band is perfect for the brides who are traditionalists at heart.

Designer Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0014)

Designer Diamond Wedding Band

If they’re a huge fan of anything that shimmers this band is bound to captivate them! Featuring two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds that cascade down the rose gold metal band, this ring will grab everyone’s attention without the wearer having to even flaunt it. However, the additional diamond band doesn’t weigh down the fingers, as the ring weighs only 0.23 carats in total.

Mixed Shapes Stackable Diamond Wedding Band (Style no. B0018)

Mixed Shapes Diamond Wedding Band

Last but definitely not the least, we have a white-gold band with marquise and round shaped frames featuring a milgrain beaded edge. This enticing piece weighs 0.16 carat in total, and comes embedded with mixed sizes of diamonds—just enough to take her breath away!


Now that we’ve shared our top anniversary bands with you, only one questions remains… Which one to choose?!


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