The Perfect Match (Our Favorite Matching Engagement Ring Sets)

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Many people have a hard time picking an engagement ring for their beloved. They know that whatever they are going to pick will be loved by their fiancé, but even then, they want to pick out something that truly makes their partner happy. Engagement rings are a symbol of love. It is like taking the next step forward in a relationship. They are a promise made between two people that better things are coming. They will help build their relationship stronger, gain more trust and make their commitment towards each other more genuine.

If buying an engagement ring is going to be your very first introduction into the world of jewelry, we believe you will need some help in picking out the perfect ring that resonates with your partner’s personality. But before we do, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What kind of jewelry do they normally wear?
  • What is their take on the ideal amount of sparkle or “bling”?
  • Do they prefer platinum or silver?
  • Do they like more gaudy jewelry or more simple and elegant pieces?
  • Do they like to show off their accessories wherever they go or to whomever they meet?
  • Do they often wear their birthstone or special gemstones?

These questions will help narrow down your search and cause less panic as soon as you enter a jewelry shop.

Once you enter your nearest Sylvie authorized retail store, you will be overwhelmed by the many cases of engagement ring settings to choose from – in the shelves, in the cabinets and on big display LEDs. The salesperson will show you different pieces after asking you a similar set of questions to those we mentioned above. Out of all those pieces, you will have to pick the perfect one. But why just pick an engagement ring when you can buy a whole set –an engagement ring and matching wedding band together?

Introducing Matching Ring Sets:

Wait… What is a matching engagement ring set? A matching engagement ring set, more commonly known as a bridal set includes two rings (an engagement ring and the wedding band) that have been beautifully integrated to complement each other. These are purchased as one and takes out the stress of trying to find the perfect wedding band in the same color scheme, ring size and design. Couples who opt for these no longer have to worry about the wedding band complimenting the engagement ring. Looking for one? Every Sylvie engagement ring has a matching band. Here’s a few bestsellers we recommend below.

Our Bestselling Engagement Ring Sets at the Sylvie Collection:

The Perfect Match (Our Favorite Matching Engagement Ring Sets)1. Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone Accent with Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band:

This may seem like a strange combination to some of you as the metals aren’t the same. But long gone are those days when they had to match. In today’s world, more and more couples are opting for different colored metals which is what makes this combination one of the most top-rated, bought and viewed combination at the Sylvie Collection.

The Perfect Match (Our Favorite Matching Engagement Ring Sets)2. Designer Antique Inspired Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with Vintage Hand-Engraved Diamond Wedding Band:

This is ideal for brides who love anything with a vintage charm. The wedding band is hand-engraved which makes the intricate embroidery of diamonds on the setting even more special. As for the star ring, the round centre diamond sits beautifully on the ring setting with a single halo encapsulating it that flushes further down the shoulder of the ring where it becomes more detailed. It’s no wonder couples have their hearts on this one as soon as they come to pick a diamond engagement ring.

3. Diamond and High Polish Spiral Solitaire Engagement Ring with a matching wedding band:

This one a more modern take on a classic solitaire engagement ring. You may notice how subtly the two bands cross over each other without being too loud or gaudy. The overall look poses as a carefully designed piece, ideal for those who are looking for something contemporary when it comes to engagement ring sets. You can also opt for full customization by choosing a different metal, color or accompanying wedding band, but we believe it is perfect just the way it is. After all, it is a bestseller for some reason!

Other Combinations That Might Interest You:

Enhanced Cushion Halo Engagement Ring with Classic Diamond Wedding Band

Designer Engraved Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring with Hand Engraved Vintage Diamond Wedding Band

The Perfect Match (Our Favorite Matching Engagement Ring Sets)


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