Peridot: August's Molten Birthstone

Peridot: August’s Molten Birthstone

Peridot: August's Molten Birthstone

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If it’s peace and good fortune you’re craving, you need look no further than the sparkling green of August’s birthstone. For at least the last 4000 years, the lovely peridot has been enchanting people the world over with its dazzling lime-green hue. And rightfully so — this stone is created by volcanic action and sometimes forms inside meteors as they travel to Earth. When magma cools beneath the Earth’s surface prior to volcanic eruption, it’s peridot that forms in the hot basalt, making this gem unique among many.

Thousands of years ago, peridot hailed from Egypt where it was called the evening emerald, but much of today’s peridot is mined in Arizona, Myanmar, Tanzania, and even Pakistan. A form of the mineral olivine, peridot gets its trademark green color from iron. Found only in shades of green to green-brown, the value of a peridot stone is measured by its clarity. If the color is contaminated with a brown hue, the stone is worth less than one that features a bright, vibrant green.

In the Hawaiian Islands that were formed by volcanic action, it’s not unusual to see sparkling fragments of peridot glittering along beaches on the island of Kauai. These fragments are too small to be of use to the jewelry industry and are such a regular site that the locals aren’t bothered by them. But in Hawaiian folklore, these tiny fragments are considered Pele’s diamonds — erupting from deep within Hawaii’s fiery goddess inside the volcano, Kilauea.

Down through history, peridot has been associated with good fortune and healing. A gift presented by Mother Nature, this elegant green stone is used for everything from pendants to earrings. A stunning accent gem for diamonds, peridot adds a handsome hint of green to any engagement ring.