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The Best Proposal Ideas That Will Make an Impression


Are you all out of fresh ideas when it comes to proposing to the love of your life? Is your sanity hanging by a thread and all you can do is get worried about finding the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend – because why not? Girl power, right? Let us take you on a short but productive journey on how to propose and make it one of the most memorable days of your significant others’ life.

First of all, stop sweating. This is the story that your friends and even strangers will tell for times to come. The trick is to put your own stamp of approval on one of the following ideas and make sure that it is, well YOU. Although these ideas are foolproof and they will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face, you can put your own personal spin on it and make it authentically yours.

  1. Are you in love with an intimate place and have always associated it with clichéd romance stories? Our best guess is that your significant other is going to love it! A secluded fountain, a grand monument, a hotel rooftop or a picturesque view of the city in the background while you are kneeling on the ground and proposing to the love of your life with this amazing Glamorous Split-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring is bound to make an impression.
  2. Do you have a taste for drama? Don’t shy away from grand proposals that don’t require Kanye West type antics or even money. All you need is a little preparation. Get in touch with the management at your city’s aquarium and provide them with a waterproof sign that states, “will you marry me?” Or you can ask the production manager of your favorite play to see if you can propose after the cast says their final adios.
  3. Plan a treasure hunt and ensure that it is not too hard. It is not the time to be competitive. Plan an adventurous but exciting treasure hunt with creative hints that will end up with your girlfriend or boyfriend finding the amazing unique engagement ring, such as our Enhanced Cushion Halo Engagement Ring.
  4. If money is of no concern and you want to make her/him the happiest person in the world, pack up your unique engagement ring and some clothes and take the love of your life on a whirl of romance at an exotic destination. Propose in the midst of a waterfall, or an expansive lake, a white sandy beach or even with Machu Pichu in the background. The destination is your choice.
  5. Gather your closest friends and prepare a flash mob proposal, featuring their favorite song. This will take a lot of effort and rehearsal but the astounding look of delight on their face will be worth every sore muscle and each minute of painstakingly lengthy preparation. Besides, your friends will have the chance to be a part of probably the most important decision of your life.
  6. Prepare a short video and feature important milestones in your relationship. For example, the first place you kissed, your favorite restaurant, or the place where you first told them that you loved them. A video made especially for them will warm their heart and will make them ecstatic even before you pull out the wonderful ring from our collection.
  7. Go to a local beach and encourage them to build a sandcastle with you and place the unique engagement ring at the top of a tower or an empty shell for a surprising reaction.
  8. Go for a classic proposal and after a long day of sightseeing, arrange for her/him to come to a hotel with champagne, delicious finger food, light-scented candles, roses and the unique engagement ring taking the center stage in a highlighted position.

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