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SY886 features delicate hand-engraving

Hand-engraving is the art of etching designs onto a hard surface such as silver or gold using only simple hand tools and very little or no machinery. Hand engraving can also turn an ordinary item into an extraordinary item. It adds charm, value, and an original, personal touch that will always remain unlike any other of its kind. So if you possess an item that you’re going to give to someone you love and cherish such as a diamond engagement ring, you should always personalize it before giving it to them. The item will be his or hers to cherish for the rest of their lives, and the engraving has a way of filling an individuals heart with love and fond memories.

SY977 combines a halo and hand-engraving

Traditional hand engraving on wedding and engagement rings was performed by pushing the objects by hand while exerting force to the metals by using a hammer and chisel and what’s called a graver tool. By sharpening the tool to a certain, and generally quite small, geometrical size, the engraver can cut or incise into the metal.  Oftentimes, this tool was called a burin, which is basically a wooden handle that has a cutting bit inserted into its end. The work is tedious, and one line is cut at a time – without the use of computers or machinery. Although today pneumatic tools are used to assist the engraver, the work is still performed by hand, and is only power assisted, which makes the work a bit easier and saves time as well.

Believe it or not, the hand engraving process hasn’t changed much over the years. Hand engraved items such as rings and bracelets are incredibly personal, and they transform an item into a one-of-a-kind object that becomes irreplaceable due to its originality and personalized message. The engraver might also place a date on the object; people in the future can gaze upon the item knowing that it comes from days that are have now long since passed.

Sylvie’s Amitie Collection features exquisite hand-engraving and superior craftsmanship. Amitie means friendship – this is one of the most important qualities found between two people in love. Friendship is a key ingredient to a relationship since your partner is not just your soul mate, but your best friend.

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